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Here Comes The Bride     

By Mavis Applewater

August 2002

Disclaimers: Yes, I know who they look like and trust me it isnít them. The characters and story are the sole possession of the author and may not be reproduced without the authorís permission. So there! If for any reason real or imagined you are not comfortable with graphic descriptions of a loving sexual relationship between two consenting adult women then do us all a favor and do not read this story or anything else I have ever written. If for any reason it is illegal for you to view such material then do me a favor and do not read this story until it is no longer a crime for you to do so.

As always this is for Heather.


Part One

                  Katie sighed deeply as she watched the group of women grow more and more rowdier with each passing moment. She collected their drinks from the bartender and made her way over to the screaming women who were eagerly stuffing bills in the male dancers g-strings. ìI hate bachelorette parties.î She muttered the petite blonde muttered softly under her breath.

                  ëOf course if these gals realized that most of these guys are gay and have a sock stuffed down their g-string they probably wouldnít be in such a hurry to part with their money.í Katie thought gleefully as she placed the round of cocktails before the screeching women. ìThank you.î Came the soft response from the one woman whom still seemed to possess a modicum of dignity. Katie had noticed the tall brunette sitting quietly while her friends seemed to loose all control.

ìYouíre welcome.î Katie said as she smiled at the attractive woman.

                  Katie suddenly gritted her teeth as she felt a hand groping her backside. She spun around and brushed the grinning redheadís hand away. ìNo touching.î Katie chastised the drunken woman.

ìToni!î The brunette choked in disgust.

ìLighten up Lori.î The redhead slurred. ìIt is time that you start having some fun.î

ìIím sorry about my friends.î Lori apologized to Katie in a soft tone.

ìDonít worry about it.î Katie responded as she leaned closer to Lori. ìA few shots of tequila and women are worse than men. No one is safe.î She pulled away slightly and drank in the brunetteís chiseled features and crystal blue eyes.

                  The blonde could feel her heart beating just a little faster as Lori returned her gaze in the smoke filled nightclub. ìSo I take it you are the baby sitter tonight.î Katie offered in a teasing tone as Lori took a sip of her club soda. Lori simply nodded in agreement. Katie grimaced as she spied one of Loriís friends standing behind her holding up a crisp bill waving one of the male strippers over. ìDuck.î Katie cautioned her before pulling out of the way of the muscle bound blonde surfer boy. He planted a sloppy kiss on the unsuspecting Lori before she could pull away.

                  Steve snatched his tip away from Loriís friend before dancing away. Lori was scowling as she wiped her mouth. ìI tried to warn you.î Katie snickered in the brunetteís ear. ìIsnít he a good kisser?î Toni chimed in as Lori continued to wipe her mouth.

ìNo.î Lori growled as she took a healthy sip of her soda water.

ìWe need more shots.î The redhead exclaimed. ìCause Lori isnít having fun yet.î

ìI donít . . .î Lori began to protest.

ìLori.î Another one of her friends chastised her. ìLoosen the bone will you and join the party.î

ìOkay.î Lori conceded.

ìSeven shots of Cuervo.î One of the women instructed Katie as she dropped two twenty-dollar bills on her tray. ìKeep the change.î The ebony woman added with a playful wink. ìFirst the shots and then a little something that will get Lori into the swing of things.î She shouted as her friendís cheered.

                  ìI donít like the sound of this.î Katie muttered as she made her way to the bar. ìNow they are tipping? I have a feeling I know where this is heading. Not that I havenít done it before and Lori is very good looking.î She reasoned as she collected the round of shots and headed back towards the drunken women.

                  Katie felt her suspicions being confirmed when she spied Lori sitting in the corner ignoring her companions as the other six women were huddled in a group cackling and snickering like school girls. The dark woman who had ordered the shots cut Katie off as she approached the table. ìHi.î The woman began with a sly smile. ìI was here a few months back with a few friends and you delivered a round with a little something special.î

ìUh huh.î Katie responded wryly as the woman pressed two one hundred dollar bills in her hand.

ìWould you mind delivering Loriís shot to her personally?î The woman explained with a sly wink as Katie stuffed the money in her bra.

ìBody shot and a lap dance?î Katie questioned with a smile actually looking forward to performing for Lori. ìAnd how will your friend react to this?î

ìIím honestly not certain. I just want her to relax and have some fun.î The woman explained in a sincere voice.

ìNo problem.î Katie agreed. ìBut if she objects or looks uncomfortable the show is over.î

ìUnderstood.î The woman conceded. ìIím not trying to make fun of her and I donít want to upset her.î

                  Katie placed the tray on the table and passed the tequila around to the other six women. She took Loriís shot and some salt and limes over to Lori. The brunette smiled up at her.

ìI guess Iím going to have to join in.î Lori grumbled.

ìYou could say that.î Katie teased her as she set the items down on the table beside Lori. The tall woman reached for the tequila when Katie hand stopped her. ìIíve been asked to give you special service.î

                  Lori gave her a quizzical look as Katie began to unbutton her blouse to her navel. Katie smiled as she watched Loriís crystal blue eyes casting a hungry gaze over her slightly exposed body. Katie hiked up her skirt slightly and straddled the stunned brunetteís lap. ìEver do a body shot Lori?î Katie inquired in a breathy tone spoken just loud enough so the brunette could hear her over the thumping bass of the music.


                  Lori shook her head in the negative as Katie leaned her smaller body into the brunetteís, while her friends cheered them on. ìIf you donít want to do this just say so.î Katie whispered in her ear.

ìJust tell me what to do.î Lori choked out as her hands came to rest on Katieís waist.

                  Katie leaned back as her thighs tightened her hold on Loriís body while she reached over and picked up the large shot of tequila and salt. ìWhen doing tequila it is important to remember three things. Isnít that right ladies?î

                  The women cheered as they rub wedges of lime over the backs of their hands and then applied a light layer of salt. ìThe three things you need to remember are lick, shoot and suck.î Katie explained in a husky tone as she rubbed some lime on the swell of her breast. Then she sprinkled some salt over the damp spot. She felt her body tingling as Loriís fingers began to caress her body. As Loriís friends continued to hoot and holler their encouragement, Katie tucked the shot glass in her cleavage. She held up a thick lime wedge as Lori stared at the shot glass nestled between her breasts.

                  ìAre you ready?î Katie teased the blushing brunette. ìFirst lick the salt.î She instructed Lori as she weaved her fingers thru her long dark hair and drew her closer to her breast. Katie squirmed in Loriís lap enjoying the feel of the taller woman pressing against her clit. Katie bit back a moan when she felt Loriís tongue slowly licking the salt from her skin. She felt tiny drips of tequila splashing against her skin.

                  Katie was enjoying the feel of the seam of Loriís Levis pressing into her center as she grinded against the taller woman. Katie could feel her desire growing as Loriís talented tongue licked away the last granules of salt from her breast. ìNow it is time to shoot.î Katie offered in a husky tone as she placed her tiny hands on Loriís broad shoulders and raised her body up and pressed her ample bosom into Loriís face.

