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Michelle’s Chance

By Mavis Applewater

May 2003


Disclaimers: The characters and story are the sole possession of the author and may not be reproduced, posted or sold without the author’s permission.  So there!  If for any reason real or imagined you are uncomfortable with graphic descriptions of a lovely sexual relationship between two consenting adult women then do not read this story or anything else I have ever written. If for any reason it is illegal for you to view this material then please leave and don’t come back until it is no longer a crime for you to view my work.


A very special thank you goes out to my beta reader Mary.


As always this is for Heather.




She inhaled the scent of hay and horse sweat.  The petite strawberry blonde smiled as she drank in the scent that was a source of comfort to her, just like walking into her Grandmother’s home and being wrapped in the delicate aroma of spices and pine.  She missed visiting the elderly woman who had meant the world to her.  Now all Michelle Parrish was left with were the stables she ran at Covington Farms.


She never tired of the looks of surprise she would receive from people when she explained what she did for a living.  They found it hard to believe that the tiny woman spent her days training and caring for horses.  Michelle had originally dreamed of becoming a jockey.  At a young age, despite her tiny stature, she quickly grew past the acceptable size for a champion jockey.  She quickly moved on to the steeple where she excelled until an injury left her unable or unwilling to compete.


Soon the stables would fill up with workers and riders and her day would begin.  For now it was just she and twenty of her best friends.  Of course her best friends all had four legs and could swat flies with their tails, but Michelle enjoyed their company much more than the two-legged chatty kind.


She spied the first of the crew shuffling into the stables.  She wandered out of the stable and up to the tiny cottage, which served as her office and her home.  It was one of the perks of working at Covington for so many years.  She understood that if she ever lost her job she would lose her home as well.  She reviewed the day’s schedule of classes and training before she would head back down and meet with her crew.


She didn’t fear losing her job.  She had come to Covington as an instructor after the accident and Crenshaw released her from her contract.  No one wanted a champion rider with a bad limp and a nervous seat.  She had understood Frank Crenshaw kicking her to the curb after the fall, but loosing Chance was what really made it easy for the small woman to move on. 


She gathered up her schedules and headed back down the small hill that led directly to the stable and the training area.  She liked to talk to all of the crew and handlers on a one to one basis.  It gave Michelle a sense of how everyone was doing and if maybe they needed a break or even more work. 


She was well liked by everyone from the stable hands to the groomers. Yet none of them could claim that they really knew her.  Michelle felt the sun warming her body as she began to meet with the crew.  The morning frost was a source of serenity but it was also a reminder of what she had lost.  The cool morning air always brought a twinge of pain in her left leg.  She could feel the day warming and the stiff pain leaving her leg.  She knew that she still walked with a noticeable limp but as the day grew warmer it was would wane just enough to make her forget what had happened.  ’Just a mere centimeter off and a sudden flash of doubt and I ended both of our careers.’  She mentally berated herself once again for the accident that had occurred almost a decade ago.


Michelle was just finishing up with her staff as she spotted Hank Kenner, the owner of Covington Farms, entering the barn.  Her gaze quickly shifted from her employer to the elegantly dressed woman who was following behind him.  ’Oh very nice.’  Her mind cooed as she found herself staring into a pair of electric blue eyes.  She allowed her gaze to drift along the tall woman’s body as the couple neared her.  She frowned when she spied the woman’s footwear.  ’Now what kind of fool would wear shoes like that in a barn?’  She thought as she watched the woman wobbling on her very expensive footwear. 


“Chelle, Darling would you come over here?”  Hank called out to her as he assisted his companion back towards the door.

“Sure Hank,” Michelle chuckled as she watched the woman stumbling on her heels.  She smirked as she caught the boys’ snickering comments regarding the tall brunette.


Michelle rolled her emerald eyes as she found Hank and his guest standing by a trailer.  The brunette’s shoes were now sinking into the mud.  “I should have known better,” the woman teased Hank as she balanced herself on his arm.

‘No kidding,’ Michelle mentally grumbled as she approached the pair.  “Boss?”  She greeted the elderly man who had been like a father to her for the past decade.


“Michelle, I’d like you to meet Adrienne Hollingsworth,” Hank smiled down at her.

