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5.6 .. wit da brown eyez... juicy lipz..n think thighs.. Leaven all da playz hynotized

Gorgeous face Juicy Lipz n thighs
from bottom to da top
The hottness jus dun stop

*Hot Thug Mami.. Tite jeanz & curvy Hipz.. Baby Blu thong..and Glossed Lipz.. Can A thug resist?*

I'm a BootY SHakin..Heart Breakin..Mad hot.. Neva Stop..Short skirt.
Love to flirt.. hot thug MAMI

U hos spend hours perfectin ur features
wen i get more glances den u n im only
rockin sweatz and sneakerz

Da BiTcH LoOkZ mE uP n DoWn YeT sHe
GoT nUtTiN tA sAy ThAz Of CoUrSe
TiLL i WaLk AwAy

PiMpEtTe Of Da YeAr
PLaYeTtE oF dA sEaSoN
uR boYfRiEnD LeFt U n iM dA rEaSoN
sO wAtCh Ur BaKkZ n MaKe SuM rOoM
cUz DiZ LiL pRiNcEsS iZ cOmiN tHrU

iM dA mAiN aTtRaCtiOn
GeTtiN aLL dA sAtiSfAcTiOn
DoiN aLL dA tEaSiN
gEtTiN aLL dA pLeAsiN
cUz i B sHaKiN mAh HiPz
WhiLE dEm BoYz B LiCkiN tHeiR LiPz

SwEeTeR tHaN sUgAr & hOtTeR tHaN hELL
bAd LiL cHiKa As U cAn TeLL
pHaT iN dA bAk, CuTe iN dA fAcE
niCe Up ToP *hUh* WhAnNa TaStE?
aN aNgEL iN dA eYeZ bUt A dEviL iN diSgUiSe
GLaNciN aT u WiT tHeSe PrEtTy BrOwN eYeZ
LeAviN aLL tHeSe FiNe GuYz HyPnOtiZeD

It's not "When Wild Animals Attack!"
It's more like "When Stupid People Get Bit!"

If u didn't have feet would u ware shoe's? Then why do u ware a bra???

this isnt burger king u cant have it ur way

judge me all you want. just keep the verdict to yourself

*If U LoVe Me Like U Say U Do....
*Prove 2 Me That Ur LOvE Is True...
*Say U LoVe Me N Hold My Hand...
*Tell Me That U'll always B My Man

*X's AnD O's*
*Diamondz on mah toez*
*Diz LiL cutie has brand name clothes*

My Boyfriend Kisses muCh BeTTeR then YourS

An answer to that nagging question............... I let the dogs out!!