                  She heard the brunette gasp as she shuddered against Katie. The blonde pulled back slightly and drank in the flushed features of the woman she was straddling. Loriís hands drifted away from her hips. Katie swallowed hard as she felt the tips of Loriís fingers gently gliding across the swell of her breasts. Katie stared deeply into Loriís amazingly blue eyes as the brunette reached for the shot glass tucked away in the blondeís cleavage.

ìOh no you donít.î Katie chastised the surprised looking woman. ìI liked your hands where they were.î Katie explained in a husky tone as she watched crystal blue orbs widen in confusion.

ìHow am I?î Lori stammered as her hands drifted along Katieís body then up under her skirt and once again cupping the blondeís firm backside.

                  Katie smiled wickedly as she lifted her body closer until the shot glass was resting against Loriís trembling lips. Katie ran her fingers thru Loriís silky tresses. ìIf you donít want to, then I can stop this now.î Katie explained in a low tone that only Lori could hear.

ìCome on.î One of Loriís friends whined.

ìLetís do it.î Lori said with a throaty growl that sent a shiver down Katieís spine.

                  The blonde nodded in agreement as she smiled down at Lori. ìShoot.î She commanded as she arched her back and guided Lori to drink the golden shot from her cleavage. Lori captured the shot glass in her mouth slightly spilling some tequila down Katieís cleavage. The blonde smiled as she felt the warm liquor trickling down her skin as Loriís head tipped back and she consumed the liquor with the glass carefully nestled between her lips.

                  Katie watched carefully as Lori drank a little more than half of the shot. Katie carefully relieved the glass from her lips before she began to choke. The other women had already slammed down their shots and were sucking on the limes. ìNow suck.î Katie demanded as she placed a wedge of lime between her lips with the pulp side dangling between her lips.

                  Katie almost pulled away when she saw a brief look of panic flash in Loriís eyes. The look faded and Lori pulled her down and began to suckle the fruit that was clenched in the blondeís teeth. Katieís clit throbbed as Lori eagerly sucked on the wedge of fruit. Katie moaned, as she tasted the citrus mixed with the tequila. The others cheered loudly as Lori suckled harder.

                  Katie could feel Loriís tongue trying to remove the offending piece of fruit. The blonde was panting heavily as she removed the fruit from her mouth and tossed it onto her tray. Lori leaned in and began to lick the last remain pulp from Katieís quivering lips. The blondeís lips parted inviting Lori tongue to deepen its exploration. She wrapped her tongue around the brunetteís as her hips grinded in rhythm with the music.

                  The kiss deepened as she felt Loriís fingertips shyly slipping up under her panties. Katie reluctantly ended the fiery kiss, knowing that she had to get back to work. She felt slightly lightheaded as she stared deeply into Loriís eyes that were now darkening with desire. Katie licked her lips savoring the taste of lime and tequila mixed with the taste of Loriís lips.

                  Loriís friends cheered and applauded loudly as the brunette blushed. Katieís hips were still grinding in rhythm with the music as Lori matched her movements. Katie was about to remove herself from the delightful feeling while the other women returned their attention back to the scantily clad men dancing for them. Feeling suddenly bold and very amorous she held up the shot glass. ìYou didnít finish.î Katie teased her as her heart pounded against her chest as she waited for the other womanís reaction.

                  Lori grinned up at her as her fingers continued to caress Katieís firm backside. The blonde moaned as she felt Loriís fingers needing her flesh. ìSet it up.î Katie instructed her as she kept hold of the shot glass, which was less than half full. The blonde leaned back as Lori reached over with one hand while the other remained nestled up under Katieís panties.

                  Lori squeezed the lime over one of Katieís breasts. The blondeís body arched as she felt the cool liquid painting her breast. Loriís hand trembled as she placed the lime onto Katieís tray and picked up the salt. Lori paused for a moment and Katie feared that she had pushed things to far. Lori paused for a moment before her fingers neatly tucked some money back under the lacy material of Katieís bra. ìWouldnít want you to loose that.î Lori explained softly as her fingers drifted into Katieís bra. The blonde moaned as she felt Loriís fingers lightly brush her nipple.

                  ìThank you.î Katie managed to choke out as her body ached to feel more. Regrettably Loriís fingers retreated from her bra and the brunette sprinkled some salt on the wet spot on her breast. Katieís body trembled as she felt the granules dancing against her skin.

ìLick, shoot, suck.î Lori inquired as her voice trembled slightly.

ìYes but this time you are going to drink all of the tequila including what you spilled earlier.î Katie instructed her.

                  Lori slowly licked away the salt and then began to lick away the drops of tequila that had spilled down Katieís cleavage earlier. The blondeís body was trembling as she felt Loriís mouth teasing the valley between her breasts. She could feel Lori moaning in pleasure against her skin.

                  When Lori lifted her head, Katie leaned back and poured the remaining tequila down along her firm abdomen. She flexed her muscles so that most of the liquor would pool into her navel. Lori dove in and began to lick the tequila off of Katieís body. The blonde leaned back wrapping her legs tighter around Loriís body and her head almost touching the floor.

                  Katie felt Loriís hands holding her body up as she feasted upon her stomach. Katie bit back a deep moan as she felt Loriís tongue dipping into her navel and sucking every last drop of tequila. Loriís exploration began to drift lower. Katie was tempted to just give herself over and let the woman make love to her right then and there. ìGo Lori!î One of the women shouted out snapping both women back into reality.

                  Katie lifted her body back up as Loriís hands drifted to her back and held her steady. Katie took a wedge of lime and ran it along her breast dipping into her bra and dangerously close to her aching nipple. ìSuck.î Katie offered in a needy voice as she lifted her arms over her head. Loriís mouth and tongue quickly captured her skin. As Loriís tongue dipped into her bra Katie clasped the womanís shoulders and drew her closer.

                  ìYes.î Katie hissed as she felt Loriís tongue teasing her nipple. Katie looked around to see everyone else in the nightclub focused on the dancer dressed like a firefighter. She turned her attention back to Lori who was pulling down the top of her bra with her teeth. Katie placed her hand on the back of Loriís head and guided her to continue her exploration. The blondeís body trembled as her desire grew when Lori suckled her nipple into the warmth of her mouth.

                  Lori teased her nipple with her teeth and her tongue while Katie slipped one of her hands between their bodies and cupped the brunetteís mound. Lori suckled her harder while Katie stroked Lori urgently with the heel of her hand. Lori nipped at her breast while her hips rocked against Katieís insistent touch.

                  Katie was about to explode when she reluctantly pulled away. ìI need to get back to work.î She explained with a whimper as she began to readjust her clothing. Her hands where shaking as she buttoned her blouse. Lori nodded mutely as Katie climbed up off her lap and straightened her skirt. Katie blew out a heavy breath as she began to clear away the glasses. Once her tray was full she bent over the trembling brunette. ìAny way you can ditch your friends?î Katie inquired not feeling certain that she should continue crossing the line with this woman.

