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Second Season Episode's

The Waltons 029 - Theft, The Depression is hitting the Walton family so hard that it leads John to work for a family that later accusses him of stealing from its home.

Stuart Lee Claybourne Dennis Dugan The Thief s2/e4 Son of Mrs. Claybourne To marry Blanche Witherly

Amelia Claybourne Janit Balderan The Thief s2/e4 Daughter of Mrs. Claybourne Attends Walton Mountain school after years of attending private girls schools

Mrs. Claybourne Diana Webster The Thief s2/e4 Mother of Stuart Lee and Amelia Family who used to be rich, but lost their money about the time her husband died

Dewey Davis Roberts The Thief s2/e4 Butler of the Claybourne's

Mrs. Dockstedder (only mentioned) The Thief s2/e4 Cook of the Claybourne's Returned to her family in Georgia

Dodge Evenhauer Vern Rowe The Thief s2/e4 Resident of Walton's Mountain who owes John for past due bills He and John exchange words over bills and John's character

Blanche Witherly (only mentioned) The Thief s2/e4 Daughter of Creighton Witherly Supposedly engaged to Stuart Lee Claybourne

Creighton Witherly (only mentioned) The Thief s2/e4 Owns biggest house in the area Daughter is Blanche

The Waltons 030 - Roots, The Widow Verdie Grant sets her sights on a young man passing through town with his son, Harley Foster and Jody.

Mr. Denton Noble Willingham The Roots s2/e5 Owner of a peach tree orchard

Harley Foster (alias Leroy Harley) Hal Williams The Roots s2/e5 Second husband of Verdie Born in FL, raised Simpson county. Navy WWI commendation First wife Lily (deceased) Uncle Jesse and Aunt Sarah in Detroit, MI s9/e11

Jody Foster Erin Blunt (first), Charles R. Penland (second), T.K. Carter (third), Charles R. Penlard (fourth) The Roots s2/e5, The xxx sx/ex, The Festival s6/e16, The Hot Rod s9/e11 Son of Harley Step-son of Verdie Plays baseball with Walton family and learns to fight from James Trevis Clark s4/e3 Enlists in Navy s6/e16 Discharged after 4 yrs s9/e11 Joined Jim-Bob at Foster-Walton Garage e9/s11 Away at college during 11/21/82

The Waltons 031 - Chicken Thief, The John-Boy witnesses his friend Yancy Tucker, a modern-day Robin Hood, stealing chickens. Meanwhile, Ben wins a poetry contest for a poem sent in by John-Boy

Our mountain in winter is something to see at times it is just like a person to me. A giant in white all covered with snow it changes each day as the heavy winds blow. And when I'm alone and I go for a walk it's almost as if that old mountain can talk. It seems to say Welcome my Winter Friend I was here at the beginning, I'll be here at the end..

Earl concludes with: Outside our mountain the world was in deep depression, but we were sheltered by a common bond. The accomplishment of one was the accomplishment of all. We shared our glories, our defeats, our hopes, our aspirations, but mostly our love.

Jane Aspen Cissy Wellman. The Chicken Thief s2/e6 Waitress at the Nip-n-Tuck Cafe who brings Yancy soup and kisses him while he is in jail Cissy Wellman plays both Jane Aspen and Sissy Walker

Charlie Potter Richard O'Brien The Chicken Thief s2/e6 Farmer who shots himself after tripping while chasing after Yancy who was only returning chickens Favorite gun is a "22" His milk cow is named "Bay"

Mrs. Potter Meg Wyllie The Chicken Thief s2/e6 The wife of Charlie Potter

Floyd Carter David Moody The Chicken Thief s2/e6 Farmer who receives chickens from Yancy, but takes them over to Lenny Blankwitz's family

Lenny Blankwitz (only mentioned) The Chicken Thief s2/e6 Floyd Carter takes chickens over to Lenny Blankwitz and his family

Mr. Kilgore Charles Kuenstle The Chicken Thief s2/e6 (also s2/e7) Visits Yancy (probably along with his wife) while in jail Returns chickens to Charlie Potter s2/e6 Listens to Grandpa tell tall tales of Teddy Roosevelt and Rough Riders s2/e7

Mrs. Kilgore (appears but actor name is not mentioned) The Chicken Thief s2/e6 (Probably) visits Yancy (with her husband) while in jail

Mrs. Blankfort Dorothy Meyer The Chicken Thief s2/e6 Visits Yancy while in jail, and brings him fried chicken

Mrs. Pierce (only appears) The Chicken Thief s2/e6 Buys groceries, and is waited by Ike at the store

Bay Charlie Potter's milk cow The Chicken Thief s2/e6

The Waltons 032 - Prize, The The county fair comes to Walton's Mountain and one of Olivia's childhood boyfriends, now wealthy, does not compare to the wealth of the love she has within her family.

