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Stolen Moments

(Miss Larilia’s Lesson Part Two)

By Mavis Applewater

June 2002

Disclaimers: Yes, I know whom they look like but despite the resemblance to our two favorite ancient Greek gal pals, this story and characters belong solely to the author. This story may not be reproduced, posted or sold without the author’s permission.


As always this is for Heather.



Part One




            Vivian waited in her room at the boarding house knowing that she would come to her. Nellie was like a force of nature. A fire burned deeply within the young girl and it drew Vivian in. At first the quiet schoolteacher was certain that she would be able to resist the young blonde’s charms. After all Nellie was to be married. The thought of another touching the girl repulsed Vivian. Now they had made love and nothing would ever be the same between the two of them.


            Vivian knew without question that she should be the one to end their relationship. Yet she was unable to resist. She had been burned by Nellie’s fire and now she wish to drown in it. She was pacing the floorboards of her tiny room knowing that she was one who had given in to the temptation of Nellie’s body. She was the one who had nuzzled the young girl’s neck. She was the one who started touching the blonde in an inappropriate manner. And she was the one who had taken Nellie’s virtue. Now she was waiting for the woman that she was in love with because she had invited her to her room that evening.

            “We could go to jail or be hung for what we have done.” Vivian gasped quietly in the darkness. This wasn’t a new fear in her life, but now she had endangered an innocent girl who was about to be married. “I must turn her away if she comes to me tonight.” She vowed as she stared out onto the darken streets of Cedar Grove. “I am going to miss this town and her.” She choked out as the shy rapping invaded her solitude.

            Vivian fought against the tears as she kept her back to the door. “I can’t let her in.” She reasoned knowing that she was causing her lover pain. She held her spot at the window firmly as the shy knocking grew steadily more insistent. “Vivian?” Come the hush whisper and the schoolteacher felt her resolve and good intentions melting away. Before she could listen to her own voice telling her to stop she threw open the door.

            Nellie was trembling as she stepped quietly into the room. Vivian’s heart was pounding as she closed the door quietly behind them. “You were planning on turning me away?” Nellie said quietly in confusion.

“Yes.” Vivian confessed as she turned away from the sight of her lover who was wrapping her robe tightly around her tiny body. “Do you know how dangerous this love is?” Vivian voice catching slightly as she stared down at the floor. “There are people, some of them are your friends and neighbors who if we are caught will think that lynching would be too good for us.”

“I know Vivian.” Nellie responded firmly. Vivian heard the floorboards creaking as her lover stepped closer to her.

“Do you?” Vivian persisted as she felt the warmth of her lover’s body standing dangerously close to her.

            Vivian trembled as she felt Nellie’s fingertips lightly caressing her arm. “I know that I love you.” Nellie said in a voice barely above a whisper. “I know that the only obstacle that could keep me away from you would be my death.” Nellie wrapped her arms around Vivian’s trembling body from behind. The tall schoolteacher was helpless to resist her young lover’s touch. Her body leaned into the touch and Vivian was lost in the warmth emanating from behind her.

            “I love you.” Vivian said in a meek tone knowing that she would do anything her lover asked of her. Vivian’s blue eyes fluttered shut as she felt Nellie’s hands making comforting circles across her abdomen. Vivian’s head fell back slightly as Nellie’s caresses grew bolder. The schoolteacher’s nipples harden as her thighs began to quiver.

            Nellie’s hands drifted up Vivian’s body and gently cupped her breasts as she nuzzled her face into Vivian’s back. The tall schoolteacher’s back arched as she felt her lover’s palms grazing across her aching nipples. Vivian released a strangled whimper as Nellie’s palms began to trace her nipples in a circular pattern. “I need to feel you.” Nellie said softly her hot breath seeping thru the material of Vivian’s nightgown. “Nellie.” Vivian panted in response.

            Her mind was clouded by Nellie’s touch as she struggled to tell her lover what she wanted. “Nellie.” She repeated trying to form the words of passion that were pulsating thru her body.

“Yes my love.” Came the breathy response as tiny fingers began to roll and pinch her aching nipples.

“Aah.” Vivian cried out as Nellie’s fingers and hands increased their exploration. Vivian clasped her hand over her mouth praying that none of the other guests had heard her cries of pleasure. Her back arched as she pressed her breasts deeper into her lover’s hands.

