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By Mavis Applewater

July 2003


Disclaimers; The story and characters are the sole possession of the author and may not be reproduced, posted or sold without the author’s permission.  So there!  If for any reason real or imagined you are uncomfortable with graphic descriptions of two consenting adult women in a loving sexual relationship then do not read this story or anything else I have ever written.  If for any reason it is illegal for you to view this material then please leave and don’t come back until it is no longer a crime for you to read my work.


A special thank you goes out to my beta reader Mary.


As always this is for Heather.


“You want to know what I think?”  Ginger shouted at the rapidly retreating blonde who was racing up the aisle towards the exit of the theatre.  “I think you’re a bloody lunatic!”


“What is going on?” Belinda, her best friend and producer of the show, asked as she rushed in from the wings.

“You,” Ginger growled.  “Will you please stop sleeping with the leading lady?”

“I . . . Uhm . . .,” Belinda stammered as Ginger glared at her. 

“Please I’m begging you,” Ginger pleaded.  “Keep your grubby little hands to yourself.  Belle you hired me to direct this turkey now stop boinking the women I’m supposed to be directing, then dumping them as soon as you can get your pants on.  If you do me that one little favor then we might just be able to keep someone until after opening night.”


“Sorry,” Belinda whined as she pouted.

“Geez, that one was straight,” Ginger grumbled.  “What is it with you and blonde’s anyways?”


Belinda simply shrugged as she brushed back her short brown hair.  “I need to put out another casting call,” Ginger groused.  “Stay away from it and rehearsals or I‘ll break your legs,” She added as she stormed off of the stage.


Three weeks later Ginger was so pleased with the way her new leading lady was working out that she actually allowed Belinda back into rehearsals.  She had been hesitant to hire another blonde, but the role really called for it.  So she hired Sandy Clarkson a tall blonde with dark eyes and a lot of natural talent.  On the surface Sandy appeared to be good natured and a consummate professional.  That was, of course, until she allowed Belinda to come back into the theatre.


Everything appeared to be going well during rehearsal that day until Belinda stepped into the theatre. Three days later, Ginger called a break so she could go over some notes with the actors.  Midway through her chat with Brandon her leading man she heard shouting.  She wondered why she wasn’t surprised to find Sandy and Belinda in a heated debate.  The small brunette appeared to be doing some serious back peddling when Sandy lost it.  “You arrogant little bitch,” Sandy fumed before storming off stage.


“Lunch!” Ginger bellowed as she glared at her friend who was trying to sneak away.  The actors and crew scrambled out of the theatre as Ginger stormed over to Belinda and grabbed her by the back of her neck.  “How could you sleep with her?  She was the best one we hired.  The show might have actually been a success!”  Ginger ranted as she dragged her friend off stage and into the wings.  “Why?”


“I didn’t,” Belinda protested as she slipped out of Ginger’s grasp.

“Don’t yank my chain,” Ginger cautioned.

“I swear nothing happened,” Belinda argued. “Nada.”


“Then why?” The rest of her question died on her lips as she fully grasped the situation.  “But you’ve been dating her?”

“I thought so,” Belinda stammered.  “Three dates and nothing.”

“So you dumped her?”  Ginger spat out with disgust.  “She wouldn’t put out so you dumped her?”

“Well,” Belinda began as Ginger held up her hand and silenced the smaller woman.

“News flash Belle you need a new approach to dating,” Ginger hissed.  “You see most of us don’t ask a woman out by sleeping with her first.”

“I don’t do that all the time,” Belinda argued.

“True, but if you haven’t already slept with them you bring your toothbrush on the first date,” Ginger corrected her.

“Yeah,” Belinda agreed as if it was no big deal.


“Grow up,” Ginger scowled.  She loved Belinda dearly. She’d trust her with her life, just not her sister.  “I’m going after her, and I’m telling you right now that if I can’t convince her to stay then I’m out of here, and I’ll help her sue your sorry ass for sexual harassment.  Understood?”

