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Wayne's Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Fan Page

Welcome to My Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Fan Site.

My Name is Wayne and I Have Been a Long Time Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Fan,This site will Have Pictures News and Infomation About Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen .

This Is A Non Profit Site And Is Made For enjoyment of ourselves and other Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Fan's ,This site is not associated with . Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen , are registered trademarks of 2004 Dualstar Entertainment Group, LLC.
,We make no claim to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen ,Pictures,Videos .

My Family Started Watching Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen When Full House Originally Was On The Air,We Watched It All The Time

Towards The End Of Full House I Decided To Try Sending Them All The Cast Of Full House A Christmas Card

I Sent One to The Entire Cast I Got A Repley From Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen That Read,To Wayne Mary-Kate And Ashley

They Had a Fun Club I Was Also A Member Of After Full House Ended And We Bought Some Of Their Video's The Trench Coat Twins Mostly.

We Have Watched All Their Movies and TV Shows

My Best Friend's Daughter Is A Big Fan,She Love's Mary-Kate And Ashley,Over The Years I Have Bought Her For Christmas Many Movies And She Has Quite a Collection Now,I Took Her to See New York Minute,I Seen It twice , And Loved It.

We Still Watch The Repeats Of Full House

New York Minute Was Released At Theaters on 01-Jul-2004

New York Minute Was Released On DVD August 17th 2004

Click On This Link To Read

New York Minute Movie Official Site

For Christmas Of 2004 I Got My Best Friends Daughter A Mary-Kate and Ashley 2005 Calender,I Always Get Her Mary-Kate and Ashley Presents , Her Eyes Lit Up When She Opened It and I Also Got Her The Movie New York Minute , She Told Me She Could Not Wait to Watch It , I Always Exchange Gifts With My Best Friend and His Family , one Of His Daughters Has Been A Long Fan Of Theres , So I Always Keep Her Gifts In A Mary Kate And Ashley Theme , Christmas of 2003 i Got Her a Passport to Paris Chair and When in Rome.

Christmas Of 2005

I Will Say I Wish I Could Find A 2006 Mary Kate And Ashley Calender Unfortunatly I Could not Anywere,My Christmas Present Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen related to My Best Friends Daughter This Christmas was A Passport To Paris Scrap Book And Getting There DVD.

Christmas 2006

For Cristmas This Year I Got My Best Friends Daughter Two DVDs How The West Was Fun And To Grandmothers House We Go,I Think I Completed Her Collection Of Mary Kate And Asley Olsen Movies,I Will Have to Double Check On That Sometime,Its Been Years That I Have Bought Her Something to Do With The Olsen Twins.

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Mary Kate and Ashley LinksThis site has links to news and information about Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen ...

Mary-Kate Olsen - TV TomeTV Tome is your guide to Mary-Kate Olsen. Biography, roles and appearances, gossip and more. ... Links to related web sites about this person :: ... Mary Kate Olsen is the younger twin to Ashley Olsen. *Mary Kate has a twin sister Ashley (both 16), an ... Music: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen: Greatest Hits Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen: Greatest Hits, Olsen Twins - Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen always has low prices - Find Mary-kate & ashley olsen Music at Start shopping online now at

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen! So many Jodie fans are also fans of the Olsen twins. This is the place to discuss Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen! Note: The Olsens are not known to visit this board. IMPORTANT! Please do not clutter this board with numerous "anorexia" posts. ... Ok, umm heres the tips and the sites for vintage clothing.........

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