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Sire : BIS Grand Ch Chimo Let Th Games Begin WTD
Dam : Ch Kemulvak Anuri Tedra WTD ROA

Seven was my miracle baby out of my Heavenly litter (Tedra x Midas). Seven was "still born" & I thought I'd lost her when with one final plea to God this cold, dead looking puppy finally took her first breath. From that moment I had a very special bond with her (it's probably also the reason she has to date gotten away with being a bit more feral than the rest of my very well behaved pack).
Seven was shown as a baby puppy with multiple class in group wins over strong competition. She then had a rest from the show ring to grow up over the winter. Seven returned to the ring in September 08, taking out Bitch Challenge at her very first show back. She then stormed her way to her Australian Championship, taking Bitch Challenge at all bar 3 weekends she was shown (and of those she missed out on she was lame at one & extremely naughty at the other two) making her the easiest Champion we've finished to date.
Seven started training in harness when she was 10 months old. She took to it with the same natural ease that her father Midas did and also inherited his strength and desire to pull.
Seven competed in her first solo race at the Undera Sled dog dash where she performed well and had a lovely time looking at the surroundings and bounding after the other competitors. Her next event was the Puppy Race at Goldseekers and this time she gave up the site seeing winning the race convincingly! Seven was part of the Snowsteeds six dog team that competed at Altitude 5000 2008 she took the race in her stride and ran as she was born to; strong, rythmic and full of fervour from start to finish. In her second year of racing Seven truly came into her own & was part of our 3 dog touring team that rocketed over the snow at A5K 2009 (see below). She also competed in our 3, 4 & 6 dog teams throughout the 2009 season.
Life with Seven is always a whole lot of fun. She has inherited her fathers size, substance and working ability and her mothers beautiful temperament. Whether in harness or the show ring she certainly makes herself known. Go Seven!!

Ok so I get asked a lot why I called her "Seven". Mostly it's because she was my "seventh heaven" but Seven is also the symbolic number for completeness and Miss Seven is certainly turning out to be a complete racing/showing package.