“Understood,” Belinda conceded.  “Tell her that I’m sorry.  I don’t mean to be a jerk.”

“But you are,” Ginger grumbled as she went in search of her missing leading lady.


“I don’t want to hear it,” Sandy cut her off before she could utter a single word after she discovered the actress in the coffee shop across from the theatre.

“Please,” Ginger was not above begging since she only had four days before the show was scheduled to open.

“I’m not quitting if that is what you are worried about,” Sandy informed her as Ginger took a seat next to her.

“It is,” Ginger confessed.  “But that isn’t the only thing I am worried about.  I wanted to apologize.”

“You aren’t the one who should be apologizing,” Sandy cut her off.  “I know she’s a friend of yours, but that woman is a pig.”

“You’re right,” Ginger readily agreed.  “She’s a friend, and she’s a pig.  She also wants to apologize.”


“Afraid I’ll quit or sue?”  Sandy pressed her lips forming into a scowl.

“Not really,” Ginger answered the actress honestly. 

“I don’t get it, she seems like a really nice person,” Sandy blew out as the scowl vanished.


“She is unless you go out with her,” Ginger tried to explain.  “She wasn’t always like this.  A long time ago she was involved with a woman she was convinced walked on water.  Turns out what she didn’t know was this woman was also dating her best friend. Neither of them knew, and it just ended really badly for everyone.”


“And somehow the two of you stayed friends?”  Sandy sympathetically inquired.

“Eventually,” Ginger conceded.  “Except ever since then she hasn’t trusted anyone she goes out with.”


“So she turned into a complete pig, and you? “  Sandy pressed playfully.

“Well, according to Belle, I turned into a nun,” Ginger laughed despite the slight pain she felt.

“God I hate women with issues,” Sandy blew out.  “I assumed you called a dinner break?”


“Yeah,” Ginger said with relief.  “Can I buy you lunch?”

“Okay, but on one condition,” Sandy slowly began.

“I swear I’m not going to hit on you,” Ginger promised. “Trust me I suck at it.”

“That wasn’t it,” Sandy said with shy smile.  “Tell me about your name?”

“Oh God,” Ginger groaned.

“Well it’s just that your name is Ginger Grant,” Sandy carefully continued.  “Isn’t that a character from Gilligan’s Island?”


“Yes,” Ginger responded with a heavy groan.  “And yes that is where my parents got the name from.”

“Now that is just twisted,” Sandy grimaced as Ginger stood and held out the chair for her.

“You don’t know the half of it,” Ginger muttered.  “I got off easy my kid brother’s name is Lou.”




Opening night turned into a smashing success.  The only thing that was troubling Ginger was the way Sandy and Belinda spent most of the night at the cast party huddled in a corner lost in heavy conversation.  She knew that Belinda had apologized; she just never thought that Sandy would give her a second chance.  She didn’t begrudge her friend a second chance, it was just since the day of the fiasco she and Sandy had seemed to hit it off.  The truth was Ginger was breaking her own rules.  For the first time in years she was actually attracted to someone.  Only problem was she was obviously interested in her best friend.


She left the party early not feeling very proud at the way it bothered her to see them together.  She and Belle had been down this road before, and she wasn’t going to allow it to happen again.  After the opening Ginger’s job was just about completed.  This made her happy since every time she turned a corner in the theatre she would stumble upon Belinda and Sandy locked into a deep conversation until they noticed her presence.  Then all conversation would suddenly cease.


Ginger was working in her office in her house when a familiar face peered in through the window.  “I need to get a dog,” She muttered as she removed her glasses and tried to ignore Belinda climbing in the window. “You are such a freak,” She grumbled as Belinda fell onto the floor.


“What cha up to?”  Belinda asked as she climbed to her feet.

“I was just about call the police about an intruder,” Ginger grunted as she picked up her coffee mug and headed into her kitchen.  “Ever thought about using the front door?”  She asked as she poured herself another cup of coffee.


