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By Mavis Applewater

Disclaimers: Better known as sex, violence and roadtrips. Yes there is sex and it is between two consenting adult females. If this is not something that interest you please feel free to move along. If for any reason it is illegal for you to read this material… bummer but tata. There is no violence and no roadtrips. Remember if the physic friends network, were really your friends they would be calling you.

Now this one is most definately for Heather. She challenged me that I couldn't write a pwp in a day. Silly girl. She gave me the names, occupations and locations and here is what I came up with.


Sophie stormed down the empty hallway of the Calvin Coolidge High School where she worked as a phys ed instructor. She was fuming as she tugged at the bill of her red baseball cap. She was the head coach for the soft ball team and was about to lose one of her best players. All because of one snarly little english teacher. No way she was going to allow this to happen. Caroline Masters had been a thorn in her side since the day they met.

Sophie recalled their first encounter. Granted she hadn't been in the best mood that morning, but her parking space was clearly marked. The petite blonde english teacher did try to apologize. But Sophie's temper and lack of caffine got the better of her. The women ended up in a heated exchange. The prime and proper Miss. Masters resorted to using words that Sophie was quite certain wouldn't be found in Webster's Dictionary. Sophie in return ended the encounter with a gesture that was best explained as a single digit salute.

What really got to her was the blonde's comment. "Is that an offer?" She snarled. Sophie was so surprised she just stood there with her mouth hanging open as the smaller woman stormed off. Every since then whenever the two women encounter one another, it became a contest to see who could cause the other one to throw a clot first.

As Sophie clasped the handle of the teacher's classroom she knew that today would be no different. Throwing open the door she cast a fiery blue gaze down at the blonde who simply looked up at her with an air of indifference. This was what got to her. Never before in her life had she failed to win. Nothing she did seemed to get to the little power house sitting before her.

"Miss. Masters?" She growled in a threatening tone.

"Miss. Barbas." Caroline responded casting a look of annoyance up at the taller woman.

"I need a word with you." Sophie hissed.

"Fine." The english teacher sighed. Placing her pen down she turned her chair to face the angry woman who stood before her. She shrugged as she placed her feet up on her desk.

The movement gave Sophie an unobstructed view up the woman's dress. She closed her eyes for a moment to collect herself. This was the other thing about the smaller woman that bothered her. She was so damn attractive. And she seemed to enjoy taunting Sophie.

"Well?" Caroline's deep voice pulled her back into reality.

Sophie sighed a cleansing breath and steadied herself before opening her eyes. "Would you mind not flashing me?" She managed to utter in disgust.

"Sorry." Caroline shrugged as she lowered her feet to the floor.

"Didn't your Mother teach you to sit like a lady?" Sophie teased her in a bitter tone.

"I'm an orphan." Caroline responded flatly.

Sophie was thrown by the way the teacher offered this information so causally. "I… uhm… I'm sorry." She stammered.

"Me too." The teacher answered in a dry tone. "Now what is it that brings you to my classroom? Something other than my childhood, I hope."

"Jordon Summers." Sophie managed to choke out in a commanding tone.

Green eyes just stared at her blankly. "She's failing English." Sophie continued hoping that would explain her intrusion.

"I know." Caroline concured.

"I know you know." Sophie muttered feeling the anger returning. "What is it about this chatty little thing that works my nerves?" She asked herself. "I don't understand why? She's a bright girl."

"Yes she is." Caroline confirmed. "Frankly I'm at a loss."

"How can she be failing your class?" Sophie pushed effectively blaming the teacher. "She's never had a problem before."

"Are you blaming me?" The furious teacher sprung out of her chair. "I've tried with that girl. I've talk to her and her parents. Nothing seems to be working." Caroline explained in an excited tone as she approached the softball coach.

Sophie fought back the urge to back away from the angry woman who was nearing her. "She tells it differently." Sophie countered. "She claims that you are being unfair to her." Sophie watched as a pair of green eyes rolled in disbelief. "If she doesn't pass this class then she doesn't play."

"I see." Caroline responded as she curled her lips. "Worried about losing your star player. I don't care if she plays or not. I do care that she is throwing away her future. She doesn't do her assignments, she doesn't do well on her tests and she didn't even bother to turn in her term paper. What would you have me do?"

