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Linda Bellanti
30yrs old
Union Grove, WI

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Picture of Khalen and I, one week after delivery!



Home Sweet Home

I LOVE my children...I have 4 children:

Melissa Nichole 13yrs,
Nicholaus Martin Jr. 10yrs,
Steven David Jr. 4yrs, &
Khalen Michael less then a year old!

I am a working Mother. I work long hours on a night shift job. I work hard in quality; checking caps use for Johnson Wax(a family company) products, such as: Off insect repellent, Pledge wood polish, Glad air fresheners, Raid kills bugs dead, and even the little zippers on Ziplock bags.
Also, I drive a fork truck to move loads.

I grew up in a small town in SE Wisconsin. After my birth Mother passed away when I was 2yrs old, I was adopted by my Grandparents. I believe they raise me to be a wonderful women!


Steve, Linda, Melissa
Steven, & Nicholaus.

I've Learned

Features a typewriter text applet of a wonderful poem called "I've Learned", by Ralph Waldo Emerson. The background is a cool cutout with pearls on the bars.



Join me and all my friends at Everyday Woman Everywhere!Our FORUM is a place to share. A place for support. A place that cares!

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