“Where’s the fun in that?”  Belinda teased as she helped herself to some coffee.  “Eww old,” She grimaced before tossing the stale coffee down the sink.  “This can only mean you’ve been working all day again.  So, what is so important to keep you locked up on a beautiful day like today?  Down loading porn again?”


“I never down loaded porn onto my computer that was you,” Ginger corrected the smaller woman as she rubbed her throbbing temple.  “I’m still getting disgusting SPAM because of it.  I was going over the new property you sent me.”


“What do you think?”  Belinda inquired suddenly acting like a professional.

“I like it,” Ginger offered as she put on a fresh pot of coffee.

“What would you think about moving Sandy over once it is in production?”  Belinda asked as she climbed up onto the counter.


“I think she’ll be great for the lead and get off my counter,” Ginger instructed her.

“Great why don’t you tell her?”  Belinda agreed as she slid down off of the counter.

“You’ll probably see her before I will,” Ginger grunted bitterly.  “The A.D takes over for me this week.”


“You could invite her out for dinner after the show tonight and make her an offer?”  Belinda suggested a little too eagerly.


“What is going on?”  Ginger asked feeling very uneasy about hanging out with Sandy now that she was involved with Belinda.


“Nothing,” Belinda answered a little too quickly. 


“Are you dumping her?”  Ginger shouted.  The sudden surge of anger surprised the both of them.


“Dumping her?” Belinda asked as her brow crinkled.  “I’m not dating her.”

“I thought,” Ginger stammered.  “But you are always together?”


“We have a lot to talk about,” Belinda shrugged.


“There is something you are not telling me,” Ginger fumed.


“I swear there is nothing going on,” Belinda vowed.


“You lie like a rug,” Ginger hissed as she narrowed her dark brown eyes.  “Fine, but you can offer her the job, you’re the producer.  I have things to do tonight.”


“Really?”  Belinda asked with surprise.


“Some of us have to work for a living,” Ginger pointed out.


“Like you said I’m a producer,” Belinda chuckled.


Three weeks later Ginger was sitting in the darkness watching Sandy and Belinda chattering away a few rows down in front of her.  Ginger’s eyes narrowed as she tried in vain to catch snippets of their conversation.  She began to grind her teeth as they giggled like school girls.


“How is that?”  Walter the lightening direct called out from the booth.


“Did you listen to what I said?”  She shouted as she jumped out of her seat.  Ginger wasn’t normally short tempered with anyone she was just tired.  The more time she spent with Sandy the more she was attracted to her.  Of course the more her attraction grew the more time Sandy spent with Belinda.


She rubbed her temple as she felt her head throbbing.  There was an eerie silence surrounding her as everyone in the theatre stopped what they were doing.  “I’m sorry Walter why don’t we try running the sequence tomorrow?”


“Any thing you say,” Walter quickly agreed.


“Jack, why don’t we call it night?”  She suggested to her assistant.


She closed her eyes as she listened to Jack dismissing everyone for the night and giving them instructions regarding the call list.  “Hey,” Belinda greeted her with a whisper as she leaned of the row in front of her.  “Everything alright Sparky?”


“Just tired,” She sighed.

“Anything I can do?”  Belinda pressed.

“No just get out here and enjoy your night,” Ginger reassured her friend.

“Call if you want to talk,” Belinda added as she stood. 

“No plans tonight?”  She asked.

“I have a date,” Belinda smiled.


“Really?”  Ginger groaned as she felt her headache growing to epic proportions.

“Yes,” Belinda boasted.  “And I’ll have you know that not only haven’t I slept with her I’m not packing my toothbrush or anything else.”


“Huh?”  Ginger stammered.


“See I’m learning,” Belinda smiled down at her.  “She’s really nice.  I met her at the library.”


“You’re kidding?”


“I can read you know,” Belinda teased.