‘Now that is an incredibly white girl name,’ Michelle scoffed as she offered her hand to the tall brunette. “Michelle Parrish.”

“A pleasure to meet you Miss Parrish,” Adrienne smiled in return as she firmly gripped the smaller woman’s hand.  “Hank speaks very highly of you.”


Michelle simply nodded as she reluctantly released the brunette’s hand from her own.  She felt a shiver run through her body as their fingers brushed slightly.  “Chelle, Adrienne will be boarding her horse with us, and she and her son will be taking riding lessons.  I want you to handle them personally,” Hank brightly explained as Michelle felt her cheeks growing hot.


‘Riding lessons?  He wants me to give riding lessons to some spoiled brat and her spawn!’  Michelle thought bitterly.  It had been years since she had given personal instructions.  With running the stables she really didn’t have time to baby-sit some socialite who decided that horses would become her new hobby.  “It would be my pleasure,” She managed to choke out as she glanced over to the horse trailer.  Michelle wasn’t normally a nasty person.  But she just couldn’t stand people who treated the sport she loved so much like just another passing fancy.  The fact that Ms. Hollingsworth bought a horse before either she or her child could ride spoke volumes to the small blonde.  “Let’s have a look at your horse.”  She quickly suggested before she could explode and release a tirade upon her boss and the socialite.  She lowered the ramp and unlocked the trailer. 


Once the black stallion was revealed she felt her breathing catch as she reached out for him.  “Careful he seems to be very skittish,” the brunette cautioned her as Michelle stepped up and the stallion instantly nuzzled her neck.  “Then again,” the brunette gasped in amazement.

“Chance,” Michelle cooed as she patted her long lost friend.

“You didn’t even need to check his tattoo,” Hank chuckled as Michelle led Chance out of the stuffy little trailer.

“I didn’t need to,” Michelle smiled as she led him carefully down the ramp.  “Chance and I grew up together.”

“Well it seems that you have chosen the right trainer,” Adrienne complimented Hank as Michelle led Chance into a stall.  The horse followed her without question.


“I’ll be back in a little while,” She reassured the horse before walking out of the barn and rejoining Hank and Adrienne who were chatting away about the weather.  “Ms. Hollingsworth I don’t understand something,” she began in careful tone not wanting to upset the wealthy woman who had reunited her with Chance.  “You want Chance trained?”

“He won’t let anyone ride him.” Adrienne tried to explain.

“I know,” Michelle coldly responded.  She paused for a moment to take a deep breath in order to calm her nerves.  “The best thing for both you and Chance is put him out to stud.”


“Lucky boy,” Adrienne said as she released a deep laugh.  “Well, we can discuss that, but right now I need to set up a lesson schedule.”

“Fine,” Michelle conceded with a shrug. “Why don’t we head up to my office?”  She waved her hand to the small hill.  She couldn’t stop the evil smirk from emerging as she thought of the tall brunette trying to navigate her way up the hill in her heels.  ‘Now why would someone so tall wear high heels?’  Michelle shook her head in disgust as Hank and Ms. Hollingsworth said their goodbyes.


Michelle almost burst out laughing on more than one occasion as she assisted the tall brunette up the hill.  The only problem that plagued her was touching this woman felt all too good.  The small blonde managed to brush aside the unwanted thoughts by the time they entered the cottage. 


In the very front of the cottage was Michelle’s office.  There was a locked door behind the desk that led to her private residence.  It gave Michelle the solitude that she craved.  Her nights and days spent near what she truly loved, and now Chance was back.  She couldn’t help the nagging fear of wondering just how long that would last.


“Have a seat,” Michelle offered in the most gracious manner she could muster as she hobbled over to her desk.  She didn’t miss the brunette’s curious gaze as she limped across the tiny office. 

“These are ruined,” the brunette grumbled as she held up her high heels that were now caked in mud.

“Apparently,” Michelle smirked.  “Now you want lessons for you and your son?”

“T.J.,” Adrienne added with a bright smile.  “The horse was a gift from my father.”

“Chance,” Michelle grumbled as she corrected her.  “And now he wants to ride Chance. Not going to happen.”

“T.J. will be broken hearted,” Adrienne sighed deeply.  “So typical of my father.”