                  She watched as Lori took a deep swallow. ìI . . . Uhm.î Lori stammered, as she seemed to be struggling to breath.

ìKatie?î The manager called out and motioned for her to get back to her other patrons.

ìGotta go.î Katie said with a shrug before making her way over to her other tables. Her legs were still shaking as she took more drink orders.

                  ìWow that was some showing you put on.î Kenny the bartender teased her as she collected her orders. ìIíve never seen get into it like that. Usually you just bump and grind for a couple seconds and let them do a shot on your neck.î

ìDid you see her?î Katie laughed. ìI asked her to ditch her friends.î

ìWhat?î Kenny squealed. ìThat isnít like you. But then again Iíd hop the fence for her. So what did she say?î

ìNothing the boss caught me.î Katie shrugged feeling more than a little disappointed that Lori hadnít accepted her uncharacteristic offer. ìSpeaking of putting on a show are you responsible for Johnís new outfit.î She nodded over to the buffed man dressed in leather chaps and a cowboy hat dancing for the screaming women.

ìYou like?î Kenny grinned. ìLater he is going to rope and tie me.î

ìPig.î Katie snorted before returning to her customers.

                  As she continued to wait on tables her eyes kept drifting over to Lori who was still seated in the same chair while her friendís continued to hoot and holler. She smiled each time she looked over and found Lori watching her every movement. It was finally last call and despite the fact that Loriís eyes never left her the brunette still hadnít said anything even when Katie would rest her hand on her shoulder.

                  Katie approached Loriís party last who seemed upset that the show was over. ìLast call ladies.î Katie announced resting her hand once again on Loriís shoulder. The group of women complained that the night was coming to an end. ìSet them up again.î Lori offered in a rich tone as she placed a couple of twenties on Katieís tray. ìAnd Iíll have a Cuervo sunrise.î

ìNo way Lori you canít pay.î The ebony woman who paid Katie for the lap dance protested.

ìItís the last one.î Lori protested. ìBesides you spent all your money on these young stud muffins and my special shot.î She teased her friends.

                  Katie nodded in agreement as she went to the bar and placed their orders. ìI hate women.î Roger one of the other waiters complained to Kenny. Most of the servers were men who were scantily clad in tight black pants and a white vest, Katie was one of the few women that worked on the nights when Men In Motion were performing. ìAll night long they grope me and then stiff me. Itís not right.î

ìOh I donít know.î Katie teased him as she pulled the two one hundred dollar bills from her bra and waved them in front of him.

ìNot fair.î Roger grumbled while Katie placed her order and paid Kenny for the round tucking the extra twenty and the other bills into her bra. ìI let that big gal over there feel my package and all I got was a five.î

ìThatís because you donít wait to see the money up front.î Katie chastised him as she collected her last order of drinks. ìI am not going to miss this place if I get that job.î

ìWhen is your big interview?î Roger inquired as he collected his order.

ìTuesday.î Katie sighed with relief. ìIím so sick of having a degree I canít do crap with. I thought after I got my PH.D I would at least get a teaching position. But it is slim pickings out there.î

ìSlim pickings in here.î Roger grunted as they made their way over to the tables.

                  Katie delivered the last of the drinks to the tipsy women. She purposely saved Loriís for last still hoping the brunette would respond to her earlier invitation. Their fingers brushed as Katie handed her the drink. ìThank you.î The brunette said softly. ìFor everything.î She added with a shy smile as she began to sip her drink.

                  The others were quickly consuming their cocktails as Lori and Katie simply smiled at one another. ìCome on the Limo is waiting.î Lori finally offered breaking the intense gaze they had been sharing. ìGet you gag gifts together.î Katie laughed as an array of condoms and vibrators were stuffed into bags. Katie hadnít missed the penis strays the women had been using all night. She watched as the redhead who had groped her earlier tossed the veil onto her head. ìHow do I look?î The woman slurred.

ìLovely.î Katie said with an amused smirk. ìEnjoy the wedding ladies.î She offered as she reluctantly left Loriís side.

                  Katie busied herself collecting glasses as she watched the wedding party stumble out the door. She grimaced slightly feeling a sense of disappointment that she wouldnít see Lori again. Once her tables were clear and the last of the rowdy women finally ejected Katie began her cash out. As she was sorting her money she unfolded a twenty-dollar bill to find a napkin neatly folded inside. She opened it slowly with nervous anticipation. ëCourtside Marriott 1N room 312í was the entire pristinely written note offered. ìPlease be from her.î She whispered as she quickly counted her earnings.

                  Katie tipped out Kenny and made a mad dash for her car in the back lot. She was shaking as she started her beat up Toyota and drove towards the hotel that was only a short distance away. Katie made her way to room 312 her body tingling as she stood before the door. She ran her fingers thru her short blonde hair and smoothed out her clothing. Suddenly feeling grungy from her shift, and the tequila that had been poured over her body. She wiped her sweaty palms on her skirt and knocked on the door as she whispered a quiet prayer that it would be Lori waiting for her on the other side.



Part Two



                  Katieís prayers were answered when the door opened and she found Lori shyly smiling at her. ìHi.î Katie offered as Lori stepped aside allowing her to enter her hotel room.

ìHi.î Lori responded as she ran her fingers nervously thru her long dark hair. Lori turned and closed the door behind her. Katie took a moment to take in the brunetteís appearance. She had showered and was now dressed in a long white terry cloth bathrobe. Katie smiled as she contemplated how adorable the taller woman looked.

                  Katie watched as Lori began to fidget. ìThat was some party. Your friends really seemed to enjoy themselves.î Katie offered as she stepped closer to the taller woman who was making her body pulsate with desire.

ìYeah well we donít let loose very often.î Lori explained with a light laugh as she neared Katie. ìActually I never do. This isnít something that I do.î She added in a slightly embarrassed tone.

ìNeither do I.î Katie confessed as she closed the gap between them. ìI mean Iíve done the lap dance thing before but not the way I did with you tonight.î

ìIíve never done anything like that before.î Lori continued as her voice trembled. ìI canít believe how good it felt to touch your body.î She added in a distant tone.

                  ìI liked the way you touched me.î Katie reassured her as she placed her small hands on the curve of Loriís waist. Katie smiled as she found that because of the differences in their heights she was granted a full view of Loriís cleavage. Katie couldnít help noticing that Lori was probably naked under her bathrobe. She felt Loriís arms encircling her as she leaned in and placed a soft kiss Loriís neck.

                  She could feel the taller woman trembling against her. ìDo you want to touch me again?î Katie asked before placing another kiss on the moaning womanís neck. Lori whimpered in response. ìDo you want me to touch you?î Katie inquired as she began to nibble on Loriís neck.