“You have a degree in literature I would hope that you could read,” Ginger teased her as she watched Sandy approaching them.


“Have fun tonight,” Sandy offered brightly as she gave Belinda’s arm a squeeze.

“Thanks,” Belinda accepted as Ginger watched them.


“Ginger would you like to get a cup of coffee or something?”  The actress shyly inquired.


“Yeah sure,” Ginger mumbled as she tried to figure out just what was going on.


Later that night Ginger was lost in thought as she drummed her fingers on the table at the bar where she and Sandy had stopped.  “Are you sure that you are okay?”  Sandy asked her for the fourth time as she watched Ginger’s fingers banging out the most annoying sound.


“No,” Ginger confessed as her fingers suddenly stilled.  She felt her breathing catch when she met Sandy’s gaze.  “I thought that you and Belle were dating.”


“We were until she dumped me when I didn’t sleep with her,” Sandy slowly explained.  “Remember?”


“Of course,” Ginger conceded.  “I just thought that with all of the time the two of you were spending together that there was something going on.”


“No,” Sandy laughed.  “You were right.  She’s a good friend if you’re not dating her, though she seems to really like Holly.”


“Holly?”  Ginger asked.


“The school teacher she met at the library last week,” Sandy clarified.


“Oh,” Ginger nodded.  “So what do the two of you talk about all of the time?”


“Oh you know,” Sandy hedged as she played with her drink. 


“No I don’t know,” Ginger felt silly by the way she was acting but the whole thing was driving her nuts.


“Well,” Sandy mumbled.  “You mostly.”


“Me?”  Ginger blurted out.  “Why me?”


“This is so embarrassing,” Sandy blushed.  “Belinda did hit on me one more time before she apologized.  I told her that I was attracted to you.  She’s been trying to help me out.”


Ginger burst out laughing.  Sandy’s face fell as she stood. “Thanks,” She hissed before storming out of the bar.


“Wait,” Ginger called after her as she ran to catch up to the angry actress.  She was huffing and puffing when she finally caught up with the blonde.  “Geez, do you work out or what?”


“I run three miles every morning,” Sandy spat out as she turned to run off once again.


“Sandy,” Ginger pleaded.  “Wait. I was laughing at me not you.”


Sandy spun around and studied her carefully.  Her eyes narrowed with suspicion.  “Go on,” She said as she clenched her jaw.


“I’m an ass,” Ginger bluntly offered as Sandy’s eyes widened and her jaw relaxed.  “I’ve been driving me and everyone else crazy because I thought you were dating Belinda.  Truth is I was jealous.”


“I should have listened to her,” Sandy offered after an agonizing silence.  “Belinda said that unless I asked you out and made it clear it was a date you wouldn’t get it.”


“She’s right,” Ginger laughed.  “I’m clueless sometimes.”


“So my clueless wonder,” Sandy began as she held out her hand to Ginger. Ginger was trembling as she accepted Sandy’s offer. She felt her body warming the moment their fingers touched.  “Come home with me.”


“Huh?”  Ginger choked.


“Come home with me,” Sandy repeated as she drew Ginger closer to her body.  “I’ll put on some coffee or I could open a bottle of wine and we can talk.”


“Talking is good,” Ginger accepted as she tried to calm herself.  The suddenness of the events threw the normally controlled director for a loop.  Still the revelations had brought a smile to her lips and put a spring in her step.


Ginger was fidgeting nervously as Sandy busied herself in the kitchen.  She had to keep reminding herself that she and Sandy shared a professional relationship.  “I hope this is alright?”  Sandy inquired shyly as she entered the living room. Ginger jumped at the sound of the actress’ sultry voice.


“Sorry I was just thinking.” Ginger tried to explain her skittish attitude.

“Belinda warned me not to let you do that.” Sandy teased her as she handed her a glass of white wine.

“Do what?”  Ginger asked already knowing she wasn’t going to like the answer.

“Think,” Sandy informed her with a cocky smirk.


