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November 23rd
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    October 25th
  • Listening on Kazaa:Kelly Rowland-Stole
    I like this song, I think it's about this boy kiling himself because she talks about people talking to news cameras saying he never fitted in, anyways speaking about not fitting in there is this annoying kid named TJ he is in the AVID class, he is just annoying, today in the lunch line he cut in front of me, I got pissed and yelled at him then he was like "O-o-ok..go ahead", he is just weird, he told on this girl for eating sunflower seeds in school though, ok hold on I'll say what I was going to, either I hit a wrong button or it just popped up, some ad popped up, weird huh, but it didn't come from Kazaa or AOL or ne website I'm at, it came from the regular computer lol that sounds dumb but who cares, I hate Avril Lavigne, if you go to nick.com and then to nvp message boards they consider her music punk, well at least no one is posing to be a rapper, hip hop, soul or r&b artist, lol I was watching 106 and Park, ok I know BET is called the blakc entertainment television, because it's a channel for black people(I guess...), but I like the videos they play, they play some better ones then TRL does, ok umm anyways that TJ kid flung a pencil arcross the room and I said don't do that especially the teahcer's room that we were in because she is always mad, and eh was like but its her and I was like soo, who cares God he is weird ok bye! lol my back hurts for some reason from typing oh yeah sign the petitions for ZIM!
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    October 19th
  • Listening on Kazaa:Nothing
    Hi, tomorrow at my school is "Twin Day"...doesn't it sound lame, I'm in AVID, well I got all A's and B's, I'm bored, I just wanted to blog cuz' I was bored, oh yeah go to the Invader ZIM petitions..bye!
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    October 19th
  • Listening on Kazaa:Ms. Jade featuring Timbaland and Nelly Furtado-Ching, Ching
    I'm bored, I deleted the last blog, it was dumb, and pathetic, I'm in AVID, advanced, thank God that I'm out of my old class with all of those damn hicks :P LOL DAMN HAY HITCHING HICKS! LOL, umm, I'm bored, I have a whole new scheudle on Monday, but I guess I won't be going to Health on Monday then since my 5th period class will change, umm it's dumb, she made some kids do skits on peer pressure, we learned about that in 4th and 5th grade, God it's so boring, their like now this is a serious sketch, all it was was some kid that was gonna take some pills to kill himself, and he was on some hotline talking with this girl, that is what it was about, the skit I mean it was dumb and boring, I was thinking to myself, this is lame, and stupid, does it look like any of US are on drugs or pills, NO! PE is dumb too, the coach is a scronny idiot, he was making us do these courses where we had to shoot baskets, fun, pushups, I just stood there, and the two girls that were on my team just talked, this was thursday or wednesday, no it was thursday, but yesterday some FAT PIECE OF CRAP got in my face about a hole in my sweatshirt, I chewed on it, lol :P dunno why, but my dog also chewed on it too, and she was like to me "are you poor?" I was like no and thats a rude thing to say, DAMN FAT thing, if she gets in my face on Monday I'll just tell her that she has issues, and I have two words for her LOOSE WEIGHT! DAMN TUBBY! LOL, she will probobley tell the coach, and I'll get sent to the principal, they are so sensitive, and the first thing that comes to my mind when I see her adn the clothes that she is wearing is SALVATION ARMY! I'm sorry, but she pissed me off, damn fat girl ur gonna break the bleachers, but umm my OLD homeroom teacher, meaning she is no longer my homeroom teacher and she is old, she yelled at me for saying shut up to two kids that were fooling around near me DAMN OLD BAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was pissed about that too, I hate her, she is dumb and fat :X, and she almost gave me a pink slip, but gave me a white slip earlier that day becuase she said I was stomping my feet and dragging myself back to my desk, I was dragging myself back to my desk, but wasn't stomping my feet, sdamn ingrat, well at least I'm out of her class, speaking of out of here, I am, I think I've blogged enough for awhile, byee to whoever is reading this :D
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    October 13th
  • Listening on Kazaa:Christina Aguilera featuring Redman-Dirrty
    Hi, I'm tired, SNL was making fun of the Making The Video ep with Christina for her song Dirrty, it was funny, but gross, at the end they took out a baboo-eww now there are a bunch of ants on my keyboard, BYE! sorry, I was gonna blog, but that grosses me out, guess the one from yesterday made a family down there, ew, now im all itchy!
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    October 11th
  • Listening on Kazaa:Nothing
