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By Mavis Applewater
April 2002

Disclaimers: Here we go again. Yes I know who they look like, but it’s not them. The story and characters belong to the author and may not be reproduced, posted or sold without the author’s permission. This story depicts a loving sexual relationship between two consenting adult women. If for some reason you find this idea offensive or just think it’s icky then don’t read this story or anything else I have ever written. If for any reason it is illegal for you to view such material, you have my sympathy but you must leave now. Now that we have taken care of all the legal mumbo jumbo, can anyone tell me why it is that after I park my car a hundred miles away from where I want to be a spot opens up right in front of where I want to be?

As always, this is for Heather


Kirsten held her breath as her friend David pushed her along. She hated shopping for a new car. The salespeople never seemed to take her seriously. Perhaps it was because she is a woman. Or it could be her short stature, blonde hair and deceivingly innocent appearance. But for some reason they would nod at what she was saying and then show her exactly what she wasn’t looking for.

“Relax.” David nudged her as they began to look at some of the cars they were passing. “Remember it’s your money. Just tell them what you want.” He encouraged her as he pushed on his wire-rimmed glasses.

“They never listen to me and they treat me like I’m a kid.” Kirsten grumbled.

“You’re not a teenager.” David reassured her as he placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. “You are over thirty.”

“Ssh.” She chastised him as she swatted his stomach playfully. “No need to be shouting that out.”

“And a heart breaker.” David added in a teasing tone.

“Oh this is coming from you Studley.” Kirsten laughed as she looked as she peeked in the window of the Subaru Forester.

“Nice isn’t it?” A voice said from behind her.

The small blonde turned to see a confident looking man eyeing her. She knew he was checking her out. ‘Why do they always look like my Dad?’ She thought miserably. ‘Straight men really could take a few lessons from lesbians.’ She grumbled to herself. She loved women and had very rarely been caught looking. Straight men for some reason didn’t seem to realize that yes we do notice that you are speaking to our breasts.

Kirsten was bumped out of her musings as David nudged her with his elbow. “Actually I am interested in the Forester.” Kirsten began in a confident tone. “I’ve done a lot of research and…”

“Always a wise thing to do.” The salesman cut her off. “I’m Nick by the way.” He offered his hand to David and then to Kirsten. They introduced themselves but Kirsten noticed the shift in the conversation moving to David.

“So David what do think?” Nick continued effectively ignoring Kirsten.

“I’m not looking for a car.” David flashed a bright smile. “Kirsten is the one you should be talking to.”

“Right.” Nick said brightly, Kirsten didn’t miss the slight grimace on his face. “Letting the Misses decide.” He added with a wink.

Both David and Kirsten rolled their eyes in disgust. Granted she and David were close and even held hands, but they certainly weren’t that kind of close. Of course the reason was obvious, they were both gay. “We’re not married.” Kirsten groaned in dismay. “Now as I was saying the Forester…”

“Is a fine vehicle…” Nick interrupted her once again. “But you know if it’s an SUV you are looking for the Jeep or the Lexus…”

“Have a high rate of rolling over due to their height.” Kirsten cut him off. “The Subaru has a lower center of gravity and a higher safety record.”

“Well…” Nick began to hedge. “You can’t believe everything you read plus the industry has been making some real strides.”

‘And the models you want me to look at cost a lot more.’ Kirsten thought with disgust. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the most amazing woman leaning against another car watching them. Kirsten’s jaw trembled slightly as she snuck a peak at the tall woman with long jet-black hair.

“Now I could show you a couple of models that I was thinking about.” Nick continued with a charming smile.

“Actually I really want to know about this car.” Kirsten said firmly.

“Oh sure.” Nick said in a condescending manner as he waved his hand dismissively. “First let’s take a walk over here and look at the new Jeep.” He went to reach for her arm.

Kirsten jerked her arm away hearing a sigh from the woman behind them. “Let’s go.” She grumbled to David knowing that Nick wasn’t going to listen to anything she had to say.

“Kirsten I’m certain that I can help you find exactly what you want.” Nick scrambled quickly. Kirsten didn’t miss the flirtatious tone in his voice. Judging by the chuckle she heard from the attractive woman behind her the brunette hadn’t missed it either.

“Let’s go.” David suggested eagerly disgusted by the way his friend had been treated.

