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Vybz Kartel


Up 2 D Time.... Time Less

    Growing up in Portmore, Kingston was the not the easiest life for young Vybz Kartel (Adidjah Palmer). He knew he was talented and would make it in the DJ business so he performed every weekend at a local amusement park in Kingston. Just at a young age everyone thought of him as a joke and didn't sign him to a record label seeing as though he was still in his early ages of the industry. As he grew older and progressed a major artist in Jamaica heard a few of Vybz Kartel's tracks and wanted him to appear on a C.D. that he was putting out in a few months.
    The track exploded and all the dancehall reggae listeners began to wonder who this new talent was that would perform at such a high ranking with the king of dancehall in Jamaica which is Bounty Killer. His work was settling in and he began to venture off into the real world. As he plunged deeper and deeper into the industry he started creating mixed tapes and then moved onto albums.
    Tracks like Buddy's Here 4 u, Why You Doing It and Sweet To The Belly were all huge hits over the past 12 months, much of the album was basically a re-hash of Kartel tunes throughout the year.

Despite this, Kartel was still able to show why many rate him for his lyrical talents and ability to create a stir via his songs. Currently, songs like Badman Nah and Sen On jump at the listener similar to that of a Busta Rhymes tune, and Kartel's delivery of these tunes is as impressive as the beats he rides, and the production sounds are innovative.