    Shout out to Miss Winkles LOL there was some teacher named Miss Winkles, YES Miss Winkles, isn't that a dumb name? LOL We have no school on Monday, or Tuesday! HA HA to everyone that is in school that day, sign the g-book about what you think of the layout, yes it's down there... and it has a bunch of arrows near it so u can see it, I can't wait for Nikelodeon's U-Pick Live, lol the hosts looks dubm but ehh, lol today we were watching Bill Nye The Science Guy, and they were frying ice, and a funny girl in my class say "Frying ice, that SO ghetto." LOL I started laughing, there was a homecoming parade today, we didn't go, after watching what happened to poor Daria I don't wanna go to any parade, except Saint Patirkc's Day parades :) but they don't celebrate that here in Georgia..:X, OMG that ep of Daria is coming on up next! LOL Does anyone else like Degrassi:The Next Generation, I do, but I hate how they think it's about dating, the season premiere wasn't about that, I felt bad for the kid though, but I can't wait for Monday's ep, its a new one :D, omg I'm typing so fast, oh no speaking of dating, thats what Monday's ep is about..GRRRRR lol Gir, LALALALA, lol A Romm With A Moose! MOOSEY FAIT! LOL I'm so stupid, but I'm obsessed with the ep of Zim of A Room With Moose, eww a nasty ant went under the keys in the keyboard, lol Daria is funny, Drugs N' Stuff, LOL Daria is funny, bye
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    October 6th
  • Listening on Kazaa:Yasmeen-Blue Jeans
    Blue Jeans still rox! I LUVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV THAT SONG! Did you see her performance on All That, it looked like she was lip-singing but who CARES? I'm surprised that they let her say sexy on All That, lol Kerry remember from The Harlem Globetrotters, "Daddy, what does sexy, sexy mean?" LOL LOL SNL is on, some girl that looks like Christina Aguleria is on it now, hmm it's dumb like the new layout? I'm bored, All That tonight ROXED i'm just hyper, but it roxed, they fixed up that sketch Sugar and Coffee. lol now on SNL they r making fun of Anna Nicole, that fat fag, speaking of fat fags, lol tammy and anna nicole mut be related, right kerry? LOL ok bye
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    September 29th
  • Listening on Kazaa:Yasmeen-Blue Jeans
    YEA! Blue Jeans rox! the new season of All That is lame, the season premiere ep was cool, but yesterdays ep was dumb..umm next week either Ashnti performs or Yasmeen, I'm not sure what they said, our neighbors were here yesterday and I build them a house on the sims and they were having a bunch of parties, I build them a huge house, ok quizzes time LOL :P :I'm Dopey!I'm The Funny One! Take the M&M's Test @ Rasberry Rain
    Ok I have to finsh up some report for school that is due tomorrow, so BYE!
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    September 22nd
  • Listening on Kazaa:nothing
    Hi, we didn't go to that fair thing yesterday :*( umm well I deleted most of the dumb and dead links, ok byee!
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    September 20th
  • Listening on Kazaa:nothing
    Did anyone watch Cedric the Entertainer Presents...? I did..it was funny, I liked the Cafeteria Lady sketch, and the one where they were trying out for that commercial, and the Spanish one, that was funny, at the end it got boring...and umm damn I can't remember them all but my favorite part in the Cafeteria Lady sketch was when she couldn't insult the new gym teacher in the sketch the cafeteria lady was like "I didn't know he it was a man ow woman, and all of my insults were getting all mixed up"..LOL there was another sketch that I thought was funny, I just forgot what it was, I'm gonna watch Spongebob tonight, it's a new ep. and tomorrow we are going to some fair, it sounds ok..umm and tomorrow night I'm gonna watch the new season of SNICK LOL I always watch TV lol at least I'm getting good grades, bye
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    September 14th
  • Listening on Kazaa:nothing
    I know, the graphic is blurry, I had that other graphic for too long..and she was getting annoying....umm sry I have to go take a pic of me, my sis n my dog, again, lol don't ask byee!
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    September 2nd
  • Listening on Kazaa:nothing
    A Quiz About Me!
    I watched SLAM Speed Racer is so dumb, Zim rox, butt ugly martians dumb as usual and robot wars is dumb too lol patches(my dog) weighs 30.7 punds and is only 3 months!!!! LOL bye! lol blogging and updating is boring, i might shut down peacecloudz.dot.nu, my sis's site shut down, she shut down is may, she hasn't said though, and she shyut down her hosted site, or well I think she is looking for a host! lol kmksouthie2001@aol.com
    i her e-mail if u wanna e-mail her, lol let her be your hostee lol :D
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    August 24th
  • Listening on Kazaa:nothing
    Hi..i'm bored...go tosl4m and Nick N3ws lol, my Sis and mother are out shopping, the puppy is asleep, and i'm bored :*(...hmm i'm waiting for tomorrow, for that slam block on nickelodeon, i wanna see what that anmie show speed racer is about, and i'm gonna watch zim ;D and i'll check out nickelodeon's robot wars...isn't that on tnn? hmm, who cares, well i get lots of info from this site nickdisk :D its very helpful :D ok bye ;P ;P;P;P;P;P;P;P
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    August 15th
  • Listening on Kazaa:Bow wow-Basketball
    Hey, I was gonna do a looooong blog, but I can't, I gotta take a shower, umm i got a shot for hebititas b today, it stung, and was limp and hurt for awhile aftyer that, the retarted lady who did it, didn't put a bandade on it, so it bled :X and now i have on this really dumb apongebob one, i like that show, but they are too kiddish, and are very small! kk umm n/m going on at school, bye!
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    August 9th
  • Watching on TV:Nothing
    Listen on Kazza:Nothing