            One of Nellie’s hands drifted a slow tantalizing path along Vivian’s body while the other continued to tease her breast. She felt her lover’s hand on her hip as Nellie began to gather up the soft material of her sleeping gown. “I need to see your beauty.” Nellie pleaded hotly against the nape of her neck. Vivian’s breathing grew ragged as she felt Nellie’s lips brushing the back of her neck.

            Vivian stepped out of her lover’s embrace and turned to her. She found herself lost in a smoky green haze as she pulled up her sleeping gown. Slowly the schoolteacher removed her clothing and tossed it across the room. “You as well my love.” Vivian instructed her young lover in a husky tone that was filled with desire. Her lips trembled with sweet anticipation as she watched her lover’s robe fall to the floor. “Everything.” She implored the young blonde. “Our clothing must not gather the fragrance of our passion.” Vivian cautioned Nellie tenderly. The blonde nodded in understanding as she quickly shed her clothing.

            “I love you.” Vivian whispered in wonderment as she drank in the glorious slight of her young lover’s firm naked body standing before her. She held out her hand beckoning her lover to join her. Nellie reached out and clasped her hand tightly. Vivian had every intention of leading the beautiful blonde over to her tiny bed. It appeared that Nellie had other desires to satisfy first as she sank to her knees. Vivian inhaled sharply as she looked down at the emerald orbs twinkling up at her.

            Nellie’s warm breath caressed the dark curls as Vivian’s leg opened inviting her lover in. Vivian stroked Nellie’s golden locks as she guided her towards her passion. Nellie clasped Vivian’s hips tightly as she placed gentle kisses along her abdomen. Vivian whimpered in response as Nellie’s tongue dipped playfully into her navel. Vivian bit down on her lower lip as she fought against the urge to press her lover deep inside her passion. Instead she enjoyed the feel of Nellie’s soft silky hair.

            Nellie continued to stare deeply into Vivian’s eyes as her mouth drifted lowered further fueling the brunette’s longing desire. Vivian’s thighs parted even further as her lover clasped her firm backside with one hand and parted her nether lips with the other. “Taste me.” Vivian encouraged her in a soft tone. “Taste the passion you have created simply with your smile.” Nellie never broke the intensity of her gaze as her tongue dipped into Vivian’s wetness.

            Vivian’s breathing seemed to come to a halt as her lover’s tongue glided along her slick folds. Nellie murmured with delight as she drank in Vivian’s essence. The air was pressing against her lungs unable to escape as her clit pulsated. Her passion flowed as Nellie buried her face deeper inside of her. The feel of Nellie’s tongue slowly licking away every drop of wetness was driving the schoolteacher insane. Her breath rushed out in a throaty gasp as Nellie captured her throbbing button in her mouth and began to suckle it greedily.

            Vivian’s hips swayed as she pressed Nellie deeper inside of her. The blonde seemingly understanding her urgency suckled her nub harder as she pressed two fingers against Vivian’s center. Vivian’s mind was spinning as her lover devoured her clit while her fingers entered her center. “Yes Nellie.” She pleaded helplessly as her hips thrust forward. Nellie’s fingers plunged in and out of the warmth of her center. She felt Nellie’s teeth grazing her button as she pressed tightly on the back of the blonde’s head, driving her deeper inside of her.


            “Sweet Jesus.” Vivian choked out as she felt her thighs trembling against her lover’s face. Nellie’s hands and mouth began moving in a frantic rhythm as Vivian clung to her. The schoolteacher’s breathing was labored as she felt herself nearing the edge of pure bliss. Vivian’s hips rocked wildly as she felt her passion exploding. Her knees felt weak as her body convulsed against her lover.

            Nellie’s fingers stilled and remained deep inside of her. Vivian gazed down upon the soft golden hair nestled between her thighs. Her lover was humming happily as she continued to taste the schoolteacher’s wetness. Vivian smiled down upon her eager lover. “Nellie.” She beckoned her lover whom seemed insistent upon continuing her exploration. Vivian could still feel the passion still pulsating thru her body as she stepped slightly away from Nellie’s touch. She heard her lover grumbling in disappointment as she reluctantly slid her fingers out of the warmth of Vivian’s center.

“I need to hold you.” Vivian implored her deeply as Nellie rested her head on the brunette’s quivering stomach.

            Nellie stood and wrapped her arms around Vivian’s naked body. The schoolteacher wrapped her arms around Nellie’s warm body and kissed her golden crown tenderly. “We do not have much time.” Vivian explained. “And I need to pleasure you. I need to feel your body responding to my touch.” Nellie raised her head and Vivian watched her emerald eyes dancing merrily. “Is it any wonder that you have stolen my heart?” Vivian confessed as she caressed her lover’s cheek.

