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The Body Guard

By Mavis Applewater

July 2002

Disclaimers: Yes, I know whom they look like. Trust me it isnt them. This story and characters are the sole possession of the author and may not be reproduced, posted or sold without the authors permission. So there! This story contains graphic descriptions of consenting adult women in sexual situation. If for any reason real or imagined this isnt something you wish to experience then do us all a favor and dont read this story or anything else I have ever written. If for any reason it is illegal for you to view such material then do me a favor and dont read this until it is no longer a crime for you to do so.

As always this is for Heather.



Part One

                  Nadine followed Evie down the corridor of the five star hotel that would be her new home for the next few weeks. It would depend on how long it took to get her new client settled in a comfortable and safe environment. Despite her normally calm and collected demeanor she felt the slight stirrings of butterflies in her stomach.

                  Nadine wasnt normally star struck which was good since she provided security for all sorts of celebrities. But this wasnt just another television actress she had been hired to protect this was Charlene Jones. And the petite blonde haired green-eyed television actress starred in Nadines favorite show.

                  Charlene Jones had been appearing in her living room every Wednesday night since the show began. Ghost Town was a hooky sentimental clean-cut hour-long show. And Nadine had failed to miss a single episode since it first aired a few years ago. In fact it was because of a commercial that featured the attractive blonde and her new series that inspired Nadine to watch the first episode.

                  Nadine was so completely hooked on the show that she had her VCR pre- programmed so it would record the show if she was called out of town on business or some other troublesome aspect of real life. The tall brunette would never admit to anyone that she watched the sappy show. And she was honest enough with herself to admit that if the show starred anyone other than Charlene Jones she wouldnt bother watching.

                  Evie continued her spiel regarding the need to follow the confidentially agreement Nadine had signed earlier. Signing such an agreement wasnt unusual in her line of work. Yet the way that Evie was pressing the binding nature of the contract was beginning to alert Nadines senses.

You have to understand, Charlene is a very private person. Evie continued to drone on as they neared the young stars hotel suite, which was located at the end of the hallway. Ghost Town is about to air just enough episodes to sell it into syndication.

                  The thought of seeing Charlene in her fetching frontierswoman costume parading across her television screen five to six days a week was more than a little appealing to the tall bodyguard. Still the over protective and fearful tone in Evies voice was making Nadine nervous.

                  Evie seemed to catch the wary look in Nadines blue eyes. Look Charlenes character Tilly is more wholesome and white bread than Shirley Freaking Temple. Sometimes her fans have difficulty realizing that Charlene is a real person.

                  How bad is it? Nadine thought in a panic as they stopped just outside of the stars door. I can understand that. Nadine offered in an effort to appease her new employer. I have seen a lot of stuff in this business. My mine concern and primary focus is keeping the client safe and their private lives, private. She explained honestly. However I do not condone or cover up illegal activities. Nadine stressed.

                  Nadine your reputation for being good and discreet is the reason I hired you. Evie responded with a warm smile. Trust me Charlene isnt into anything illegal or immoral like. What I am trying to explain is that Charlene is a real person. Her character is a sweet virtuous character. A reputation that very few real adults could live up to. And the tabloids love to go after her just to sell their sleazy papers. So far they havent gotten anything they could print. Which seems to be making them digging all that much harder. To give you an example a few months back one of them sent a reporter to our home town to see if the could find out who Charlene lost her virginity to.

                  Our home town? Nadine questioned. Youve known Charlene for a long time havent you?

You could say that. Evie responded with a light laugh. I do want to warn you about something, at times the pressure gets to Charlie and she can be a real handful. Evie explained as she slid her keycard into the slot.

                  Duly noted. Nadine acknowledged with a warm smile as her mind wondered if the pretty little blonde could be as much of a overgrown spoiled brat as many of her other clients?

Okay then. Evie smiled as she started to open the door to Charlenes suite. I guess its time to meet the princess. As Evie swung the door open her face fell. Just great! She spat out in horror as she burst into the living room of the posh suite.

