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South Norwood Spirits
1098 Washington Street
Norwood,MA 02062

***Home of The SNS Dart Sharks***
Where everybody is our chum!

***Pool Table***Darts***
***Live Band Friday Nights***

South Norwood Spirits, in conjunction with Team Questionables,
is proud to unleash the SNS Dart Sharks for a dart frenzy.

Hi Maureen

Our Motto:
"It really bites when you lose!"

SNS Dart Sharks are:

Chip Cummings- Captain
Joe Marinucci
Ken "Jukebox" Jewkes
Ron Mammone
Mike Nemeskal
Jeff Kendall
Rick"all around uptown when he comes around
the girls don't frown" Brown
Fred Ricci-Alternate


At the conclusion of the SSDA Summer League 2003
the SNS Dart Sharks finished with 76 points in the
Termite Division to come in 1st.

****SNS Dart Sharks Updates****
Season starts 02-02-04

Man gets his darts,
Man goes into the bar,
Sharks are in the bar.

****SNS Dart Sharks Team Point Leaders***

Mike Nemeskal
Rick Brown
Ken Jewkes

Mike Nemeskal
Rick Brown

Jeff Kendall
Ron Mammone

No more Ton 80's, No more round of nine,
One less shooter takes the line.

The SNS Dart Sharks, SNS Odd Darts and The Hardway
are deeply saddened by the passing of a man who
we've all come to know as a great dart shooter,
a Veteran and most of all a good friend.
John Sheehan was on the team Panama Red
which shot out of the Norwood VFW,MMDL & SSDA.
We send condolences to all those that had the
honor to be his family,teammates and friends.

Click on the Shark in the tank
if you want to go to photo page

Here's some cool dart related links

The team that started it all!
The Questionables out of South Norwood Spirits

Hey, ya wanna check out some cool tunes?
Ok, it's a shameless plug for some bands I'm in,sorry.

"Justin Seine"

"Ravens Die"


Vagrant Wind Band"

"Scud Missile"

**Here's a band that we can't wait until they come back to SNS**

**Just click on the name**



These colors don't run!
Never have, never will!


Best wishes go out to the other team that shoots out of SNS.

**The SNS Shooters**

***The SNS Dart Sharks wish to thank the following people***

Thanks again to Dave McMorrow, his lovely wife Maureen and
the gang down at South Norwood Spirits.

Dart Sharks Team Logo designed by C&C Ink

We'd love to hear from all the darters out there!
Then again maybe we don't care at all!


Hey people when we're not darting around wintertime,
some of the Sharks hit the slopes for a little skiing
or snowboarding with family and friends.
We recommend saftey on the hill and suggest everyone
wear a helmet, it's only common sense.
We choose Leedom because of style and comfort.
If your local ski or board shop doesn't carry Leedom helmets,
then I guess they just don't care about your safety, we do!
As they say "Take the Lead"!
We do in darts, we do on the hills!
Click on the helmet below and check them out.

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