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Asked and Answered

(Questions And Answers Part Two)

By Mavis Applewater

June 2003


Disclaimers: The characters and story are the sole possession of the author and may not be reproduced, posted or sold without the author’s permission.  So there!  If for any reason real or imagined you are uncomfortable with graphic descriptions of two consenting adult women in a loving sexual relationship then do not read this story or anything else I have ever written.  If for any reason it is illegal for you to view this material then you have my sympathy but please do not read this until it is no longer a crime.  This is a member’s choice story, so if you want to understand what the heck is going on I would humbly suggestion that you read part one.


A very special thank you goes out to my beta reader Mary.


As always this is for Heather.


Devon moaned with delight as she and her lover shared a slice of ‘death by chocolate’ while a pair of very angry brown eyes bore into her.  Devon sighed happily as she placed her fork down and slowly wiped her lips with her napkin.  She glanced over at the agitated man who was sitting across from her.  “Look, it’s Cher!”  She exclaimed as she pointed over his shoulder.


Her lover chuckled as the small blonde man spun around.  Devon joined in on the laughter when Rob turned back to her sporting a scowl.  “I swear you are the gayest straight boy I’ve ever met,” she laughed as Andrea chuckled once again.  “So you wanted to know something?”


“Yes,” Rob fumed as Devon stared calmly over at him challenging him with her electric blue eyes.  “What happened?”

“I don’t know if I want to tell you,” Devon taunted him just a little more.  “I mean it is kind of personal.”

“I already know that you lost your virginity to Andrea on the class ski trip,” Rob supplied.

“My we did have an informative discussion,“ Devon addressed her lover.

“Not as informative as it could have been,” Andrea responded in a sultry tone as she ran her foot up along the back of Devon’s calf.  The brunette couldn’t suppress the moan that escaped as she felt her body erupting in a rash of goose bumps.


“Knock it off,” Rob scolded them.  “I’m waiting,“ He demanded as Devon cast another challenging glare over at him.  “Please?”


“Fine,” Devon conceded with a shiver as she held up her hand.  “Just stop whining. Tell me what Andie has already told you?”


“The two of you got together for the first time on a ski trip senior year,” Rob began in a hurried tone.  “You turned out to be a total jerk.  Then Penny the bitch spread a rumor that Andrea was a ‘ho.  You kneed some guy in the nuts and shoved another one into a locker. Erin tried to help.  You said you were sorry and then you ended up being friends.”

“That about sums it up,” Devon nodded as she smiled over at her lover who was enjoying watching the show.  “Not much to tell after that.”


“Don’t make me have you audited.  I have peeps who work for the IRS,” Rob threatened as Devon smiled coolly back at him.

“So does my lover,” Devon purred confidently.  “And she’s your boss isn’t she?”

“Oops,” Rob grimaced suddenly fearful that he may have over stepped his bounds.  “How about a good old fashioned bribe?”

“Now that works,” Devon responded with a cocky smirk.  “What’ cha have in mind sailor?”

“I’ll pick up the tab,” He meekly offered as Devon continued to stare at him.  “And I’ll throw in another bottle of that expensive wine you like.”


“It all started after the both us finished college,” Devon merrily began as Rob leaned in and hung on her every word.  It had actually started the day Devon had beat up Marshall and Stuart.  But Devon didn’t feel the need to share the few hot and heavy sessions the couple had shared in the back seat of Devon’s car.  Andie had learned a great deal from the whole ski trip fiasco.  One of the things she had learned was to value who she was and moved on.  By the time they moved away to begin college Devon was still struggling with who she was.



By the time Devon received her degree from Dartmouth she knew who she was and was proud.  The only thing she was struggling with besides the way her parents completely freaked out that after four long years in college she was completely clueless as to what she wanted to do with her life; a concept that troubled her parents a great deal more than her sexuality.


Devon finally came to a decision, to backpack around Europe.  She still could recall the stunned look on her parent’s faces when she told them.  “You can’t be serious?”  Her father shouted.  “No one backpacks around Europe anymore.”

“Well no,” Devon conceded.  “There is the rail and hostels.”

“By yourself?”  Her mother blanched.

“Yeah,” Devon shrugged as if traveling alone from continent to continent was no big deal.  “All of my so called friends have already gone.”

“Via the Four Seasons,” Her father bristled.

“Besides no is really talking to me anymore except Erin,” Devon argued.  “After I came out they all dropped my like a bad habit,” She watched as both of her parents stiffened.  “Right,” She hissed.  “Another subject that is off limits.  I’m only allowed to talk about Grad School or getting a job.”

“I don’t understand you,” Her father said absently.  “You act like those things don’t matter.  I know you grew up never wanting for anything but we’re not the Rockefeller’s. Someday you are going to have to work for a living.”

