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Hello from CSC Scania, Iraq.

Iím based in a Convoy Support Center on the MSR (Main Supply Route).CSC Scania is a logistics center for convoys traveling north and south throughout Iraq.



The scenery is much like back home in Desert Hot Springs, Ca: palm trees and lots of dirt.We also have a water canal that surrounds the north parameter of the camp, which is fed from the Tigris River.

Ahead of me is the Hajji Mart.Itís kind of like Wal-Mart without all the shopping carts.You can buy Sadaam Hussein posters, prayer rugs, Arab trinkets, as well as DVDís, portable stereos and tee shirts made in Twain.



The camp is edged with concrete blocks that keep the riff-raft out.The helicopter isnít always hovering there, however.

Making new friends all the time.†††

Iíve been here about 2 Ĺ weeks.I only have 11 months and a week and a half to go.The action here at CSC Scania has been light.There was an uprising up north (in the Sunni-Triangle) shortly after we arrived, but it didnít travel to our area.Our main concern here are IEDís (improvised explosive devices) that insurgents want to plant along the road.We secure an area on the MSR, as well as provide security around our AO (area of operation).The security here is very good, and the people are very friendly and supportive.


I will provide as much information as I can as to whatís going on as I send emails of this nature, but I am also restricted in providing details of locations, times and other sensitive military information.

Playing cowboys and insurgents may not be for everyone, but itís better to play the game here in Iraq, then playing it back home.


Heather, Terra, Nicole, Serenity, Raquel and Christina (my daughters) Eric, my nephew, is also pictured in Palm Springs, Ca



Staff Sergeant Kerry Manthey

HHC 1/185 IP (Infantry Provisional)

Desert Hot Springs, California

Currently serving in Iraq

17 Apr 04