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Cora’s Gift

(Home Improvement Part Two)

By Mavis Applewater

May 2002


Disclaimers:  Yes we all know who they look like but it isn’t them.  The characters and story belong to the author and may not be reproduced, posted or sold without the author’s permission.  This story contains a graphic description of a loving sexual relationship between two consenting adult women.  If for any reason you are uncomfortable with this idea then do us all a favor and don’t read this or anything else I have ever written.  If for any reason it is illegal for you to view such material then do me a favor and don’t read it.  The members of YoMavis for a sequel selected this story.  Thanks to everyone who voted.


As always this is for Heather.



Part One


            Cora looked over her shoulder to find the writer once again hovering closely behind her.  The fair-haired plumber turned as she quirked her eyebrows at her lover in a questioning manner.  “Yes?”  She inquired drolly.

“Nothing.”  Joy responded helplessly.


            Cora sighed deeply and returned to her work all the while a pair of crystal blue eyes followed her every movement.  “Why did I agree to do this?”  She muttered under her breath.

“Because you are crazy about me.”  Joy quipped happily.

“Or I’m just plain crazy.”  Cora noted delightfully as she knelt down and tried to finish sealing the hot tub into place.  Cora was on her hands and knees as she continued to toil away.


            Installing the hot tub wasn’t the problem.  Cora was good at what she did and actually enjoyed using her carpentry skills to build the deck.  The problem was that her lover was constantly hovering over her as she worked.  Had she known that Joy was going to trail around after her like a lost puppy dog she would had sent the writer on an extended vacation so she could finish the project by Memorial Day Weekend.



            She shivered as she felt her lover’s eyes burning into her from behind.  “What?”  She said in exasperation as she turned her head towards her lover once again.  “Nothing.”  Joy responded quickly once again feigning innocence.   “Joy maybe you should go with Perc and Marv down to PTown for opening day weekend while I finish this?”  Cora suggested hopefully.

“You don’t want to spend the long weekend with me?”  The tall writer asked in a dejected tone.

“Sweetheart I adore you.”  Cora reassured her as she fumbled with her tools.  “It’s just that I’ll never get this done on time if you keep following me around.”

“I’m sorry.”  Joy responded shyly.  “It’s just that you look so cute with your tool belt and ripped jeans and all sweaty.”

“That’s it.”  Cora laughed.  “Honey you’ve seen me in my work clothes before.  In fact you’ve seen me out of my work clothes.”



            Cora was amused by the situation.  She felt Joy’s breath on her skin.  She jumped in surprise not realizing that her lover had moved.  “Damn I swear I’m going to put a bell on you.”  Cora squeaked out as she felt Joy’s hands running along the back of her well-worn jeans.  “I will make a deal with you.”  Joy said hotly into her ear.  Cora felt her thighs trembling as her lover’s tongue brushed along her ear.  “Uh huh.”  Cora whimpered weakly as Joy’s talented fingers continued to tease her backside.

“If you let me have my way with you right now, I promise to leave you alone for the rest of the day.”  Joy said in a breathy tone as she pressed her firm full breasts into Cora’s back.

“You’re insatiable.”  Cora choked out as she felt her heart pounding against her chest and her desire dampening her jeans.

“It’s been so long since we’ve been together.”  Joy teased as her hands continued to massage Cora’s firm backside.

“We made love this morning.”  Cora reasoned as her legs parted slightly.

“That was hours ago.”  Joy debated.

“God woman you are driving me crazy.”  Cora groaned as Joy began nibble the nape of her neck.


            Cora felt her lover’s mouth moving sensual along the back of her neck as her hands roamed her body.  One of the brunette’s hands slipped up her rib cage and cupped one of her breasts, while the other slide down between her thighs and cupped her mound.  “Baby please.”  Joy whispered against her skin while her hands began to move in a torturous motion.  Cora was fighting to control her breathing.  “Please.”  Joy repeated with a hiss as the palm of her hand pressed the seam of Cora’s jeans into her throbbing clit.


            “Let me take you right here and now.”  Joy continued as she continued to rub her hand against Cora’s overheated center.  “I want you just like this.”  Joy said in a deep voice that sent a delightful shiver up and down the plumber’s spine as her stomach clenched with desire.   Cora nodded in response as she parted her trembling legs further.  “Is that a yes?”  Joy taunted her as she began to pinch her aching nipple. 


