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Fluid Balance

Healing and Balance through Movement Awareness

with Michelle Hart

Fluid Balance offers 3 movement programs based on fluid movement and designed for fun and healing while balancing body, mind and spirit.

Michelle Hart is a Certified Dance Alive® Somatic Movement Educator who has adapted the Dance Alive® Movement System to meet the needs of each program. She has trained, studied and experimented with various movement and healing disciplines and brings her love of movement to her teaching.

She offers private sessions, classes and workshops.
Feel free to call if you any have questions or would like to make an appointment: 310-795-2408

"Move with Ease" is a unique movement program that
trains Seniors how to become fluid, agile and strong in a
fun creative way. It engages both the body and the mind
and is an excellent form of preventative medicine.
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"Move with Joy!" classes are designed to assist
individuals recovering from disordered eating and body
image issues. "Move with Joy!" is a balanced,
holistic approach to movement that is a perfect exercise
counterpart to “non-diet”, “intuitive eating” types of
nutritional counseling.
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"Mindful Movement"is an in-depth, playful study of
the self through movement. Develop the skill of paying attention
inside as you play and learn to balance fluidity with strength.

Classes are open to adults of all ages,
and of all levels of experience.

Wednesdays 7:30-9:15pm
with group share afterward

$15/class or $65/5 class pass
Call (310) 795-2408 for Venice location

-increase your fluidity, strength, range of motion & vitality
-improve your body awareness
-naturally begin to trust and enjoy your body more
-cultivate your internal listening skills and intuition
-make better choices more easily

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