George Porter Dana Elcar The Prize s2/e7 Pig farmer who wins greased pig contest at Jefferson County Fair Insists that Ben's pig is his property and makes the Walton's pay him five dollars for it

Grace Patterson Louise Lorimer The Prize s2/e7 Wins first prize for her double-wedding-band pattern quilt at Jefferson County Fair (1934), but Grandma insists it's the same quilt she submitted at the 1929 fair

Oscar Cockrell Peter Donat The Prize s2/e7 Old beau of Olivia's who returns to Walton's Mountain as he campaigns for the legislature for Jefferson County He is one of the "Cake and Cookie" judges at the county fair His father was a lawyer who was a friend to Judge Baldwin His wife is Doddie Bowen, originally from Carter Ridge, they have no children and she is younger than he

Doddie Bowen Cockrell (only mentioned) The Prize s2/e7 Wife of Oscar Cockrell

Rover Pig that is given to Ben by Yancy who found it wandering around. But George Porter insists the pig has his markings on the ear, so makes Waltons pay him five dollars. The Prize s2/e7

The Waltons 033 - Braggart, The John tries to get a baseball contract for a young orphaned boy who had been a close friend of the Walton family.

Hobart "Hobie" Shank Michael McGreevey (Wrote The Silver Wings s8/e10), father is Walton writer John McGreevey) The Braggart s2/e8 Stayed with Waltons four summers ago s2/e8 while at the orphanage Returns to let John negotiate a baseball contract for him with St. Louis Cardinals. Unfortunately, breaks his pitching arm in fall from treehouse. Returns to Jefferson County Boy's Home to become athletic director. Is mentioned in s2/e20, suggests to the Waltons to let Stevie visit their home for a few days

Mrs. Baker Doreen Lang The Braggart s2/e8 Runs the Jefferson County Boys Home

Sam "Half Pint" Brady Christopher Gardner The Braggart s2/e8 Boy from Jefferson County Boys Home that Hobie Shank helps. Dr. Wolfe William Wintersole The Braggart s2/e8 Surgeon that operates on Hobie Shank's broken elbow at University of Virginia Hospital

Georgie Moosie Drier The Braggart s2/e8 (unknown role)

Norma Lee Shawn Shea The Braggart s2/e8 (unknown role)

Izzy Michael Reilly The Braggart s2/e8 (unknown role)

Clyde "Preacher" Harroway Richard X. Slattery The Braggart s2/e8 Former St. Louis Cardinals baseball player who arrives to scout Hobie Shank's ability to pitch.

Calvin Trask Brian Culhane The Braggart s2/e8 First baseman for Richmond Rebels of Triple A league Bats against Hobie Shank to test his pitching ability

The Waltons 034 - Fawn, The John-Boy takes a job as a rent collector for a land owner who, he later discovers, has a grudge against his family.

Graham Foster Charles Tyner The Fawn s2/e9 Tenant landlord who hires John-Boy to collect rents from 18 tenants each month He owns Grofut house, Littlefield farm, Roswell house, among others

Mrs. Grofut Marjorie Morley Eaton The Fawn s2/e9 Woman who refuses to pay Graham Foster the rent until John-Boy fixes the roof

Mr. Grofut (only mentioned) The Fawn s2/e9 Husband to Mrs. Grofut, who is sick due to the leaky roof

Zachary "Zack" Roswell Jim Gammon The Fawn s2/e9 Mentioned as renting from Graham Foster s2/e9 Enters horse race in s3/e3 Shivareed Bob and Olivia Hill s3/e19 Played in Walton's Mountain Eight-ball Tournament s3/e22

Married to Elvira s3/e22 Helps, along with Ike, with the building of the new mill for Walton and Son Lumber Yard Attended John's 25th high school (1911) class reunion s4/e4

In high school yearbook, voted as "biggest bull shooter"

Mr. Hennessey Matt Clark The Fawn s2/e9 The game warden that tells Erin she can not keep Lancelot, her wild pet fawn

Harold Beasley Jimmy Davila The Fawn s2/e9 Boy who likes Erin but is unable to live up to her "knight in shining armor" image

George Simmons Steve Shaw. The Fawn s2/e9 Family moved from Rutgersville after father found work in Norfolk.