“Great wasted all that time on window shoppers.” She heard Nick grumble. She kept walking while fighting back the urge to turn around and explode.

“No you wasted her time.” She heard a sultry voice chastising Nick.

There was something about the rich tone of the voice that sent a shiver down Kirsten’s spine. She stopped in her tracks in order to catch her breath.

“Would you like to take the Forester for a test drive?” Came the husky inquiry from behind them.

“Chelsea.” Nick grumbled bitterly.

Kirsten spun around to find the attractive brunette standing directly in front of her. She could feel the heat emanating off of the taller woman’s body. The woman lowered her ray ban sunglasses revealing the most beautiful blue eyes that Kirsten had ever seen. Kirsten glanced up and down the taller woman in sheer amazement. She noticed for the first time the woman was holding out her business card. “Chelsea Rivers.” The brunette said as the deep timber of her voice echoed thru Kirsten’s body.

“Kirsten Williams.” The blonde managed to stammer out. ‘My God this woman could sell snow to an Eskimo.’ Kirsten’s mind reasoned as she noticed that even David was staring.

Kirsten accepted the business card praying that the attractive woman wouldn’t notice that her hands were shaking. “Anytime you want a test drive call me and we’ll set up an appointment. I apologize for my colleagues poor manners.” Chelsea offered in a sincere voice.

“Hey.” Nick groused.

“Are you available?” Kirsten inquired as she found herself becoming lost in Chelsea’s warm gaze. David snickered at her request as she blushed. ‘That sounded like I wanted to jump her bones.’ Kirsten thought frantically knowing that was exactly what she wanted to do. Frankly at the moment the last thing on the blonde’s mind was buying a car. “For a test drive.” Kirsten finally asserted as David chuckled even harder.

“If you have a valid driver’s license I can take you right now.” Chelsea purred. Kirsten’s mouth hung open for a moment at the implication. The blonde quickly snapped her mouth shut as she fumbled in her coat to dig out her wallet. She had to wipe her hands on her dress slacks before retrieving her license.

As she handed the license over to the brunette her palms were still sweaty and her knees were trembling. ‘Thank goodness David is here or I might just make a complete ass out of myself.’ She sighed with a slight sense of relief. “I just need to make a photo copy of this and grab the keys why don’t the two of you follow me?” Chelsea suggested as she removed her sunglasses.

Kirsten noticed that Nick was glaring at them as they followed Chelsea inside the dealership. Her attention was quickly diverted when she caught a glimpse of Chelsea’s well-defined backside. Kirsten whimpered softly as she continued to trail after the woman. Once inside Chelsea offered them coffee while she went off to take care of what she needed to do.

David gave Kirsten an all to knowing look while the waited for Chelsea to return. “Stop it.” Kirsten warned him.

“Come on she is gorgeous.” David smirked as he gave her a slight nudge. “She is even turning me on.” He continued to tease her.

“Shut up.” Kirsten said thru her clenched teeth as she watched Chelsea approaching them.

“If you two are ready?” Chelsea said brightly.

“You know what…?” David began slowly as Kirsten’s eyes widen as a sudden sense of panic washed over her. “I think I’ll just wait here.” He finished in a calm tone.

Kirsten struggled to breath as David just stood there and smiled at her. She flashed a hostile glare at her soon to be deceased friend before turning towards Chelsea who was sporting a sly grin of her own. “Whenever you’re ready.” Chelsea offered as she handed Kirsten back her license.

Unable to speak at that moment Kirsten simply nodded her head. Chelsea held the door open for her as the left the air-conditioned showroom. Kirsten’s body brushed slightly against the taller woman’s as she made her exit. Once again the blonde found herself suppressing a moan.

“The Forester is an excel vehicle.” Chelsea explained as they made their way thru the large parking lot. “It’s what I drive.”

Kirsten curled her lips in a suspicious smile as she eyed the woman next to her. “Really.” Chelsea stated boldly. “It is parked right over there.” Kirsten looked over in the direction that Chelsea was pointing in and spotted a black Forester sporting a rainbow flag bumper sticker. ‘I guess that answers that.’ She thought happily.

“Shall we?” Chelsea inquired as she pointed towards the car that Kirsten had been looking at earlier. Kirsten didn’t miss that the woman’s voice had grown deeper and her eyes had darkened slightly.

