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Welcome all to what is probably the scariest place on the site. Stories I’ve written, as well as a few from other sources as well if I can swing it. Everything from fanfiction to original stories to rants (if I feel like it that is). Please tread carefully, and remember that feedback is greatly appreciated.


Yu Yu Hakusho

Acquaintance : The first arc in the Mythica set. The Tantei and their friends meet a few interesting people in Tokyo. Boys, girls, hormones, and people who can’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Sparks will fly and so will fists as worlds collide and all Hell breaks loose. Shonen-ai.

Reunion : The second arc of the Mythica set. Jo, Hisui and Takimi are back in town, while things begin to go ‘bump’ in the Makai. The group struggles to cope with their rapidly complicating lives as the real problems begin to take shape. Shonen-ai.

Mythica : The final part of the Mythica set, aptly titled just that. Bonds are reshaped, lives are rearranged, and challenges are issued as Rakitsu begins to take power. Is Sei’hari enough to finally get the job done? Or is there more to the issue than meets the eye? And will Hisui ever get in Touya’s pants?! Let’s find out, ne..? Shonen-ai.

Almost : A short story detailing the first meeting between Jo, known as Aremidié in this, and Shishiwakamaru. Angst, some romance, and big-ass explosions to top it all off.


Dark Blue : A song-fic to the tune of No Doubt’s ‘Dark Blue.’ Naruto disappears after training one night and Sasuke decides to bring the dunce back and gets more than he bargained for as Naruto finally shows him that he’s more than just ‘dead last.’ Shonen-ai.

Tools : A short, weird Haku/Zabuza I came up with after finally reading the issue in which dear Haku dies. Angst, Shonen-ai.

Fruits Basket

Technicolor Grayscale: Yuki finally has Tohru, but where does that leave Kyou and Hatsuharu? Shonen-ai.

Dragon Knights

Warmth: A winter storm has the Dragon Castle up to its battlements in snow and everyone needs something to do. Ruwalk is in a mood around a worried Alfeegi, and Rath, Rune and Thats come to terms with each other. Lime, major Shonen-ai.

Cat’s Cradle: AU. Gil can’t stand his foster family. Especially his holier-than-thou Mr. Perfect foster brother Lamgaarnas, and is thankful for the coming summer vacation, the end of which will mean his emancipation. Then something happens to Lamgaarnas that leaves him in Gil's care for a month, and he starts to think that the exact opposite might be true... With appearances by Punk!Rath and Thats, Goth!Bierrez, and of course the rest of the oh-so-delish bishonen of Dragon Knights..!

Eerie Queerie




Wild Wind: Hakkaku muses about the last time he was in the woods with his koi. Shonen-ai, Ginta/Hakkaku.


Oceanfront:Otogi/Ryota. On a walk down the beach, a pensive Otogi runs into Kajiki Ryota, and winds up in a situation he'd never imagined. 1 2

Otherside: AU.

Final Fantasy

Psyche!: The Spiran Blitzball league has a new team, one that isn’t too popular among the population. But with a little luck, and a lot of help from Yuna and the rest, can the Iron Maidens Blitz their way to glory? Cross dressers, bad-ass chicks, Blitzball, horrid puns and shonen-ai.

Midnight Sunset: Part one of two.

Midnight Sunrise: Part two of two.

Preaching to the Choir: Semi-AU. The young son of Maester Jyscal Guado has always been shunned by those around him, so running away seems the natural thing to do, even as his father secretly prepares to hire someone to protect the boy. Can a bounty hunter with a less-than-perfect disposition change his view of the world, or kill him? Tough love was never quite like this. Prologue 1

Guilty Gear

Kickstart My Heart: Bridget requests training from Jam and Chipp, who hesitantly agree, overcomes a crush on Ky Kiske, and grows up. Meanwhile, the world prepares for something that could tear it asunder as new friends make themselves known, and old enemies threaten to resurface. Shonen-ai.

Original Fiction

Retribution: The lower classes of Ghaileah in the Mercurial quadrant have always been badly repressed by the winged upper-class. Now a Dark Savior has appeared, slaying those who go against his ideals. The rich are falling, and young Aezúre Tïre must find the culprit… or lose his life. Complications, however, arrive in the strangest of forms, and the obstacle in Aezúre’s way is a young, cheerful, and very odd boy by the name of Akarou Kaellé. Shonen-ai.

Inner Demons: Kaizen Martinez and her brother Hidoi are chosen to save not one world, but many as the girl finds herself sharing a body with a sarcastic, psychotic and highly violent demonic spirit by the name of Erezen. On the way, they pick up a super-hacker fire-demoness by the name of Tai Li who quickly captures Hidoi’s attention, and his heart,as well as a genetically-enhanced gymnast and Spellcaster by the name of Yurei.

Something Like Clarity: Nhadira and her sister Rukmani are Guides, people chosen to help others through hard times. Nomi is a Reaper, one who collects and dispatches the souls of those who don’t make it, her sister Melaka a member of the Luminae, the high council. Their tales of life, love, and not wanting to lose all you’ve got, while the world around them evolves at lightspeed.