                  Nadine followed closely behind and secured the door behind them. Her crystal blue eyes blinked in amazement, as she took in the sight of her favorite television star buck naked on the floor, sandwiched between two equally naked women. Thats it girls. The star slurred as her body rocked between the two women.

                  Evies face was flushed as she turned to Nadine. She looked up at Nadine with frightened green eyes as she brushed her long curly dirty blonde locks from her brow. Evies eyes seemed to be searching Nadines chiseled features in an effort to gauge her reaction to the scene.

I had a dream like this once. Nadine noted dryly as she swiftly crossed the room to retrieve an ugly straw handbag sitting on top of the wet bar. Something about the bag caught the security specialists eye.

                  Okay ladies the party is over! Evie shouted as three pairs of startled eyes turned to her.

                  The naked women failed to notice Nadine who was busy yanking the videotape from the small video recorder she discovered in the straw handbag. When she smashed the camera the redhead who was on top of the fleshy pig pile jumped up. Hey! She shouted in a sharp nasally voice.

                  Nadine glared at her as she began to unravel and shred the tape. The naked woman moved towards the tall brunette. Dont. Nadine cautioned the naked woman with an icy growl that halted the working girl in her tracks.

Whos your tall friend Evie? Charlene slurred as she rolled off of the blonde who was beneath her.

Charming. Nadine grunted as she stared into the actress glassy green eyes.

                  She then proceeded to search Charlenes guests belongings.

Those are my clothes. The second girl whined.

I wouldnt be so ready to admit to that. Nadine sneered as she searched the tacky clothing.

Who do you think you are? The blonde continued to whine with a high-pitched squeal.

Im gonna call the cops? The redhead threatened.

No cops. Evie panicked.

Ill call them for you. Nadine volunteered with a shrug as she tossed the last of the womens belongings onto the floor. She no longer wanted to touch the clothing now that she was completely convinced that there werent anymore hidden recording devices.

What? The working girls and Evie exclaimed in unison as Charlene laughed hysterically as she climbed up onto the sofa.

I said that I would be more than happy to call the authorities. Nadine explained in a slow careful tone. The blonde began to frantically pull on her clothing while the redhead stood her ground. Blackmail is a very serious crime.

Blackmail? The redhead scoffed. We aint no leeches.

Really then why the camera? Nadine shot back as she picked up the telephone. And why in Miss. Joness suite? Crystal you should be ashamed of yourself. She added in disbelief as everyone looked around in an effort to figure out whom Crystal was. Well if it isnt blackmail and you were hired then its prostitution. Not as series but a crime just the same. She reached her long fingers towards the buttons on the telephone and halted her movements. But when Miss Jones finds out she will be very upset. She continued in a concerned voice as the other women looked at her strangely. Ill tell you what, Ill let you and your friend off the hook if you tell us who hired you.

Yeah right. The redhead scoffed.

Hey I dont like this but someone hired you to have sex with Crystal in Miss Joness hotel room and Id rather get my hands on that sleaze bucket than waste my time on the two of you. Nadine explained in a frank tone.

Who the hell is Crystal? The redhead demanded.

Crystal Rivera. Nadine offered in a bewilder tone as she pointed at the grinning Charlene. Miss Joness body double. Nadine continued in exasperation.

                  Charlene leaned back on the sofa seemingly uncaring about her state of undress as she smirked at the scene unfolding before her.

We did the wrong broad? The whiney blonde exclaimed bitterly. Thats just great now we wont get paid.

Shut up wills ya. The redhead screeched as she began to get dressed. She turned to the smiling Charlene. Crystal Rivera? She spat out in disbelief.

Nice to meet you. Charlene greeted her with a small wave.

                  Great. The redhead growled as she continued to put her clothing back on.