  • Hey..we are in school now, NO not at this moment, I have computers in the 8th grade halls, it's easy to get to..he teaches us what I learned when I was 9 or 8, how to turn on a compuiter and how to get to the programs..damn I HATE IT!!!!! and the teacher is soooooooooooo annoying, I hate it, he is making us write stuff in a journal about or day at school, damn isn't this what my website is for?, I HATE IT! he is so annoying I already know all of that stuff, so much to do, I also have study of high school courses, which is just reading, i hate that too, math is easy and fun, well funner than last year, i'll put up a pic of my dog patches later, i read online that jamie-lynn spears's dog weighs only 1 pound, wow just like her! lol, have u seen her pic? she looks like she is 7, but she is 11, she is on all that, damn, all that is so post to get new actors, all of the one's they have are already known, well sorta, all of them have been on a show as a small part but stil....it's funny, but come on, and i hateeeee jamie lynn spears! my dog weighs 19, last appoinment, probabley 22 now, he is fat and bites alot, he is 11 weeks, lol awwwww ok..oh yea, the lunches, are well..i dunno if i would say ok, the sloppy joe today was good :P ok bye!
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    August 9th
  • Watching on TV:Finders Keppers
    Channel:Nick GAS(Games And Sports for Kids)

  • Sry I've been gone for so long..we moved to Georgia and our stuff got here a couple of days ago, we started middle school today, it's ok..not AS hard as I thought it would be, there is this geeky-scrawny kid, he is weird and wears one of those old pokemen shirts, and sits digagonal from me, lucky me :X NO, he have lunch early! like at 10:48 to 11:25 or something, I have an osbourne notebook, all of the family lol, i want a zim notebook, hot topic doesn't have them at their website :(, me and my sis have our issues with this old guy that brings us on his golf cart to ride on and his granddaughters, we have our issues with them me and my sis know why, sorry i'm not going to tell you, all you guys need to know is that he is RUDE RUDE!!!!!!! oh yea i forgot to tell us about lunch or whatever u wanna call it cuz we have it early, we had pizza, a bowl of fruit or apple sauce, tater tots, juice, c. milk, milk or water and a sugar cookie, I had pizza tater tots, apple sauce, and chocolate milk, the chocolate milk was nasty, so was the pizza, well just the sauce :D ok bye, new layout soon, i have a bunch ready to be put up but i dunno which 1 to put up and i don't wanna upload it
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    June 18th
  • Listening On Kazaa:Avril Lavigne-Complicated

