Whelped : 21/11/03
Sire: Shawgyn Apalachi Warrior
Dam : Ch Kemulvak Anuri Tedra WTD ROA

Favourite Activity: Meeting new people, cuddling, stirring up her sister. Playing with any two or four legged creatures at hand, swimming, running in harness oh and did I mention cuddling!
Sera is a sweetheart of a dog and loved by everyone she meets. Her adoring, playful attitude assures that she has the very best of times no matter what she does. Sera along side her sister Genna easily completed her WTD title in her first year of racing and although not the largest of dogs she puts her heart and soul into her work which more than makes up for her lack of stature. She loves to work!!
Sera has been a fundamental part of our racing teams since 2004, she has run in point or lead on our 3, 4, 5, & 6 dog teams and is absolutely dependable on turns and passes.
Sera is a multi class in group winner from very limited showing. Unfortunately she has had a few set backs including a dog attack and a brown snake bite which have kept her at home and out of the show ring. At the 2008 AMCV Christmas fun day, Sera once again graced the show ring (or the members comp ring at least) and was awarded best head bitch and best tail. She also annihilated the competition in the “Best Trick” category performing a superb ‘beg’ on command (which she had learnt in about 5 minutes two days before). Such a clever girl and so willing to please!
Sera’s first litter to Midas (Multi BIS Grand Ch Chimo Let Th Games Begin WTD) was born in late May 2008. These puppies have grown into lovely types with their father’s fervour for harness work and their Mother’s brain and willingness to please. Several of these pups have gone on to be great working dogs including Bridie, Heidi & Spike who can be seen regularly competing in sled races.
Sera’s second and unplanned litter was born on the 14th of January 2009 and have also been solid working dogs with good structure and great attitudes. From this litter Sasha, Betty and Sienna have all become great working dogs.
Her final litter to her pen mate Argos (Chimo The Midas Touch) was born on the 21-6-11. Consisting of Four grey and white males, three black and white males and three grey and white females with Argos’ size and strength in harness and Sera’s willingness to please we are looking forward to watching these speedy, brainy racing machines of beautiful type grow.
For further details in regards to her 2011 litter please contact E'vette at
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