This is the last straw Crystal. Nadine muttered angrily. I can not believe you used Miss Joness room when you were supposed to be acting as a decoy so Miss Jones could visit the childrens hospital without the press finding out. Nadine stressed in a disgusted tone. All she wanted to do was visit with those poor kids without it turning into a media circus.

Whatever. Charlene blew out.

Thats it you are fired. Nadine fumed pleased that the actress was at least sober enough to play along. Evie simply watched the scene with a shocked expression.

That goodie two shoes can suck my left . . . Charlene fumed.

You ought to be ashamed of yourself. The redhead cut her off. Look the guy you want is Jerry Rainer. He hired us to get compromising pictures of Miss Jones. He does some free lance work for Hustler and some of the other sleazy rags. She explained as she wiggled into the last of her clothing and Nadine hung up the telephone. You make me sick. She spat out at Charlene before grabbing her friend and storming out of the hotel suite.

                  Im impressed. Evie offered with awe.

Grab her something virginal to put on and then meet me in my room. Nadine explained in a firm tone.

I get to go home with you? Charlene purred as her head fell back.

Im not convinced that this suite is clear of listening devices. Nadine continued as she pulled her cell phone from her pocked. Rivera? She barked into the telephone. I need a sweep done in Miss Joness suite, set up a photo op at the childrens hospital and meet me at the back entrance in a safe car in one hour. She snapped the telephone shut without bothering to say goodbye.

So when are we going back to your place hot stuff? Charlene slurred from her perch on the sofa.

                  Nadine ignored the actress as she snatched up all of the remnants of the videotape and stuffed them into the pocket of her blazer. Then she brushed past the drunken starlet and went into the bedroom that was thankfully unused during the actress afternoon tryst. She continued on into the large bathroom and snatched the white terry cloth robe from the hook and a large bath towel.

                  When she emerged from the bathroom she failed to acknowledge Evie who was busy putting together suitable attire for their employer. She blazed a determined trail back into the living room to find Charlene passed out on the sofa. Well theres one fantasy shot down the drain. She grumbled as she knelt before slumbering form. Wakey Wakey. She shouted as she lightly slapped Charlenes cherub cheeks.

                  Charlene Jones squeaked as her glassy eyes slightly opened. Hey hot stuff. She grumbled. Nadine opened her mouth she could tell the blonde to get her duff in gear. Before she had the chance to speak the tall brunette was pulled down on top of the blondes naked body as a pair of eager lips began to nibble on her own lips. Before she could object her body reacted to the warmth of Charlenes kiss. She parted her lips and allowed the blondes inquisitive tongue to explore the warmth of her mouth. Nadines knee parted Charlenes firm thighs and pressed against the blondes wet mound while she cupped one of her breasts.

                  When the actress released a deep moan into her mouth Nadine came to her senses and pulled her body up off of her new employers naked body. Dont stop. Charlene panted in a needy voice.

Ugh. Nadine groaned as she pulled the naked drunken women to her feet. The blondes hands tried to fondle Nadine as she wrapped the robe around her body. As she tightened the belt Evie entered the room. She spun the swaying petite blonde around in an effort to keep the actress from groping her. Is this what you meant by her being a handful? Nadine inquired in an incredulous tone as she draped the towel over the blondes head to conceal her identity.

Im afraid so. Evie confessed in a bitter tone.

Give me those clothes. Nadine requested as she held the drunken actress up. Im taking Miss Grabby Hands to my room and after I sober her up she is taking a little trip to the childrens hospital. Does she have anything scheduled for the rest of the day?

No she did but her agent canceled. Evie explained as she handed over the simple flowered print dress.

Than why dont you give yourself a break? Nadine offered. Ill baby sit her and you can put your feet up for the rest of night.

Really? Evie inquired eagerly.

Yes really. Nadine reassured the weary assistant.

