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Hi, I am A.J. Malone here and I have the scoop on “The Proving Grounds” champions and challengers. If you want to see who is hot and who is not in the different divisions of the PNW, then here is your shot!

    First off, it is only appropriate that we start at the top of the Pacific Northwest with our very own PNW Heavyweight champion. He is none other than a former WWA National champion, WWA Double Crown champion and WWA World Tag Team champion. He also is starting on the right step to becoming the WWA World Heavyweight champion, not only by his win at Summer Games 4 for Team PNW, but also because of his holding of the PNW Heavyweight title. Without further adieu, he is the only PNW Heavyweight champion since the restart, none other than Ulfric! The list of challengers is seemingly endless because of the list of quality challengers in the PNW, but the top contenders to the title right now would have to be the two men who comprise the top tag team in the PNW and WWA, those two being Wrec Hannibal and “Shooter” Jason Lockhart. Lockhart may be the number one guy in line right now for a title shot, despite Wrec officially holding number one contender position with his holding of the PNW Oregon State championship. More contenders loom on the horizon for this title, and another top contender for the Heavyweight title has also been Scorn, who should also be at the top of the list once he returns to action.

    The secondary championship in the PNW is the PNW Oregon State champion. It is held by Wrec Hannibal, the current WWA World Tag Team, PNW Tag Team, and BWA Tag Team champions. He is closely followed by the man who he won the title from, Jason Lockhart, who may be considered the number one contender officially since he is the former title holder. The second contender on the list is one of the top wrestlers in the WWA, “The Wizard” Bryan Smith, as well as some other top contenders such as Wolf and Mike Valley could also prove to be a tough challenge for the current champion. When Tim Johnson returns from his absence, he may not only prove to be one of the top contenders, but also the next man to take the championship from Wrec or whoever the champ may be at that time.

    The last singles championship in the PNW is the Cruiserweight championship, a title just recently brought back and currently without a champion. The title vacancy is most like to be filled by the former WWA Cruiserweight champion in Wolf, but don’t count out former NWA World Cruiserweight champions such as Chris Saint and Blade to be the first holders of the title. Returning superstars such as Ryan Storm or Scorn could also provide top-notch contenders for the PNW Cruiserweight title.

    The PNW Tag Team champions may just be the top team in the whole WWA, as they also hold the WWA World Tag Team championships and the SSW Tag Team championships currently. They are the tag team of Final Judgment, a.k.a. the Kings of Oregon, Wrec Hannibal and “Shooter” Jason Lockhart. Lockhart stepped in to replace Dragonwulf, whose disappearance is a mystery to those within the PNW ranks and not much is known besides he is going off to help our country’s military forces. The top tag team at this point in time consists of Mass Destruction and the So-Cal Sinners. More tag teams are sure to loom on the horizon, but for now, those are the only tag teams close to sniffing and stealing the tag team gold from around the waists of Final Judgment.