            Cora could only answer with a strangled whimper.  “Say it.”  Joy commanded as she pinched her nipple harder and rubbed her palm more insistently against her pulsating center.  “Yes.”  Cora pleaded as she fought to keep her body suspended on the new wood deck.   “I’m going to make you feel so good.”  Joy promised hotly into the blonde’s ear as she pressed her body into Cora’s quivering form.


            Cora’s emerald eyes fluttered shut as she gave herself over to Joy’s insistent touch.  Joy’s nipples pressed into her back.  Despite their clothing the blonde could feel the erect bud pressing against her as her lover’s hands continued to stroke and tease her.  The blood was racing thru her over heated body as Joy’s hand continued to rub against her center. 


            The blonde’s ears were pounding as she felt Joy running her tongue along the back of her neck.  Her body was filled with a fiery desire when she felt Joy’s hands moving.  She whimpered when she felt the hand leaving her center.  “Please.”  She pleaded.  Joy undid her tool belt and dropped it loudly onto the deck.  Then she pulled Cora’s t-shirt out of her jeans and ran her hands up under the cotton.


            Joy’s fingers burned her skin as they ran slowly up her rib cage and cupped her breasts.  Cora felt her bra being undone and two firm hands feeling the weight of her breasts.  Joy straddled her backside and pressed herself into Cora.  The blonde’s hips thrust backward in an effort to feel her lover.  Her breathing became ragged as Joy slowly rolled both of her aching nipples between her fingers.


            Cora released a strangled cry as her hips continued to thrust furiously against Joy’s center.  Her lover’s body rocked against her in a wild passionate rhythm.  Despite the restrictions of their clothing Cora could feel her passion soaking her jeans.  As their bodies slapped together Cora thought she was going to explode as she rocked her backside harder against Joy’s body.


            “Are you wet?”  Joy asked as her hips moved urgently against Cora’s firm backside. 

“Yes.”  Cora cried out as her ears began to pound.

“Show me.”  Joy encouraged her as she released her hands from Cora’s breasts.  The blonde groaned as she felt her lover’s hands sliding down her body.    The desire coursing thru her small body made her moan with frustration as she felt Joy’s hands undoing her jeans.  Cora’s arms were shaking as she struggled to keep herself from collapsing onto the deck. 


            Cora began to wonder just what had gotten into her normally shy lover?  As her jeans and underwear began to slide down her hips she no longer cared.  Joy’s tongue blazed a trail along Cora’s backside.  She heard her lover murmuring in pleasure as she dipped her tongue into her wetness.  Cora’s body swayed as she felt Joy tasting her desire. 


            Cora opened herself up even further as she pleaded for release.  Joy feasted upon her driving her insane with desire.  ‘What is she doing?’  Cora thought she felt her lover’s mouth leaving her wetness.  Then she felt the long fingers caressing her swollen nether lips.  Cora clutched at the wood beneath her fingers as her lover’s thumb rubbed against her throbbing clit.  


            Joy’s body pressed against her own.  Joy continued to tease Cora each time the blonde plumber neared her release, the brunette pulled away.  “Please!”  Cora finally screamed out as two fingers pressed against her center.  “I love you.”  Joy whispered in her ear as her fingers plunged deep inside her aching center.   Cora’s body bucked as her hips thrust eagerly against her lover’s hand.  “Yes.”  She screamed out as Joy plunged in and out of her.


            Her lover held her steadily as her fingers continued to pleasure her while her thumb teased her clit wildly.   Cora rocked her body with wild abandonment as Joy took her harder.  Cora’s body convulsed as every fiber of her being exploded.  She collapsed onto the deck while her lover continued to ride her.  “Please . . . Can’t . . . stop.”  Cora begged finally as another climax tore thru her small body.


            Joy gathered her up in her arms and held her while the waves of passion continued to filter thru her body.  “Thank you.”  Joy whispered as she kissed her cheek.  She could smell her own passion on her lover as she held her. 

“Why are you thanking me?”  Cora laughed as she tried to calm her breathing.

“I’ve been drooling over you for days.”  Joy confessed.  “You have no idea how hot you look when you are all sweaty.”


            Cora could only smile as she drifted off with the afternoon sun caressing her body and her lover holding her tightly.



Part Two


            Joy was sitting in her office holding the telephone against her ear while she waited for the other person to pick up.  She was still basking in the after glow of having pleasured her lover.  She smiled at the memory.  Cora was the best thing in her life.  She could hear the blonde whistling as she continued to work.  After Cora regained her composure, Joy kept her promise and allowed her lover to return to work.


