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Dave Stilgoe: Mike Valley, I'm glad to see you are back in the wrestling business. I was a fan of yours when you were in the EWWA. But what made you want to come back to wrestling, especially to the proving grounds?


Mike Valley: Well, before I answer that. Have you ever performed in front of a sold out crowd?


Dave Stilgoe: No, I can’t say that I have.


Mike Valley: Well, it has this addictive sort of rush to it. It's better than any drug on the planet, Dave. As for why I'm in the Proving Grounds. I moved out West a few months ago, and I heard good things from Chris Hollywood down in San Diego. So I said why not, and here I am.


Dave Stilgoe: I see, are you glad to be back? Or is this going to end up being a mistake for you?


Mike Valley: Oh man, am I glad to be back? That's an easy one, of course I am. Ever since I last left I've been dying for the rush. As for it being a mistake, no way. I'm loving it here.


Dave Stilgoe: I'm glad to see that you are happy Mike, but how does it feel to see people such as Chris Saint, and “The Wizard” in the PNW? There is also a rumor that Steve Studd is jumping on board the PNW.


Mike Valley: I haven’t worked with those guys in a long time. Chris gave me one hell of a run for my money and it was a nice reminder of the old days. Bryan Smith has come a long way since I last saw him, and it's damn good to see him working hard. Steve Studd and I have had some real problems in the past, but like I said about a week ago, the past is just that. And I'm done dwelling on it.


Dave Stilgoe: What are your feelings on Lights tour?


Mike Valley: Christian Light is a great person, in and out of the ring. I've had one match against him, and things didn't end up so well for me. So he and I ending up here at the same time is pretty cool, because if he's up for it. I would love to get a rematch out of him.


Dave Stilgoe: What’s with your partnership with Wolf, as Mass Destruction?


Mike Valley: Actually, things look like they're going to turn a bit with that. Wolf and I were talking at an Indy show while talent scouting. We got to talking and decided to team up here in PNW. But, with him winning the Cruiserweight title his schedule's going to be pretty busy. So it looks like we're going to call it off for a little while. But you may see us together again in the long run. You never know in this business.


Dave Stilgoe: What are your plans in the PNW? Anything you would like to end with anybody from the EWWA?


Mike Valley: With anybody? Not that I can think of no. Like I said, the past is the past, and I'm just going with the flow of things now.


Dave Stilgoe: You mentioned Hollywood, is it a coincidence that Ryan Cooke was his manager?


Mike Valley: I had a feeling that would come up here today. You know, Hollywood ended up the same way I did around Ryan Cooke. If Cooke was by his side, he never would have screwed up his wrist. Although, in a way I'm glad he wasn't. Now Chris wrestles for me in 2SW down in San Diego. As for Cooke, that's one person I could very well live the rest of my life without seeing.


Dave Stilgoe: Is it true, Ryan Cooke claims he made everybody in the EWWA who they are today? Because, I see you and Wizard out there doing things Cooke told you two not to do.


Mike Valley: I could care less. To be honest I've tried to wipe anything Cooke's said out of my head. We use to be the masters of the ring, and he threw it all away by turning his back on me for real. So, forget him.


Dave Stilgoe: So Mike is there anything else you would like to say or add before we end this interview?


Mike Valley: Not really.


Dave Stilgoe: Well Mike, thanks for your time and I appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to sit down for this interview.


Mike Valley: No Problem.