            Nellie turned away shyly. Vivian captured the blonde’s face gently and turned her towards her gaze. “Why so shy all of sudden?” Vivian teased Nellie brightly.

“I don’t know what it is you see in me?” Nellie confessed with a blush. Vivian stared back at the younger woman in confusion. “You are so beautiful.” Nellie continued as she leaned into Vivian’s blush.

“Is it possible that you are completely unaware of just how captivating you are?” Vivian said in soft wonderment. Nellie’s eyes once again drifted away shyly. “If my words have failed to convince you then perhaps I should show you just how deeply I care.” Vivian asserted as she brushed her lips along Nellie’s cherub features.

            Nellie moaned softly as Vivian’s lips continued to caress her milky white skin. Vivian could feel Nellie’s firm body trembling against her own. “Lay down on the bed.” She whispered huskily into her lover’s ear. Nellie clasped Vivian’s hips tightly her breath caressing the brunette’s skin. “Lay on your stomach.” Vivian continued firmly as Nellie gasped in response. Vivian felt her lover’s wetness pressing against her thigh as Nellie placed a tender kiss between the valley of her breasts.

            Vivian’s smile grew brighter as Nellie stepped away from her and reclined on her bed. The schoolteacher’s clit began to throb in a steady rhythm as she watched her lover roll over on to her stomach. As Vivian crossed the small distance her eyes never left the sight of Nellie’s firm young body lying across her bed bathed in the soft glow of the moonlight streaming through the window. Vivian climbed up onto the bed allowing her long dark tresses to brush across her lover’s skin. Nellie moaned with pleasure as she felt Vivian’s hair tickling her sensitive flesh.

            Vivian straddled her lover’s body and brushed her long strawberry blonde hair away from the nape of her neck. Vivian lowered her mouth to the nape of her lover’s neck as she pressed her wetness into the blonde’s firm backside. “Can you feel what you do to me?” Vivian said huskily as her warm breath teased the nape of Nellie’s neck. “Yes.” Nellie responded weakly as her hips rose slightly to greet Vivian’s dark wet curls.

            Vivian kissed her way down her lover’s body her mouth and tongue drinking in every delightful inch of Nellie’s quivering form. Vivian brushed her aching nipples deeply into Nellie’s firm back. Her eager young lover continued to roll her hips deeper against Vivian’s passion. Vivian moaned deeply as she licked the length of Nellie’s spine. “Please.” Nellie pleaded as Vivian began to worship her backside with her hands and mouth.

            Vivian ran her hands slowly up and down the length of Nellie’s body as the blonde raised herself up on her hands and knees. “Yes that’s it my love.” Vivian encouraged the young blonde before she traced her tongue along Nellie’s firm round cheeks. She could hear Nellie’s breathing becoming increasingly ragged as she raised herself up.

            Vivian knelt behind her lover and smiled at the sight of Nellie freely offering herself to her. “So full of love and passion.” Vivian said in sheer amazement as she clasped her lover’s hips firmly. Nellie moaned as she parted her thighs wider. Vivian sighed deeply as the scent of her lover’s arousal invaded her senses. The schoolteacher straddled her lover’s hips as Nellie’s hips thrust backward.

            Vivian’s hips thrust forward to greet her lover’s urgent need. The brunette pressed her desire deep inside of Nellie. The blonde gasped as she pressed her hips harder against Vivian’s wetness. “I need to taste you again.” Nellie pleaded. “Please Vivian let me taste you.” The schoolteacher responded by grinding her hips harder against Nellie’s body.

            “Not yet my love.” Vivian said softly. “First I need to feel you explode against me.” Vivian’s body thrust harder as Nellie rocked in a wild rhythm meeting her every move. She watched in a lustful amazement as Nellie’s head jerked back her eyes filled with a wild abandonment. Vivian could feel her own climax growing as she reached around her lover’s body.

            Her heart pounded faster as she felt her lover’s over flowing desire coating her fingers. Vivian hissed as she dipped her fingers into her lover’s wetness. Nellie released a strangled whimper as Vivian entered her center. Their bodies continued to grind together wildly as Vivian felt the walls of Nellie’s center gripping her fingers tightly. Vivian could feel her control slipping as she grinded her throbbing clit deeper against Nellie’s body. She began to plunge in and out of the blonde’s wetness as the bed creaked from their frantic pace.

