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Dave Stilgoe: Chris Saint...A legend in the EWWA, NWA, and now making a huge name for yourself in the PNW, and WWA. How are you doing my man?

Chris Saint: I'm doing good. It feels great to be back in a competitive region and alliance.

Dave Stilgoe: So what are your plans in the PNW, and the WWA?

Chris Saint: My plans? I have proven already that I am one of the best by beating Christian Light and Mike Valley. I have a match for the PNW Cruiserweight title, so I guess I'll just start there. I will become PNW Heavyweight Champion and WWA World Champion before my time has come. That is a promise.

Dave Stilgoe: What do you think about a few EWWA wrestlers being in the Proving Grounds? Like Mike Valley, "The Wizard", and rumor has it Steve Studd will be returning to the PNW, how do you feel about that?

Chris Saint: I could care less. It's great to see former friends in the same region, but I don't give it much more thought then that. I wish them all good luck in their careers though.

Dave Stilgoe: How are you after your first couple matches in the PNW? First you defeated Mike Valley then defeated Christian Light. Do you feel any different?

Chris Saint: My first match was to prove to myself that I could still wrestle. My match against Christian Light proved my nickname, "The Living Legend". Not many people beat Christian Light. I have done it twice. I showed the entire PNW that Ulfric better watch his back. I want his title and he won't stop me. I've beaten him before and I CAN beat him again. More importantly, I showed the entire alliance what I can do.

Dave Stilgoe: Do you plan on holding any championship titles while you make your name noticed in the Proving Grounds? Any plans, for alliance titles?

Chris Saint: I don't need any titles to get myself noticed. A championship along the way to my ultimate goal of being Heavyweight and World champion is just an added bonus. I will be the greatest WWA CHAMPION of all time. That is a promise.

Dave Stilgoe: What do you think about all the things going on between Jeff Fox, and Sean Awesome?

Chris Saint: None of that matters to me. I'm focused on myself.

Dave Stilgoe: Do you plan on being on either side?

Chris Saint: No. I don't take sides anymore. I can handle myself and I don't have to worry about anyone else but myself.

Dave Stilgoe: Chris, thank you for time, good luck in the PNW, and maybe I will get to interview you again, once again thank you for your time