                  Nadine had to hold the drunken blonde up as she walked her down the hallway to her modest room. Charlene was humming softly as they entered the room. Nadine tossed the actress wardrobe onto her bed. Then she guided the still humming blonde to the bathroom. The actress seemed to be lost in her own little world as Nadine yanked the bath towel from her head. Blonde hair flew everywhere as Charlene teetered slightly.

                  Nadine slid back the glass door to the shower and turned the shower water on to the coldest setting the nozzle would allow. Then she removed the large white robe from the blondes body. You like? Charlene inquired as she stared up into Nadines crystal blue eyes with a slightly more focused gaze then she had earlier possessed.

Not really. Nadine retorted in a snide tone as she assisted the distracted blonde into the shower.

Son of a bitch. Charlene screamed as the icy water pelted her body. She tried to bolt out of the shower but Nadine blocked her path and held her under the water. You heartless bitch. Charlene ranted as Nadine held her under the cold spray of water.

You can adjust the temperature at any time. Nadine scolded her vehemently as Charlenes teeth began to chatter.

                  The blondes unsteady hands quickly began to spin the shower handles in an effort to increase the temperature. Charlene tried to retreat towards the back of the shower. Nadines long arms reached in and held her firmly in place as the brunettes upper body became soak

You are enjoying this? Charlene screamed as she shivered.

Yes. Nadine responded frankly as she felt the water warming. She released her hold on the actress and left her alone in the bathroom. She left door open so she could be aware of any trouble.

                  She ordered a pot of coffee and a couple of sandwiches from room service. Then she removed her damp blazer and blouse. She dried off and put on a fresh blouse as she listened to the sound of the shower running. She also peeked in occasionally to reassure herself that her new employer hadnt drown.

                  Just as she was signing for the coffee and sandwiches she heard the water being shut off and the blow dryer turned on. She entered the bathroom and placed both cups of coffee and sandwiches on the vanity. Charlene pulled the towel that was wrapped around her body shyly a little tighter around her. Without meeting Nadines eyes Charlene nodded in understanding that she was to eat both sandwiches and drink both cups of coffee.

                  Later when Nadine heard the blow dryer cease she reentered the bathroom with another cup of coffee and the clothing Evie had selected for Charlene. The blonde still refused to meet Nadines gaze as she accepted the clothing and her third cup of coffee. Nadine cleaned up the mess from the sandwiches and the empty coffee cups and left the blonde to change into her clothing.

                  Nadine entered the bathroom once again with yet another cup of coffee. Charlene yelped in surprise as she quickly pulled her dress up. Now you get shy? Nadine grumbled as she placed the fresh cup of coffee down on the vanity.

Im no longer drunk. Charlene grunted as she ignored the icy stare Nadine was casting down upon her.

Good. Nadine snapped before leaving the stunned actress alone in the bathroom.


                  An hour later Nadine was sitting in the back of the town car. Seated next to her was her former favorite television actress. Rivera drove the car thru the busy traffic after he assured Nadine that Charlenes room was clear of any surveillance devices.

Can I ask you a few things? Charlene asked finally breaking the chilly silence.

Of course. Nadine responded flatly.

Who are you? Charlene blurted out.

                  Nadine couldnt help the small smile that emerged. Im Nadine Foster. My company has taken over handling your personal security. Nadine informed the confused woman.

Good to know. Charlene responded thoughtfully. Where is my sister?

Your sister? Nadine questioned.

Evie. Charlene informed her.

I told her to take the rest of the night off. Nadine answered realizing for the first time how much the two women resembled on another.

Good for you. Charlene praised her.

Anything else?

Just one more thing. Charlene responded in a firm tone. As Nadine braced herself for a verbal assault, where Miss Jones reminded her who was the boss. Promise me that the press will be limited at the hospital. If Im going to visit with the kids then I would like to really visit with them and not just use them to save my sorry butt. She explained in a sincere voice.

Done. Nadine reassured her.