Lancelot (Lance) Erin's fawn that she finds wandering without its mother. She eventually releases it back into the woods, but not until the deer helps to catch two poachers. The Fawn s2/e9

(no name) Frog that Jim Bob and Elizabeth catch to replace the pet fawn that Erin rescues from the wild, but must eventually return to the woods. The Fawn s2/e9

Elizabeth and Aimee both like him s6/e16.

TVLand missed Episode's 035 and 036 Both The Thanksgiving Story Part 1 and 2

The Waltons 037 - Substitute, The A substitute teacher, unrelentless in her strict teaching methods, causes turmoil in her classroom until she learns to love delicately staying with the Waltons.

The Waltons 038 - Bequest, Grandma learns that a close friend who has died is leaving her $250 and, after coming to grips with the loss of her friend, decides prematurely how she will donate to the church and spread it throughout her family.

Juanita Simons (only mentioned) The Bequest s2/e12 ]

Olivia mentioned to Mary Ellen that Juanita Simons once dyed her hair and it turned "green as grass"

The Waltons 039 - Air Mail Man, The The U.S. Air mail plane is forced to land in the Walton's meadow due to engine trouble and Olivia, coming up on another birthday, gets a suprise.

Todd Cooper Michael Glasser The Air Mail Man s2/e13 The pilot for the U.S. Post Office who flies a Stearman between Washington DC and Atlanta Drops in on the Waltons after experiencing engine troubles

He learned to fly from his father, an aviator in WWI

Sue Cooper Julie Cobb The Air Mail Man s2/e13 Wife of Todd Cooper who is pregnant with the couples' first child They once teamed as The Flying Coopers

The Waltons 040 - Triangle, The John-Boy becomes jealous when his favorite teacher, Miss Hunter, is courted by the reverend.

Mrs. Florence (Flossie) Brimmer Norma Marlowe. The Triangle s1/e14 Owner of local boarding house

Miss Hunter is one of her boarders s2/e14 Boards Porter Sims for awhile, until he moves out to the Baldwin house s4/e5

Buys fish from Jim Bob for Saturday supper for her boarders s4/e5

Brother-in-law Willie, wife Marta, daughter Katrina (relocated from Germantown, PA, live in old Montgomery place) s6/s14.

Died before The Empty Nest s7/e1 Naomi Atkins Janet Johnson. The Triangle s2/e14

Ben had a crush on this schoolgirl

Willie Dempster Brad Wilkin The Triangle s2/e14 Competition with Ben over Naomi Atkins

The Waltons 041 - Awakening, The Grandma wrestles with her impending 68th birthday as her hearing fails, while Mary Ellen, at 14, fears she will lose her first love if he discovers how young she is.

The Waltons 042 - Honeymoon, The John and Olivia go on a honeymoon after 19 years of marriage while havoc breaks out at home.

Tyler Crawford (Tylor Crawfut) no name given (Robert Clotworthy) The Honeymoon s2/e16 (The Graduation s2/e22) Gives Marcia Woolery his class ring

Will stay on Walton's Mountain after HS graduation and works his Daddy's farm s2/e16 Graduates during s2/e22

Mr. Allerton (only name mentioned) The Honeymoon s2/e16 Gives Jason job advance of 50 cents for parent's honeymoon money

Mrs. Hays (only mentioned) The Honeymoon s2/e16 Goes with Easter to chaperon children's choir at Richmond s2/e16

The Waltons 043 - Heritage, The The Walton family, contemplating current financial problems, considers an offer by a corporation offering $30,000 for Walton's Mountain.

Ken Lambert Charles Kuenstle The Heritage s2/e17 Man in Ike's store who agrees with Mrs. Brimmer when she tells the rumor of the Walton's selling the Mountain.