“As I said Chance won’t take a rider,” Michelle said quickly not wanting to hear about whatever dysfunctions this woman was dealing with.  “Put him out to stud.  He comes from a fine line and he is a champion.”

“I don’t understand,” Adrienne said with surprise.  “Then why is it no one can ride him? You were his owner why can’t anyone ride him?”


“I never owned Chance,” Michelle spat out.  “Sorry, I could never afford to own or stable a horse as fine as Chance.  There was an accident and Chance has refused a rider ever since.  None of that matters, to be honest Chance is getting on in years and really shouldn’t be used as a pleasure horse.  In the meantime I’d be happy to care for Chance and give both you and your son lessons.”


Michelle was relieved when her meeting with the pushy Adrienne Hollingsworth came to an end and the woman finally left her office.  She didn’t waste anytime heading back down to the stable to spend time with Chance.  “How long has it been?”  She heard Hank ask as she was brushing Chance down.

“Five years or so,” Michelle offered.  “Is he the reason why I’m giving Ms. Hollingsworth riding lessons?”

“Yes,” Hank answered with a smile.  “As soon as I found out she owned him, I just knew I had to put the two of you together.”

“She is convinced her kid is going to ride him,” Michelle snarled.  “Even if he had finished his career he would be retired by now.”

“I know,” Hank agreed.

“Crenshaw didn’t want him,” Michelle continued absently.  “I talked him into buying him.”

“I know,” Hank chuckled.  “You broke him, trained him and the two of you became champions together.”

“And then I took it away from both of us,” Michelle grumbled the flat brush strapped to her hand stilling against Chance.


“It was an accident,” Hank argued with her. “You can’t keep blaming yourself.”

“It was my fault,” Michelle protested.  “I made a critical error and shattered both my leg and Chance’s confidence all in one moment of panic.”


Despite Hank’s words of protest she knew it was the truth.  She also knew that even though Chance was just a horse he blamed himself as well.  They approached the jump just as they had a thousand times before, and at the last moment she realized that she was off her mark and panicked pulling up on the reins.  It was a rookie mistake that was beneath her.  She and Chance never cleared the hurdle and they both went crashing to the ground.


When she was pulled from beneath Chance’s massive body the small blonde was more terrified that the horse had been injured than worried about her own injury.  Chance was fine sparing him from the unthinkable.  Michelle knew that she would recover from her injury but her days in the saddle would never be what they had once been.  Chance seemed to understand this as well and from that day on he never allowed anyone to put a saddle on his back.  She begged and pleaded with Frank to give her more time with him, but the horse’s owner sold him before anyone could find out that he wouldn’t allow anyone to mount him.  Michelle tried to keep track of Chance over the years praying that someday someone would understand and simply retire him.  Now he was a pet for some spoiled kid who didn’t know one end of a horse from another.  The very idea infuriated the small blonde.





A few days later Michelle walked out into the ring leading Solan and Kit, two of the stables training horses, with her.  She frowned when she noticed the tall brunette and the adorable dark haired boy clinging to his mother’s leg.  “Good Morning,” Adrienne greeted her brightly.

“You must be T.J,” Michelle responded with a smile as she knelt down to address the young boy whose eyes gleamed just as brightly as his mother’s.

“Thomas Jefferson Hollingsworth,” the little imp announced proudly as he offered his hand to her.

“Now that is a mouth full,” Michelle chuckled.  “I’m Michelle Parrish and you may call me Michelle.  Now, aren’t you a fine looking cowboy?” She added noting the boy’s jeans, plaid shirt and boots that matched his mother’s attire.  Just one problem,” she began slowly as she rose back up to her full height.  “Helmets?”

“Don’t want to wear one,” T.J. protested with a huff.

“No helmet no riding,” Michelle informed him directly as he cast a heart wrenching pout up at her.  “Not going to work on me young man.  Riding a horse can be a wonderful experience, but just like when you ride in a car there are things you need to do before you can go anywhere.”

“Next year Mama said I might be big enough to ride in the front,” T.J. exclaimed proudly.

“Good for you,” Michelle complimented him.  “Now when you ride with your Mama in the car you always wear your seatbelt don’t you?”  The young boy nodded in understanding. “And when you ride with me you always wear a helmet.”

