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Genna in left lead of the Snowsteeds 6 dog team at A5K 2008 and on the right showing a few of her other talents.
Whelped : 21/11/03
Sire: Shawgyn Apalachi Warrior
Dam : Ch Kemulvak Anuri Tedra WTD

Genna is my crazy, lovable girl who is always up to something. I adore her querky personality, her strength in harness and of all my dogs she is the most like her sire "Ben" which makes her particularly special to me.
Genna has excelled in harness achieving her Working Team Dog title in her 1st year of racing & was part of the Snowsteeds 2, 3, 4 & 6 dog teams in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009. She was also part of the Snowsteeds 3 dog Skijoring team that won the first 3 dog Skijoring race ever to be held in Australia. Whether in lead or wheel position Genna's rythmic, powerful & totally economical gait just eats up the ground and is a true joy to watch.
Genna was shown intermittently as a youngster for some good wins in baby puppy & puppy classes. She then returned to the ring late in 2007 & in between coat drops gained the required points for her Australian Championship Title.
 This made her the very first Snowsteeds Champion! A huge thank you to everyone who was a part of her campaign.
In her very last time in the ring Genna won the Dam and Progeny class at the South Australian Alaskan Malamute and Siberian Husky Championship Show with her beautiful son Brewin over strong competition.
On the 19th of January 2007 Genna gave birth to her first litter sired by "Multi Best In Show, Grand Champion, Chimo Power of One R.O.A." 'Russ'. Genna was a beautiful mother & raised her pups with the same ease she does everything else. Dubbed the Rustic Litter after their Sire Russ & their humble country upbringing. Genna's first litter has produced Best In Show, Multi Best in Group, Australian Champions, & multiple class in show winners. They've also excelled in harness chalking up Working Titles, Sledding Point Score & Sled race wins.
Genna was then mated to Midas in 2010 producing some stunning pups including our girl Eden. So impressed with this litter we repeated the mating giving us our Return and Beyond litters respectively. Genna is now retired and enjoys her time relaxing, excavating penthouses and taking the odd spin on the scooter just to keep her paw in.