Charlie Harmon Noah Beery The Heritage s2/e17 Claims to be county surveyor, but really representative to corportion that wants to buy Walton's Mountain to build health resort

Bill Dietor Norman Andrews The Heritage s2/e17 Partner to Mr. Harmon

The Waltons 044 - The Gift,Jason learns how to deal with loss when his closest friend Seth Turner is diagnosed with leukemia.

Red Turner Ken Swofford (first), Merle Haggard (second), Country singer. The Gift (first) s2/e18, The Come Back (second) s5/e3, Lead singer and guitarist for country band Red Turner and His Country Boys Father of Seth Husband of Wilma Seth Turner Ron Howard The Gift s2/e18 Son of Red and Wilma Turner Seventeen years old s2/e18 Enjoyed singing and playing the guitar and recorder Built Jason a flippleflute, a recorder Died sometime after The Gift Wilma Turner Pat Quinn The Gift s2/e18 Wife of Red Turner Mother of Seth

Dr. McIvers Rance Howard The Gift s2/e18. Specialist that Doc Vance recommends to Wilma Turner, and who diagnoses Seth Turner with Leukemia Rance Howard is the real father of Ron Howard (Seth Turner) Treated John in the hospital when he collapses while building Waltons and Son Lumber Yard s3/e24

The Waltons 045 - Cradle, The Olivia surprises her family when she becomes a door-to-door saleslady and, again later, when she announces that she is pregnant.

Mrs. Jonelle Breckenridge Adrienne Marden The Cradle s2/e19 Piano instructor of Jason Has daughter of same age as Erin

Mrs. McMillon (only mentioned) The Cradle s2/e19 p>Substitute teacher from New York City who is also a dancer

The Waltons 046 - The Fulfillment, An eight-year-old orphan child, Stevie, stays with the Walton family to experience life as part of a family.

Drew Cutler Tony Becker, The Fulfillment s2/e20 Boyfriend of Elizabeth Only child Attended college in Williamsburg, VA. Curtis Norton Ned Beatty (first), Victor French (second). The Bicycle (first) s1/e22, The Fulfillment (second) s2/e20 Blacksmith who marries Ann Harris s1/e22 Calls his blacksmith business his "horseshoe factory" Adopts Stevie in The Fulfillment s2/e20 Dog's name is Earl Stevie Norton Tiger William The Fulfillment s2/e20 Adopted son of Curtis & Ann Norton

The Waltons 047 - Ghost Story, The The children use a Ouija board to talk to the spirits, and Olivia recalls strange feelings she had following the death of a childhood friend.

Horace Brimley A. Wilford Brimley The Ghost Story s2/e21 Thinks he has pleurisy s2/e21 Shivareed Bob and Olivia Hill s3/e19 Played in Walton's Mountain Eight-ball Tournament s3/e22 Horace's wife is Amy s5/e13 Mike Jim Gammon The Ghost Story s2/e21 Mike's wife had pleurisy Luke Enright Kristopher Marquis The Ghost Story s2/e21 Mother (Alice) died about 4 or 5 years ago s2/e21 Father (Tom) is looking for a job in Richmond, and found one during s2/e21 Will be living in a boarding house with a big back yard His puppy is named Fibber, from Charity's litter. Tom Enright (Only mentioned) The Ghost Story s2/e21 His son is Luke His wife, Alice, died about 4 or 5 years ago s2/e21 Will be working in Richmond and living in a boarding house with a big back yard Alice Enright (Only mentioned) The Ghost Story s2/e21 Her son is Luke She died about 4 or 5 years ago s2/e21 Wife of Tom Enright Rebecca Birdwell (Only mentioned) The Ghost Story s2/e21 Told Olivia some gossip she heard from Rosa Paulet Rosa Paulet (Only mentioned) The Ghost Story s2/e21 Told Rebecca Birdwell some gossip Charity The female dog that gives birth to puppies under Ike's pool table. The smallest puppy is given to Luke Enright, and named Fibber. The Ghost Story s2/e21 Fibber The smallest puppy of a litter born to Charity. Given to Luke Enright. The Ghost Story s2/e21

TVLand Missed 048 The Graduation

TVLand Missed 049 The Five Foot Shelf

TVLand Missed 050 The Car