            The blonde was determined to finish the hot tub by the holiday weekend.  It had started off as a joke when they had first gotten together.  But Cora kept her word.  She had promised if things worked out between them Joy would have a hot tub and a blonde to share it on Memorial Day weekend. 


            Now Joy wanted to do something special for Cora.  Her lover was still a little gun shy when it came to their relationship.  She couldn’t blame her lover after the nasty break up she had with her last lover.  If what she was planning worked out she knew it would show the little blonde just how deeply she cared for her.  Not only that it would make Cora extremely happy.

“Hello?”  The voice answered.


            Joy braced herself to begin the conversation. “Tara?”

“Yes?”  Came the reply.

“I don’t know if you remember me but I’m Joy Carson.”  Joy tried to explain.

“Joy well hey there.”  Tara beamed.  “Of course I remember you.  Wow you really gave Dawn what for when you walked out on her.”


            Joy was stunned by the comment.  Tara was one of Dawn’s closest friends and now she seemed ecstatic that Joy had dropped the woman.  “Yeah that was me.”  Joy confirmed finally.

“Oh no don’t tell me the two of you are getting back together?”  Tara groaned.

“God no.”  Joy spat out before she could stop herself.  “Sorry I know she is a friend of yours.”

“Only when she has the time.”  Tara grunted.  “Dawn is a selfish person.  I only hear from her when she needs something.  So why the phone call?”

“I’m in a new relationship and I need to find someone.”  Joy began to explain.  She didn’t want to tell Tara about Cora if she didn’t need to.  Despite Tara’s comments the two women still kept in touch.  The last thing she wanted Dawn to know was that she and Cora were now together.  “I’m trying to find Jack.”

“Jack?”  Tara responded in a quizzical tone.

“Her dog.”  Joy continued as she chewed on her bottom lip nervously.

“You mean her exes dog.”  Tara said bitterly.  “I still can’t believe she took him away from Cora.  That was just mean.  It was the only thing Cora wanted, she gave Dawn the house and everything else.”

“I heard.”  Joy sighed heavily.

“How?”  Tara pushed.

“Long story.”  Joy said quickly.  “Does she still have Jack?”

“No.”  Tara said sadly.  “She only took him to hurt Cora when she wouldn’t take her back.  She thought she had you all wrapped up and when you walked she thought Cora would just forgive her.  When she didn’t she took Jack.”

“Bitch.”  Joy spat out.

“I know.”  Tara confessed.

“What happened to Jack?”  Joy inquired nervously.

“The pound.”  Tara said with a heavy sigh.

“What?”  Joy choked out.  “Why didn’t she just give him back to Cora or least to a no kill shelter?”

“She only took Jack because she thought it was something to hold over Cora.”  Tara explained.


            “Damn her.”  Joy growled as her heart sank.  It was the only regret Cora had when the relationship ended was losing her beloved dog.  Joy thought that just maybe she could get the dog back.  With Dawn it would only take the right amount of cash.


            “Uhm Joy what is going on?”  Tara asked hesitantly.  “You should even know about Cora or Jack.”  Joy cringed knowing that she would have to come clean.

“Cora and I are together.” Joy said as a smile crossed her lips.  “I thought maybe I could get Jack back for her.”

“That’s so sweet.”  Tara said softly.  “Oh man if Dawn found out the two of you ended up together it would kill her, especially since she is about to be single again.  Her lover just got laid off.”

“Didn’t Dawn ever consider supporting herself?”  Joy growled.  “Look I don’t want her to know about me and Cora, it would only cause trouble.  Cora’s been thru enough because of her.”

“You both have.”  Tara responded sincerely. 

“Do you know what pound she sent poor Jack to?”  Joy asked hopefully.

“No.  But I’ll try to find out.”  Tara promised.


            Joy’s heart skipped a beat as she gave Tara her telephone number and said a silently prayer that Jack was still among the living.  She quickly dialed another telephone number this one was very familiar.  “Hey Marv.”  She greeted her old friend.

“Joy please tell me you are calling because you’ve changed your mind about opening day weekend.”  Marv blurted out instantly.

“No.”  She droned. 

“You’re adorable little plumber has finished putting in the Jacuzzi and you are inviting us over?”  He asked eagerly.