“Okay,” T.J. agreed with a toothy grin.

“How about while your mother gets your helmets I tell you a little bit about Kit the horse you will be riding,” Michelle explained as she tethered Solan and brought Kit the much smaller horse around for T.J. to examine.

“I want to ride Chance,” The boy whined as Michelle’s brow furrowed.

“Not yet sweetie,” Adrienne offered to her son as Michelle glared up at the tall brunette.  “I will be right back.  You behave and listen to everything Ms. Parrish tells you.”


Once they were alone Michelle led T.J. around Kit explaining the best way to approach the animal.  “Never sneak up on her or another horse,” Michelle explained carefully as she encouraged the boy to pat the small appaloosa. 

“She’s smaller than Chance,” T.J. noted as he reached up and stroked Kit gently.

“Yes she is,” Michelle chuckled drawn in by the boy’s enthusiasm.  “You remember when you learned how to ride a bike?”  The boy nodded in understanding as Michelle carefully lifted him up so he could pat more of the animal.  “Learning to ride a horse is a lot like that.”

“That’s why I need to wear a helmet,” The boy nodded as he tangled his tiny fingers in Kit’s mane.  “So I won’t get a boo-boo.”

“That’s right,” Michelle encouraged him as she watched the attractive brunette climb back into the training ring.  “And yours?”  She questioned the taller woman as she placed T.J. carefully back down on the ground.

“I don’t,” Adrienne began her words cut off by Michelle’s harsh stare. 

“Mama we have to wear them just like when we ride our bicycles’ Chelle said so,” T.J. chastised his mother.

“I’ll be right back,” Adrienne muttered seemingly accepting that she was out numbered.


Michelle smiled at the little boy’s bravado as she placed the helmet on his head.  She carefully instructed him how to adjust the helmet knowing the more he could do on his own the more he would enjoy riding.  Then she gently lifted him into the saddle.  “I’m going to teach you how to climb up all by yourself, but for now I’ll just lift you.”


T.J. agreed as she explained about the reins and the stirrups and the proper way to guide the horse around.  She held the reins as he clutched onto Kit’s mane and she led him for his first circle around the ring.  She didn’t miss the look of panic in Adrienne’s crystal blue eyes when she spied her tiny son on top of the large animal.


“He is just fine,” Michelle reassured the panicked woman.  “Have you ever ridden?”

“Yes,” Adrienne stammered as she walked along side her son.  “He is so far off the ground.” 

“He is fine,” Michelle chuckled as T.J. squealed with delight.  “Now how much do you know?”

“I took lessons on and off until I was about thirteen,” Adrienne offered nervously as she lingered closely to Kit and her son.

“Good,” Michelle nodded.  “Still remember how to take a mount?”

“Yes,” Adrienne stammered.  “Shouldn’t I stay with T.J.?”

“T.J. what do you think?”  Michelle snickered as Adrienne frowned down at her.

“Mama ride,” T.J. exclaimed.

“Fine,” the brunette grumbled as she pulled her helmet onto her head.

“Good, show me what you got,” Michelle teased suddenly blushing as she realized just what she had said sounded.

“Anytime,” Adrienne whispered hotly in the blonde’s ear before walking over to Solan.


Michelle shivered as the taller woman easily mounted the palomino.  “Oh my,” she said as she released a frustrated breath.  She quickly returned her attention to T.J. and began her instructions.


Later the three of them were in the stable and Michelle was teaching T.J. the proper way to brush Chance.  “I think I need to instruct the two of you separately,” Michelle explained.

“But,” Adrienne began to protest.

“You are much more advanced than T.J.,” Michelle continued.  “It would be better if I didn’t have to split the time between the two of you.  He will get bored when I’m working with you and you are much too nervous watching him.  Perhaps his father could come down for his lessons?”  She suggested in a professional manner, while she pondered just what Adrienne husband was like?

“Who?”  Adrienne asked in confusion before she realized what she had said.  “Oh, well that isn’t . . . we’ll talk about that later.”

“I’m special,” T.J. exclaimed proudly.

“Yes you are,” Adrienne reassured her son.

“I see,” Michelle smiled in understanding, as she found herself locked in an intense gaze with the tall brunette.