“I know,” Devon agreed with a heavy sigh.  “What I don’t know is what I want to do.  This is just a vacation before I have to settle down.  And I’m not asking for your permission or money.”


“Fine,” Her father finally gave in.  “How long?”

“I don’t know,” Devon threw out casually.

“Are you trying to make my head explode?”  Her father asked in utter bewilderment.


After everything was said and done Devon agreed to work for the rest of the summer and go to Europe on her own dime in the fall.  With her backpack and passport in hand she boarded the commuter rail that would take her from the suburb she grew up in to Boston.  When she boarded the train she felt her stomach flip in the most unnatural manner as she spied the only reason she would consider staying home.  “Hey,” She greeted Andie with a smile as she took the seat next to her.


“Devon?”  Andrea greeted her with a brilliant smile of her own.  Devon’s heart was racing as she shoved her pack under the seat.  Andie had changed in some very good ways.  Her hair was short, her glasses were gone and she had this aura about her that Devon found positively captivating.  “Where are you heading?”


“Europe,” Devon boasted.  “By way of Logan Airport.”

“Wow,” Andrea complimented her.  “For how long?”

“Don’t know,” Devon shrugged as she allowed her eyes to linger on Andrea’s well-toned body.

“Sounds like a real adventure,” Andrea responded brightly.

“So what about you?”  Devon asked sliding slightly closer to the blonde.

“School,” Andrea offered casually.  “Law school,” She clarified as Devon blinked with surprise.

“Oh?”  Devon stammered feeling some of the wind escaping her sails.  “That’s great.  I’d always known you’d do something big.  So, do you know what field?”

“Taxes,” Andrea chuckled as Devon grimaced.  “Say what you will, but I find it fascinating plus I’ve seen what the IRS can do to people.  They’re worse than the mob. I just want to keep people from getting screwed.”


“You will,” Devon reassured her unable to keep the pride out of her voice.  “I didn’t think it was the money.  You’re above that.”

“Thank you,” Andrea nodded gratefully.  “I just wish Sharon would see it that way.  She thinks of it as a ticket to the good life.  She’s a little jaded.”

“Sharon?”  Devon questioned with a slight scowl.

“My girlfriend,” Andrea shyly explained.

“Oh,” Devon sighed.  ‘Of course she has a girlfriend.  Andie is far too special to be alone.’  She mentally berated herself.

“How about you?”  Andrea offered the shyness growing as she spoke.  “Is there some one waiting for you over seas?”


“No,” Devon grunted.  Andie had just stumbled onto the one thing no one else had thought of, she was going to Europe because she had been hurt.  Two weeks before graduation Devon’s lover handed her walking papers and ripped her heart out.  “There was,” Devon added as she felt Andie watching her.  “She wasn’t who I thought she was.”

“Her loss,” Andrea stated with a hint of anger.

“Thanks,” Devon responded feeling suddenly guilty over the way she had treated Andie. It wasn’t the first time she found herself wondering if she had just accepted her feelings for the blonde things might have turned out differently for the both of them.


They chatted for the rest of the train trip into Boston.  Devon felt at ease with her old flame.  When they reached the airport each of them promised to write, knowing that they wouldn’t.  They hugged quickly before heading off in opposite directions.


Nineteen months later Devon returned home after her money finally ran out. So with her pockets empty and a degree she really couldn’t utilize, she returned to the United States a little older and a little wiser.  She thought about Grad school but the nagging question of what to study kept her at bay.  She could continue with art history but that would only lead her to teaching.  Something she was not certain she was capable of.  She did the only thing she could think of she moved back in with her parents.


Living with her parents wasn’t a bad deal since her old bedroom was bigger than most of her friend’s apartments and possessed more amenities.  Mililani prepared the family cook her meals whenever she chose to eat, and she could swim every morning in the heated pool.  Still living with her parents at the advanced age of twenty-four was stifling especially since they did not approve of her lifestyle.


As time passed Devon was beginning to feel that her parents were displeased whenever they looked at her and her younger brother John who had just squeaked by to get a degree from a mediocre college. She understood her parent’s awkward glances.  They had worked hard to make a home for them, to raise them properly, send them to college, and now when they should be enjoying their solitude it appeared that their off spring were never going to move out.


 Unlike John whom seemed more than a little content to living with his parents forever Devon was eager to strike out on her own.  Devon had always enjoyed her kid brother’s quick mind and easygoing nature.  Now she was worried that perhaps John’s laid-back attitude was a mask for his inert laziness.  John seemed to be under the misguided impression that even though he was now an adult his parents owed him something.  One afternoon after she had spent the day in Boston job hunting she looked at her brother lounging by the pool just as he did every afternoon.  “He is never going to move out,” She noted with a sudden understanding.