“No.”  She laughed.  “Not everything as about you Marv.”

“Blasphemer!”  Marv scoffed.  “Speaking of which when can we borrow her?”

“She’s my lover not a household appliance.”  Joy protested.

“She’s an honest plumber it’s wrong not to share her.”  Marv argued.  “So why did you ring?”

“I’ve forgotten.”  Joy groaned it was a common occurrence whenever she telephoned Marv.  “Oh yeah I think we need to use that plan B we discussed the other night.”

“Dawn’s not giving the dog back.”  Marv snarled.  “Well color me surprised.”

“She put him in the pound.”  Joy informed him sadly.

“Bitch.”  Marv spat out.  “The litter should be just old enough to adopt.  I’ve already spoken to Devlin about it.  We could go out and see the puppies anytime you want.  It won’t be her beloved Jack still I think she’ll just love one of the adorable puppies.”

“It will make her happy.”  Joy sighed thinking about how heartless Dawn was.  “I just wish I could find Jack.” 


            “Baby doll you have to face facts chances are that Jack is no longer with us.”  Marv explained.  “I’ll stop by in about an hour and drive you up to the kennel.”    Joy agreed her heart still aching over the thought of what Dawn had done.  She said her goodbyes and went back out onto the deck and found her lover toiling away.  She inhaled sharply as she drank in Cora’s sweat covered body.

“I know that look.”  Cora cautioned her with a bright smile.

“You can relax I’m going out with Marv for awhile.”  Joy laughed lightly. 

“Good maybe I can get some work done.”  Cora teased her.

“What’s all the extra lumber for?”  Joy inquired.

“A surprise.”  Cora responded flatly.

“No hints?”  Joy pried playfully.

“No.”  Cora said as she shook her head.  “Now get out of here woman and let me get my work done.”



Part Three


            Cora took advantage of Joy’s absence and threw herself into her work.  She wanted to make the Jacuzzi special so Joy could use it year round.  She need to build an enclosure.  She smiled as thought about how much the both of them would enjoy the hot tub.  Her smile quickly vanished.  Joy had been dropping hints that perhaps Cora could move in with her. 


            She cared for Joy.  Hell she more than cared for her but after what Dawn had put her thru she was hesitant about taking her relationship with Joy to the next level.  She had to constantly remind herself that Joy wasn’t Dawn.  In fact Joy had once been involved with Dawn herself.  In fact Joy’s involvement with Dawn was the catalyst that brought about the ending of Cora’s relationship with Dawn.  The irony of the situation wasn’t lost on the blonde plumber. 


            Maybe she was unable to tell Joy how she felt but she could show her.  She needed to finish the hot tub she had promised her.  She still had the nagging fear that life with Joy was just a little too perfect.  Lately the brunette writer had been making telephone calls that she would end the moment Cora entered the room.  The blonde kept reminding herself that it was just her imagination.  Still old fears crept in.


            Cora shrugged off her doubts and returned to work.  Joy was gone for hours and Cora had made a lot of progress.  Joy’s extended absence allowed her to almost complete the exterior.  Tomorrow she would finish putting the windows and screens in.  She had the plumbing complete and filled the hot tub.  She added the correct chemicals knowing that it would be at least a few more days before the water would be ready for use. 


            Exhausted she looked at her watch noting the lateness of the hour she wondered where her lover was.  She decided to start on the windows and screens for the skylight.  She was surprised when she finished the windows and screens.  She checked the ph level in the tub and adjusted the chemicals once again.  She looked at her watch once again.  Sighing heavily she packed up her tools.


            Just as she finished packing up her stuff Marv’s Mercedes pulled up the long dirt driveway.  Cora felt silly when she saw Joy exiting the car.  “She was with him.  She’s not Dawn you idiot so just relax.”  She muttered under breath feeling foolish for doubting her lover’s where abouts.


            Cora waved to Marv noticing the shy wave he gave in return before leaving.  Joy was smiling a little too happily as she approached.  “Hey sorry I’m so late.”  Joy apologized.

“No problem.”  Cora muttered.

“Are you all right?”  Joy asked with concern.

“Fine.”  Cora lied.  “Just a little tired.  I’m heading home.”

“Oh.”  Joy responded with disappointment.  “It’s late why don’t you just stay here?”


            She could hear the hopefulness in her lover’s voice.  She wanted to stay.  Cora was confused she knew that she trusted Joy.  So why was she hesitating about spending the night in her lover’s arms?  “I have a full day tomorrow.  I’ll be back after work.  Stay off the deck.”