            Nellie buried her face in the down pillow as she screamed out in ecstasy. Vivian felt Nellie’s body trembling as she exploded against the schoolteacher’s body. Vivian bit down on her bottom lip so she could stifle her own screams of pleasure. Vivian was still thrusting against Nellie as their bodies arched and collapsed against the bed.

            Nellie was still crying out into Vivian’s pillow as the brunette continued to ride her body driving both woman over the edge once again. Vivian’s movements stilled as she allowed the aftermath of the pleasure to seep thru their exhausted bodies. She brushed Nellie’s hair aside to reveal the blonde’s flushed features. Vivian kissed her sweat-stained brow gentle as Nellie smiled up at her.

            Once their breathing had calmed Vivian finally had enough energy to reluctantly roll her body off of Nellie’s. The blonde reached out to her and Vivian captured the small hands in her own. “The moon is fading my love.” She said with soft regret as she began to kiss each one of Nellie’s delicate digits. It broke the schoolteacher’s heart as her lover’s smile vanished. “I need . . .” Nellie started to protest.

            Vivian cut off Nellie’s pleas as she pulled her lover in for a long sensual kiss. “We need to get cleaned up and you need to return to your own room.” Vivian instructed Nellie firmly. She felt the pang striking her heart as her lover simply nodded sadly in response. Vivian’s body felt cold as Nellie climbed out of her bed. “Will it always be like this?” Nellie inquired sadly as she poured water from the pitcher that rested on the dresser into the basin.

            Vivian opened her mouth to speak but the words failed to come. She had no answer to offer. Soon Nellie would marry and they would never be allowed to enjoy even these few stolen moments of pleasure. She watched as Nellie’s body stiffened before she began to cleanse her body. A tear ran down Vivian’s cheek as she watched her lover washing away any trace of their passion.

            As Nellie dressed Vivian washed her own body before redressing in her night clothing. Both women remained silent as they embraced one another tenderly. After a brief kiss Nellie stepped out of Vivian’s room leaving the schoolteacher alone with her thoughts. Vivian pressed her fingers to her own lips that were still tingling from Nellie’s touch.



Part Two

            Nellie hurried downstairs in hopes that she would see Vivian before she left for the schoolhouse. The energetic blonde felt her heart pounding at the thought of seeing her lover even for a few brief moments. She still found it hard to believe that just a few short hours ago she was making love to the beautiful schoolteacher. In just one day her life had changed completely.

            She hurried into the dinning room with a tray of food. Her Mother seemed surprised at her eagerness to help out. Nellie was happy that her Mother was pleased since she had been rather cold towards Nellie when she discovered that the blonde had shunned her intended to enjoy a picnic with Vivian instead. Nellie blushed slightly as she caught the sparkling blue orbs watching her carefully from across the room. Nellie chuckled slightly as she served the other guests, saving Vivian’s table for last in order to steal a few lingering moments with her lover. If Nellie’s mother had any idea what had transpired between her and the schoolteacher yesterday afternoon she was quite certain that she would be locked in her room until her wedding day.

“Good Morning Miss Larilia.” Nellie greeted her lover brightly as she placed her breakfast on the table.

“Good Morning Nellie.” Vivian purred in response.

            The deep timber of her lover’s voice made the blonde’s knees tremble in expectation. “Steady.” Vivian cautioned her in a low tone.

“You have no idea what it is that you do to me.” Nellie whispered softly so that only Vivian could hear her words. “Tonight?” Nellie inquired hopefully as she heard her mother’s stern voice calling out to her.

“Yes.” Vivian responded in a rich tone that once again caused Nellie’s heart to beat a little faster. Nellie stared deeply into Vivian’s crystal blue eyes that were filled with promise. Their fingers brushed slightly causing Nellie’s body to become covered with goose bumps. Nellie smiled slyly before gathering up her tray and answering her mother’s frantic call.

            “I swear girl I don’t understand what goes on in that head of yours.” Her mother chastised her as they entered the kitchen. “Didn’t you hear me calling you?”

“Yes mother.” Nellie responded dryly.

“Why are you always bothering poor Miss Larilia?” Her mother continued with her tirade.

“We are friends.” Nellie snapped quickly instantly regretting the tone she had taken.

“Excuse me young lady?” Her mother glared down at her. “ I want you to leave that schoolteacher alone. You shouldn‘t be spending your time with a spinster. Thankfully this nonsense will cease once you are married.”