  • Hey! Join the Avril Lavigne clique! YAY! lol, The Super Mario Brothers were on yesterday on Disney, well Disney has good movies on in the summer time at night, it was on at 11:35, but i went to bed at midnight, cuz we r packing stuff to move
    VOTE FOR SPONGEBOB!, or who ever is in it, but DO NOT vote for chalkzone, i don't care if ur its #1 fan DO NOT VOTE FOR IT! it beat doug today at 12:00 DAMN CHALKZONE I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok bye!
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    June 17th
  • Listening On Kazaa:Pink-Just Like A Pill

  • LOL SAME SONG YAYYY lol i luv this song though, i mean, i never thought i would like pink, damn have u seen the video, its so gothic, but instead of having white bunnies in 1 scene she should have black, it would make the vidoe look more gothic, or hold a black bunny and have all of the white 1s around it, i'm NOT trying to be racist if it sounds like it, but umm look:


    I act like I'm 15.
    This test was brought to you by BLX - Cheap laughs....

    lol umm for the question fav cartoon or something i fought in my head between the simpsons and invader zim but i checked off the zim 1 yay lol that show rox! i'm gonna miss it when it gets cancelled in december, daria is coming to the-n(nightime on noggin) on july 2nd, at 8 or sometime like that, and thats the day we get our satilette dish! YES! i get to watch daria! YESSSSSSSSSSSS she is soooo funny lol i'm too overwhelmed, the going away party was fun, ok i was trying to get the digital camera and get a picture of the board that every1 signed and is was blurry and i got closer and i got a good 1 and my mother is hogging it, ok i'll try 2 get pics of the things 2morrow :D
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    June 14th
  • Listening On Kazaa:Pink-Just Like A Pill

  • Hey long time no blog lol umm yay im moving yea, yay i guess i dunno i'm getting the-n on july 2nd though at my house, the day daria premieries on it lol i luv that show, i watched it over my friend's house, the-n i mean, and it was an episode i can actully remember :D it was when bigf pete was a life guard and had to ban lil pete from the pool but my friend shut the tv off :( and we watched like 2 secs of gas(games and spots) not farting gas lol and double dare was on, i won't be getting nick gas though :( its not in the plan thing we r getting, hopefully nicktoons tv will be :D they have rocko, ren and stimpy AHH REAL MONSTERS! ok quizzes or whatever lol:
    You're Coffee Crisp!
    Ah, the bar for the caffeine addicts. You're slightly nervous and always paranoid. My advice is to cut down on the caffeine.
    You're AIM!
    You're AIM, probably the most popular instant messenger out there. The bad thing is that you're run by a bunch of corporate assholes, but what isn't nowadays?

    You're "lol". You're so common it's scary.
    What internet slang are YOU? | by brit
    oh yea we r having a going away party 4 us at my mother's friend house, she knows too many ppls, and my fam and friends will be there YAY!
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    June 14th
  • Listening On Kazaa:Avril Lavigne-Complicated

  • YAY school is out and no more, well not for long at my new school in georgia i go back august 8th! ahhhh and speakig of the word ahhhh, as you can see i have gotten rid of my old aahhh! real monsters layout for this one, why? well i was at clsupo klasky or however you spell it, it is the ppls who make the rugrats lol, but umm i was at there site and i was reading the f.a.q and they said that aahhh! real monsters may never ever air back on nickelodeon again! its ok it will be shown on the new digital cable channel Nicktoons TV i hope it is avaiable on dish networks in georgia some time soon cuz it isn't avaiable right now :( damn, lol and the angry beavers are coming back to nickelodeon on sunday look at the scheudle at nick.com and it says it, it will be in a father's day marathon, i am gonna tape it cuz i will be over my uncle's house, i'm taping it in case i miss it :D lol yesterday it was my school's fun day, it was well..fun i guess lol i got dunked in the dunk tank and got my finger cut, but i dunno how lol, umm and i went in an obstecle course and i beat the person i was facing :) lol and i got a survivor marques buff :) the rotu's tribe 1 the blue 1 lol, they give them out every year but u gotta put a very hard puzzle together agaisnt 3 ppls and who ever gets it first wins but u needed to pull a blue rock of the old survivor buff to get it and i did the wheel of food i needed to eat creamed spinach, and don't listen to the saying "don't hate foodbefore you try it", is that even a saying lol who cares lol but if it is don't listen to it, the creamed spinach tasted nasty! ewww i took one, i dunno taste of it and threw it out and didn't win a prize, who cares i ran and bought a water :D ok i gotta go sumwhere now lol bye! watch zim tonight, if it's on! i will :)
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    June 10th
  • Listening On Kazaa:Nothing