“My thoughts exactly,” Her mother grumbled from behind her.


Devon spun around surprised by her mother’s uncharacteristic assessment of her youngest child.  “Sorry I didn’t hear you Mom,” Devon choked out as she caught the grim look on her mother’s face.  Marion Dawson’s face quickly changed into the same smile that Devon was accustomed to seeing.  “Mom, don’t take this the wrong way,” Devon began as she linked her arm in her mother’s and guided her towards the library.  “But I am trying to get out of here as quickly as I can.”


“I know dear,“ Marion laughed as she gave her oldest child’s arm a gentle pat.  “And I understand that you wanting to leave isn’t because you don’t love us.   You just need to spread your wings.  It is only natural.”


A few days later Devon returned from another job interview exhausted and feeling defeated.  She checked her watch knowing that she was going to have to hurry if she was going to meet Erin on time.  She showered quickly and changed into a pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt. 


“Hey brat,” She greeted John as she stepped into the foyer.  Her brother was looking as he always did, clad in a bathing suit looking as if he had just woken up with a nasty hang over. Devon’s lips formed a slight scowl as she realized that he probably had just woken up and was once again sporting a nasty hang over.  “So what are you up to today?”  She inquired hoping that he actually had plans other than lounging by the pool until it was time to eat and then staying out with his friends until dawn.

“Not much,” He answered with an uncaring shrug.


“I haven’t seen your car in the garage for a couple of days is everything alright with it?”  She asked referring to the BMW their parents had given him as a gift when he barely managed to earn his High School diploma.


“It is in the shop,” He grumbled as he ran his fingers through his unruly locks.

“What’s wrong with it?”  Devon asked with concern.  “Maybe you should have taken it to Dayne’s instead of the dealership.”

“I did take it to Dayne’s,” John fumed.  “They took forever to fix it and now they are trying to screw me on the bill.   I’m going to have to ask Dad for the money. I really should unload that old clunker and get something more reliable.”


“That doesn’t sound like Mr. Dayne,” Devon mumbled as she wondered if by buying a new car John meant their parents should buy him a new car.  “Look I’ll I’m having dinner with Erin at Cilantros I’ll stop at the garage and see what I can do,” She offered as she started to head back up to her bedroom so she could grab her check book.  “Oh and John a four year old BMW is hardly a clunker,” She added with a disappointed snarl.


When Devon arrived at Dayne’s Garage & Auto Body shop she wasn’t prepared for what would happen next.  She was having a hard time believing that Mr. Dayne would intentionally pad a bill.  Most of the dealerships in the area contracted out to him plus almost everyone in town gave him their business since he was quick, good and most of all honest.


“Hello Mr. Dayne,” she greeted the stocky bow legged man whose eyes were like his daughters.

“Well if it isn’t little Devon Dawson,” He greeted her in his usual friendly manner. 

“Not so little anymore, Sir,” Devon chuckled as she nervously shoved her hands in the front pockets of her jeans.  She always felt just a little uncomfortable around the friendly older gentleman after she had slept with his daughter.  She sensed that the kindly Mr. Dayne, who was a retired Marine, might not react very well if he knew what she and Andie would do in the backseat of the car he use to tune up.  That and after he found out what Marshall and Stuart had said about Andrea he scared the both of them so badly they peed themselves.


“I’m here about John’s car,” She said with a slight stammer.

“Good to hear,” He blew out with relief.  “I was beginning to worry after he . . , well his vocabulary left a lot to be desired.  Let’s step into the office and I’ll get the invoice.”


Devon nodded in agreement as Mr. Dayne escorted her into his office.  She was beginning to wonder if her younger brother was turning into a major piss ant as she took a seat in the comfortable office.  As Mr. Dayne played with the computer she looked around the office smiling at all of the pictures of Andrea and her brothers’ scattered across the walls.  “Sorry this is taking so long Miss Dawson,” the older man apologized as he kept banging on the keys to the computer. “The computer was Andrea’s idea.  She’s the only one who can make it work right.  I tell you I’m as proud as I can be that she is doing so well for herself, but I sure miss her around here.  I can’t find a dang thing since she started law school.”


“Can I help?”  Devon offered eager to settle John’s debt and enjoy dinner with her cousin.

“I’d be grateful,’ he sighed as he slid his chair back and let her take over.  “You kids make it look so easy.”

“Just like the way you can fix a carburetor blind folded,” Devon teased him as she pulled up the invoice.  “Whoa!  Mr. Dayne I don’t mean any offense but this is awfully high,” Devon exclaimed as she scrolled down the invoice that included some very major repairs and extensive bodywork.  “I just saw his car a few days ago and it didn’t need any of this.”