"I don't get it." Sophie said absently this didn't sound like the energetic student she knew. "None of this sounds like her." She muttered as she ran her hand thru her long black hair. "She claims that you've got it in for her. That you just don't like jocks."

"Then why is everyone else on the team passing this class?" Caroline argued. "And for your information Coach, I played short stop in College."

Sophie took and the short stature of the woman standing in front of her and snickered. "No jokes!" The teacher cautioned her. Sophie bit down on her lip to prevent from uttering the litany of nasty comments she was thinking.

Sophie cleared her throat realizing that Jordon hadn't been completely honest with her. "Could you give her another chance?" Sophie found herself requesting humbly.

"I did." Caroline sighed heavily. "I let her turn in an essay on any subject she wanted to help boost her grades. Would you like to see it?"

Sophie nodded in agreement. The teacher turned and walked over to her desk and began rifling thru some papers. Sofia much to her own disgust, caught herself sneaking an apprecitive glance at the blonde's firm backside.

As the teacher turned back to her she snapped her gaze up, pretending to be deep in thought. Caroline arched her eyebrows in confusion as she approached her. "Here it is." She said in a confused tone as she handed a single sheet of paper to phys ed teacher.

Sophie knit her brow as she accepted the paper. She studied the contents carefully before reading them aloud. "You Suck." She turned the paper over in a futile attempt to find more.

"I blame myself." Caroline said with a hint of mirth. "I did say five hundred words or less."

"I think I need to talk to Jordon." Sophie conceded.

"I wish you would." Caroline encouraged her. "The girl really seems to be found of you. Perhaps that's the problem."

"What do you mean?" Sophie asked indignatly.

"The kid worships the ground you walk on." Caroline explained. "And since you don't like me, perhaps that's why she's acting up in my class."

"I never said I didn't like you." Sophie offered in an attempt to make peace.

"No you just flipped me off within the first five minutes of meeting me." Caroline laughed deeply. "What a great laugh." Sophie found herself thinking.

"Just my way of welcoming you to the school." Sophie offered weakly.

She felt a slight flutter in her stomach as she drank in the brillant smile the young teacher offered in response. There was something so endearing about that smile that made her decide to take a chance. "Or I could have been making an offer. I guess you'll never know." She added delightening in the sight of watching Caroline's face turn a deep shade of crimson. "I'll let you know." She tossed in coyly as the teacher's blush deepened. "You know about Jordon." She turned triumphantely and exited the classroom. Merrily she walked back down the corridor. "Gotcha!" Stopping suddenly she turned back and stared blankly at the now closed door of the classroom. "What just happened?"


Later that day Sophie was still pondering the odd exchanged she had shared with Caroline Masters. When she saw her starting pitcher enter the classroom she knew what she had to do. "Oh Jordon?" She called out to the teenager. "Can I have a moment with you?" Her tone leaving no room for debate as she motioned for the girl to follow her into her office.

Closing the door behind them she crossed over to her desk and sat down. "Sit down." She instructed the girl was shifting nervously from one foot to the other.

"What's up Coach?" The girl inquired shyly as she took a seat.

"I had a talk with Miss. Masters today." She began to explain.

"Cool." The girl interupted brightly. "So you did you straighten her out?"

"Straighten her out? At this moment that is the last thing I want to do." Sophie chuckled to herself. "Jordon… you won't be playing on the team." Sophie stated firmly as she watched the girl's face drop in horror.

"That old bat." The girl spit out.

"Old?" Sophie laughed. "She's younger than I am."

"No offense Coach." Jordon quickly responded. "I can't believe she's doing this to me."

"Jordon." Sophie adopted a stern tone. "She didn't do this. You did."

"Huh?" The girl seemed at a complete loss. "But I told you she's out to get me. She just hates jocks."

"Then why are the only one who is failing her class?" Sophie countered as she watched the wheels spinning in the teenagers muttered head. "You know the rules. You didn't pull your weight. You can't be on the team."

"It's not fair." The girl whined.