“Mama said that Chance is a champion,” T.J. chimed in breaking the heated looks the two women were sharing.

“Yes he is,” Michelle informed the bright youngster.  “In fact he won the Olympics.”

“He has a gold medal?”  T.J. exclaimed as Adrienne looked over at Michelle with admiration.  “Can I see it?”

“I’m sorry,” Michelle apologized to the disappointed boy.  “All of his trophies are with the stable that owned him back then.”  It frosted Michelle’s cookies to no end that Frank Crenshaw proudly displayed all of the ribbons and trophies she and Chance had won and then sold the horse at the first sign of trouble.

“Maybe Ms. Parrish will show you hers?”  Adrienne suggested with a smirk.  “You were his rider weren’t you?”


‘Rats! You fight dirty lady.’  Michelle mentally grumbled as she found T.J. looking up at her with a pleading smile.  “Sure,” Michelle heard herself agreeing.  “I’ll try to dig it out of storage so I can show it to you sometime.”





Months later Michelle was brushing Chance down after her late lesson with Adrienne.  The woman was driving the small blonde insane.  She was polite but a little too touchy for Michelle’s comfort.  Truth be told she loved it when Adrienne’s hand would find its way to her arm or shoulder.  That was the problem, Adrienne Hollingsworth was way out her league and Michelle knew it.  Plus she was a client, and was probably straight.  Michelle wasn’t very sure about Adrienne’s orientation. The way that the tall brunette acted around her when no one else was around definitely felt like she was flirting with Michelle.  Michelle just wished she knew what was going on in the brunette’s head.  ‘Is she attracted to me or is this just some game she is playing?’  She wondered once again.  Not knowing was driving the small blonde crazy and as she limped out of Chance’s stall she grimaced.  Once again she reminded herself that it didn’t matter what Adrienne’s intentions were, she had nothing to offer the tall dark socialite.


“Hey there.”  She heard Adrienne’s rich voice call out to her as the brunette stepped into the stable carrying the bag she kept her riding gear in on her shoulder.  Michelle’s body once again betrayed her as she shivered while her stomach clenched.  She couldn’t help the way her eyes roamed up and down the beautiful woman’s body.


“Mrs. Hollingsworth,” she greeted the brunette politely as she tried to rein in the desire that was suddenly filling her senses.

“Adrienne,” The brunette quickly corrected her as she stood dangerously close to the small blonde.  Michelle took a shy step back noticing the frown that suddenly clouded the taller woman’s bright features.  “If you haven’t figured it out by now Mr. Hollingsworth is my father.”


“I suspected,” Michelle, confessed as she wiped her now sweaty palms on her well-worn jeans.  “But I didn’t want to pry.”

“It isn’t a secret,” Adrienne informed her with a casual shrug as she placed her bag on the floor of the barn and approached Chance’s stall.  “Hey there Chance.”


Michelle couldn’t help but smile at the way Chance accepted the woman’s touch.  Still she took another shy step away from the brunette.  There was something about the way her body reacted to the taller woman that made the blonde want to just reach out and wrap her arms around Adrienne’s warm inviting body.


It wasn’t an unpleasant idea; in fact Michelle had spent many a night fanaticizing about doing a lot more than simply holding the beautiful woman.  Then she would remember the differences between them and her heart would break all over again. 


Michelle’s emerald eyes drifted along the brunette’s firm body as Adrienne patted Chance seemingly unaware that Michelle was staring at her firm backside.  “You made T.J. very happy by showing him your gold medal,” Adrienne offered as she turned towards the now flustered blonde who quickly diverted her gaze.  “Yeah well. . .”  Michelle stammered as she stepped further away from Adrienne until her back was leaning against the ladder that led up to the hayloft.  “He is doing very well,” She blurted out quickly in an effort to refocus her attention as Adrienne approached her.  “In fact in a couple of years he will surpass you.”


“He has really taken to riding,” Adrienne said softly as she leaned closer to Michelle.  “I am trying to get him to understand that Chance isn’t going to ridden.”

“I appreciate that,” Michelle sighed as she felt Adrienne’s body brushing against her own.  “I understand Chance has a date this weekend.”