“Not before he parked it in that stone wall out by Miller’s Grove,” Mr. Dayne explained.


“He what?” Devon bellowed. 

“Yup,” Mr. Dayne confirmed as he reached behind him and extracted a file from the cabinet.  “I got the call just after three in the morning to come out and tow him. I took some Polaroid’s just in case he needed it for the insurance.”


“That little idiot,” Devon grumbled.  She was well aware of the fact that Mr. Dayne could be very discreet when it came to a late night tow for the town’s youth.  Basically he could tow you and fix your car before the police ever got wind of what had happened. The only thing he wouldn’t do was cover up anything, and he would call the police if anyone was injured.  Devon never suspected that her little brother would be one of the callous idiots she looked down upon.  Devon was horrified when she looked at the pictures.  “He’s lucky he didn’t hurt anyone,” She muttered bitterly.  “Was he drinking?”


“Nope,” Mr. Dayne hesitantly responded as he quickly diverted his gaze.

“Smoking something?”  Devon hissed.

“Yup,”  Mr. Dayne confirmed as he stroked his whisker covered chin.

“Well the good news is that I don’t have nearly enough in my checking account to cover this,” Devon explained as she typed in some information. 

“How is that good news?” He asked.

“I have to put it on my Amex,” Devon responded with a cocky smirk as she typed in her credit card information.

“Ah,” He chuckled.  “Your parents get the bill don’t they?”

“Yes sir,” Devon laughed wickedly knowing that her little brother was going to have some serious explaining to do.  “There you go.  I typed in all the information.  You just need to run it through the credit card machine and it should be all set.”


She handed him her platinum card and waited for it to be approved.  “How are you doing these days?”  He politely inquired.

“Job hunting mostly,” She sighed deeply.

“What kind of work are you looking for?”  He casually inquired.

“Right now anything that will help me stop sponging off my parents,” Devon groaned.

“All set,” He informed her as he handed her back her card.  “Ever thought about working in an office?”

“Of course but I don’t really have secretarial skills,” Devon curiously responded.


By the time Devon met her cousin for dinner she had a bounce in her step and a new job. 

“So you are going to run the office at the garage?”  Erin asked for the third time.

“I know it is going to set the gossip mongers off,” Devon conceded.  “And my father will hate it.  But I can’t work at the family business.  If I go to work there I’ll end up staying forever.”

“Hey I work there,” Erin teased her. 

“Yes, but you happen to like working for our parents,” Devon explained.  “You want to end up running the company.  Not me.  This is just temporary until I find out what it is I want to be doing.”

“Plus you get all the inside info on your old flame,” Erin teased her with a wink.

“That isn’t why I took the job,” Devon argued knowing that the thought had crossed her mind.

“How did John take the news about the car?”  Erin offered effectively changing the subject.

“All I told him was it was paid for and he could pick it up,” Devon said with an evil smirk.  “It will serve the little bugger right when Mom and Dad get the bill.  You know he didn’t even thank me.”


“Man he is in for a surprise,” Erin cackled.  “So tell me about Europe, did you break a lot hearts?”

“A few,” Devon confessed.  “What I loved most about it was seeing all of the artwork I had only seen in text books.  It was amazing.  So what has been happening here?”


“Not much,” Erin groaned.  “Except that Penny is getting a divorce.”

“What?”  Devon asked.  “Never mind you know how I feel about gossip.”

“Understandable,” Erin conceded.  “I often wondered if you and Andrea would have worked things out if it wasn’t for all of the tongue wagging in this town.  But since Penny was the cause of most of it I don’t feel bad telling you how Richard left her for her hairdresser.  It was a huge scene at the Baxter’s summer party.  Richard got wasted and confessed that he only married her because she, and I quote, got herself pregnant.”


“You know I may not have been very good at science and I’m a lesbian but I doubt that Penny got pregnant without any assistance,” Devon fumed.  “Still with all the backstabbing gossip she has done over the years it does seem like poetic justice.  Maybe she’ll think twice from now on.”


“She hasn’t changed,” Erin grimly replied.  “The worse thing is it turns out Richard’s family lost everything on junk bonds.  Penny might end up paying him alimony.”


“I feel bad for her son,” Devon grumbled.

“So did you ask about her?”  Erin nudged her cousin.

“Penny?”  Devon asked in confusion.

“No,” Erin fumed.  “At the garage did you ask about Andrea?”

“It is only polite,” Devon defensively responded.  “She is his daughter.”

“Uh huh,” Erin chuckled.  “How is she?”

“She is doing great,” Devon said with a goofy smile she couldn’t prevent from sprouting across her face.  “School is going well and she will be doing an internship out in California this summer.  She has to do one every year.”