“Absolutely.” Kirsten responded as she accepted the keys from Chelsea. Kirsten inhaled sharply as their fingers brushed.

Once inside the car Kirsten tried to focus on just why she was there and not on the woman sitting next to her. She adjusted the seat and put on her seatbelt. She looked over the interior of the car as Chelsea clipped her own seatbelt. “This is the Limited Edition which is the top of line.” Chelsea explained as she leaned slightly closer to Kirsten.

“I like the leather seats.” Kirsten said with appreciation as she started the car.

“Those are standard with this model, along with the CD player and automatic transmission.” Chelsea continued. “Heated front and back seats. Although I have to be honest, the front heaters are incredible but the backs are a little lacking. Why don’t you pull out of the parking lot and take a right?”

Kirsten nodded in response as she put the SUV into drive. Kirsten drove along the busy streets while Chelsea continued to explain the features of the car. Kirsten was trying to focus on the traffic and what the beautiful woman seated next to her was saying. But as Chelsea showed her every little gadget in the car her hand kept brushing against some part of Kirsten’s body.

As they continued down the streets Kirsten’s body was quivering as she felt her desire pulsating thru her. “Could you turn on the air conditioner?” Kirsten inquired in a trembling tone.

“Certainly.” Chelsea’s voice said softly in Kirsten’s ear.

The blonde felt her nipples harden as Chelsea’s breath caressed her skin. “Are you hot?” Chelsea inquired her hand brushing against Kirsten’s thigh after turning on the air conditioner.

“You have no idea.” Kirsten muttered under her breath. “I mean I wanted to know how well the a/c worked.” She explained quickly. “So how far am I allowed to go on this test drive?”

“How far would you like to go?” Chelsea inquired in a soft yet direct tone.

Kirsten’s stomach clenched as her clit began to keep a steady rhythm with the beating of her heart. Kirsten slowed down slightly thankful that the traffic light ahead had changed to yellow. The blonde pulled the car to a halt. She licked her lips thoughtfully before turning to her companion. “Are you always this direct Miss Rivers or is this a part of your sales pitch?” She inquired in a breathy tone.

“No and no.” Chelsea responded flatly as she inched slightly closer to Kirsten.

Kirsten decided to indulge the fantasy that was now clouding her thoughts a little further. She reached over and traced Chelsea’s firm jaw with her fingers. “Do you have any idea of just how incredibly beautiful you are?” Kirsten asked softly as Chelsea leaned into her touch.

“You are the one that is beautiful.” Chelsea said softly her crystal blue eyes twinkling with desire. Kirsten swallowed hard feeling the electricity filling the car. Before either of them had a chance to think they leaned in closer to each other, seemingly drawn together by some unseen force. The kiss instantly ignited with a fiery passion.

As she wrapped her fingers in Chelsea’s long raven tresses she began to suckle Chelsea’s bottom lip. She felt Chelsea’s fingers cupping the back of her head pulling her in closer as she parted her lips allowing Kirsten’s tongue to plunge deeply into her mouth.

Kirsten was savoring the warm of Chelsea’s mouth as her hands drifted down the front of the brunette’s cream-colored silk blouse. Just as she felt the taller woman’s nipples hardening from her touch she heard the sounds of honking. She blushed as the released one another.

Kirsten looked up to discover that the light had turned green. She drove ahead her lips still tingling from Chelsea’s touch. As she tried to focus on the road ahead she was amazed at how alive her body felt from one kiss. She licked her lips the taste of Chelsea’s lips invaded her senses.

Kirsten’s chest was heaving she felt the urgency of her desires overwhelming her senses. She had to pull over before she crashed the car. “We need to go somewhere a little more private and less dangerous.” Kirsten stated with urgency.

“Yes.” Chelsea agreed as her hand began to caress Kirsten’s thigh.

“Now.” Kirsten asserted.

“Yes.” Chelsea repeated as her hand drifted down between Kirsten’s firm thighs.

“Ugh.” Kirsten moaned in pleasure as Chelsea cupped her. “Oh that feels good.” Kirsten panted heavily as she turned off the main road.