“But?”  Joy protested.

“Not a peek.”  Cora cautioned her playfully.

“You’re no fun at all.”  Joy pouted.

“That’s not what you said this afternoon when you were taking advantage of me.”  Cora taunted her.  The blonde was delighted as her lover turned a deep shade of crimson.

“Can I help it if you are irresistible?”  Joy sighed deeply.


            “Good night.”  Cora finally said with regret.  She brushed her lips against her lover’s and quickly lost herself in the warmth.  The kiss quickly deepened as Cora found her hands roaming her lover’s body.  “Stay.”  Joy pleaded in a breathy tone.

“I . . . “ Cora stammered as her emotions engaged in a tumultuous battle.

“Never mind.”  Joy cut her off in heavy sigh. 


            Crystal blue orbs looked down upon her sadly before turning away.  She noticed her lover’s normally confident gait slump slightly as she walked up to her home.  “What the hell is wrong with me?”  Cora muttered as she mentally kicked herself for acting like a first class idiot.


            During the following weeks Joy seemed distant and preoccupied constantly running off on some mysterious errand or another.  Cora worked on her project and went home alone.  She somehow managed to fight off her nagging suspicions.  She had to trust Joy.  Without that they had nothing. 


            Late Friday afternoon of the holiday weekend Cora arrived at Joy’s home to put the finishing touches on the hot tub.  When she arrived she was surprised to find that Joy wasn’t home.    Cora thought it was strange since the writer worked at home.  Once again her suspicions began to get the better of her.  She simply went out to the back yard and proceeded to get to work while she still had some daylight.  The blonde had no intention of working well past darkness once again.


            “She is going to love this.”  Cora said brightly to herself as she put the finishing touches on the exterior.  Cora was a little impressed with her efforts in a matter of weeks she had built a deck on the back of Joy’s farmhouse.  Then she installed a Jacuzzi, constructed a small bathhouse for it that would allow Joy to enjoy the hot tub year round without dealing with the winter cold or the summer bugs.  She had even made it so that the pumps and cleaning supplies were neatly tucked into their own closet.


            She heard Joy rustling around in the kitchen and her smile grew even brighter.  She was just about to caution her lover not to peek when she heard her speaking on the telephone.  Cora shrugged and rechecked the sky light levers. 

“Tara are you sure?”  She heard Joy asking in a hushed tone.  “I could get there tonight.    . . . No I’ll make up some excuse so she doesn’t know.”


            Cora heart sank as she accidentally over heard the conversation.  “Don’t.”  She warned herself.  Yet she found herself straining to hear more of the conversation.  Her ears were greeted by silence.  She chastised herself once again as she walked over to the back door.  Shyly she knocked and waited for Joy to open the door.

“Hey honey.”  Joy greeted her brightly.  Despite the merriment of her lover’s greeting she noticed that Joy seemed distracted.


            Cora stepped inside and kissed her lover lightly on the lips.  Cora reached out her hand she wanted to show Joy her new hot tub that was finished just in time for the long weekend.  Joy squeezed her hand before releasing it.  “its Friday any chance you’ll be staying for the weekend?”  Joy inquired with a hint of nervousness.

“Yes.”  Cora responded with a reassuring smile.

“I should go to the market and get us some supplies.  Maybe I can cook something on the new grill?”  Joy suggested.

“I can go to the market.”  Cora suggested.

“No.  I need to run a couple of errands first.”  Joy said quickly before grabbing her car keys.  “It will be crowded since it’s a holiday weekend.  I will be awhile why don’t you take a shower and relax?”


            “Okay.”  Cora responded curiously as she watched Joy running her fingers nervously thru her long black hair. 

“I’ll be back as soon as I can.”  Joy offered before leaving a bewildered blonde standing in her kitchen.


            Later Cora found herself wondering around Joy’s back yard enjoying the light summer breeze.  The day was beautiful the sun was still out, the birds were singing and Cora felt like she was loosing her mind.  “Where the hell is she?”  She grumbled as she checked her watch once again.


            Still later the sun started its decent and Cora rubbed her arms as a slight chill run over her.  The weekend was not going the way she had planned.  She looked over at the wooden structure in the corner of the deck.  “I never even got to show her.”  Cora said sadly.  The sharp yapping sound broke her out of her thoughts.  She turned to see a golden puppy thumping towards her.


