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Full Name ; Kelleigh Nicole Huntress

Nicknames ; Kellyfuls, Kiddo, Princess, Kat, Shady Baby, Eminette, Bia, Blondie, Spazz, Twinkle Toes, Sweetumz( awh iLu Tawmmy ) etc.

Age ; Fifteen

Statz ; MiNiS b.k.a My Tawmmy iLu baby:]

Located @ ; Wareham, MA

Height ; 5'4"

Weight ; 120lbs.

Eyes ; Hazel

Hair ; Blonde

Other Shit ; Ain't much else to say really. I've got a wonderful boyfriend that I plan on spendin' the rest of my life with, no job yet, and I'm a sophomore in high school. I go to ' Even - Start ' since I can't be in the regular high - school with my anxiety disorder type deal ( agoraphobia ) Hmmn, in my spare time I spend alot of time with my best friend -- my girl Dawn, her bitch Nick ( haha ) and of course my gorgeous, sweet, lovin' baby boy - - my Tawmmy. ;] I'm very outgoing, and I never hold back from saying what's on my mind, or doing what I wanna do. At parties or in a house/club full of people, I'm the one most likely to be dancin' on the tables, jumpin' around, and tryin' to get everyone else to go crazy and have a good time. I don't like sittin' still, I'm basically just a li'l ball of energy that goes wild when I get out of the house. Hehe. I'm pretty lazy, too, but that's only because ..well, just because!!! I listen to mainly hip - hop music, and my favourite rapper/idol is Eminem. I try to write rhymes here and there and scribble 'em down as they come to mind throughout the day but I get too frustrated to ever make something of 'em. I'm a good writer, and an artist. I love writin' + drawin'. I'm am edgy person with a sassy, sarcastic attitude that's usually mistaken as hateful. I'm not careless, and I don't hate the entire world like everyone thinks I do.. I just hate how shit works out alot of the times, and I've got a very low tolerance for things that bother me. When I'm in an argument, I can't stand being the one to lose, I always get the last word in + I usually win. Until I've spoken my entire mind, I won't shut up. That's just how I am. Around the ones I love and care for, I'm alot different. I still get bitchy + irritable alot but not to the point where I flip out. Most people say I got some anger problem that needs to be dealt with in like some anger management bullshit thing ... but fuck that. My anger management is breaking shit, and making people feel like shit/screaming at them, once I've let off the steam I need to.. that's my anger management for the day. ;x Yep, so anything else you wanna know? Check back for updates often, one. <33