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Game Rules

League Rules:

- 3 flicks per possession
- TD’s are worth 6 points, Field goals 3 points, Extra points 1 point, Two-point conversions are two.
- Out of bounds kickoff result in automatic own 20 yard line placement.
- FG’s are to be kicked from your own 20-yard line, unless penalties call for other placing.
- 2 point conversions are started on the 50 yard one, one flick to score only.
- Questionable TD’s are determined by straight flat rulers.
- “Spiking” the football hurts the ball, and will result in automatic first down and opponent gets the ball at the 50 yard line.
- Games are 10 minutes long; superbowl 10 minutes
- If the Super Bowl goes into a tie at the end of regulation, there will be a 2-minute overtime, sudden death style. No field goal kicks are allowed.
- You are allowed to challenge one play a game. General consensus (amongst spectators) wins.
- Onside kicks need to be called out or else they do not count. The ball must be kicked into the halo and either be in the halo completely or 50% in the halo to get the ball back.
- If onside kick is lost, opponent will take it at the 50.
- Any kickoff that lands out of bounds before the 50 results in a first down on the 50 yard line for the opponent.
- Exhibiton games are up to 42 points only. First to reach 42 wins. Regular season games can be up to 42 or have a 5 to 10 minute time limit.