            She smiled at the sight of the little dog that was all ears and feet trying to race across the lawn.  She quickly approached the little puppy and knelt down on the grass.  She scooped the golden haired puppy up in her arms.  “Now where did you come from little guy?”  She held the squirming puppy up as the dog licked her face eagerly.   “I’m sorry I mean little lady.”

“It’s nice to know you can tell the difference.”  Joy chuckled as she approached.

“Are we dog sitting for the weekend?”  Cora inquired as she scratched her new friend behind the ears.  She watched as her lover approached.  Her green eyes traveling up those endless legs.  She smiled as she felt herself becoming aroused.  “What is her name?”  She asked as Joy knelt beside her.


            Joy simply smiled as she shrugged. “You don’t know her name?”  Cora asked in bewilderment.  “Joy?”

“You can’t name her that.”  Joy scolded her.

“I don’t understand?”  Cora stammered as she continued to scratch the puppy.

“She’s yours.”  Joy explained softly.

“What?”  Cora choked out as she grinned broadly.  The smile quickly vanished.  “But I can’t have a dog in my apartment.”

“there is more than enough room here for her.”  Joy explained as her crystal blue orbs suddenly widened.  “When did you do that?”  She asked excitedly.

“You bought me a puppy?”  Cora gushed.  “She’s beautiful.  So that’s what you’ve been up to.  I was beginning to think . . .”

“Cora.”  Joy sighed heavily.  “When are you going to believe in me?  Believe in us?”

“I’m sorry.”  Cora said with a grimace as her new friend licked her face.  “She forgives me.” She added sheepishly.

“Good thing you are so cute.”  Joy chastised her.  “Actually this little lady is plan B.  I was planning on another surprise and well . . . Let’s just say it’s a good thing I have so much land and a big house.  Stay here.”  She said firmly before standing and walking back to the house.


            Cora looked down at the wiggling puppy.  “What is she up to?”  She asked the tiny canine.  “You know don’t you?”  She held up the puppy that simply licked her face in response.  “You need a name cookie.”  The puppy licked her once again.  “That’s it?  Okay Cookie it is.”  She chuckled as continued to get a tongue bath.


            A loud familiar woof disrupted her merriment.  She released the small puppy and jumped to her feet as she saw the over grown mutt charging towards her.  “Jack!”  She called out as she raced across the lawn.  The large dog knocked her over onto the ground and began to lick his long lost owner furiously as Cookie jumped in.  “Jack oh boy I have missed you.”  She choked out as she wrestled with the large dog.


            “Now I’m getting jealous.”  Joy teased as she watched the three of them wrestling around.  Cora freed herself from the canines and climbed to her feet.  “How did you get him back?”  She sobbed as she wrapped her arms around her lover.

“It’s a long story.”  Joy explained as she hugged the smaller woman tightly.  “Dawn will freak if she finds out we have him.”

“You didn’t steal him did you?”  Cora asked nervously. 

“No.”  Joy responded firmly.  “I called Tara, Dawn’s friend or former friend.  After Dawn realized that she couldn’t use Jack to get you back she sent him to the pound.”

“What!”  Cora screamed bitterly as both dogs jumped in surprise.

“Well she thought she did.”  Joy continued.  “She had a friend of hers Mark take him.”

“I know him.”  Cora said thoughtfully.

“Only he didn’t have the heart to do it so he took him up to his Uncle’s place in Ipswich.”  Joy furthered her explanation.  “Tara just found out and she called me today.  His uncle is a nice guy as was more than happy to let you have Jack back.  It seems that poor old Jack has been depressed.  In fact he only brightened up when I showed up with one of your work shirts.  I couldn’t keep him still the whole ride.  I had already bought the puppy after I heard that Jack was sent to the pound.  I had a hell of time keeping the both of them settle while I was driving home.  That reminds me you are cleaning my car.”


“I can’t believe you did this for me?”  Cora sniffed as she nuzzled Joy’s neck.  The dogs jumping on the both of them seeking attention.

“I just wanted to do something to show you just how much I care for you.”  Joy explained honestly.




Part Four



            Joy loved watching her lover rolling around on the lawn with Jack and Cookie.  She could see the sheer joy in the young blonde’s eyes.  She wanted to take a peek inside the new structure somehow she managed to curb her curiosity and cook a nice dinner on the grill.  After they had eaten and settled Jack and Cookie into their new home.  Jack was easy but Cookie needed to be gated off with a ton of newspapers.  She cleaned up while Cora showered. 