Chelsea’s palm was rubbing delightfully against Kirsten’s wetness as she began to kiss the blonde’s neck. “I want to make you feel good all over.” Chelsea whispered hotly in Kirsten’s ear before dipping her tongue inside. Kirsten released another strangled moan as she turned off down another side street.

She felt her pants being unzipped as she pulled the car onto a deserted road. Kirsten fought to control the car as she pulled off the side of the road to a seclude spot. Her body arched against the leather seat as she felt Chelsea’s fingers gliding down past the elastic band of her panties. Chelsea suckled her neck harder as Kirsten released her seatbelt. Kirsten parted her thighs as she turned the engine of the car off. She clutched the brunette’s shoulders as she felt Chelsea’s fingers dipping into her wetness.

“Yes.” She pleaded as she unbuckled Chelsea’s seatbelt before lowering her slacks down to her thighs.

As Chelsea’s fingers caressed her slick folds with one hand her other reached up and caressed the back of Kirsten’s head. Kirsten opened herself up even further as Chelsea pulled her in for another passionate kiss. Kirsten felt her self-control crumbling as their tongues engaged in a sensual duel.

She found herself kneeling on the front seat as Chelsea’s fingers pressed against her opening. “Oh yes.” She panted as she pulled her lips away from Chelsea’s. She began to unbutton Chelsea’s blouse as she began the brunette’s swan like neck. She could feel Chelsea’s blood racing beneath her lips as the brunette entered her with a single digit.

Kirsten felt the walls of her center pulsating as Chelsea’s finger began to glide in and out of her. Kirsten was panting with heavily as she kissed her way down to Chelsea’s chest. Kirsten’s mouth was watering as she pushed aside the lacy material of Chelsea’s bra. “You feel so good.” She heard Chelsea moaning as she plunged deeper inside of her.

Kirsten couldn’t help the moans from escaping her lips as her hips sway in rhythm with Chelsea’s hand. Still kneeling in the driver’s side seat she captured Chelsea’s erect nipple into her mouth. “Yes.” Chelsea hissed urgently as her body arched. Kirsten suckled Chelsea’s nipple harder as she felt the brunette teasing her throbbing clit. She teased the rose colored bud with her teeth and her tongue eagerly as she felt her thighs beginning to tremble.

The blonde was thrusting her hips frantically as she rode against Chelsea’s long fingers. She released Chelsea’s nipple from the warmth of her mouth as she clutched the interior of the car allowing the passion to rush through out her being. She was moaning deeply unable to speak as Chelsea continued to drive her over the edge.

Kirsten gripped the armrest as her body exploded. Panting heavily as Chelsea kissed the back of her neck. The blonde’s body continued to tremble as Chelsea continued to pleasure her. Kirsten screamed out in pleasure as she gripped Chelsea’s wrist tightly.

She continued to hold her lover’s wrist as she fought to control her breathing. She released her lover’s wrist. She whimpered as she felt Chelsea’s fingers leaving her wetness. Thru half open lids Kirsten watched as her lover licked her passion from her finger.

Unable to restrain herself she pulled the brunette in for hungry kiss. Their mouths and bodies melted together as Kirsten slightly straddled her lover. She quickly began to undo Chelsea’s slacks. Kirsten was on fire as the kiss ended. “I need you.” Kirsten said in a feral tone as her hand drifted down the front of Chelsea’s slacks.

Kirsten gasped as her fingers caressed the damp curls that were awaiting her. “No underwear.” She noted in a hungry tone. “And so wet.” Chelsea only whimpered in response as she opened herself up to Kirsten’s touch.

As Kirsten’s fingers glided along Chelsea’s slick folds her mouth reclaimed her breast. She felt Chelsea’s body rising to her touch as she pleaded for more. As Kirsten tongue teased Chelsea’s nipple her fingers flickered against her clit. Chelsea’s strangled moans fueled on Kirsten’s desires. She pressed her fingers against Chelsea’s opening feeling her lover’s desire coating her fingers. Her thumb circled her throbbing button as she entered her lover. “Don’t stop.” Chelsea begged as Kirsten’s fingers explored her lover deeper.

Kirsten’s mouth moved from Chelsea’s breast needing to taste as much of her lover’s skin as she could while she plunged in and out of her. She felt her own body trembling as her lover exploded against her. Both women were flushed and breathing heavily as they clung to one another. “I needed that.” Kirsten murmured against Chelsea’s skin as she realized just how long it had been she had touched or been touched by another woman.