“Yes,” Adrienne chuckled.  “I took your advice and I’m putting him out to stud.  I was surprised by the fees people were willing to offer.”


“Chance is a champion,” Michelle boasted as she tried to ignore the warm feeling spreading through her body as Adrienne’s hand came to rest on her forearm.

“Yes, it certainly has put a bee in my father’s bonnet,” Adrienne responded with a rich throaty laugh as Michelle’s body trembled in response. 


“What is that all about?”  Michelle asked as she felt her nipples straining against her blue cotton shirt as Adrienne shifted her body so that she was directly in front of the small blonde.  “If you don’t mind me asking?”  Michelle squeaked out as her eyes drifted down Adrienne’s body until she was looking directly at the small opening in the taller woman’s blouse that revealed her tanned skin and a hint of her cleavage.


“My father is basically a good guy who really does adore T.J.,”  Adrienne began in a slow sad tone.  “But he never lets me forget that, although I have finally managed to produce an heir, I failed to give him a son in-law.”


“I see,” Michelle grunted in disgust. “So he gave his grandson a horse that can’t be ridden.  That is cruel.”

“Yes, it is,” Adrienne sighed deeply.  “I keep trying to explain to my father that I had a child because I wanted to be a mother and not in a twisted effort to fulfill my obligations as a Hollingsworth.  You’d think he would have figured it out when I came out.”


“Ah,” Michelle smiled in understanding.

“You were wondering weren’t you?”  Adrienne teased her in a husky tone as she traced a single finger along the blonde’s chin.

“Yes,” Michelle responded as she unconsciously tilted her neck up and allowed Adrienne’s finger to continue its exploration of her fair skin.


“It is awfully quiet around here,” Adrienne offered in a husky tone as she dipped her head down so that her breath was caressing Michelle’s face.

“End of the day,” Michelle explained with a hard swallow as she clenched her fist tightly in an effort to keep herself from reaching out and pulling Adrienne into her arms.  “I was just going to lock up and head home.”

“Do you have to travel far?”  Adrienne inquired softly as she inched just a little closer to the trembling blonde.


Michelle licked her lips as she felt Adrienne’s body leaning into her own.  “Just up the hill,”  Michelle managed to squeak out as her heart pounded against her chest and her thighs began to quiver.  “I live at the cottage behind my office.”

“That is very convenient,” Adrienne whispered as her hands gently clasped the smaller woman’s hips.  “So we are all alone?”

“Yes,” Michelle gasped as she leaned into Adrienne’s touch.

“Where does this lead to?” Adrienne inquired as she tapped the wooden ladder that Michelle’s body was pressed up against, and her thigh slipped between the blonde’s legs.


“Hay loft,” Michelle choked out as she captured Adrienne’s thigh between her firm thighs.  She moaned as she felt Adrienne’s thigh pressing against her aching center.  She gave into the fire that had been building inside of her from the first moment she saw the tall brunette.  Reaching up Michelle entangled her tiny fingers in Adrienne’s dark silky tresses and drew the taller woman closer.  She inhaled the taller woman’s scent as she brushed her lips against the brunette’s.


Her heart soared as she felt Adrienne’s soft inviting lips responding eagerly to her shy kiss.  They wrapped their arms around one another’s bodies as the kiss deepened.  Michelle’s hands eagerly roamed along Adrienne’s body as they explored the warmth of one another’s mouths.  They parted slightly and Michelle’s skin tingled as she felt Adrienne’s breath on her face.  “Want a tour of the hayloft?”  She boldly offered as Adrienne’s hands massaged her hips.


“Yes,” Adrienne panted as she took a shy step away from the small blonde.

“After you,” Michelle instructed her as she took Adrienne by the hand. She lifted the brunette’s hand to her lips and placed a promising kiss on her palm.  Adrienne responded by brushing her lips softly against Michelle’s.


They stepped away from one another and Adrienne began to climb up the ladder.  She looked down at Michelle.  Adrienne’s eyes were sparkling with desire as she smiled down at the blonde.  “Did you suggest I climb up here first so you could watch me?”  The brunette asked in a playful tone.

“Yes,” Michelle confessed with a sly smirk as she placed her hands on the wooden rungs.