Ginger had to remind herself to breathe as she became locked in a smoldering gaze.  “I Uhm . ..,” She stammered as she licked her lips her mouth feeling suddenly parched.  “I uhm,” She repeated.  Her eyes finally broke away from Sandy’s gaze only to fall upon the actress’ lips.  Ginger was sinking fast finding it hard to believe that she was so completely enthralled with this woman.  “Didn’t you and Belinda stop seeing one another because you wouldn’t sleep with her?”  She stammered as she felt the distance between them vanishing.


“Yes,” Sandy admitted.  Ginger barely heard the blonde’s response since she was completely focused on watching the actress’ soft lips moving.


“So why do I feel like you are looking at me as if I was dessert?”  Ginger squeaked out as she felt Sandy’s hands caressing her hips.  She gripped her glass tightly only to have the actress gently remove it from her grasp.  Ginger’s eyes fluttered shut as she felt Sandy’s hands caressing her face.


“Because you are irresistible,” Sandy offered softly.

“Oh?” Ginger panted as the scent of Sandy’s perfume invaded her senses.  Her heart was pounding as she felt Sandy’s lips shyly brushing against her own.


“And I’m not promising you a tour of my bedroom,” Sandy whispered against the director’s quivering lips.  “I just want to be close to you.”


“Oh?” Ginger repeated this time with a hint of disappointment as her eyes blinked open.  Once again she felt as if she was falling as she melted into Sandy’s touch.  She clasped the actress’ hips and kissed her once again.  She couldn’t think about anything except how much she wanted to touch this woman.  She parted Sandy’s lips with her tongue and explored the warmth of her mouth as she caressed the curve of her hips.  “How close is close?”  Ginger panted as she reluctantly ended the kiss.



Sandy cupped Ginger’s face in her hands.  “I can’t seem to stop touching you,” the actress offered in a helpless tone before drawing Ginger in for another lingering kiss.  As Sandy kissed her deeply Ginger could feel her body being lowered down onto the sofa. As their bodies brushed against one another, Ginger wondered if she would ever get enough of this beautiful woman.


As Sandy’s body covered her own Ginger gave into the fire burning deep inside of her.  The normal sense of reason that controlled her flew out the window as she felt Sandy’s thigh parting her legs.  She had been dreaming about this woman and now she was living out her dreams as Sandy took control.  “Damn,” Ginger gasped as Sandy began to kiss her face and then her soft supple neck.  “You’re making it hard for me to think.”


“I’m not supposed to let you think.  Remember?”  Sandy purred against her skin as she began to undo the buttons on Ginger’s blouse.

“Right,” Ginger gasped in agreement as a tremor rumbled through her body.


“It is only fair since I can’t think at this moment,” Sandy murmured before running her tongue along the swell of Ginger’s breasts.  “I haven’t been able to think clearly since that day we had lunch together.”


Ginger gasped audibly as she felt the soft material of her bra being pulled up and Sandy’s hands and mouth teasing her skin.  Her back arched against Sandy’s touch.  She gripped the cushions of the sofa as she gave herself over to the actress’ exploration. 


Her wetness grew as Sandy’s thigh pressed against her clit.  She lifted her hips with a raw aching need grinding herself against the actress’ thigh.  “God you are so beautiful,”  Sandy murmured before capturing Ginger’s nipple between her lips.  Ginger clung to her lover clawing at Sandy’s blouse.


Her hips gyrated frantically as she tugged Sandy’s shirt out of the confines of her faded blue jeans.  Sandy suckled her nipple greedily as their bodies rocked in a steady motion each urging the other on.  Ginger slipped her hands up under Sandy’s shirt in a need to feel more of the beautiful woman’s body.


Ginger ran her hands along the smooth flesh of Sandy’s back as they swayed against one another.  Ginger’s head was spinning as she became lost in the frantic pounding of their bodies.  Ginger’s clit was pulsating as her body demanded release as her lover’s teeth teased her hardened nipple.