            Nellie’s heart sank when the words reached her ears. Nellie couldn’t marry Freddy or anyone else. She belonged to the raven-haired beauty sitting in the dinning room. The same woman her mother had just instructed her to stay away from. She knew that tone her mother used there was no room for debate. For now she would need to settle on sneaking out of her room at night. “Mother Vivian and I are friends.” Nellie tried to explain in a quiet obedient tone.

“Since when do you call her by her first name?” Her mother inquired with suspicion.

“We are friends.” Nellie reasserted in a gentle tone. “She is only a few years older than myself and the other girls my age are already married. Please mother I don’t have anyone to talk to.”

“You can talk to me or your father.” Her mother snickered with disdain. “Or Frederick after all the two of you are to be married.”

            Nellie’s mind raced quickly. “Mother?” She scoffed. “How can I talk about the lace for my dress or flowers for the wedding with Freddy. It would bore him to tears.” Nellie explained dryly as she rolled her eyes.

“True.” Her mother conceded. “So come to me. I am your mother.” Nellie opened her mouth to protest when her mother held up a firm hand to silence her. “I don’t want you spending time with that woman. I never trust a woman her age that isn’t married. I could understand if she was unattractive.” Her mother continued thoughtfully. “But a woman who looks like that and is without a husband, trust me there is something that she is hiding.”

            Nellie could see the wheels of her mother’s overly curious mind spinning. She wanted to scream that she was what Vivian was hiding. That she was madly in love with the raven haired school teacher and that there no way on God’s green earth she was going to marry Freddy or any other man. But since she did love her mother and didn’t want to be the cause of her Mother dropping dead from a major heart attack she bit her tongue. “I need to get over to the mercantile.” Nellie grumbled before storming upstairs. “If she is going to treat me like a child then fine I will act like one.” She fumed as she slammed every door in her path behind her.


Part Three


            Vivian made her way over to the mercantile. The afternoon sun was beating down upon her as she crossed the dirt-covered streets. She paused for a moment and gazed up at the bright sun allowing its warmth to caress her chiseled features. It was apparent that Indian summer was upon them. Her students had been restless all day.

            She couldn’t blame the youngsters. She too had wanted to run off and enjoy the unseasonably warm weather. Her crystal blue eyes drifted towards her goal. The mercantile was only a few feet away and inside was the woman who had captured her heart. She found herself smiling as she resumed her journey.

            How nice it would have been to spend the day with Nellie. They could have spent the day enjoying a simple picnic at their special spot. They could have run around barefoot while stealing kisses. It would have been perfect. If they lived in a perfect world where she could just bask in the sunshine that poured from her new love. A slight frown clouded her face briefly. Once she caught a glimpse of golden hair shinning from inside the mercantile she once again found herself smiling.

            Vivian blushed as she stepped inside the shop that could cater to your every need from clothing to feed for your livestock. Her blush grew deeper as she spied the only thing in the mercantile that she needed standing behind the counter.

            Emerald eyes cast a warm knowing glace at her as she closed the door behind her. Nellie’s gaze darkened as she followed Vivian’s movements. The schoolteacher knew that her lover was telling her that she needed her as well. Vivian’s smile broaden in response before she shyly looked away afraid that she was going to melt into a pool of desire right there in the town store. She could hear Nellie softly chuckling as she returned her attention back to the customer she had been attending to before Vivian made her entrance. Vivian pretended to browse around the store as Nellie attended to her customers.

            It was the first of the month and many of the local hands had just been paid making for a busy day for the young shop girl. As Vivian browsed thru the various sundries she would stiffen as some of the gentlemen became a little brazen with Nellie. Her heart dropped each time Nellie politely reminded the gentlemen that she was spoken for.

            Finally the last of the customers shuffled out of the store and Vivian found herself racing to the counter. They both took a careful glance to the large window at the front of the shop that would allow anyone passing by a full view of anything that they were doing. “Last night was amazing.” Nellie said softly as she blushed deeply. Vivian took another quick glimpse around to ensure that they were quite alone. Feeling safe she brushed her fingertips along the back of her lover’s hand.

            Nellie gasped as her eyes fluttered shut. The ringing of the bell announced that their bliss was over for the moment. Vivian quickly retreated her hand instantly missing the feel of her lover’s skin. She looked up at the clock knowing that Nellie would be stuck in the mercantile for a few more hours. “Thank you for your help Miss Winslow.” Vivian said softly as she walked to the door quickly almost running into Nellie’s mother. “Excuse me Mrs. Winslow.” She apologized as the woman brushed past her. Vivian turned to find her lover watching her, ‘Tonight.’ She mouthed. Nellie’s smile told her everything she needed to know.