ìYes.î Lori gasped in a needy breath as her hands began to roam down Katieís back.

                  Loriís hands once again cupped Katieís firm backside as the blonde kissed her neck working her way up to her chin. Lori bent down giving the eager blonde more access while her hands began to pull up Katieís black skirt. ìBut . . .î Lori protested in a weak voice as Katieís lips inched closer.

ìSsh.î Katie silenced her before running her tongue along Loriís quivering lips.

                  ìIf you donít want this Iíll go.î Katie offered softly against Loriís lips. Loriís response was to brush Katieís lips with her own while her hands ran up under the blondeís skirt. Katie reclaimed her lips and deepened the kiss as she poured all of her desire into the fiery kiss while her hands caressed Loriís hips.

                  Loriís lips parted inviting Katie in as they once again began a sensual duel as their tongues caressed one another. Katie could feel Loriís hands growing bolder as the brunette began to lower her panties. Katieís body melted into Loriís as she guided the taller woman backward towards the bed. The blonde cocktail waitress lowered the taller woman down onto the bed as she felt Loriís hands moving out from under her skirt.

                  Katie kicked off her shoes as she felt Lori lowering the zipper on the back of her skirt while they continued to explore the warmth of one anotherís mouth. Reluctantly Katie ended the kiss as she rolled over onto her side. They were both breathing heavily as two sets of hands began to remove Katieís skirt. Once the garment was lowered far enough Katie reached down and completely removed her skirt and tossed it across the room.

                  Lori pulled her down and captured her lips once again as Katie pressed her body against Lori. Katie cupped one of Loriís breasts and began to massage it gently thru the thick material of the robe. Loriís hands drifted back to Katieís panties as the blonde deepened the kiss. They were both gasping for air as the kiss came to an end and Lori lowered Katieís underwear even further down her hips. ìI could feel you at the club.î Lori panted. ìI could feel how wet you were as your body touched mine. It drove me crazy knowing that I was doing that you.î

                  ìAnd did it make you wet?î Katie moaned as she slipped her hand underneath Loriís robe. ìDid you want me as much as I wanted you?î Katie teased as her hand slipped between Loriís thighs. The brunetteís thighs parted allowing Katie to explore her further. ìYes.î Lori confessed as Katieís fingers brushed her dampen curls.

                  Katie felt her clit throbbing as she parted her lover and dipped into her wetness. ìDid you want more?î Katie encouraged the brunette as her fingers glided slowly along her slick folds.

ìYes.î Lori groaned as her fingers began to caress Katieís aching need. ìI wanted to be inside of you.î Lori gasped as she continued to tease Katieís clit with her fingers. Katie continued teasing the brunette as she straddled her body.

                  With her free hand Katie began to unbutton her blouse while Lori teased her. Katie reached down and untied Loriís robe and gently pulled it open as her fingers teased the brunetteís pulsating nub. Katie drank in the sight of Loriís well-toned body. ìYou are so beautiful.î Katie said with pure amazement.

                  Lori blushed at the comment as she lifted her body. Katie was now straddling the brunette as she had earlier in the evening. Lori began to kiss and taste Katieís skin as she struggled to remove the blondeís blouse. Katie assisted her lover in the removal of her top and then her bra. Loriís eyes darkened with desire as she gazed at Katieís breasts.

                  The blonde shifted and parted both of them before moving Loriís hand from her wetness. Lori looked at her in confusion. Katie leaned in and kissed the brunette deeply as she brushed her clit against Loriís. Her loverís moans fueled her on as their hips began to thrust urgently. Katie leaned for offering her breasts to Lori. The brunette began to kiss her skin once again before suckling her nipple into her mouth.

                  Katie was clutching her lover as their clits rubbed together while Lori teased her nipple with her teeth and tongue. She could feel Loriís hands slipping between their bodies and once again dipping into her wetness. Katie pulled back slightly as Lori whimpered and began to tease the blondeís clit. Katie buried Loriís face in her breasts as she felt the brunetteís fingers pressing against her center.

                  ìYou still taste like tequila.î Lori whispered against her skin as she licked her skin and her fingers entered Katieís wet aching core.

ìYou need to finish your shot.î Katie grunted as she began ride against Loriís hand while the brunette teased her nipples with the tip of her tongue.

                  Lori began to suckle her nipples harder moving from one to the other while her fingers plunged in and out of Katieís wetness. ìHarder.î Katie pleaded as she thrust harder into Loriís touch. Lori granted her request as her hand and mouth took her higher while her thumb began to stroke her clit. Katieís thighs trembled as her head fell back. Katie screamed out in pleasure as the waves of ecstasy ripped thru her tiny body. Loriís fingers stilled inside of her as she kissed Katie tenderly on the neck.

                  Katieís heart was racing as she removed herself from her loverís touch and gently guided Lori onto her back while she removed her robe. ìI want to feel all of you.î Katie explained as she tossed the garment aside. The blonde began to kiss her way down Loriís body drinking in the salty taste of her sweat-covered body.

                  Lori squirmed beneath her as Katieís mouth descended lower until the blonde found herself kneeling on the floor before the beautiful brunette. Katie kissed and tasted Loriís desire that painted the inside of her trembling thighs. ìPlease.î Lori pleaded as Katie draped the brunetteís long legs over her shoulders.

                  Katie took a moment to inhale the musky scent of Loriís desire before she blew a warm breath thru the dark curly patch she had been fanaticizing about since she first saw the raven hair beauty walking into the nightclub. Katie cupped Loriís firm backside as she pulled her closer and dipped her tongue into the brunetteís passion. Katie murmured in pleasure, as she tasted Lori for the first time.

                  Tasting the taller woman was pure bliss as she buried herself deeper inside Loriís wetness as she ran her tongue along the slick folds. Katie licked and tasted Lori slowly while the brunette begged for more. Loriís hips arched up off of the bed as Katie ran her flatten tongue along her sex. Loriís thrusts lifted her higher as Katie pressed her tongue against the opening of her center. She could hear Loriís muffled screams as she curled her tongue and entered the brunetteís warm inviting center.

                  Katie plunged in and out of Lori as the brunette grinded her body against her. Katieís body began to tremble as dipped deeper inside her lover. She heard Lori protesting as her tongue slipped from inside of her. Loriís cries quickly turned to pleasure when Katie suckled her clit into her mouth and her fingers replaced her tongue. She fought to hold Lori steady as she suckled her clit harder while her fingers wiggled and plunged deeper inside of her. ìGod yes.î Lori screamed as Katie grazed her clit with her teeth.

                  The hotel room was filled with the scents and sounds of their passion as Lori climaxed. Katie continued to feast upon her as her fingers stilled inside of her lover. Katie used her shoulders to keep her lover from trapping her between her trembling thighs will she drove her once again over the edge. Katie felt Lori pulling her up onto the bed. Katie almost exploded as Lori pulled her in for a lingering kiss.