“I know,” Erin stated with a slight frown.  “Isn’t part of an internship a way of marketing yourself to prospective employers?”

“Yeah,” Devon muttered.

“So she could end up working on the other side of the country?”  Erin echoed Devon’s fears.

“I know,” Devon grumbled.

“Did you ever write to her after running into her on the train?”  Erin pushed.

“No,” Devon responded in a dejected tone. “Why would I?  She has someone and I’m just the past.  She’s the past.  There will never be anything between us, not romantically anyways.”

“Right,” Erin scoffed in disbelief.


Time passed far too quickly in Devon’s world.  She ended up working for Mr. Dayne for almost two years.  Somehow she managed not to be around whenever Andie came home for a visit.  It wasn’t intentional just that Devon really didn’t want to see Andie with her partner.  Mr. Dayne became very suspicious over Devon’s constant inquiries regarding his little girl.  She knew the man liked her, but she suspected that he had figured out that she and Andrea were a little more than passing acquaintances.


During the two years she managed to bring Mr. Dayne’s office into the twentieth century.  Then the small bookstore next door to the garage went under from the constant pressure of the larger chains.  Devon decided what her sleepy little suburb needed was art.  She took all of her money and bought the empty storefront.  She knew that success was only a slim possibility and she would probably need to keep working for Mr. Dayne for quite some time.


Despite her father’s financial help Devon still needed to do a lot of the work herself in preparing the shop and the two apartments above the shop.  Her lunch hours and evenings were spent painting, cleaning and building shelves, and soliciting young artists.  Thankfully Mr. Dayne and the other guys from the garage pitched in whenever they could.  It struck Devon as funny that after growing up on the hill her close friends were a bunch of grease monkeys.  Of course that was only after she was accepted as one of the guys.  Much like Tammy and Brenda, the two female mechanics at the garage, the boys took awhile to warm up to them.  Of course even though they were treated like one of the boys, Mr. Dayne insisted that they were always treated like ladies.


One night Mr. Dayne, and Rodney from the garage were painting the shop when her father arrived.  “Evening Dirk,” her father greeted the mechanic with a hearty handshake.  Devon was pleased at how well the two men got along.  Each of them was special in her life and it made her happy that they looked past the social differences that separated them.

“Jim, how are you?”  Mr. Dayne greeted him.  “How is John?”

“That boy is never going to get his butt up off of the couch much less move out,” Jim Dawson grumbled.  “He is still whining that we never sent him to Europe like his sister.  Doesn’t matter that she paid her own way.”

“Sorry to hear that,” Mr. Dayne sympathized.

“How are your boys?”  Jim Dawson inquired as he shook off his suit jacket and rolled up his sleeves.

“Good,”  Mr. Dayne proudly responded.  “Jack is doing well at school. I’m a little worried about Simon he thinks they might send him overseas. I’m proud that he followed in my footsteps, and signed up but I not going to sleep very well if he gets sent into a hot zone.”

“I can’t blame you for that,” Jim shook his head as he picked up a paintbrush. “Well we can be proud of our girls.”

“That we can,” Dirk smiled as the two men started painting.

“Come to help out Dad?”  Devon threw out before the conversation moved to Andie.

“I sure did,” he proudly responded.  “How is Andrea?  Devon tells me she is doing very well.”

“She should know since she asks about her all the time,” Dirk snickered.  “I never realized that the two of them were friends until Devon started working for me.”


Devon swallowed hard as she noticed both men looking at her strangely.  “We hung out a little in High School,” Devon blurted out.  “So, Dad the apartments are done.  I should be moving into mine over the weekend.”

“Can you take your brother?” Jim quipped.

“Sorry but I need a paying tenant,” Devon quickly refused.  Her brother had hinted around about wanting the unit on the top floor.

“Speaking of which,” Dirk interrupted.  “I think I found someone for you.”

“Not Rodney,” Devon quipped as Rodney chuckled.  Everyone knew that Devon was having a hard time finding a responsible tenant she could feel comfortable with.  “I keep telling him his wife wouldn’t like it if he had his own apartment.”

“I don’t know, all the work you did on those places they are pretty sweet,” Rodney teased.

“You mean all the work you and the rest of the guys did,” Devon corrected him.  “So Mr. Dayne you think you found someone who could afford the rent I’m asking?”


Devon knew for what she was offering the high rent she was requesting was more than fair.  It was just hard to find someone who could afford it.  “I think so,” Dirk answered in a playful tone.  “She’s a lawyer just took a position with Brenner & Klein and needs a place here in town.”

“That is a very impressive firm,” Devon acknowledged the large firm that was housed just beyond the city limits. 