            Later that evening Vivian was pacing the floor of her tiny room just as she had done the previous evening. The moon once again was shinning brightly in her little room. This evening Vivian wasn’t pacing from fear but from the anxious desire that was filling every fiber of her being. She hadn’t seen Nellie at dinner that evening and she began to fear the worse. Mrs. Winslow had become suddenly curt with Vivian adding another notch to her already fearful mind.

            Still the thought that Nellie would soon be in her arms over rode all of her fears. “You are the flame and I am a helpless moth unable to escape your spell.” She said softly as she stared up at the almost full moon. The shy rap on her door made her heart beat just a little faster.

            She licked her lips in expectation as she tightened the ties of her dressing gown that was covering her naked body. She calmed her erratic breathing as she crossed the room and opened the door. She found her heart’s desire standing on the other side. She quickly stepped aside and allowed her younger lover to enter the darken room quickly. Vivian closed the door and turned to her lover. The golden haired lass’ smile melted her heart. Nellie’s smoldering eyes sent a shiver thru her body.

            Vivian’s knees went weak and she found herself leaning against the door gripping the knob tightly in order to support herself. “I love it when you wear your hair down.” Nellie said in a sultry tone as she approached Vivian trembling form. Nellie seemed mesmerized as she began to run her fingers thru Vivian’s long black hair.

            As Nellie’s fingers drifted slowly thru her silky locks Vivian knew that she had made the right choice when she carefully penned the letter to the Fulton School back east early that evening. She would mail the letter tomorrow and pray that the school would have a position for her. With or without Nellie she knew that she had to leave Cedar Grove. For tonight she existed only for the young woman whose fingers were gently massaging her scalp.

            “I’ve been on the verge of screaming not being able to spend more time with you today.” Nellie confessed as her fingers drifted down the front Vivian’s bosom. The brunette trembled as she felt her lover gently cupping her firm full breasts. “My mother is being impossible. She wants me to stay away from you.”

“Do you think she suspects anything?” Vivian choked out as Nellie’s hands slowly caressed her aching nipples thru the thin material of her dressing gown.

“No.” Nellie said as she shook her head. “If it wasn’t for myself and my three siblings I would swear that my mother knew nothing when it comes to matters of intimacy. “ Nellie explained wryly. “Are you naked under your robe?” Nellie inquired in a mischievous tone.

“Yes.” Vivian responded with a strangled hiss.

“It is amazing how I can feel your desire without touching you.” Nellie murmured as she began to nibble on Vivian’s sensitive neck.

            Vivian reached between their over heated bodies and loosened the belt of her robe. As Nellie continued to trail her tongue along her neck the brunette opened her robe to reveal her body to her lover. Nellie gasped with pleasure as Vivian dropped her robe to the floor. “Take your clothes of my love.” Vivian instructed her in a quiet yet commanding tone.

            Nellie stepped away from her slightly the bravado clearly written across her face. “I think you just enjoy seeing me naked?” Nellie teased the grinning brunette. Vivian’s face felt flush as she watched Nellie removing her clothing. Unable to contain her desire one of the schoolteacher’s hands began to drift down her body in a slow determined path. She watched the rise and fall of Nellie’s bosom becoming erratic as she pinched and teased one of her nipples.

            Vivian watched with some degree of amusement as her lover halted her movements. The blonde’s mouth dropped open and her eyes became fixated on the movements of Vivian’s wandering hand. A wave of confidence filled the brunette as her hand drifted lower. “Undress for me my love.” Vivian encouraged her stunned lover as her fingers began to caress the damp curls.

            Nellie nodded mutely as she continued to stare at Vivian’s fingers that were now dipping into her wetness. As Vivian gently stroked the swollen nub she watched as her lover’s eyes glazed over with a brazen look of passion. Vivian parted her thighs giving her lover a better view of her glistening fingers. Vivian smiled slyly as she raised her fingers from her wetness her lover’s eyes still firmly fixated on her long fingers as she painted one of her nipples with her own passion.

            Nellie growled deeply as she began to remove her clothing with lightening speed. Vivian gazed upon the rapidly approaching form of her lover taking in the swell of her breasts and the soft supple curve of her hips. Before Vivian could realize what was happening the blonde captured both of her wrists and raised her arms above her head. Nellie’s placed a searing kiss on her hungry lips. The blonde growled fiercely as she bit down on Vivian’s lower lip.

