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The Truth About Smoking

The Truth About Smoking

Smoking Is BAD

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Diseases Caused by Smoking

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Cigarette Smoking was once thought to be sexy, sleek and fashionable. It was a "fad" at one point, the cool thing to do so to speak. Then several years passed and the risks of smoking suddenly became as clear as glass. People began to discover it could cause such things as heart problems, lung problems, cancer, and even low birth weight in infants. They discovered that nicotine was extremely addictive, and that the contents of a Cigarette alone could actually kill a person if directly injested. People began to discover the truth about smoking, but for some it remained to late. The mental addiction smoking causes still urges people to smoke today, even if they know the risks. My mission in this site is to get you a little more of an outlook on smoking and its risks, including some statistics that may open your eyes. So if you are a smoker, maybe you will consider quitting after viewing this site; and if you aren't a smoker, maybe this site will encourage you to inform other people of the health risks of smoking.