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<B>Welcome to Room #208</b>
Welcome to Room #208


Welcome to a bright new year of learning in Middle School's homeroom #208. Your teachers are Mrs. Manzi and Mrs. Urban.

I hope you had a safe and healthy summer and are now looking forward to an enjoyable and productive school year.

Together we will explore the fifth grade subjects of math, social studies, science, English, and reading.

Students will be issued an agenda that outlines school rules. It also is used as our assignment book. Students are required to copy daily assignments into their agendas. Agendas should be brought home every afternoon, read, and discussed with parents. They need to be returned to school every morning.

Any parental questions or concerns may be written in the agendas and brought to my attention by your student. I may also write in your student's agenda if I have questions or concerns. As you can see, our agendas are important organizational and communicative tools, and therefore, need to be checked daily.



Social Studies


English, Spelling and Reading

Supply List

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