            Vivian was moaning loudly as Nellie’s passion pressed urgently against her thigh. Vivian pressed her own thigh against Nellie’s over flowing wetness. She could feel her lover’s desire pouring out over her skin as their hips rocked in a wild sensual rhythm. Nellie’s tongue circled her nipple licking away every drop of Vivian’s essence.

            The brunette tried to free her hands as her lover captured her erect nipple into the warmth of her mouth. Vivian’s hips thrust forward as they drove one another closer to the edge of ecstasy. “I belong to you.” Nellie panted against her skin. The feel of her lover’s warm breath and the sensual tone of her voice sent a jolt thru Vivian’s body. “Take me.” Nellie pleaded as she released her hold on Vivian’s wrists.

            Vivian’s hands moved quickly down Nellie’s quivering body. With one hand she guided Nellie to continue suckling her breast while the other slipped between their sweat covered bodies. The feel of her lover’s desire only further fueled her raging passion. She found Nellie’s swollen hood and began to stroke it rapidly. Nellie’s teeth nipped at her rose colored nipple while Vivian’s fingers continued to stroke her nub wildly. Nellie’s body arched against her as her head fell back. The blonde’s thigh trembled and closed quickly trapping Vivian’s hand between them.

            Vivian bent her head down and captured Nellie’s lips in a fiery kiss. Vivian tongue grazed Nellie’s teeth as it plunged deeply into the warmth of the blonde’s mouth stifling her screams of passion. She felt their bosom pressing against one another as her lover’s body exploded against her own. She continued to savor the taste of her lover’s mouth as she felt Nellie’s body heaving.

            She finally tore her mouth away from Nellie’s sweet lips when the need to breath overwhelmed her. Nellie started to slip out of her grasp and Vivian quickly captured the quivering woman up in her arms. She caressed Nellie’s back tenderly as the smaller woman clung tightly to her. She nuzzled Nellie’s soft golden hair and found herself becoming lost in the faint scent of strawberries. She murmured softly as her closed her eyes and relaxed into the feel of her lover’s embrace.

            Vivian felt her lover’s breathing becoming slower and calmer. She blinked open her eyes to find Nellie’s sweet cherub face looking up at her. She simply smiled in response unable to speak as she became over whelmed by her lover’s smile. She kissed Nellie’s brow tenderly before leading her to the bed. Vivian reclined onto the lumpy small bed and pulled her lover to her.

            Their bodies melted together as they quickly reclaimed one another’s lips. Vivian felt Nellie’s fingers drifting along her body in slow shy movements that were causing her body to tremble. As their lips finally released their fiery hold on one another Vivian reached out and traced Nellie’s lips with her fingertips. She couldn’t help staring at the beautiful young woman who was lying atop of her with sheer wonderment.

            Vivian had so much to tell and explain to her young lover. So many questions that she needed answers to, but now was not the time. Now was for continuing Nellie’s education in the ways of passion. In a careful guiding tone she explained to the blonde exactly what she wanted her to do.

“Won’t I smother you?” Nellie questioned her in disbelief.     

“No my love.” Vivian responded with a little chuckle. “If you become to heavy we can lie side by side.”

“And we can taste one another?” Nellie continued in disbelief.

“Yes.” Vivian reassured her. “If you want to?”

            “Yes.” Nellie responded eagerly as she quickly shifted her body so that her passion was within Vivian’s reach. Vivian parted her thighs as her lover straddled her face. She could feel Nellie’s warm breath teasing her wet curls as she clasped her lover’s firm backside and brought her wetness down to greet her now watering mouth.

            She felt her lover’s soft golden hair caressing her thighs as Nellie dipped her tongue into her wetness. Vivian moaned in pleasure as she felt her lover’s tongue gliding along her slick folds. She lowered Nellie to her mouth and began to drink in the blonde’s passion. She suckled her throbbing button into her mouth as she felt Nellie’s tongue enter her center. Vivian moaned into Nellie’s wetness as they pleasured one another.

            Vivian fought to maintain her focus as she suckled Nellie’s nub harder. She fought against her own pleasure as Nellie’s tongue plunged in and out of her. Soon both women were rocking against one another’s mouths as the passion welled up from deep inside of them. Vivian felt her body rising as Nellie’s thighs trembled against her cheeks. Vivian was groaning into Nellie’s over flowing desire as she suckled her harder while the blonde’s fingers replaced her tongue.

