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Hi i am a 24 yr old step mom of 3 children i work 2 jobs and am a full time mom i have been looking everywhere to find a way to make extra money so that i can provide a good life for my children along with allowing me to have extra time to give them the love they need At first I was very skeptical at doing this bacause i have signed up for so many of those internet income jobs were you dont have to do nothing and that is exactly what you get NOTHING but i finally found a system that really pays and you dont even have to refer people to make money of course if you want to make more money you do but if you truley want to do nothing but leave your computer running on the net 24/7 and activating the program after rebooting and actually make money this is the perfect solution try it out IT IS 100% free to sign up however the process takes about 15 minutes to do the inital set up after that its like 30 seconds to activate the program please follow these directions carefully so you will not have any problems if you do you can contact me and i can help you through it but its really easy in fact i have both my computers hooked up to the program and not only am i making money on one computer being connected but 2 and to top it all of i am getting a pecentage of computer 2's profit and i really do nothing rxcept check and see how much money i made and you start making money immediately heres how it works FREE TO JOIN & IT'S PAYING MORE EACH MONTH (JUST LET IT RUN) Hello , This program is paying me and it will pay you. "EARN MONEY BY LEAVING YOUR COMPUTER ON" Introducing The PPC APPRAISAL MULTI-SURF PROGRAM Wow, talk about easy money! This is truly amazing. It's easy to download, totally FREE and watching it work has just blown me away. Here is something really cool, sent to me by a friend. The main page of the site is not informative or very impressive, but it does make money and does not require any sponsoring, although you may invite others to earn faster profits. It costs nothing to join and make money. Once set up, you don't have to do anything, and you can track your income up to the second. You never have to pay anything at any time. Feel free to use this text but change to YOUR affiliate URL PPCAppraisal prior to advertising. I have been running this new program daily and have earned about $500 so far. Just under the amount where I am able to put in a request for payment. But, I was notified today by my sponsor that he received his first payment of $5000! This is still a relatively unknown program, meaning there is a lot of potential for you to get people signed up before everyone joins once word gets out that it is paying. There is not a lot of information at the website, so I will explain to you EXACTLY how to do this program. The program works similar to "click on search engine and get paid" kind of programs, except for two things. 1) You don't have to click on any links--it all runs in the background like an auto-surf. 2) It doesn't give you just one search engine that makes you money. Right now there are about 21 search engines that run within the program, which if you run your computer 24/7 you will make about $15 a day. In about a month they will be adding about another 200 search engines! At that point you'll make between $40 and $60 a day...just for being online. That's with no referrals. If you have any referrals, you get 5% of their running time as well, 4 levels deep. The potential to make a great deal of money is very evident. The way it works is that each search engine builds up a separate total of your surfing time. You have to reach an amount of $60 before you get paid from each separate search engine. If you had your computer running 24/7, with no referrals, it would take you about 2 months to build up to $60 in each of the 21 now running search engines. $60 times 21 equals $1260! That's not bad for 2 months of doing nothing. Now figure what it would be going with the minimum of $40 per day when they add the 200 search engines. $40 times 221 equals $8820 !! Remember that's with no referrals! Here is my url to sign up. Note: Don't let the boring looking site discourage you, once you are set up, it's great fun watching your income rise, in real time, for doing nothing! Here are the instructions to get started, and you may want to print this out first: You must go here and fill out the form: Where it says Company Name put: ppc appraisal. For URL/Site put: For TAX ID N/A Fill the rest out normally. Now login. That will take you to a menu page. Click on Requests. At the bottom of the page, hit Select All, then Request. After that, back to the bottom of the page and click Page 2, then Select All, then Request. If there are MORE than 2 pages (and there will be soon), do the same for EACH page. DO all the above first! This is really just sits in the background and runs and earns you money.! After you have had this running for a while go to your PPC account and click on statistics and watch the different search engines appear and total your money earning. Here are the further instructions. If you follow the instructions exactly (step by step) you should have no problem. If you do, e-mail me here and I will help you out. Please download a file called test33 and choose SAVE it to your Desktop in the Windows' drop-down box: test33.exe Login to PPC Appraisal and on the menu select Campaigns. Copy or write down your Portal Url which is the one listed on that page. Your referral URL is listed elsewhere under Account Manager. Make sure this url has the word portal in it. After downloading run the test33.exe browser program by clicking on the test33 icon on your desktop (or other location you saved it to) When it opens, go to Tools on the menu bar, choose Analyst, then Act, and then SETUP. You'll see two empty squares. On the lower left side click on APPEND. A popup window will open. Type the words "Set1" in it and click OK. It will disappear. Now inside the small window on the left you should see "Set1." Then paste your Portal Url that you copied from the PPC website into the large window on the right and click OK.. Now go back to Tools, click Analyst, Act, then click SET1 The url will load. Go back to Tools, click Analyst and choose LOOP. Now go to the menu and click on Navigation and click on the word Six at the bottom. This will open up 6 separate search engine browsers, so instead of just getting paid for 1 at a time, it pays you for 6 at a time. The Test 33 program will automatically start clicking on search engines. There are 22 search engines in that one url. If you shut it off, or get booted, just run the Test 33 browser; go to Tools, click Analyst and choose Loop; then Navigation and choose six to start it all up again. Do not touch any settings. Once you get this set up you can minimize the window and go about whatever you normally do. It's very well "behaved" and will not interfere at all with anything else you are doing. Feel free to use all of the information I have sent you to refer others. Just change my referral URL to yours first. These are only search engines that get run through this program. What they are doing is paying to try to improve their numbers with Alexa so they have a better chance of competing with the big boys like Yahoo and Google. Go to and get started ! Try it What do you have to loose and to be honest you will not loose anything but you will gane ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE E-MAIL ME AT

In memory of my little brother and hero