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Jerry Hurley Memorial

There are councils, and then there are councils.  Jerry was a member,
like all of us, when he was murdered in the Line of Duty performing his
duties as a Bomb Technician in the Boston Police Department in 1991. 
He was celebrating fifty years of life when he died.  His death not only
shocked the council, but the entire St. Anne Parish Community and the
Boston Police Department.

       Readville Council #2980, in meeting, authorized the establishment
of two committees, to bear the name of the Knights of Columbus, the
Jerry Hurley Memorial and the Jerry Hurley Scholarship Committee.

       The members of Readville Council enthusiastically supported these
efforts to raise funds for the erection of a suitable memorial to Jerry's
memory and to establish a scholarship fund in his name.

       Each year, they labored tirelessly, with a fervor that had not been
seen in years, to accomplish the goals.  The wives and families were part
of every year's event and it has become an annual celebration of his life. 
The idea became a reality in 1996, the 50th Anniversary of Readville Council
and the Fifth Anniversary of his death, when on a rainy Sunday, the likes of
which had not been seen here since the visit of Pope John Paul, a memorial
was dedicated in Wolcott Square, there to stand the test of time, to the
memory of a wonderful Brother Knight.

       Readville Council should be justly proud of the only (known) public
memorial to a City of Boston Police Officer who was Killed in the Line
of Duty.  I am proud of every one of you, I cherish your friendship and
consider your support of this endeavor extraordinary.  Jerry would have
been as proud of this incredible task as he was of being with you.

Brendan D. Flynn P.G.K-F.D.D.


50th Anniversary Program, 1996-1997