“They should be impressive for the fees they charge,” Jim laughed.  “Of course that’s why my company hired them.  A woman attorney that could be very nice,” He added playfully.


“Geez Dad,” Devon groaned.  “I think I liked it better when you just ignored my lifestyle.”

“What?”  Jim laughed.

“Mine’s the same way,”  Dirk grumbled.  “The moment I was all accepting suddenly she doesn’t want to talk about her love life.”

“What woman in her right mind chats with her Dad about her love life?”  Devon argued.  “So was this woman referred by Andie?”

“No Andrea didn’t refer her,” Dirk responded.  Devon didn’t miss the way he corrected her on his daughter’s name.  “I think you’ll like her as a tenant,” he added in a professional tone that surprised Devon.


“If she has your seal of approval Mr. Dayne I can’t go wrong,” Devon agreed.  “Send her around to see the place.”


A week later Devon was putting the finishing touches on the gallery for the Grand Opening the following week.  “Let’s hope the folks on the hill like the art or I’ll be out of business by the end of the month,” she muttered to herself as she hung a large fresco on the wall.  “Well I could always turn it into an ice cream parlor,” she noted dejectedly as she looked at her watch.  She had just about a half an hour before her perspective tenant was due to arrive.  Mr. Dayne had been very evasive about the young lawyer, only informing Devon that she would be by around six o’clock.


A knock on the front window stirred her out of her musings.  Devon’s jaw dropped when she saw who was standing outside.  Once her brain stopped misfiring she raced over and unlocked the front door.  Andie flashed a shy smile as she stepped inside the gallery.  “I’m a little early,” Andie offered in a quiet tone.

“For?”  Devon began in a confused tone until she realized what was going on.  “Oh you’re here to see the apartment?”


“Yes,” Andie stammered slightly.  “I’m sorry.  My Dad didn’t tell me you were the one renting the apartment.  I thought you were working for him.”

“I am,” Devon laughed as she thought about strangling her boss. 

“I was surprised when he told me that a couple years ago,”  Andie confessed.

“I needed a job,”  Devon shrugged.  “Besides your Dad is a great boss and I really love the crew.”

“I know.  I worked in the office from the time I was twelve until law school,”  Andie agreed as Devon locked up the front.  “This looks great.”

“I hope so,”  Devon blew out in frustration as she allowed Andie to look around.  “Hopefully it will draw the city crowd into town.”


“You’ll do well,”  Andie reassured her as she flashed the tall brunette a familiar smile.  “If you want I could help you with some financial planning, free of charge of course.”

“I’d be an idiot to refuse,”  Devon smiled in return noticing the slight shiver Andie released.  “Come on I’ll show you the apartment.  We can go up through my place from here.”


“Oh so you live here as well,”  Andie stammered slightly as Devon guided her through the back past her office and up the back stairwell.

“I have the second floor,”  Devon explained silently praying that Andie would pass on the apartment.  “The third floor isn’t as big, but you have a separate entrance so the traffic from the gallery won’t disturb you,”  Devon continued as they entered her new home.


“This is nice,” Andie complimented her as she followed Devon to the back entrance.


Devon couldn’t take her eyes off of Andie as she showed her the vacant third floor apartment.  ‘Please say no,’  Devon silently pleaded thinking there was no way she could endure living beneath Andie and her lover.  Especially since, in her humble opinion, Andie had blossomed into an incredible woman.  Devon wasn’t certain which surprised her more, her instant attraction to her old flame or that Andie actually rented the apartment?


“I’ll have an extra set of keys made for . . .,”  Devon stammered as she exchanged a set of keys for the healthy check Andie had just penned.  “I’m sorry I forgot your partner’s name.”

“My?”  Andie began as a worried looked clouded her features.  Her face brightened as she realized what Devon was talking about.  “Not to worry she’s been gone for quite some time.”

“Not a happy parting?”  Devon asked suddenly feeling a great deal better about the new living arrangements.

“Not a happy woman,”  Andie explained with a groan.  “In fact she would flip out if she knew I was renting an apartment from  a . . .,”  Andie hesitated seemingly searching for the right word.

“Old girlfriend,”  Devon offered.

“That’s one way to describe us,”  Andie laughed.  “I think I am going to enjoy living here,”  Andie paused for a brief moment as she blushed slightly.  “I’ll get to see Dad all of the time,” She quickly added.

“Welcome to the neighborhood,” Devon offered as she held out her hand.  She felt a jolt racing through her body as Andie accepted her hand. 


A week later Devon was a nervous wreck.  The events preceding the galleries’ opening had been just the distraction she needed.  She was so focused on Andie’s return and subsequent move that she didn’t have time to worry about the opening. Instead she was far too focused on spending time with Andie who had graciously offered to help her prepare for the opening.


