Genna x Midas pups at almost 8 weeks

Having their last play day in the garden before leaving for their new homes.

The videos below were taken two weeks before at lmost 6 weeks

Meet the Snowsteeds

Ode to Ben
Meet Tedra
Meet Bear
Meet Midas
Meet Brewin
Meet Genna
Meet Sera
Meet Seven
The Mighty litter 2002
Ben x Tedra Puppies 2003
Tedra x Chuckie Pups whelped May 2005
Genna x Russ Puppies born January 2007
Tedra x Midas Puppies born July 2007
Midas x Sera puppies born winter 2008
The Ice babies born January 2009
Genna x Midas Puppies born January 2010
Midas x Genna Puppies (repeat mating) born June 2010