"Yes it is." Sophie corrected her as she slid the essay across her desk. Jordon's face paled as she realized what she was viewing. "I don't understand it, Jordon. This isn't like you."

"I… uhm… er…" The girl stammered in embarrassment. "But you know how she is. She's a mean spiteful old battle axe." Jordon finally rationlized.

"What?" Sophie shook her head in disbelief as she wondered if Caroline hadn't been right about the girl's misplaced devotion.

"Well you know." Jordon offered in her own defense. "Probably makes her boyfriend miserable."

"Boyfriend?" Sophie blurted out before she could stop herself.

"Well if she has one." Jordon scoffed as she folded her arms across her chest. "Probably couldn't get a date."

"Oh." Sophie found herself smiling at the comments. "No she probably doesn't have a boyfriend, my radar's never been that far off. But with that body she's probably got alot of women falling at her feet." Sophie found herself musing.

She shook her head to clear her thoughts. "Jordon are you under the impression that I don't like Miss. Masters?" She asked.

"Everyone knows you two hate each other." Jordon answered honestly.

"That's not true." Sophie chuckled realizing that teacher's observation had been correct.

"Huh?" Came the monosyllable response.

"That doesn't matter." Sophie finally said. "Wether or not Miss. Masters and I like each other is none of your business. Neither is her personal life. Now what you need to focus on is your school work. I think that I might be able to convince her to give you another chance."

"I knew you'd fix this for me." Jordon beamed.

"I'm not fixing anything it's up to you." Sophie corrected her. "You're the one who will be doing the work. I might add that with the manner you have been expressing yourself lately, English is not a subject that you should be ignoring. I'm not making you any promises but I will see what I can do."

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." The girl danced merrilly out of her office as Sophie dropped her face in her hands.


Three weeks had passed since Jordon did a happy dance in her office. When she approached the English teacher she found that she was more than willing to help the girl out. Something had changed between them that day. The hostile tension between the two teachers had vanished. Sophie was both relieved and nervous. The tension that replaced it presented a new set of problems.

They weren't friends by any means. But they did greeted one another in the hallways, in a friendly manner. The taunting banter changed, evolving into flirting. Then there was the touching. Sophie wasn't a physical person. Caroline on the other hand was very touchy feely. Normally, this would make the stoic athlete uncomfortable. But she couldn't help herself every time Caroline touched she felt her body ache for more.

The last of the team filed out of the locker room leaving Sophie alone with her thoughts as she began to clean up and stow away the equipment. "Good game." A now familar voice said from behind her. She felt herself jump slightly as her nipples unexplainably hardened.

"Sorry I didn't mean to startle you." Caroline quickly apologized.

Sofie scoffed at the idea as she turned towards Caroline. The sight of her short blonde hair and twinkle green eyes sent her blood rushing in a southernly direction. She felt her body aching as she took an appreciative glance of the snuggly fitting sundress the smaller woman was wearing. "You didn't." She lied.

"Uh huh." Caroline laughed lightly. "What is the matter the big bad Coach afraid of the dark?" The teacher teased as she stepped slightly closer. Her fingers brushing lightly across Sophie's forearm.

"Very funny." Sophie responded with a mock growl as she felt her sweatpants suddenly becoming very damp. "I want to thank you for helping Jordon. It's nice having her back on the team."

"I was happy to." Caroline answered softly removing her hand as a look of disappointment clouded her delicate features.

Sophie instantly missed the feel of her touch. "Thank you anyway, Miss. Masters." She added hoping to place some distance between them. Knowing that if they didn't she would be unable to control herself.

"Cal." The teacher interjected in a friendly manner. "My friends call me Cal." She added.

"Cal." Sophie answered unable to keep her voice from dipping lower.

"Do you need any help?" Cal offered hopefully her hand brushing against Sophie's hip as she spoke.

"All set." She responded as she turned away from the woman who's smile was causing her to forget where she was. Sophie trembled slightly as tossed the last of the equipment into the strorage area. "Oh." Was all she heard from the woman now standing behind her. With shakey hands she managed to lock the gate. "I just need to lock up." She muttered as she turned back to Cal her hand waving meakly towards the doorway.