“It was incredible.” Chelsea panted in agreement.

“You don’t have any water in here do you?” Kirsten squeaked her throat feeling suddenly dry.

“Test drives aren’t usually this physical.” Chelsea laughed lightly before kisses the top of Kirsten’s blonde head.

Kirsten lifted her eyes and found that she was falling all over again. Instantly the two women were locked in another passionate kiss as their hands roamed one another’s bodies. Their touches grew more insistent as their bodies pressed together. Finally the need to breath became too great and Kirsten reluctantly released her lover’s lips.

“Want to test out the back?” Chelsea suggested in a breathy tone.

“Yes.” Kirsten confirmed firmly as the two women struggled to get out of the car.

Kirsten was about to climb into the backseat when Chelsea stopped her. “The seat folds down.” Chelsea pointed out as she lowered the seat.

“And so quickly.” Kirsten said with appreciation as they both climbed into the back closing the doors behind them.

Kirsten’s need was so overwhelming she quickly pressed her body against Chelsea’s longer frame and lowered her down. They wrestled with one another’s slacks lowering quickly. Kirsten straddled her lover’s body as their legs wrapped around each other. Feeling her lover’s wetness melting into her own sent the blonde’s body into a wild rhythm.

They rocked against each other frantically each needing to feel and to be felt. Kirsten’s mind shut down the only thing the blonde was aware of was the feel of Chelsea’s clit pulsating against her own. She felt her lover’s thighs trembling against her own as they continued to thrust against each other.

Their bodies and clothing tangled as sheen of sweat covered the lovers. Kirsten kissed her lover’s shoulder her tongue tingling from the delicate mixture of sweat and desire. Screaming out in unison as their bodies continued sway together in a sultry rhythm. Finally collapsing against one another. They clung to each other tightly until an annoying beeping disturbed their bliss.

“My cell.” Chelsea explained with a heavy sigh.

Kirsten reluctantly unwrapped herself from her lover’s hold. Chelsea fumbled before finding her phone buried in her slacks. She grimaced as she looked at the message display. “My boss wondering where I am.” She explained as Kirsten smirked at her slyly. “Test drives don’t normally take this long.” Chelsea continued to explain as the woman struggled to pull on their clothing. “And I must confess I’ve never experienced a more enjoyable one.” Chelsea said softly before placing a gentle kiss on Kirsten’s lips.

Kirsten smiled shyly as they climbed out of the car. The realization of what had just happened was suddenly nagging at her. She released a heavy sigh as she climbed back into the driver’s seat. She looked over at Chelsea as they both snapped on their seatbelts. She couldn’t help but smile. ‘It doesn’t matter. I’m not going to analyze what happened, I am simply going to be thankful that it did.’ Her mind happily accepted.

Kirsten reached for the keys still dangling from the ignition in order to start the car. Chelsea taking her hand halted her movement. “Kirsten?” Chelsea began slowly. “Do you?”

“Yes I buying the car.” Kirsten said with a light laugh.

“God I completely forgot about that.” Chelsea laughed in return. “Actually I was going ask if I could see you again? Maybe go out on a date?” Chelsea suggested hopefully.

Kirsten stopped the brilliant smile from emerging on her lips. “I would like that.” Kirsten responded as her thumb caressed the back of Chelsea’s hand. “I have to warn you though, I can’t guarantee that I will be able to keep my hands off of you.”

“I won’t argue with that.” Chelsea agreed as Kirsten started the car.

Once they arrived back at the dealership the women quickly checked their appearance before exiting the car. David gave Kirsten a curious glance as they entered the showroom.

“So?” He inquired.

“I’m buying the car.” Kirsten explained as she followed Chelsea to her desk.

“But did you ask her out?” He whispered as they sat down in the two chairs in front of Chelsea’s desk.

“She asked me out.” Kirsten whispered back as Chelsea blushed.

“I must say Miss Rivers has an amazing sales technique.” Kirsten teased as the blushed on Chelsea face darkened.

“What until you see how I close a deal.” Chelsea taunted the blonde whose body clenched with renewed desire.

“I can’t wait.” Kirsten confessed quietly.




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