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Welcome to my page on the World Wide Web! I'm glad you stopped by. You'll find lots of facts about me and my interests here. I've also included links to some of my favorite Web sites. Feel free to browse around, and enjoy your visit!

My name is Linda, and I am a 30 yrs old Mother of 4 children.

I was born in the summer of '72 to Richard & Linda. My Mother had a 2 year old daughter at the time, who was is half African-American, She stayed with Mother's parents, my Grandparents, I believe because Richard didn't want her.

My younger sister Anna was born in Nov.'73, and then Mother was pregnant again.

Most of my memory begins here; My Mother was preparing a cake for Anna's first birthday. I was sitting on a rocking horse, then I remember sitting on a bed. I see Mother standing next to the counter in the kitchen. The next thing I remember I was sitting in the back seat of a car, and my sister was crying hysterically. I knew something was tragically wrong, but could not understand, I was only 2yrs old. Richard(my father) had shot my Mother. A bullet went through my Mothers head, between her eyes, and was lodged behind her ear. I am sure she died instantly. The baby boy she was carrying died shortly after, due to lack of oxygen. My Baby Brother was burried in my Mothers arms, wrapped in a blue blanket.

Anna and I were united with our older sister, LaRet, and our Grandparents. But for those first 2 years after my Mother's death, we had visits with our Aunt/Tia Lilian. Every other week-end, Anna and I would go to Lilian's home. My Grandparents were furious that they had to send us off to the family they hold responsible for the loss of their daughter. So my Grandparents decided to adopt us. They are who we concider our Mom & Dad!

It's a good thing the adoption was final before I turned 5yrs old. I had Richard's last name, which was changed before I started Kindergarden. My first day of school, I remember I was the first student there, and the teacher couldn't find my name tag. We did find it, and soon other children were getting there name tags as well. Soon the day was over, and when I walked outside, there was Mom, and other family members to walk me home form school. After that first week, I walked to school with my older sister, LaRet, and home from school by myself.

When First Grade began, I was able to walk with LaRet, and our neighbor, Beth, to and from school. Though there were times that I would have to catch up to them. If I forgot something at home, and had to go back. An older brother(biological uncle) was there...He would keep me at home...saying it wouldn't take long. I was young, and didn't understand...that brother took advantage of me. This did not only happen once. There were times that he would come into our room, and carry me into his room. Most of the time he didn't accually put his penis inside of me. The couple of times he attemted, I cried and said it hurt. Once, I think he attemted an anal entrance. That hurt even worse, and I begged him to stop. This went on for a few years on and off, until I finally told my parents. Due to 2 older sisters(biological aunts) getting involved, he did have to go to court, but he was a minor, and wasn't charged.

I was 10 years old going into Middle School. Fifth Grade, I was seated between the 2 naughty boys of the class. Buck, our neighborhood friend, and Steve. the new boy in school. Whenever one of them got introuble, the teacher would be looking in my direction...I was just a tiny little girl, and behaved well in school. Buck had been my neighborhood boyfriend, back in Elementry School. And for some reason, I had a crush on Steve. Of course, at that age, nothing sexually happened.

We Graduated from 8th Grade together, and soon would be High School.

During my Freshman year, I was still a quiet, well behave, little girl. I was involved in a few sports such as softball, cheerleading, and gymnastics. When I chose not to continue in gymnastics, my gym teach was very upset with me. She knew I had the potential to be a professional gymnist. I'll admit, I was good, but I was also timid. (I don't like to be watched.) I never recieved a detention until my Sophmore year. I guess I was hanging around the wrong type of people. My grades fell, and things were not going well at home. Soon I met Nick. He didn't go to our school, but we had mutual friends. The girls were interested in him, but he had already had a girlfriend at the school he attended.

On New Years, we shared a New years kiss. Soon after that, we began dating. We had alot of the same interests. Every Friday, we either went rollerskating, or to Rock-n-Bowl. We even went to a few concerts together.

Things at home began to change. My sister, LaRet had a baby before she was 17 years old. Then we have Grandma(biological Great-Grandma) who was diabetic, and was on all kinds of different medications. So, she moved in with us. Mom arranged for me to come home from school durring my study hall/lunch hour to make sure Grandma had something to eat and take her meds. I felt that that was my good deed for home, and after school, I wouldn't even go home.

Nick and I grew closer together, and advanced our relationship to a sexual relationship. He was my first sexual partner. We dated for 9 months. I thought I was in love. Atleast at that age, that is what I thought love was. Our break-up was devastateing to me. Emotionally I was crushed, I really felt lost. Life didn't seem important anymore.

I ended up getting a part-time job, in the evening after school. After working for a week, I got burnt at work. My duty was cleaning, and I had to rinse off the conveyers with a hot water pressure hose. The hose had a kink in it, and when I got the kink out, the hose went flying around. The hot water burned my face, breast, and stomach. I called for my Dad to come pick me up, and when I got home, Mom asked why I was home so early. This is the first time I had revealed private body parts to my Mom, after developing. I unbuttoned my shirt, and showed Mom my breast...which was burned to a blister. She took me to the hospital. I had 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree burns. My right breast was the worst. Scince I was wearing a bra, the steam was trapped and scorched me.

So there I was, bandaged up. I wasn't able to work for fear of infection, so I started going over to my friends house again. One evening, I was with Steve, and a few other friends, who had decided to play a game. First game was Spin the Bottle. I was winning. When it came time for me to take my shirt or pants off, I chose my shirt because my breast were covered with bandages. Everyone else was nude, but we were able to hold an article of clothing to cover up. I still had my pants and bandages on, so the group decided to change the game. Truth Dare or Consequence. After a few rounds... Consequences is on me. Steve gives me 3 choices; he says, "Give me head, give Ryan head, or f_k me." Well at that point in time, I had never performed oral sex, so I chose the to have sex with Steve. Steve was the second person I had intercourse with. A month later I started seeing Jason, who I had gone out with in the past, for 3 months. But back then, we were not sexually active. So this time he was really interested in sex. We only dated for 3 wks this time. Then, Nick and I got back together. We talked things over, and thought we were meant to be together.

I did start spanding more time with my family. Dad, had a heart attack durring some heart testing, and ended up in the hospital. He had to have a triple heart bipass surgery, and an artery reemed. The surgery went well, and Dad was back home after a week. He was given a choise to either stay in the hospital, or retire. Since he doesn't like hospitals, he chose to retire.

Since I decided to spend more time at home, I introduced Nick to my family. This way, Nick would be welcome to come over and we could spend time together to. I knew Dad was guarenteed 5 years to live, and knowing how much he adored LaRet's daughter, Ashely, I wanted my Dad to know one of my children. Nick agreed, although we were young, we wanted to have a baby. So we stopped using protection. But I didn't become pregnant right away. And things became unpleasent in the home again.

My younger sister, Anna and I were involved in a few juvinal delinquent incidents, so as minors, we were under supervision. Which means we had to see a councilor once a week. It was then determined that it would be for my best intrest to live with a different family member. Then that didn't work out so I went to stay with another family member.

By this time I was already pregnant, so Mom decided that it would be ok for Nick and I to get married. We were still minors, so we did have to get parental concent. My sister in-law, whom I was staying with, was very helpful with getting everything prepared. I had court that day with my Mom, which everything was dropped, so I could get married. Nick and I were married at the age of 17yrs old, due to have a baby in a few months.


Marriage and More children

____more to come_____





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