As Cal turned her back to her, she took a moment to wipe her sweaty palms on her pants. She followed Cal out of the storage area only to find herself watching the gentle sway of her hips. They stepped out into the locker room and Sophie locked the door to the room they had just exited.

"Well goodnight then." Cal said softly stepping slightly closer to Sophie.

"Goodnight." She responded as her body inched closer to Cal's.

"Have a good weekend." Cal added as her body moved even closer.

"You too." Sophie said moving still closer.

Despite exhanging their farewells their bodies continued to move closer, until Sophie wrapped her arms around Cal's waist. She felt herself melting into the other woman as Cal reached up and cupped her face gently. Sophie leaned into the touch accepting the silent request.

Their lips meeting in a passionate kiss that quickly deepened as they part their lips, inviting the other in. Tongues danced together as Sophie guided Cal back pressing her into the lockers. "Ow." Cal grimmaced as she suddenly broke away.

"Sorry." Sophie apologized as she realized that she had pressed the smaller woman into the handle of a locker.

"Don't be." Cal answered breathlessly as they shifted slightly Sophie pressed Cal's body into the smooth metal surface behind her. Lowering her head once again she reclaimed the full lips that were calling to her. Pressing the full length of her taller frame into Cal's eager embrace she tried to nudge the english teachers thighs apart. Quickly realizing that the skirt of Cal's dress was blocking her, she clasped the woman's hips. Urgently she began to tug the soft cotton material of the dress up.

Once she had pulled the hem of the up to Cal's firm stomach she placed her thigh between Cal's legs. She moaned into the kiss as she felt the wetness that greeted her. Cal's arms trailed down her back and began pulling on her navy sweat pants.

Sophie broke away from the kiss and began feasting on Cal's neck. Sensual whimpers greeted her as agile hands lowered her pants down. Their hips grinding together in a furious pace. "Let yourself go." Sophie murmured hotly in Cal's ear as they thrusted against one another.

Feeling Cal clutching her backside urging her own she thrusted harder as the lockers shook behind them. She could feel Cal trembling as she pushed her closer to the edge. Greedilly she rode the smaller woman's firm thigh fueling her own passion. "Yess!" Cal hissed a she drove herself willingly into Sophie. A strangled cry escaped from the trembling blonde as her head titled back in ectasy.

Sophie found herself cupping Cal's breasts in amazment. Two stronge hands pushed her back gently. Finding herself now pressed up against the lockers she shivered as her T-shirt was slowly lifted up just above her breasts. She ran her fingers thru Cal's hair as her white sports was moved insistantly up to join her shirt.

Her body arched as Cal captured one of her nipples in mouth. Teasing it with her teeth and her tongue as one of her hands snaked it's way down her body. She moaned deeply as she felt two fingers slip below the waist band of her white cotton underwear. "So wet." Cal murmured against her skin. "I need to taste you."

Instinctively Sophie parted her legs as she watched Cal lowering herself before her. She looked down lovingly as Cal kneeled before her. Her entire being was on fire as she watched her underwear being lowered down her hips and then her legs.

Her pants and underwear now lay in a pool around ankles. The sight of smokey green eyes smiling up made her heart skip a beat. She watched in amazement as Cal opened her and dipped her tongue into her wetness.

Cal feasted up her hungerly as Sophie clasped the back of her head pressing her deeper into her. "Take me." She heard herself pleading her thighs opening even further. Cal sucked and licked greedilly as she entered Sophie's center. Thrusting in and out as her mouth pleasured her throbbing clit.

Sophie thrusted as her body arched. She screamed as she climaxed. Riding out the waves of pleasure Cal kept a firm hold on her. Finally able to breath she pulled Cal up to her and gathered her into a warm embrace. "I want more." Cal squeaked out as she kissed Sophie's neck.

"So do I." Sophie agreed. "But not here. The janitors will be in soon." She explained as the two reluctantly parted.

"I live around the corner." Cal offered hopefully as the rearranged their clothing. Sophie kissed her gently and nodded her acceptance. Taking Cal be the hand they gather their belongings and exited the gym. Sophie didn't stop to analyze what was happening between she simply followed her heart.