“Damn,” Adrienne teased as she began to ascend up the ladder.  “I wish I had thought of that.”


Michelle climbed up the ladder her eyes never leaving the brunette’s shapely behind as she made her way up.  She reached the top and the brash aroma of hay caressed her while her eyes drank in the sight of Adrienne sitting on the floor resting up against a bail of hay.  Michelle’s body was on fire as she stepped closer to the beautiful woman.  The sound of her foot scrapping against the floorboard dampened her desire as she looked down at her leg.


“Hey,” Adrienne called out to her.  Michelle was ready to climb back down the ladder.  Her escape was halted as she watched Adrienne slowly unbuttoning her blouse.  “I know about what happened.”

“Oh?”  Michelle responded tensely as the brunette continued to unbutton her blouse until the lacy white bra that was hidden was revealed to Michelle’s eager gaze.


“I’ve been attracted to you since the beginning,” Adrienne explained in deep tone that made Michelle’s entire body quiver as she watched the brunette’s blouse slipping down her shoulders.  “I wanted to know more about you so I did a little research.  I watched a tape of your last competition.  It broke my heart,” Adrienne confessed in a sincere voice.


“Mine too,” Michelle grumbled ready to turn away from Adrienne’s inviting body as the half naked brunette held out her hand.


“Michelle you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen,” Adrienne  offered softly as she beckoned the smaller woman to join her.  “Now I want to see all of you.  If this isn’t what you want tell me now.”


Michelle didn’t hesitate as she closed the gap between them.  She stood over her lover as Adrienne reached behind her back and undid her bra.  “Take your clothes off,” Adrienne pleaded with her as she slipped her bra down her body and revealed her breasts.


“Don’t stop what you are doing,” Michelle instructed her lover as she began to remove her own shirt.  Adrienne chuckled as she slid her hands down her stomach and began to unfasten her blue jeans. 


Michelle licked her lips once again as she cast off her clothing.  Once the blonde was free of all of her garments she knelt between Adrienne’s long legs and kissed her deeply.  She moaned as she felt their nipples brushing against one another.  She reeled from the feel of Adrienne’s half naked body squirming beneath her.


As the brunette’s hands caressed her naked body Michelle’s mouth and tongue caressed Adrienne’s face.  She traced the brunette’s jaw as Adrienne’s hands cupped her ass.  Michelle could feel her wetness growing as her clit throbbed in a demanding rhythm.  The blonde kissed and tasted her way down the brunette’s long supple neck until her face was nestled between Adrienne’s breasts.


Michelle shifted her body so that she was straddling Adrienne’s hips.  She loved the feel of the brunette’s jeans rubbing against her thighs, as she tasted the skin between her lover’s breasts.  She filled her tiny hands with the brunette’s firm full breasts.  Adrienne moaned deeply as her body arched up and her stomach pressed against Michelle’s wetness.


Michelle’s hips jerked forward and she began to rub her clit against Adrienne’s firm stomach.  Michelle teased the taller woman’s nipples with the palms of her hand.  She rocked her hips urgently against Adrienne’s body.  The brunette released a throaty hiss as Michelle’s fingers captured one of her nipples and her mouth inhaled the other.


She suckled the erect bud eagerly as she felt Adrienne’s hand slipping between her thighs.  She couldn’t slow her body as she thrust against her lover.  She suckled Adrienne’s nipple harder as she felt the brunette’s fingers gliding along her slick folds.  She felt her passion filling her lover’s hand as her teeth teased the brunette’s nipple.


Adrienne’s body squirmed against her with the same urgent need. Michelle’s head lifted as she rocked her clit harder against Adrienne’s body. “Oh God,” Michelle groaned as she felt her lover’s fingers teasing her clit.  She cried out as she felt the brunette’s other hand drifting along her ass until her fingers were dipping into her wetness.


She kissed the brunette passionately as she felt her own desire being spread along her cheeks and painting the puckered opening while Adrienne used her other hand to tease her clit.  “Yes,” Michelle hissed as she trapped the brunette between her thighs.


She threw her head back as she felt her lover’s fingers pressing against her center and her backdoor.  She looked down at her lover through half opened eyes as she tried to impale herself.  “Michelle,” Adrienne groaned as she filled the blonde completely.


