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~*Welcome to Piper and Leo Page~*

Created BY:Mohammad & Afreen

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Brain Krause as Leo Wyatt

Leo wyatt was piper's handyman who fix thing around the house.Piper like him and was afraid to ask him out then she finally ask him.They were dating.then Leo decided to leave.The leo suddendly comes back.They have arguement then they break up.Piper starts to date Dan.Leo still loves her.Leo clips his wings and is going to win Piper back which he does and they finally get married and have a baby.Leo and Piper make the best Couple.I love PIper and Leo together that why I made this site.I hope you enjoy this site.Thanx bye,

Holly marie Combs as Piper Halliwell

Holly m. Combs as Piper Halliwell.Piper Halliwell is one of the charmed Ones.Piper learns that her and her sisters are Witchs and trys to have a normal life and a witched one. Piper befriends a ghost (Eppy: Dead Man Dating). Phoebe and Piper fight over their cute handyman (Leo). Piper works up enough courage to ask out the handyman (Eppy: The Witch is Back). Leo leaves Piper's life mysteriously (Eppy: Wicca Envy). Piper fears her love life will never be the same again when on Friday, the 13th, a stranger walks into her life. Leo comes back to Piper's life only to leave again (Eppy: Secrets and Guys). Piper learns the supernatural truth about her beau Leo. (Eppy: Love hurts) That How piper and leo fall in love.

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