  • Hey!..nm going on i hate school, well its almost over, i have 2 go to a new school and guess when we go back in? AUGUST 8! damn thats too early ok bye! oh yea when i was in geogria to see our new house i took a pic of cute lil' oliva on the cosby show! enjoy lol-

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    May 30th
  • Listening On Kazaa:Jennifer Lopez featuring Nas-I'm Gonna Be Alright

  • Hey...happy 14th b-day to Patrick
    Yay lol i made hm a gift, like on the computer it was dumb and it was horiblle so i will make a new 1 yay lol ok brb gonna make it, oh go to his site and wish him a happy b-day!

    that is the gift thing i made 4 his b-day lol g2g watch trl lol bye!
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    May 29th
  • Listening On Kazaa:Sir Mix Alot-Baby Got Back(Full)

  • Hey...I was sick today lol I felt dizzy and nauisated yeaterday and today, it started at around 5:00 PM yesterday lol, hey i'm pissed for reasons of school and tv why im pissed cuz of school is cuz we are having finals in english + science next week! and my DUMB science/ english teacher tells us this yesterday, she is a complete idiot! I hate her, we are having two finals in science, al the of defs/vocab that we had the whole year in science, and another in the excretory system, the digestive system, and some other system, and in english we have a final on thursday of next week we have to write down why we put commas down in certain parts of sentences, it sounds easy but if you were in my english class, believe me it ISN'T! and i have to study all that by next week wow isn't that easy, NOT!, damn i gotta get a good grade in it or i might fail and my mother would be extremely pissed at ,e :*( :O damn i hate my school at least it's almost over, well that is why im pissed for 1 reason and the 2nd is cuz trl is gonna be on @ 1 PM when im in school now cuz Califorian and southern kids get out in may, damn that aint fair for cuz kids in the north! we get out in june! ok ttyl and i might have a ss test 2morrow too :X bye!
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    May 27th
  • Listening On Kazaa:Ren And Stimpy-Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

  • Hey, I needed to spend my weekend at my cousin's house.....i gotta go :X my mother is pissed cuz i had it on jamn which plays hip hop and todays hit music and she doesn't like it and she thought sh lost her jackson 5 cd :P bye!
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    May 20th
  • Listening On The Radio Or Kazaa:Bow Wow'-Take Ya Home

  • What in thw rold was with that *beep* thing on my tagboard, well who gives a damn i took it off HA! showed you hackers, or whoever did it lol, i luv myself hahahahaahahahahahahahahaahah yeaaaaaaaaaa lol im bored, gotta study for reilgion, we already did the damn chapter but,i guess we gotta do it AGAIN! God, i hate my religion class, i would rather learn about bible history, why would we need to know that sharing is caring, that is basictly what it is about! umm like my girV V down there! <333 gir! yayayayaaya im so hyper, maybe cuz' i got an A on science hm! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! yayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayaayayayayayya, oh i gave movie reviews to my teacher i saw her in this place that has movie and stuff to buy and we go in there everyday after school and buy stuff to drink(not liquor) and to eat yumm! and i gave her movie reviews, wewatched the prince of egypt, singing lalalaal in it ughhhh you couldn't even see the damn tv cuz my sis's teacher says the shades don't go down, they do, damn she is a fool , and a hater! she like hates all of us.........no jk but she is ...how should i put this, i dunno to tired AHHHHH i missed the first episode of the cosbys gotta run!
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