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Wet diaper pictures

A simply wet diaper.

A wet depends

Another shot of the depends diaper.

A nice warm, slick, wet diaper.

Oh man...How can someone wet that much. I have flooded diapers before and they weren't that yellow.

Another wet diaper.

A close up of a wet crotch area.

As you can clearly see the wetness indicator is disapearing.

A totally wet diaper

The person started wetting his diaper.

...Ahh total piece of mind...And a wet diaper!

Yet another dissolved indacator.

"Don't look! I didn't wet in my diaper!"

"Look at me! I wet in my diaper! Ain't I cute?"

This man's diaper is sagging full of urine.

See what I mean? He drenched his diaper!

A green,wet diaper. Aren't wet diapers 'sposed to be yellow?

Off topic pics.

"Oops must've drank to much.

"See what soda does to me?"

"Mom is going to be pissed."(Pun intended)