                  Katie moaned as their nipples brushed and their bodies melted together. Lori rolled her onto her back and began to kiss her way down her body. She lifted her hips so Lori could remove her panties. She felt Loriís breath on her skin as she hovered above her. The sight of Loriís glorious backside just above her greeted Katie as the brunette began to kiss her thighs.

                  Katie caressed Loriís backside as the brunette began to feast upon her wetness. Katie parted her thighs as Lori buried herself between her legs. As Lori suckled her clit Katie slipped her two fingers deep inside the brunetteís center. Her hips thrust urgently as Lori suckled her harder. Loriís legs parted as she rode against Katieís touch. Encouraged by Loriís urgent thrusts she added another digit inside of her lover. Lori bucked urgently in response as Katie gave herself over to the feel of the brunetteís tongue feasting upon her.

                  Katieís body lifted higher as she cried out while Lori screamed into her wetness. Both women continued to pleasure the other until they collapsed onto the bed. Katie had barely enough time to catch her breath when she felt Lori kissing her way back up her body. The blondeís body was tingling as she felt Lori mouth worshiping her skin. Soon they were once again wrapped up in one anotherís arms rolling across the bed.

                  Katie needed to feel and taste every inch of this amazing woman. Lori seemed to be filled with the same uncontrollable desire as they found themselves locked in an intense kiss while their thighs pressed against the otherís center. Katie was lying on top of Lori while they thrust against each other in a sensual rhythm. Katie was panting as Loriís hands drifted up and down her body. The blonde reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the gift bag she had seen early at the club.

                  ìWhat are you doing?î Lori moaned as she rode harder against the blondeís thigh. Katie smiled down at her lover when she found what she was looking for in the bag. She knocked the bag with the rest of its contents to floor as she pulled away from Lori. She held the small purple phallic shaped vibrator up and pulled off the cap. Katie twisted the top and felt the small vibrator buzzing in her hand. ìIs that how that works?î Lori asked in amazement as Katie pushed her thighs open.

                  Katie snuggled up against Loriís long body and rested her head on the brunetteís chest. She lowered the vibrator to Loriís clit and held it gently against the aching nub. Lori held her tightly while her body gyrated in response. Katie captured one of Loriís nipples in her mouth as she continued to pleasure her with the vibrator. She tugged on Loriís nipple playfully with her teeth while the brunette climaxed.

                  Katie turned the toy off and cast it aside. ìIíve never felt this alive before.î Lori confessed in a hoarse tone as she wrapped Katie up in her arms. They snuggled closer and gently caressed one another until they were once again lost in a passionate kiss. Soon Katie found herself lying on her stomach as Lori pressed her wetness inside of her. ìOh yes.î Katie murmured as she lifted her hips so she could feel more of Lori.

                  Katieís clit was once again throbbing as she matched Loriís urgent thrusts. ìYou feel so good.î Lori moaned as her breasts danced across Katieís back. The bed rocked as they moved in perfect rhythm driving each of them closer to the edge. She felt Lori exploding against her. The brunette began to kiss her way down Katieís prone body. The blonde opened herself up, as her lover tasted her from behind. Her body began to sway as she felt Loriís tongue dipping into her center. Katie clutched at the bedding as Lori plunged deep inside of her.

                  Katie whimpered in protest as she felt Loriís mouth leaving her body. Lori guided her down onto her back. Katie reached for her only to have her hands captured by Loriís and lifted above her head. The brunette held her wrists above her head with one hand while she stroked her aching clit with the other. Katieís body was thrashing as she felt Lori inside of her while her thumb teased her clit. She stilled her body and found Lori looking down upon her while she pleasured her. The intensity of the brunetteís gaze quickly sent the smaller woman over the edge.

                  Katie pulled Lori down and began to caress her body. Her breathing was still erratic, as her exploration grew bolder. ìThe sun is up.î Katie panted as Lori began to suckle her neck. The brunette simply hummed in response as she began to suckle the pulse point on Katieís neck.

                  Suddenly Loriís head snapped up and she crawled away from Katie and stared out the window. ìWhat?î Katie asked in confusion.

ìThe wedding.î Lori explained in a horrified tone as she turned away from the stunned blonde and pulled on her bathrobe.

ìOh.î Katie laughed as she pulled herself up and began to search for her clothing. Katieís knees were weak and her mind a little foggy as she pulled on her skirt. She noticed the large garment bag hanging on the clothing rack. ìI donít know why you gals insist on partying the night before the wedding.î She teased feeling a sense of uneasiness that Lori wouldnít look at her. ìSo you are a brides maid?î She asked as she continued to dress hoping that Lori would look at her.

ìNo.î Lori choked out in a fearful tone.

ìMaid of honor?î Katie continued feeling her anger rise that the other woman wouldnít look at her.

ìNo.î Lori sobbed still keeping her back to the confused blonde.

                  Katie pulled on her bra as her brow crinkled in confusion. Her emerald eyes suddenly widened as she walked purposely over to the garment bag. Her body was trembling as she reached for the zipper.

ìPlease donít.î Lori pleaded as she jumped off of the bed.

                  It was too late Katie had already begun opening the bag her heart pounding as the delicate white lace was revealed. She stumbled backward as the gown was finally in full view. ìYouíre the bride?î Katie choked out in horror.

                  She turned to see the frightened look in Loriís eyes and knew it was the truth. ìI have to go.î Katie stammered as she frantically began to search for the rest of her clothing and car keys. Lori collapsed onto the bed. Katie fought against the urge to go to her and offer some comfort. But what could she say or do? Katie stood there as her emotions stormed inside of her. One the one side she knew she had nothing to feel guilty about. She also felt angry that Lori had used her. Katie also felt a deep seeded need to something to comfort the woman who was weeping uncontrollably. There was a loud knock on the door and a familiar voice demanding that Lori wake up.

                  Katie recognized the voice and knew it belonged to the woman who had started this entire fiasco. She threw open the door and found two brown eyes staring at her with a very surprised look. Katie yanked the woman into the hotel room and slammed the door shut. The womanís shocked gaze bounced between Katie and Lori. Katie felt a surge of anger rush thru her, as the woman looked at her half clad body with a snarl.

                  The dark skinned womanís jaw dropped in horror. ìOh my God.î The woman stammered. ìYou slept with the cocktail waitress?î

ìYes.î Lori choked out still unable to look at either of them.

                  ìI have a name.î Katie fumed as her anger reached the breaking point. Lori turned to her with a sad expression and Katieís heart sank when she realized that Lori didnít know her name. ìKatie.î She added weakly as she crossed her arms over her body suddenly feeling ashamed for actions. The blonde fought back the tears that were threatened to escape. She turned to the stunned African American woman who was still staring at the both of them. ìLet me guess youíre the maid of honor.î Katie spat out.

ìNatasha.î The woman stammered.

