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First Anniversary

June 26, 1947

        Coming to the completion of the first year in the life of our
Council, we offer a fervant prayer of gratitude to Almighty God for the
success that has crowned our efforts.  Since that day a year ago when the
temporary officers approached the altar rail and asked His guidance and
assistance the Council has prospered to the extent that from a nucleus of 40
members, it now numbers 130, who are pledged under the banner of the Knights
of Columbus to promote Catholic action, assist in the battle against
atheistic communism, and aid our Catholic youth to remain true to the ideals
of his Church and country; and as a part of His program the Council has
organized the Colombian Squires, composed of young men between the ages of
fourteen and eighteen who subsequently become members of the Knights of
Columbus.  Now consisting of 33 members, the organization will shortly be
augmented by an additional 33 members.

       As a result of its various activities during the year the Council has
been pleased to be of assistance to St. Anne's Church and to the Sisters of
Charity, and in this connection we offer our heartfelt thanks to the women
of this parish who have so ably and unselfishly assisted us in these
activities.  We are grateful also to those who have aided us by advertising
in our programs.

       The Council heartily welcomes the newly appointed pastor of St.
Anne's Parish, Reverend Father James P. Dowling, as its chaplain, and we
know that under his splendid guidance the Council can look forward with
confidence to the future.

       Gratefully acknowledging the kindly encouragement and assistance of
our beloved Archbishop Richard J. Cushing, the Council takes pleasure in
presenting to him the proceeds of this Anniversary Observance for his
Charity Fund.

       To everyone else who has helped us in any way during the past year,
we offer our sincere thanks and appreciation.

Gracious Jesus, hear our prayer,
Thank for Thee we all may dare;
By Thy grace our pledge shall be
Ever kept unswervingly.

                                 James G. Lennon,
                                                       Grand Knight


Grand Knight's 50th Anniversary Message

       It is with great pleasure that I extend my warmest greetings to
everyone on the occasion of this 50th Anniversary celebration of Readville
Council #2980, Knights of Columbus.

       Fifty years ago, a group of forty dedicated men from our community
looked for a better way; a better way to celebrate their Faith.  They sought
to foster values that would effect their lives on a daily basis; strengthen
their families and establish bonds of Fraternity, a main principal of the

       These individuals, led by James G. Lennon F.D.D., our first Grand
Knight thus established the Readville Council. 

       Since that day  in 1946, over a thousand Catholic gentlemen have been
involved in our council and its operations.  Our activities have included
participation in all levels at St. Anne Church, School, and Convent.  Our
relationship continues to be the root of all of our functions, be it
directly or spiritually in all of our commitments.

       Our members, over the years, have influenced the quality of life and
provided avenues for success within the community.  We are justly proud in
the fact that a Past Grand Knight was recently ordained to the priesthood
and many of our members have not only risen to elevated positions in this
organization, but in the police and fire departments, church and school
boards, the business community as well as local, city-wide, state politics
and yes, some even to the halls of the United States Congress.

       Our membership's participation over the years has included leadership
and support positions at church and school functions, all community youth
groups, varied community activities, scholarship funds and assisting people
with needs and much more.

       I would like to express a sincere gratitude to the wives, mothers,
fathers and families of all of our members, both past and present, for
without their loving support, our membership would not have been able to
contribute their valuable time to our voluntary endeavors.  To engage in a
charitable task requires individual sacrifice, to which I extend an
enthusiastic thanks to all our member's families.

       Last, but not least, I would like to acknowledge all who were
involved in bringing us all together at this evening's celebration.  A
special note of thanks to those who supported us by subscribing to the 50th
Anniversary Commemorative Ad Book.  To the vast number of brother knights, I
ask that you support our sponsors with the same enthusiasm as Readville
Council has supported the community for fifty great years.

Tempus Fugit


Stephen G. Mowles

Grand Knight