Part Two

                  What do you think? Evie inquired as her younger sibling looked around the small home with a bored expression. Charlene was hiding behind her Rayban, which was never a good sign. Nadine was becoming quite apt at detecting the tell tale signs that as Evie so casually put it that Charlie was about to become, a handful.

What do you think hot stuff? Charlene directed towards the tall brunette in a slow careful tone.

                  Another bad sign Nadine thought as she curled her upper lip in disgust. Its not for me to say Miss Jones. Nadine responded in a cool professional demeanor. Whenever Charlene started calling her hot stuff she knew it was in both of their best interests to keep her distance from the moody little blonde.

Really you normally have so much to say. Charlene grunted.

Charlie. Evie cautioned her sister.

What? Charlene snapped. I was just asking our security specialist for some advice. So tell me hot stuff will I be safe and sound here?

Safe? Nadine questioned. Not really. The location is far too exposed. You need something more gated, but I know you dislike that idea. As for sound . . . Well . . .

Ha ha! Charlene smirked. Thats it then. Hot Stuff doesnt like it so I guess its back to the hotel.

                  Fine. Evie conceded. We can look at that other place tomorrow. Nadine wandered away from the siblings as she sensed Evies blood pressure rising. Nadine had hoped that the little house in the canyon would be suitable. She was growing weary of Charlenes tantrums. Granted the actress was nothing at all like the horrible first impression she had made while in a drunken stupor. Nadine quickly learned that the blonde was a very kind and endearing person. Unless she was in one of her moods. Whenever she started calling Nadine Hot Stuff the brunette knew that her employer would disregard any propriety and her hands would begin to wander.

                  After the sisters bickered for a while Nadine drove the three of them back to the hotel. She didnt miss the chilly silence and thick layer of tension that filled the car. She escorted the two women back to their suite. Charlene stomped off into her room and slammed the door. Both Evie and Nadine ignored the blondes temper tantrum and reviewed the actress schedule for the following day.

                  That should about do it. Nadine concluded as they wrapped up for the evening. If Miss Jones behaves herself on the set tomorrow we should be able to look at that house.

She wont like a gated community. Evie said with a grimace.

I know but her need for absolute privacy is necessary. Nadine pointed out. Not just because of her sexuality but because of the pressures. I can see what is happening to her. Jerry Rainer isnt smart enough to have sent those girls after her on his own. Plus her agent is suddenly avoiding her since the show took a dip in the ratings. She knows that everyone is depending on her and it is wearing on the both of you.

She really does feel like if the show fails it will be her fault. Evie added. The funny thing is she is the one asking for changes that would help the show. She doesnt even enjoy doing the show anymore.

                  Never mind me just keep on talking like Im not even here just like you always do. Charlene grumbled as entered the room wearing a faded t-shirt and boxer shorts.

Stay away from the bar Charlie. Evie cautioned her.

Damn it Evie I am an adult. Charlene protested bitterly.

True and despite the fact that I have chosen to ignore you little tirades when decide that drinking yourself into a stupor is a good idea you have an early call tomorrow. Evie chastised her.

                  Charlene slammed the bottle of scotch down onto the wet bar and spun around to glare at her sister. Not to mention that perhaps Miss Foster doesnt appreciate your behavior when youve been drinking. Evie stated in a cold voice.

                  Nadine stood suddenly feeling extremely uncomfortable with the confrontation unfolding before her. She had long ago dealt with the actress unwanted advances when she was drinking but she hadnt been aware that Evie knew anything about them. It wasnt uncommon on the rare occasions when Charlene overindulged for Nadine to find her pleading to come into her hotel room. Nadine had gotten it down to routine where Charlene would hit on her. Nadine always managed to divert her attention but always agreed to allow her to stay. She would hold the blonde while she slept off the alcohol. Charlene would always slip out in the morning and neither woman ever spoke about the bizarre ritual. The truth was Nadine would never allow any other client to get away with spending the night in her bed despite the inevitable innocent outcome. Yet Nadine enjoyed holding Charlene as she slept. And she hated it as well. She wished that just once the request would happen when Charlene was sober and that Nadine wasnt her employee.