ìLook sheís freaking out.î Katie quickly explained. ìYouíre her best friend. I suggest you do something to help her.î

ìWhat can I do?î Natasha stammered as Katie snatched her blouse up off of the floor.

                  Katie flashed the bewildered Natasha a sneer. ìYou started this.î Katie accused her. ìWhy did you set her up like that?î

ìI didnít . . . I mean didnít know . . .î Natasha tried to explain.

ìBut you suspected.î Katie accused her. ìThat was the real reason for the lap dance. Wasnít it?ì

ìI Uhm.î Natasha stammered as her eyes took a sudden interest in her shoes. ìYes, I suspected but I never thought that this would happen.î Natasha blurted out as she looked up at Katie her eyes filled with a guilty expression.

ìWhat?î Lori fumed as she jumped off of the bed and stormed over to a stunned Natasha. The brunette towered over the frightened woman. Even Katie jumped back as she felt the anger pouring out of Lori. ìWhat did you suspect?î Lori demanded with a growl.

                  ìLori Iím sorry.î Natasha blurted out in a fearful tone. ìI know that you care for Brian. But I never felt that you were in love with him and for sometime I suspected that maybe you were denying . . ..î

ìDenying what?î Lori shouted as Katie and Natasha cringed from the harshness in the womanís voice.

                  Natasha stood there in a stunned silence as Katie quickly scrambled to find her shoes and car keys. She snatched up both items and made a mad dash for the doorway. ìWait.î Natasha called out to her in a pleading tone.

ìFor what?î Katie flared at the both of them. ìYou are her friend you help her.î Katie shouted as she tucked her shoes under her arm and reached for the doorknob. ìI think Iíve done everything that I can.î She added in a bitter tone.

                  A deafening silence filled the room as Katie began to open the door. The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end as she felt Lori approaching her. ìKatie?î Lori offered in a soft tone that sent a shiver down the blondeís spine. Katie took a deep breath and collected her last remaining ounces of courage before turning to the tall brunette. Katie looked up at Lori with a cold stare. ìIím sorry.î Lori offered in a sincere tone as she reached out to the smaller woman. Loriís hands froze in midair before she could touch Katie. ìIím really sorry for all of this.î Lori added sadly as her crystal blue orbs filled with tears.

ìSo am I.î Katie responded in a bitter tone before walking out of the room and bolting down the hallway to the staircase. She didnít care that she was fleeing the hotel in a state of undress. She just needed to get away. She didnít stop running until she was nestled safely in her own apartment.



Part Three


                  The following Tuesday Katie was sitting in the outer office of the assistant directors office of the most prestigeís museum in Boston wearing her best suit. She tapped her fingers nervously praying that she wouldnít do anything that would ruin the opportunity for her landing her dream job.

                  The past few days had been hell for the small blonde. She felt angry, guilty, used and like a fool all at the same time. She was sorry that Lori was confused with her sexuality but she was angry that both Lori and Natasha had used her. Then again she willing went to the beautiful brunetteís hotel room without questioning anything. Not even taking the time to practice safe sex. Katie knew in her heart that if she had known that Lori was to be married the following morning was the only thing that would have stopped her from going to that hotel room.

                  Katie shook her head in an effort to vanish the troubling thoughts and questions that still plagued her. ëI need to focus. Iím more than qualified for this job. I have the right experience, with my internships and studies over seas. I have the right recommendations. I can do this. Soon I will be doing what I love most, studying the past.í Katie gave herself an internal pep talk as the secretary motioned for her to go in to see Ms. Beauchamp.

                  Katie smiled confidently as she collected her portfolio and entered the small yet elegant office. Her confidence vanished when she spotted Natasha standing behind the desk. The one saving grace was that Natasha seemed equally as stunned as she was. The sound of the secretary closing the office door jolted both women back into reality. ìPlease have a seat.î Natasha offered in a slightly flustered tone.

                  Katie nodded in agreement as she sat in the chair. The blonde reminded herself that all was not lost. Hopefully Natasha was ethical enough to overlook the events of a few days ago. ìDr. Keefer.î Natasha began in a professional tone, while her voice quivered slightly. ìKatherine Keefer.î Natasha muttered as she rubbed her temple nervously. ìI had no idea.î Natasha looked up with a look of despair.

ìOf course not.î Katie responded dryly. ìI was just a cocktail waitress.î

ìWith your credentials why are you working there?î Natasha inquired in bewilderment.

ìMoney.î Katie retorted flatly. ìI have loans to repay and the money is good. It is only temporary until I can start working in my field. And it appears that I will continue working there for awhile longer.î Katie added in a defeated tone as she began to gather up her portfolio.

                  ìWait.î Natasha halted her in a firm tone. ìYou donít understand what the problem is.î

ìYes I do.î Katie retorted bluntly. ìIím a slutty cocktail waitress who screwed your friend and therefore not qualified to set foot in this fine institution. Despite my impressive resume. I guess it is time to start faxing out my resume to other parts of the country.î

                  Katie remained her calm demeanor despite the fact that her anger was rapidly growing inside of her. She had just lost the position she had spent most of her life working to attain because she had slept with the wrong person.

ìNo you donít understand.î Natasha addressed her in a firm tone as she stood. ìYou are the top candidate for this position. This meeting was supposed to be just a formality to ensure that you werenít some kind of flake who only looked good on paper.î

ìYou know you are giving excellent grounds for a lawsuit.î Katie cautioned her feeling completely confused by the turn of events. ëDid I misjudge her?í Katie questioned herself as she reclaimed her seat in front of the other womanís desk.

ìThe problem is . . .î Natasha began in a slow hesitant voice as Katie braced herself for a brush off. ìThe final decision is going to be made by the director Dr. Milner.î

ìIím very confused right now.î Katie confessed. ìI get the feeling that you are telling the job is mine but Iím not going to get it.î

ìThe problem is . . .,î Natasha repeated with a trembling voice. ìthat Dr. Milner wonít be making her decision until next week when she returns from her honeymoon

                  Katie broke out in a sweat as her emerald eyes bugged out in horror. ìOh my God.î She responded in a slow tone. ìLori?î

ìIím afraid so.î Natasha responded in a sorrowful tone.

ìShe married him?î Katie mumbled in a distant voice feeling confused as to why she cared.

ìYes.î Natasha answered her in a hurt tone. ìShe almost didnít.î She continued to explain.

ìIt is none of my business.î Katie cut her off as she once again collected her portfolio and stood to leave.

ìThis is my fault.î Natasha muttered in anger. ìIíve been trying to push her for years to realize the truth. I should have stopped when she got engaged.î

ìAgain none of my business.î Katie responded curtly. ëDamn my only one night stand and it cost me everything Iíve spent my entire life working for.í

ìHold on.î Natasha interrupted her thoughts. ìLori is a very honorable person.î

ìYes?î Katie snapped back in a sarcastic tone. ìI could tell by the way she bedded me the night before her wedding.î

ìHey!î Natasha flared defensively.