Sandy’s body arched against her as Ginger quickened their already frantic pace.  Sandy’s eyes were glazed over as they straddled one another.  Ginger caressed her lover’s backside with one hand while the other slipped up the front of Sandy’s.


She cupped her lover’s breasts teasing the nipple through the sheer material of her bra.  Ginger could feel their mutual desire flowing even through the confines of their clothing.  “I want you so much,” Sandy choked out as her fingers drifted to the hem of Ginger’s pants.  Ginger gasped once again as her lover lowered the zipper of her slacks.


As she felt her lover’s fingers lingering along the band of her panties she squeezed the actress’ firm backside before allowing her hand to drift along Sandy’s hip and between their bodies.  Sandy’s fingers dipped into her underwear as Ginger cupped the blonde’s mound.  She used the heel of her hand to tease her lover as she felt Sandy’s fingers brushing against her wetness.


Neither of them spoke as Sandy used two of her long fingers to stroke Ginger’s aching need.  Ginger unzipped the actress’ jeans and began her own delightful exploration.  She parted Sandy and released a throaty moan at the wetness that greeted her touch.


They teased one another’s throbbing nubs as they continued to sway urgently against one another. Ginger wanted to slow things down and savor each caress, but the fire was demanding more of them.  They trembled against each other as they entered one another. Ginger could feel her lover’s body tightening against her touch as her own body responded in kind.


She watched her lover’s body swaying above her as they pleasured one another.  Their hands and hips moved in perfect unison as they took one another harder.  The ecstasy rushed through her body as she felt her lover explode against her touch.  They cried out together as their bodies collapsed.


Ginger could feel the rapid beating of Sandy’s heart as they held one another tightly.  Ginger kissed Sandy’s brow as the blonde raised her head and gazed deeply into Ginger’s eyes.  “That was insane,” The actress offered shyly.


“But nice,” Ginger murmured with a smile. 

“Ginger I really want to go out on a date with you,” Sandy stressed suddenly looking very shy.  “I thought Belinda was crazy to suggest and I quote, ring her bell first then ask her out.  If you don’t all you’ll do is talk and talk until Ginger manages to talk herself out of it.”


“You can never tell her this, but the little bugger was right,” Ginger confessed as she cupped Sandy’s face in her hands and placed a series of feathery kisses on the actress’ face.


“I swear when I invited you over seducing you wasn’t what I had planned,” Sandy tried to explain as Ginger chuckled softly.

“And now that you have?”  Ginger purred seductively.


“Now?”  Sandy blushed slightly as she lifted herself up off of Ginger’s body.  “Now, I want to finish what we started,”  She promised as she held her hand out for Ginger.  “Only this time I want to go much slower.”


“We have all night,” Ginger vowed as she allowed Sandy to lead her into the bedroom.


Sandy clicked on a table lamp before wrapping her arms around the director’s body.  They swayed as if they were dancing kissing slowly.  The kisses grew deeper as they slowly undressed one another.  Ginger’s heart soared as they fell onto the queen sized bed and their bodies truly met for the first time.


Ginger kissed and tasted every inch of Sandy’s flesh in a slow torturous manner as the actress watched her every movement.  She kissed her way back up Sandy’s body as they nestled against one another.  Ginger was reeling from the simple sensation of their bodies lying so close to one another.


They caressed one another gently, each brush of their fingers sending delightful tremors through the other’s body.  Ginger felt as if it was meant to be as they continued the slow caressing until each of them was gasping for air.  They held one another in a steady gaze as their wetness met and their bodies became one.


They clung to one another as their bodies danced together in slow promising motion until each of them was crying out.  “I can’t wait until our first date,” Ginger murmured as she wrapped Sandy up in a warm embrace.


“Me either,” Sandy sighed contently as she rested her head against Ginger’s shoulder before each of them drifted off to sleep.



The End

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