The opening was in full swing, Devon was pleased with the turn out and the sales.  Between her parents, Erin, old acquaintances, and Andie all of who used their connections to make the opening a resounding success. After the last sale was made and the last matron placated Devon locked the doors.  “Whoa,” she blew out as she dimmed the lights.


She smiled at Andie who was uncorking a bottle of champagne.  She had been thrilled when Andie offered to stay behind and help clean up.  “You done good,”  Andie congratulated her as she handed the tall brunette a glass of champagne before pouring one for herself.

“We done good,” Devon protested as she clinked her glass against the small blonde’s.

“The good news is that they will be back,”  Andie reassured her.  “You’re a hit Dawson.  Of course I never doubted it for a moment.”


“Thank you,” Devon accepted the compliment not really focusing on the night, since her thoughts were riveted to how good Andie looked in her short black dress that clung in all  the right places.  A shiver ran through the tall brunette’s body as she noticed that Andie’s eyes were traveling up along her body.  “What would you say if I suggested that we don’t clean up until the morning since it is Sunday?”


“Well,”  Andie responded in a breathy tone as she closed the distance between them.  “I’d say grab a couple bottles of that very fine bubbly I ordered and we can go upstairs to your place and celebrate your success.”


Devon inhaled sharply as Andie traced her jaw with her fingers.  Devon tilted her head as her eyes drifted from Andie’s amazing emerald orbs down to her lips.  She gasped as she spied Andie’s pink tongue peek out and wet her lips.  “Kiss me,”  Andie requested in a breathy tone.


Devon felt her knees buckle as she granted the blonde’s request.  Each of them carefully held onto their glasses as their bodies melded together.  Andie moaned as Devon parted her lips with her tongue.  Devon was stunned as the familiar fire filled her as their tongues greeted one another.  Each blew out a heavy breath as the kiss ended and they pressed their foreheads together.  “Wow,” Devon whispered as she felt Andie’s hand caressing her hip.  “Still.”

“Still what?”  Andie murmured against her skin.

“You can still burn me with your kisses,” Devon confessed as she shifted and looked into Andie’s eyes that were burning with desire.


“And you can still make me melt with just one look,” Andie confessed as she took Devon by the hand. 


Devon grabbed a bottle of champagne as Andie led her up the back staircase and into her apartment.  Devon only broke contact to lock the apartment door and kick off her shoes.  She smiled as Andie shrunk once her heels were also discarded.  “Damn,” Andie teased as she took Devon by the hand and led her to the bedroom.  “I forgot how tall you are.”


“Never seemed to a problem,” Devon teased Andie as she placed their glasses and the bottle of champagne on the nightstand by the bed. “In fact I distinctly recall you saying how much you enjoyed climbing up me,” Devon purred as she cupped Andie’s face and began to shower her with kisses.


“Oh I remember,” Andie groaned as she began to lower the zipper on the back of Devon’s dress.  Devon allowed her lover to lower the garment to her waist.  “This is what I like the most about your height,” Andie explained as her gaze met evenly with Devon’s cleavage.  “Just perfect,” Andie groaned as Devon’s dress fell to the floor.


Devon moaned as she laced her finger through Andie’s short blonde hair, while her lover nestled her face between her breasts.  “Do you have any idea how many times I snuck a peek at her breasts in the locker room?”  Andie groaned as she licked the swell of Devon’s breasts.

“No,” Devon squeaked in response.  “Of course I was probably too busy checking out your ass.”


Andie released the clasp on Devon’s bra as the brunette began to lower Andie’s dress until it, too, fell to the floor.  Andie discarded Devon’s bra and quickly captured the brunette’s nipples between her fingers.  “Andie,” Devon moaned as her hands frantically went about trying to remove the smaller woman’s garments.


They became lost in a frenzy of kisses as they frantically removed one another’s clothing.  They kicked the unwanted garments aside as they fell onto the bed.  “You still feel so right,” Andie moaned as Devon captured the smaller woman’s body beneath her own.


Devon moaned in agreement as their bodies melted together.  She could feel Andie’s desire glistening against her skin as she slipped her thigh between her lover’s legs.  Andie released small gasps as Devon captured her nipple between her lips.  Andie’s body arched against her pressing her firm thigh against Devon’s aching center.  Devon thrust against her lover’s thigh as she suckled her nipple urgently.  “I need to feel you,” Andie pleaded as she clutched Devon’s broad shoulders tightly as their bodies moved in a slow sensual rhythm. 