ìWhat?î Katie responded with a heavy sigh.

                  Natasha took a deep breath of her own before continuing. ìI donít think Lori will refuse to hire you for this position because of what happened.î

ìHow can she hire me now?î Katie argued. ìHow can she work with me? How can I work for her?î

                  Katie simply shook her head knowing that Natasha was asking herself the same questions. Katie turned and walked out of Natashaís office feeling like her world had just come crashing down around her.



Part Four


                  The crowd seemed rowdier than normal, which wasnít helping lift Katieís spirits. Her co-workers constant inquiries as to what was wrong and how her big interview had gone wasnít helping in lifting her out of her despair. She had been faxing her resume out across the country without much success. It wasnít as if anthropology was a booming field these days. It been over a week since her big interview and her mood was growing darker with each passing day.

                  She delivered a round of drinks to a group of drunken women who were celebrating one of the ladies fortieth birthday. Katie kept her distance vowing never to fall into the same trap again. Unfortunately her aloof demeanor was affecting her tips. She turned around to wait on her next table when she spotted her standing at the bar.

                  Katieís heart raced and her palms began to sweat. She almost dropped her tray when she found herself lost in a sea of blue. Even from across the crowded nightclub Loriís presence was wreaking havoc with her emotions and libido. Somehow she managed to take the order.

                  She brushed past Lori hating her body as it tingling when she moved by the tall brunette. ìExcuse me.î Katie offered in a curt tone trying not to look at the other woman. ìI need to talk to you.î Lori offered in a quiet voice as her hand came to rest on Katieís forearm.

                  Katie shrugged away from Loriís touch that sent a jolt thru her body. ìIím working.î Katie responded icily her eyes drifting to Loriís amazing hands. She felt an unexpected surge of anger when she spotted the large diamond ring and gold band on the brunetteís ring finger. ìYou know if you had bothered to wear that rock the last time you were here, we wouldnít be in the mess.î Katie accused her in an arrogant tone.

ìI left it with my parents so nothing would happen to it.î Lori explained in a shy voice.

ìHow very thoughtful.î Katie snapped.

ìI need to talk to you.î Lori repeated fidgeting with her wedding band.

ìAnd I told you that I was working.î Katie repeated harshly noticing that Kenny was watching the entire scene. ìI need a Sex On The Beach, a Kahlua mudslide, a Tom Collins, a Midori Sour and a Long Island Ice Tea.î

                  Kenny nodded seemingly slightly stunned by the harshness in her voice. ìYou should be working for me.î Lori asserted firmly. Katieís jaw dropped as she stared at the brunette with a bewildered expression. ìYou deserve the position. It would be wrong for you not to get it or take it because of something . . . Because of my mistake. I donít understand why I did what I did.î

ìSure you do.î Katie responded frank tone. ìYou wanted it to happen Lori and now you just want to pretend it never happened. That you didnít feel the way did. That you didnít enjoy what we did. But you did.î

                  She could she the fear in Loriís eyes as the brunette seemed to be struggling to catch her breath. Katie grimaced at the reaction she had caused with her callus words. She collected her order and left the confused Lori standing at the bar. Katie was grinding her teeth when she returned to the bar and found Lori still standing there. ìPlease leave me alone.î Katie pleaded after she placed her order. ìI need this job.î

ìYou have a job in your field waiting for you.î Lori pushed. ìYou earned it. You deserve it. You and I will rarely cross paths. I wonít bother you. I wonít harass you. I will simply let you do your job and I will never allow what happened between to affect my ability to be objective when it comes to your position. Take the job Katie. Donít hurt yourself because Iím a total jackass.î

                  Katie tried to ignore her but Loriís words were getting thru. During the night Lori remained perched at the bar and each time the blonde cocktail waitress approached she implored her to accept the position. Katie was thankful when closing time approached and Lori would be forced to leave. The brunette thrust her business card onto Katieís tray. ìCall me.î Lori asserted before walking out of the smoky nightclub.

                  ìWant to talk about it?î Kenny pried as Katie counted out her meager earnings. Her head slumped as she released a sob. ìYou are not going to believe it?î She cautioned him as she looked up with tears falling down her face. A long dissertation and several margaritas later she awoke on Kennyís sofa with a nasty hangover. As her head pounded she dialed Loriís office number and reluctantly accepted the position.


Part Five

                  Several months later Katie felt like a new woman. Lori had kept her word and stayed away from Katie they only saw one another when it was absolutely necessary. And when they did meet both women managed to keep things on a strictly professional level. Of course it did not stop Katieís mind from wandering back to the delightful memories of the one night they had shared. She often found herself wondering if Lori ever thought about that night? Then she would mentally kick herself for even thinking about these things. She did notice that when she and Lori would pass one another in the museum that the brunette often seemed lost in thought. Once again she chastised herself for even pondering what was going on in the brunetteís mind. ìNone of my business.î She would remind herself.

                  One night Katie was working late on a new collection that had just been received by the museum. The tapestry she was examining was so captivating that she was lost in the design. ìAmazing isnít it?î The sultry voice whispered in her ear. Katie yelped in surprise as she jumped and clutched her heart.

ìSorry.î Lori quickly apologized as she took a shy step backward.

ìYou scared me.î Katie chastised the brunette in a playful tone. ìI was so wrapped up in this I never heard you come in.î

                  ìShould I start wearing a bell or something?î Lori teased her with an amused smirk.

ìThat could help.î Katie laughed. The laugh suddenly died as she found herself once again captivated by Loriís eyes. When she realized that she was staring at the other woman she immediately broke the gaze and returned her focus on her work. ìSorry.î She mumbled as Lori took a seat next to her.

                  Katieís body began to tremble in reaction to Lori sitting so close to her. ìHow is it going?î Lori inquired as she began to examine the tapestry.

ìGood.î Katie explained proudly. ìI should have the dating completed by tomorrow. From everything I can see it is authentic.î

ìGood to hear.î Lori congratulated her. ìYou are doing a great job.î

                  Katie almost missed Loriís comments as she watched the brunetteís fingertips carefully dancing across the rich threads of the tapestry. Katieís eyes drifted shut as she felt her stomach clench as memories filled her mind. Suddenly her eyes snapped open when she realized that something was missing. She stared down at Loriís hands and discovered what was missing. Instead of the gold band and large diamond ring there was only a dim tan line on Loriís ring finger.

                  Before she could stop and think about what she was doing Katie captured Loriís hand and looked at it as a wave of confusion rushed over her. It wasnít until Lori shyly removed her hand from Katieís grasp did the blonde realize what she had done. ìSeparated.î Lori offered quietly in response to Katieís unspoken question.

                  They sat there in the dimly lit room that was Katieís lab each seemingly struggling with the rush of emotions. ìDo you want to talk about it?î Katie finally offered as she struggled against the constant throbbing of her lower anatomy.