            Vivian plunged two fingers deep inside her lover’s womanhood and felt the walls capturing her fingers. Nellie’s tongue was now flickering across Vivian’s nub. The brunette’s fingers and mouth moved in rhythm as she felt her lover’s thighs closing. Vivian’s shoulders moved to prevent her lover from capturing her. She felt her lover’s teeth nipping playfully on her button and soon they were both screaming into one another’s wetness while their bodies bucked wildly.

            They clung tightly to each other as they exploded in unison. Vivian’s head fell back and she began to lick the inside of Nellie’s still trembling thighs. Nellie was panting as Vivian rolled her lover onto her back. Vivian quickly buried herself between her lover’s thighs. She began to feast upon her lover eagerly sending over the blonde quickly into the throws of ecstasy.

            Vivian gathered her lover up in her arms and held her tightly. She allowed Nellie to catch her breath before she would need to send her away. ‘Someday.’ She silently vowed as she held Nellie tightly.




Part Four


            Nellie was ready to pitch a fit. Actually if Reverend Farley hadn’t been standing in the mercantile she would have thrown a full fledge tantrum that would had made a two year old envious. First her Mother had forbidden her from serving Vivian. Then she informed Nellie that she was to accompany Freddie on a buggy ride after services that Sunday. Apparently the two had been talking and neither were pleased with Nellie’s distance.

            The discussion had been made and Nellie had no reasonable recourse. She and Vivian had been lover’s for almost three months and her bliss was about to come to an end. As if being told what to do by her mother was enough of a thorn in her side, the stagecoach delivered the mail that afternoon. It brought with it a letter that sent Nellie’s blood boiling.

            The letter was for Vivian and it was from the Fulton School in Massachusetts. Despite her valiant efforts to find out what was in the letter she couldn’t see thru the envelope. Passers by must have thought she lost her mind as she stood in the front window holding the envelope up to the sun.

            She scolded herself for her childish behavior and tried to convince herself that the letter meant nothing but she knew it wasn’t good news. Vivian was a schoolteacher and the letter was from a school that was thousands of miles away. She heard the afternoon school bell chiming announcing the end of school for the day. She smiled at Reverend Farley whom seemed to be doddering more than usual that day.

            Nellie did her best to smile all the while her heart was racing and her anger was growing. As Vivian stepped into the shop she cast an icy glare at her lover. Vivian returned her glare with a quizzical look. Nellie’s jaw clenched tightly as she tried to hurry the Reverend out of the shop. Nellie was certain that her head was going to explode by the time the Reverend left the shop.

            Vivian approached the counter slowly. Before the schoolteacher could speak Nellie slammed the letter on the counter. “You’re leaving?” She spat out in an accusing tone. Vivian blinked in surprise. “When were you going to tell me?” Nellie demanded bitterly.

“I can’t stay in Cedar Grove.” Vivian tried to explain.

            ‘It’s true!’ Nellie’s mind screamed as she fought back the tears that were welling up in her eyes. “You don’t understand.” Vivian said softly as she reached out to caress her cheek. Nellie jerked away from her touch. “I want you to come with me.” Vivian choked out. “If we stay here you’ll be married and . . .”

“Yes.” Nellie responded brightly as she fought against the urge to leap over the counter and wrap her arms around her lover.


            “I don’t even know if I have the position yet.” Vivian tried to explain in a weary tone.

“Open it.” Nellie demanded as she shoved the envelope into Vivian’s hands.

            Vivian’s hands trembled as she tore open the envelope. She nodded in the affirmative without a smile. Nellie released a heavy sigh. “When do we leave?” Nellie said urgently.

“If we are to beat the weather we will need to go soon.” Vivian said in a heavy tone. “I will start in the fall. I told them that my niece would be joining me.”

“We will both need to sneak out of town somehow?” Nellie said thoughtfully as her mind started to formulate a plan.

“Do you understand what this means?” Vivian asked her cautiously. “You will be giving up everything. Can you do that? Walk away from your family and your home?”

“I wouldn’t be giving up everything.” Nellie said firmly. “To me you are everything. So you better start thinking of a good plan that will get us to the east coast.”

“With you by my side I can do anything.” Vivian responded with a brilliant smile.

            Nellie’s heart filled with joy as she lost herself in her lover’s smile. She knew that her life had finally begun and somehow she and Vivian would be together.