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Welcome to...

Mary Mayer's Flower Page!!!

Hello, and welcome to my fantabulously fun site of flowers! I like flowers. Do you like flowers? I think flowers are splendid. Do you think flowers are splendid? I'm am a very lonely person. Please be my friends... please? Write me an e-mail or something, it's so lonely up here in Michigan. Everything is all gray. Sometimes, I think I'll slit my wrists just to see some color. Do you think that's crazy? DO YOU???

Anyway, here are some links to flower sites.

Wild Wild Flower... that's what Charles used to call me. That is, of course, before he ran off to Monaco with that witch Martha and left me with three children and a mortgage!

Flowers and Plants Association of England When I was a little girl, I dreamt of one day joining the Flowers and Plants Association... but, at one point, reality set in, and I saw that I had a snowball's chance in Hell of getting off this desolate mitten-shaped rock and over to England. When you've got 3 little mouths to feed on your own, and you're working at a 7-11, a trip to Europe isn't exactly on the agenda.

Harvard's Arnold Arboretum The Arnold Arboretum is a research and educational institution. It manages a collection of hardy trees, shrubs, and vines located on 265 acres in Boston, Massachusetts. I could have gone to Harvard, you know. I had the grades. But Charles and I were young and in love, and he wanted to go to Yale, so I took up a job waitressing to help pay the bills. My parents said I was a fool. Well, maybe I am a fool. Maybe I should just kill myself, that would show everyone what a FOOL I am. Yes, that would show everyone.

This site is under heavy construction. Stay tuned for more exciting, fantastic flower fun!