ìIt was a mistake.î Lori offered grimly. ìBut I guess already knew that.î

ìI didnít.î Katie lied. She instantly regretted the lie. ìThe night we met I never would have guessed that you were the one who was getting married. I thought it was the redhead who had grabbed my ass.î Lori laughed at the memory. ìI mean she was wearing an engagement ring and put the veil on.î Katie continued to explain. ìPlus I thought you were . . . .î She began to chew on her bottom lip nervously wondering if she should be the one to say this to Lori?

ìGay.î Lori concluded for her.

ìYes.î Katie admitted. ìI thought you were gay.î

ìDid you think that before or after I licked tequila off of your body?î Lori inquired nervously.

                  ìBefore.î Katie confessed as her hand unconsciously grasped Loriís. When she realized that she was holding the brunetteís hand she went to release it. Her movement was halted when she felt the light squeeze Lori offered in response.

ìI didnít.î Lori responded sincerely. ìNatasha did. She said that she knew it for years. I mean I guess I suspected and Iíve had urges but I guess that Iím really good at lying to myself.î

                  Katie wrapped her fingers around Loriís as she allowed the woman to proceed at her own pace. Katie was fighting with the overwhelming urge to reach out and kiss Lori as she drank in the brunetteís chiseled features. ìWhen I touched you it felt right.î Lori continued thoughtfully. ìMy body never felt that way before.î

                  Katieís mind went blank as she reached out and cupped Loriís cheek in her hand. Lori smiled at her as she leaned into the touch. Katie wasnít certain which of them moved first or if the had moved in unison. She wasnít aware that they had some how closed the gap that was separating them until she felt her lips melting into Loriís.

                  Katie cast aside all sense of reason as she parted Loriís soft full lips with her tongue. She moaned as she felt Loriís tongue parting her eager lips in the same manner. Katie soon became lost in the sensation of their tongues wrapping around one another. The blondeís hands began to roam across Loriís broad shoulders as the kiss grew more passionate.

                  Both women were gasping with desire as they finally released one another from the fiery kiss. ìWhy do you have to be such a good kisser?î Lori asked in wonderment as she captured Katieís face in her hands.

ìWhy do you?î Katie responded with smile as Lori drew her closer and reclaimed her lips.

                  Things quickly escalated as their hands began to roam across one anotherís bodies. ìThis is happening to fast.î Katie panted as she pulled Lori up and guided her over to her desk.

ìI know.î Lori groaned as she began to remove Katieís lab coat and unbutton her blouse.

                  ìThis is wrong.î Katie continued to reason as she lowered Lori down onto her desk. Her nimble fingers quickly undoing the buttons of Loriís blouse while the brunette opened her blouse and began to caress Katieís breasts.

ìWe shouldnít be doing this.î Lori added as Katie began to open the brunetteís slacks.

                  Katie was about to add another reason why they should stop when she felt Lori teasing her nipples and suckling her neck. ìGod I want you.î Katie moaned instead of arguing against touching one another. She felt her blouse falling to the floor. Lori fumbled slightly until she finally released the clasp on Katieís bra. While Lori quickly removed the garment Katie was pulling the brunetteís slacks down her hips.

                  Katieís body arched as she felt Lori capturing her nipple in her mouth. The blondeís hands moved quickly up the brunetteís body and began to remove her loverís blouse and bra. Loriís mouth teased her nipples while Katie fondled her loverís breasts with her tiny hands. Lori moaned against her skin when Katie began to pinch and tease the brunetteís nipples.

                  Lori pulled away from her slightly and looked up at Katie with a smoky gaze. ìKatie I donít just want this.î She offered in a soft tone. ìI mean I want this but it isnít just your body that draws me to you.î

ìI feel the same.î Katie confessed suddenly feeling a sense of freedom by finally admitting that there was more to her attraction than just Loriís stunning good looks. ìWe can still do this right?î She added playfully.

ìYes.î Lori responded in a husky tone.

                  Katie drew Loriís slacks and under wear down her long legs as she sank to her knees. Then she removed the last of Loriís clothing and cast it aside. Kneeling beside her desk, Katie nestled her body between Loriís thighs and draped her long legs over her shoulders. Katie sighed as she drank in the aroma of her loverís passion. She parted Loriís lips and dipped her tongue inside of the brunetteís wetness. Loriís body arched as Katieís tongue glided along her sex. Katie pulled Loriís body closer as her tongue began to flicker across her swollen nub. Katie suckled Loriís clit into the warmth of her mouth while she pressed her fingers against the opening of her loverís warm wet center.

                  She could hear Loriís frantic pleas as she entered her. She felt the walls of Loriís center tighten around her fingers. She allowed her loverís body to adjust to the feel of her touch as she suckled her clit harder. Katie knew that the intensity of their long denied feelings would overwhelm the both of them quickly. She couldnít slow her pace as she began to plunge in and out of Loriís wetness while she teased her clit. She needed to feel Lori exploding against her and she silently prayed that they would have time in the future to take things slower.

                  The uncertainty of their future did nothing to stop Katie in taking her lover completely as her hand and mouth moved in perfect rhythm. She felt Loriís body trembling as she neared the edge. Fueled on by her loverís pleas Katie took her harder and deeper until she felt Loriís body thrashing wildly. Lori was crying out her name as she climaxed against Katie.

                  The blondeís fingers stilled inside of her lover allowing the last drops of passion slip thru her trembling body. Katie slowly licked Loriís passion from the inside of her quivering thighs. Slowly she slipped her fingers out of the warm cocoon and rested her head on Loriís stomach. ìI adore you.î Katie confessed as she placed soft promising kisses on Loriís skin.

ìKatie.î Lori whispered as the blonde looked up and found that she was staring into crystal blue orbs filled with what she hoped was love.

                  The thought frightened her as she stood and Lori pulled her closer. The fear slipped away as she felt Loriís tongue teasing her erect nipple while her hands busied themselves with lowering the blondeís pants and underwear. Katieís head fell back as she felt her loverís fingers exploring her wetness. She parted her thighs as Lori entered her. Soon her hips were thrusting against Loriís touch while the brunette suckled her nipple greedily.

                  The feel of Lori plunging in and out of her while her thumb teased her clit was quickly driving Katie over the edge. ìCum for me.î Lori pleaded against her skin. Katieís body erupted as she cried out and clung to Lori. The brunette wrapped her up in a warm embrace as Katie tried calming her trembling body. Katie lifted her head and brushed back Loriís hair from her brow. ìWe have a lot to talk about.î She whispered before placing a gentle kiss on Loriís brow.

ìI know.î Lori agreed before kissing Katie lightly on the lips. ìDo you think we could go somewhere and talk?î

ìYes.î Katie accepted with a smile.

                  They dressed and Katie locked down her lab she offered her hand to Lori who accepted it with a bright smile. Still fearful what lay ahead of them Katie led Lori out the door on what would be their first date. The feel of Loriís hand resting comfortably in her own gave her a sense of reassurance and courage.


The End