Michelle screamed out in ecstasy as her body rode against Adrienne’s fingers.  Both of the brunette’s hands moved in a wild rhythm as she pleasured the screaming blonde.  “Harder,” Michelle pleaded as her body matched her lover’s wild rhythm.


“You feel so good,” Adrienne whimpered beneath her as Michelle felt her body bursting against the brunette’s touch.  Michelle cried out in ecstasy as she pressed her nipples against her lover’s lips.  Adrienne suckled her greedily as her fingers continued to take Michelle higher.


Michelle clutched her lover’s broad shoulders tightly as she climaxed.  Adrienne’s movements didn’t still as Michelle felt her entire being explode.  She couldn’t stop trembling as she become lost in haze of emotion and passion. Adrienne held her tightly as the last waves of pleasure trickled through her small body. Once she felt her heart stop pounding she wasted no time and began to kiss her way down the taller woman’s body.  She tasted every inch of Adrienne’s sweaty flesh until she was tugging the brunette’s jeans down her long legs.



Michelle kissed and licked the brunette’s legs.  She was pleased when her lover cried out as she ran her tongue along the back of her knees.  “Please,” Adrienne  pleaded as Michelle ran her tongue along the inside of the brunette’s thigh.  The musky aroma of her lover’s passion filled her as she parted the brunette with her tongue.  Unable to resist she suckled Adrienne’s clit into her mouth.


Her lover hips arched against her as she drank in the brunette’s wetness.  She ran her tongue along Adrienne’s swollen lips as her lover pleaded for more.  She felt her body trembling as she pressed her tongue against the opening of the brunette’s warm wet center.  She curled her tongue and plunged deep inside of Adrienne.  “Yes,” Adrienne screamed as Michelle’s tongue plunged in and out her.  Adrienne pressed herself against Michelle as the blonde’s thumb teased her swollen clit.


Michelle needed to feel more as her tongue slipped from the warmth of her lover’s center.  She captured the brunette’s clit with her lips as her fingers slipped deep inside of her.  Her hands and mouth moved in unison as Adrienne’s body rocked wildly against her.  She felt the walls tightening around her tiny fingers as Adrienne cried out.  She wanted to drown in her lover’s passion as the brunette’s body tightened around her. 


She held Adrienne’s body steady as she climaxed against Michelle’s touch.  Michelle feasted upon her lover unwilling to give up the sweet nectar.  Michelle’s body was throbbing as an aching desire filled her being.  As she guided her lover over the edge she could feel her own body climaxing.


The both of them were panting as Michelle rested her head on her lover’s trembling stomach.  She stilled her fingers allowing the last drops of pleasure to slip through Adrienne’s trembling form.  She ran her tongue along Adrienne’s stomach as her fingers slipped from the warmth of the brunette’s body.


“You know,” Adrienne squeaked her voice creaking slightly from all the screaming.  “When I came into the barn tonight I was just going to ask you out on a date.”

“So ask?”  Michelle giggled playfully as she lifted her body up so she could look into her lover’s eyes.  She swallowed hard as she found herself looking into Adrienne’s brilliant blue eyes that were filled with desire and something deeper.

“Dinner tonight?”  Adrienne asked with a brilliant smile that melted Michelle’s heart.

“What about T.J?  Do you need to pick him up?”  Michelle asked quickly knowing how important the boy was to his mother.  Something in her heart screamed that he was also important to her as well.


“Knowing that you care about my son is making me fall for you all that much harder,” Adrienne confessed in an honest tone as the two of them sat up and began to get dressed.  “T.J is spending the night at a friend’s house.”


“So you don’t have a curfew tonight?”  Michelle asked eagerly as she stood swaying slightly as she helped her lover to her feet.


“No,” Adrienne responded in a promising tone.


“Well then how about I make you dinner at my place?”  Michelle suggested as they adjusted the last of their clothing.


“You can cook too?” Adrienne sighed happily. 


“Oh you haven’t seen nothing yet,” Michelle offered before kissing her lover deeply and leading her back down the ladder.


“Is that a promise?”  Adrienne shyly asked as they gathered up their belongings and headed out of the stable.


“Yes,” Michelle answered her honestly as she took the brunette by the hand.


The End


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