                  Nadine excused herself and made her way to the door. Hold it. Charlene demanded. Just what is my sister referring to?

I dont what is sadder. Evie belittled the blonde. The fact that you hit on her or that you are so drunk that you cant remember doing it. I swear sometimes you are worse than . . .

Dont. Charlene choked out.

                  Nadine took the eerie silence as her cue to leave the sisters alone to discuss or argue about Charlenes behavior. Once Nadine was safely in the confines of her own room she blew out a sigh of relief. Then she set about arranging her staff for the following days events. As she concluded her business she got ready for bed and not for the first time in the weeks since she had accepted this assignment berated herself for not assigning someone else in her employ to watch over the troublesome starlet.

                  Just as she pulled back the covers on her full size bed, which was a tad too small for her almost, six-foot frame, there was a timid knock on the door. She peeked thru the peephole and found her employer standing on the other side in a seemingly agitated state.

Yes Miss Jones? She greeted the blonde actress once she opened the door.

May I have a word with you? Charlene inquired in a shy voice.

Of course. Nadine said with a nod as she stepped aside allowing the smaller woman to enter her room.

                  Once Nadine checked the hallway to ensure no one noticed the blonde entering her room she locked the door. She turned to find Charlene standing in the middle of the small room with her arms folded across her chest. My sister has just finished reading me the riot act. Charlene explained. It would appear that Ive being behaving very badly. Nadine simply sat on the bed and allowed the actress to proceed at her own pace. In addition to my normal brisk attitude and my general habit of being a complete pain in the butt, it would appear that Ive made attempts at crossing the line with you. Is that true?

Yes. Nadine answered her honestly.

Well that would explain waking up in your bed and not feeling any better for it. Charlene grumbled. It wont happen again. I apologize and I will no longer allow Jack or Jose to control my hormones.

Fine. Nadine accepted the actress apology.

Thats it? Charlene questioned her with disbelief.

Yes. Nadine simply replied. Charlene continued to stare at her in wonderment. What were you expecting a spanking? Nadine teased the smaller.

                  No theres an offer. Charlene responded with a light laugh and a suggestive wiggling of her eyebrows. But I just promised to behave myself. She added with a shrug. Why? She added in a soft tone.

Why what? Nadine questioned her as her heart pounded loudly in her chest, as she feared the question that was about to come.

Why did you allow me to stay? Charlene asked the one question that Nadine was dreading. Its more than obvious that you are a honorable woman so why let me sleep with you?

It was safer than taking back to your room in your condition. Nadine lied.

Of course. Charlene responded seemingly accepting the lie. Well goodnight Miss Foster and again my apologies.

Good night Miss Jones. Nadine added as she escorted the blonde out of her room.


Part Three

                  Life with Charlene over the next few months bounced from a pleasant professional relationship into pure insanity and then back again. True to her word Charlene refrained from drinking and making a complete jackass out of herself. Yet the pressures of her career brought out the spoiled child that made everyone around her uncomfortable without warning.

                  Nadine could understand Charlenes frustrations that led to the unexpected outbursts. There were rumors of the shows cancellation, her agent seemed to be avoiding her and the sleaze bucket Jerry Rainer seemed determined to dig up some dirt on the actress. Nadine managed to keep the low life away from Charlene but everyone was well of his attempts and feared that someone would out the actress.

                  The rumors surrounding the shows impending demise was the worst. So many individuals depended on the show for their livelihoods. If it went under a lot of good people would be out of work. There was far too much responsibility resting on the pretty blondes shoulders. When the pressure would overwhelm the actress, Charlene would snap and act out.

                  Whats going on? Nadine inquired as she approached Evie on the edge of the sound stage.

Charlies being a handful. Evie explained with a heavy sigh.

