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    When you hear that word, it conjures up visions of a time long ago and takes you back to the days of your youth. When I hear the name Pacific Northwest Champion Wrestling, I am also taken back to the days of old. I am taken back to a day when talent ruled the ring, and not the flashy pyro laden entrances that you see everywhere today.

    I am taken back to a time when legends such as Boog Man, Jason Ramsey, Mike Bell, Byron Tanis, and Jake Rockwell would step into the squared circle and pour out their heart, their soul, and their blood to bring the crowds to their feet night after night with some of the best technical wrestling ever seen.

    I am reminded of men like Chris Mann, Karl Fletcher, Bo Justice, Mike Meyhem, Adam Riggs, and Neurosis, who would spill blood by the gallon in their battles throughout the Pacific Northwest.

    I am reminded of cruiserweights like Jim Dalton, Todd Knight, Hyuk Suh Kim, Willow the Whisp, Texas Lightning, RazorBlade, Silverstrike, and Ray Masters, who would dazzle the crowds in epic battles above the ring.

    I am reminded of the tag teams of yesterday, like Unbeatable, The Hardcore Alliance, and The Crazy Ones, who defined the tag team scene.

    I am reminded of the President who ran the PNW from behind the curtain, Don Owens. Never seen, but you could feel his hand guiding the PNW as it charted its course to greatness.

    Tradition is a great thing to remember, and the standards that are set by those who come before us are high. However, looking at the men who make up the roster today, I know that tradition is in good hands.

How do I know this? My name is Raymond Masters, and I was there to see it all