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MS Manalapan AZA
To Michael Berkowitz and East Brunswick AZA #1652:

Hi EBThis letter is to serve as a formal apology for for my inappropriate away message directed at EB AZA on the

JUST IAN link. Away messages are an integral part of our day to day lives and existence and the one in question

was meant to cause no harm.

Hi EBIn a time in which peace and love and equality amongst all people should be our main priority, it upsets me

greatly to hear how upset EB AZA was at my quote after spirit weekend 2001. The media caught me off guard in a

time in which I was elated and overjoyed after a 3rd spirit weekend win. I know EB cannot relate to constant

domination in that genre of AZA and BBYO as a whole.

Hi EBI was misquoted and my words were taken completely out of context. I hope this blurb can redefine Manalapan

and East Brunswick's relationships with oneanother. Again, my sincerest apologies for any damage my comments may

have caused.

Regretfully yours,

Ian Feibelman

M.S. Manalapan AZA #2068 ADULT ADVISOR