Uh huh. Nadine grimaced as she looked over at the blonde who was on the set with her hands planted firmly on her hips as she glared up at her director. I can never understand why you explain her bad behavior that way?

Mama used to say that whenever Charlie kicked up her heels. Evie explained with a smile.

Why do I think she did more than just kick up her heels. Nadine chuckled.

She wasnt a bad kid. Evie explained. She was just full of life and had a real need to question authority.

Nothing wrong with that. Nadine noted.

It was in our house. Evie responded in a sadden tone. Especially if Daddy was drinking.

                  Nadine felt her body tense from the last statement. Charlie is a good person. Evie stressed. Did you know that even though she went to college and grad school on full scholarships she worked two or three jobs so she could put me thru school?

Im impressed. Nadine responded with sincerity. But not surprised. I know your sister despite present appearances is really a nice person. Just as the words were spoken the topic of their conversation slapped the director across the face. Of course sometimes you have to dig a little to find that side of her. Nadine grunted as Evie chuckled.

                  They watched along with the rest of the cast and the crew as the tension grew between the irritated actress and the flustered director. Then Charlene released a spew of obscenities. Then again. Nadine grunted once again as Charlene flipped the director off and stormed off of the set hiking her frontiers woman costume up around her waist flashing everyone in sight.

This should be fun. Evie groaned as she started to follow the blonde.

                  Nadine reached out quickly and halted Evies movement with a gentle touch to her shoulder. I think its my turn. She offered as Evie opened her mouth to protest. Let me.

Thank you. Evie said with relief.

                  Nadine shrugged and made her way to the actress trailer located just outside of the sound stage. She took a cleansing breath before knocking on the door. Leave me alone! Came the angry shout from within.

                  Nadine rolled her crystal blue eyes in frustration as she retrieved her key from her pocket. There were only three keys to the stars trailer she had one and Evie and Charlene possessed the other two. She unlocked the door and boldly stepped inside ignoring the angry green eyes staring at her. She closed and locked the door behind her.

What? Charlene flared.

Rough day Miss Jones? Nadine inquired in a flat tone.

Why do you never call me by my name? Charlene spat out.

                  Youve never invited me to. Nadine responded in confusion feeling at a complete loss as to where the question had come from. Charlene muttered something unintelligible as Nadine watched the actress strangling a pillow as she sat on her sofa. Do you want to talk about it Charlene? Nadine took a chance.

Dont call me that. The actress grunted with disdain.

Okay. Nadine agreed fearing she had misinterpreted the actress earlier comment.

My parents call me that. The blonde explained. At least they did when they were speaking to me. Charlie call me Charlie.

Fine Charlie whats up? Nadine encouraged the young woman who seemed to be calming down ever so slightly.

They are killing the show. Charlie blurted out.

                  Nadine couldnt argue the point she had noticed that the scripts were even more saccharine and stale then the previous years. Look I know the show is what it is Im not an idiot. Im not even their first choice. Did you know that I was originally cast as Beth? Charlie explained. Nadine was surprised that the innocent looking woman had originally been chosen to play the troublesome teen instead of the virginal lead. They had hired a name who pulled out just before the pilot was shot and suddenly I got my big break.

That was quite a stroke of luck. Nadine added still trying to determine just where the odd conversation was heading.

I thought so. Charlie snorted. Now Im not so sure. I didnt know Id be playing a virgin for the rest of my life much less having to live my life that way.

So you slapped the director because you need to get laid? Nadine asked in bewilderment.

No CHarlie snapped. Well that might help. But I slapped Dirk because hes an idiot. I just want the character to have more depth than a Dixie cup. God all mighty out there is insistent on doing whatever the studio wants.

                  Nadine sat down beside the fuming young woman and took in everything she had been told. So what do you want to do? Nadine asked her in all seriousness.

Get laid. Charlie retorted with sly grin.

How about something I can help you with? Nadine laughed.