“I’ll finish these.”  Cora said as she wrapped her arms around her.  “Take a shower and put on a robe.  I have a surprise for you.”


            Joy felt her stomach clench as her lover’s breath caressed her neck.  She nodded in agreement and raced upstairs.  After she showered she donned a simple terry cloth robe.  The lights were dim and Cora was nowhere in sight.  “Now where did she run off too?”  She asked the two dogs that were sleeping peacefully exhausted from the days activities. 


            “I’m right here.”  Cora’s husky voice called from the back door way.  Joy swallowed hard as she drank in the sight of her lover leaning in the doorway clad only in a short robe.  Cora held out her hand beckoning Joy to follow her.  Joy reached out and took her lover’s hand and allowed her to lead her out onto the deck.


            Joy gasped as they approached the wooden structure the doors were open and she could see the candle light illuminating from within.  “These slide like this.”  Cora explained as she closed the door easily.  “To keep the elements out and this . . .”  Cora continued proudly as she slid a glass door open and close is so you can come out here in the winter and not freeze off your vital parts.  But you can slide both over and leave the screen door closed in the summer and keep the bugs out but still enjoy the night air.”

“Wow.”  Joy gasped once again as Cora led her inside.


            The room was lit by candlelight giving the soft wood a warm glow.  “I hope you like the stain I chose.”  Cora said quietly as she sat down on one of the benches the surrounded the hot tub.  “The shelves for the candles are designed to keep them away from anything that might start a fire.”  Cora continued as she reached over and turned on the small boom box that was settled on a separate shelf also out of harms way.  Soft music filter thru the air as Joy’s heart began beating wildly.


            “This is for the sky lights.”  Cora explained as she turned a metal handle on the wall.  “You can open them to let the air in and their screened as well.  Behind that wall is a storage area for cleaning supplies and chemicals.  I’ll show you how check your ph level.  It also houses the pump and master controls.  I had an electrician friend come by last week while you were out and set that up.”


            “Cora this is amazing.”  Joy choked out overwhelmed by the effort her lover had put into keeping a promise she made when they first started dating.  “When you said a hot tub I wasn’t expecting all of this.”

“I wanted it to be special.”  Cora explained as she loosened the tie on Joy’s robe.  “I wanted to show you just how much you mean to me.”  Cora continued echoing the words that Joy had spoken earlier.  “I love you.”  Cora said for the first time.


            Joy was surprised at the admission.  When she stared down into her lover’s emerald orbs she saw the honesty of those words reflected back at her.  She also saw the smoky haze of desire.  She tilted her head and captured Cora’s full lips.  She could feel her lover’s hands slipping beneath her robe.  Joy’s tongue caressed her lover’s bottom lip begging  for entrance. 


            Cora moaned as she parted her lips allowing Joy to explore the warmth of her mouth.  Joy shivered as she felt her robe being lowered down her body.  Her skin burned as she felt her lover’s fingertips caressing her.  Their tongues dueled for control as Joy reached down and untied the belt on Cora’s robe. They were gasping for air as the fiery kiss came to an end. 


            “Let me show the rest.”  Cora said in a breathy tone as she dropped Joy’s robe to the floor.  Joy sighed with pleasure as her lover then removed her own robe revealing her firm body.  Cora took her by the hand and led her to the bubbling water.  Joy stepped down into the hot bubbles.  “Oh yeah.”  She moaned as she sank her naked body down into the warm water. 


            Cora chuckled as she stepped in behind her.  “I love the glass globes holding the candles.”  Joy said as Cora snuggled up against her.  “They are pretty and they’ll keep the flames safe from the wind.”

“You’ve thought of everything.”  Joy cooed as she felt Cora’s fingers caressing her thigh.  She noted that despite the fact she would have to leave the comfort of the hot tub to change the music, the boom box was placed safely away from the water.

“This is your control panel.” Cora explained as she lifted a small wooden cover to reveal a series of buttons and knobs.  “You can adjust the heat.  And these are for the different jets.”  Cora flipped a switch and a warm blast of bubbles ran up Joy’s body teasing her clit.

“Oh.”  Joy groaned.  “Mark that one will you.  I can use that when you are working late.”


            Cora laughed as she floated her body before Joy’s.  “You like?”  She purred.