No longer the fumbling adolescents they became one as they moved against one another each fanning the flames of the other’s passion.  As Devon suckled Andie’s erect nipple she slipped her hand between their sweat-covered bodies.  She shifted as Andie wrapped her legs around her waist and pressed her wetness firmly against Devon’s stomach.


Realizing that she was smothering her lover Devon rolled over onto her back carrying Andie with her.  She loved the feel of the smaller woman straddling her body as Andie rocked against her.  Devon watched Andie’s hips pumping against her as her firm full breasts swayed above her.  “My God you are so beautiful,” Devon gasped as she watched Andie’s body moving against her as the blonde’s emerald eyes became glazed.


“Oh Devon,”  Andie murmured as Devon ran her hand down along the front of the blonde’s body.  She could feel the sweaty heat and desire burning her fingers as she made her descent.  Devon gasped sharply as her fingers brushed Andie’s damp curls.  Her lover’s wetness glistened against her touch as they became lost in a haze of desire.  “Hmm,” Andie choked out as she bit down on her bottom lip when Devon’s fingers slipped between her swollen lips.


Andie’s body fell forward as Devon’s fingers ran along her sex.  Devon entered her lover as Andie’s lips captured her nipple.  She could feel Andie’s wetness filling her hand as she wiggled her fingers deep inside of the blonde’s warm wetness.  As she slipped deeper inside of her lover Andie suckled her harder.


They bodies twitched as Devon pressed her breast deeper inside her lover’s mouth while she plunged in and out of Andie.  The blonde’s clit pulsated against her thumb as she stroked the throbbing nub.  Devon groaned with disappointment as Andie’s mouth left her body.  Andie lifted her body and slowly ran her hands down Devon’s skin while her hips rode against the brunette’s touch. 


She felt Andie’s tiny fingers brushing against the dark curls of her mound.  She cried out as she felt her lover parting her and dipping inside of her wetness.  Andie looked down at Devon her eyes hooded with desire as she entered her lover.  “Yessssss,”  Devon cried out as they pleasured each other.  She could feel Andie’s body tighten against her just as her own body did the same.  Devon reached the crest first crying out her lover’s name.


Her body trembled as Andie continued to pleasure her.  She in turn pleasured the smaller woman by taking her deeper.  Andie reached out and clutched the headboard with her free hand while her hips thrust against Devon’s touch in a demanding rhythm.  Devon climaxed once again as she watched her lover’s body tense while her head fell back.  Andie cried out as she collapsed against Devon’s body.


Their bodies refused to still as they wrapped themselves around one another and began kissing deeply.  They couldn’t stop touching the other until they found themselves drinking in the other’s passion.  Devon suckled her lover’s clit as she felt Andie’s tongue plunging inside of her.


They feasted upon one another until they released their screams into their lover’s wetness.  Devon was still on fire as she nestled behind her panting lover.  She could feel Andie’s heat still burning as they swayed against each other.  Devon wrapped her arms around Andie’s waist as she pressed her wetness against the blonde’s firm ass.  As they rocked wildly against one another, Andie slipped her hand between them and stroked Devon’s swollen clit.


Devon peered over Andie’s shoulder as she touched her riding against the heel of her own hand while her fingers teased the brunette. Devon licked the sweat from Andie’s shoulder as their bodies danced together.  Devon suckled Andie’s neck as she felt the blonde’s body climaxing against her.  She kissed Andie’s neck harder as she continued to ride against the blonde’s body until she, too, fell into the abyss.


Devon tightened her hold around Andie’s waist while their bodies trembled releasing the last waves of passion.  Devon sighed contently as she spooned her lover who had covered Devon’s hands with her own.  “I can feel your heart beating,” Andie sighed with a smile.


“I can feel yours too,” Devon smiled as she placed a tender kiss on Andie’s shoulder.  “This feels so right,”  Devon whispered knowing that the frenzied love making stemmed more from how good it felt to be touched by Andie than all of the years they had lost.  “Don’t let me screw this up this time,”  Devon muttered more to herself than her lover.


“Not a chance,”  Andie reassured her.




“That’s the whole sordid story,”  Devon concluded as she motioned to their server that Rob should receive the check. Rob took the check as he stared at the both of them.  The poor blonde’s eyes were as wide as saucers.

“All those years apart and that is all it took was one kiss?”  Rob blurted out as he handed over his credit card.

“I told you that is the whole story,” Devon taunted him as she stood and pulled out the chair for her lover.

“Well not the whole story,” Andie added as she stood and took her lover by the hand.

“Wait!”  Rob called after the giggling couple as they stepped out of the restaurant.  “You can’t do that to me.  What happened next?”


“That wasn’t very nice,”  Devon chastised her lover as they headed towards their home.

“Serves him right,”  Andie laughed.  “Come on let’s go home.”


The End


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