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About Me!!!
My name is Ilse and my designs are well fitted and lined, for the various dolls.
I live in The Netherlands and i am 49 years old.
The first time I did knit and sew I even don't remember, it is something I do all my life, at home when I was a child I learned a lot from my mother, and when I was on holiday at my grandmother I learned needlework and crochet.
It is my favourite thing to do, later on school I learned more.
I married on the age of 18 , and at the age of 21 I did get my first son, 2 years later my 2 second son, during all the years I keep sewing and knitting for my family.
1987 I started my own shop in repairs and tailor work which I did for 11 years, I could work my own hours in the beginning to be home for my boys.( they were 8 and 10 years old then)
I did start to sew for the dolls 3 years ago and it is a big succes for me, I love to do it so much and this way I can expand my collection.
Well this is a little bit of my life and I hope you liked to reed this.
Love, Ilse