“Uh huh.”  Joy said as her body shuddered.


            Cora had a mischievous gleam in her eyes as she straddled Joy’s lap.  The blonde captured Joy’s face with both of her hands as her curls brushed against the brunette’s firm abdomen.  Joy’s nipples hardened as her breathing became ragged.  Cora reclaimed her lips passionately as the jets continued to tease her throbbing clit.


            Joy cupped her lover’s breasts and teased her nipples while the blonde explored the warmth of her mouth.  Joy rolled Cora’s nipples between her fingers while her lover’s hands drifted down her body.   Locked in a passionate embrace the lover’s floated in the water as their bodies melted together.  She felt Cora sliding down her body.  Reluctantly Joy released her hold on her lover’s breasts as she felt Cora kissing her way down her neck to her shoulders.


            The sensation of the water and bubbles mixed with Cora’s mouth and tongue roaming across her body was driving Joy insane with desire.  She knew she was moaning as she clung to her lover’s body.  She arched her back as Cora’s tongue made tantalizing circles around her nipples.  Slowly the blonde teased her as she ran her tongue along her breasts never touching the aching bud.


            Joy ran her fingers thru Cora’s wet locks as her lover finally captured her nipple in her mouth.  Joy cried out as Cora suckled one nipple while her fingers pinched and teased the other.  The soft sounds of Jazz filled the room as Cora slowly teased her moving from one breast to the other and then back again.


            Joy found herself pressed against the edge of the hot tub as Cora rubbed her clit against her abdomen.  The brunette was gasping with desire as she cupped her lover’s backside urging her to thrust against her.  The water gave them a weightless freedom as Cora’s hands drifted down and her fingers began to gently stroke Joy’s swollen nether lips. 


            Her body rose urgently in the water as she felt Cora’s thumb brushing against her throbbing clit while bubbles worked in rhythm with her lover’s touch.  Sweat rolled off her body as she reached between Cora’s firm thighs and began to glide her fingers gently along her lover’s desire.  “I love you.”  Cora whispered hotly before tracing her ear with her tongue.  Joy gasped as she felt Cora’s fingers pressing against her center.


            She mirrored her lover’s actions feeling Cora’s body opening to her touch.  “I love you.”  Joy cried out as they entered each other.  Fingers plunging in and out of one another’s desire as their thumbs stroked the other’s throbbing nub.  The water allowing their movements to flow easily as they rocked against one another’s touch. 


            Joy’s head fell back as her hips thrust urgently.  She watched the stars thru the skylight as her senses were filled by the scent of her lover’s skin.  Cora suckled her neck as their rhythm grew steadily wilder.  Joy filled her lover as her lover filled her.  She could feel her body trembling despite the heat of the water.  Crying out into the night air as they exploded against each other.  Finally collapsing into each other’s arms. 


            They exchanged tender kisses until Joy felt her body being moved easily in the water.  She found herself being easily lifted onto her lover’s lap.  Cora wrapped her arms around her from behind and cupped Joy’s breasts with one hand while the other drifted down Joy’s body. 


            She was on fire as Cora rolled her nipple between two fingers while she stroked Joy’s clit with her other hand.  Joy lost herself in the feel of her lover’s touch.  Her hips grinded hungrily against Cora’s body as her mind became clouded by the passion pulsating thru her.  Cora suckled the pulse point on her neck as she continued to drive Joy to the edge.  “Please.”  The brunette pleaded for the release her body so desperately needed.  Cora plunged deep inside of her. 


            Joy screamed out as her lover’s fingers took her deeper.  The blonde plunged in and out of her wetness until Joy exploded against her touch.  Joy collapsed against the smaller woman gasping for air as her lover held her tightly.  Cora held her until her breathing returned to normal.


            Joy turned the smaller woman in her arms.  “I really like this hot tub.”  She purred before capturing Cora’s erect nipple in her mouth.  Her lover’s moan further fueled her desire.  She whimpered as her lover pulled away.  “Joy we’ve been in here too long.”  Cora pointed out.

“No.”  Joy pouted.

“Baby it’s not safe.”  Cora pointed out before kissing her forehead.  “Let me take you to bed.”

“All right.”  Joy reluctantly agreed.


            They stepped out of the hot tub and Cora shut everything down and extinguished the candles.  On shaky legs Joy led her lover into the house and upstairs to her bedroom.  Through out the night the lover’s expressed their gratitude for the other’s gift.