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The three dogs who are fondly termed the 'mini's' are half sisters Bridie, Sasha and Betty who along with their mother Sera make up "team mini".
Bridie is a Midas x Sera daughter who did quite well in the show ring when she was young winning class in groups but when it became apparent that she wasn't going to grow much bigger she was retired from the ring. Bridie is an exceptional sled dog who has been a lead dog from the moment she enthusiastically stuck her head into her first harness. After the loss of Bear Bridie was the dog who came to the fore and held our teams together. She is a fantastic little dog who is as sound as a bell, smart as a whip and runs like a steam train!!
Sasha and Betty are the result of an unplanned mating between Bear and his sister Sera.
No one is quite sure how it happened as when Sera started showing signs of pregnancy we assumed that Midas (who was in the pen next door) was the father as Bear was in Tasmania with me around the time the mating must have taken place. It was not until the litter was born that questions were raised in regard to their parentage as they didn't look like Midas' pups and so DNA testing was undertaken. As suspected they were all Bear's pups so to this day we don't know how he managed to get to Sera undetected through two fences the night before we went to Tasmania.
Regardless of their illegitimate birth the mini's apart from being small are vibrant feisty little girls who keep everyone entertained and absolutely love running in harness. Now they're here we can't imagine life without them.
The Mini's
From left to right
Bridie, Sasha, Betty