                  The laughter died on her lips when she found herself locked in an intense gaze with the blonde actress. Nadines palms were sweating as she wondered if someone had turned the heat on in the small trailer. Charlies eyes darkened with desire as the blonde shifted her body a little closer to the bodyguard. You didnt look all that lonely the day I met you. Nadine noted in a harsh tone while she was still unable to break away from the intense gaze.

Do you think I would have ever fallen into that trap if I wasnt so lonely and drunk? Charlie explained in a breathy tone.

                  Nadine was well aware of her attraction to her employer and up until now it hadnt been a serious problem. Suddenly she found herself in a very unusual dilemma as she felt her body reacting to the look of desire the actress was casting in her direction. I dont mix business with pleasure. Nadine assert firmly while her stomach quivered from the nearness of Charlies body.

You know Id fire you if I thought I had a chance. Charlie offered in a sultry tone. Why didnt you move with us to the new house?

I have a home and you are being watched by my people. Nadine explained as Charlie inched slightly closer to her.

Is your home nice? CHarlie pressed as her gaze drifted to Nadines breasts.

Its an apartment in North Hollywood. Nadine explained as she felt the heat emanating off of her employers body.

And you would rather stay there than closer to me? Charlie continued as her hand drifted to Nadines jean clad thigh.

                  Nadines heart was pounding as her mind raced. She couldnt stay with Charlie. She couldnt handle sleeping under the same roof with this beautiful woman had made it clear that she wanted to be intimate with her. It was bad enough that the tall brunette was already spending almost every waking hour with the blonde. What are you afraid of Nadine? Charlie pushed as her hand began to caress the brunettes thigh.

                  This. Nadine responded harshly as she captured Charlies lips. Nadine was angry with herself for falling into Charlies trap so easily. Her pent up passion overrode her anger and common sense as she parted the smaller womans soft inviting lips with her tongue.

                  Charlie laced her fingers thru Nadines long raven tresses and pulled her closer. Nadine lifted the smaller woman onto her lap as her tongue explored the warmth of the blondes mouth. Charlie moaned into her mouth as Nadine deepened the fiery kiss. The brunette gathered up the hem of Charlies costume and hiked it up to her waist.

                  Charlie straddled her hips and began to rock against Nadines body. As Nadine lowered the actress underwear her mind was screaming for her to stop. Her heart and her body had other plans and overrode her sensibilities. She cupped the blondes firm backside as the kiss ended. If I give in this time will you go back to the set and behave? She whispered hotly into Charlies ear.

Yes. Charlie panted in response.

                  Nadine raised Charlies gyrating body and slipped her hand down into the blondes wetness. Charlie cried out as Nadines fingers began to explore her passion. Nadine felt Charlies desire coating her fingers as she glided them along the blondes nether lips. Come home with me tonight? Charlie pleaded as Nadine began to stroke her throbbing clit.

No. Nadine panted in a firm tone as she teased Charlies clit.

                  Charlie clung to her as Nadines fingers increased their rhythm driving the actress closer to the edge of ecstasy. Charlie began to suckle her neck as Nadines hand slipped deeper into her wetness. Nadine replaced her fingers with the pad of her thumb as her fingers pressed against the opening of the blondes wet warm center.

                  Charlies hips rocked urgently as she pleaded for Nadine to take her. Nadine entered Charlies center with two fingers while she continued to tease her clit. Charlie thrust into Nadines touch as the brunette plunged in and out of her wetness. Harder. Charlie pleaded as she thrust harder against Nadines hand. The brunette eagerly granted her request.

                  Charlie cried out as she collapsed against Nadines trembling body. Nadine stilled her movements as she allowed the last waves of passion to trickle thru the tiny blondes body. She sighed deeply as she felt Charlie breathing heavily against her neck. Charlie lifted her head and stared deeply into Nadines eyes with a passion filled gaze.

                  Their eyes never broke contact as Nadines fingers wiggled inside of her trembling lover. She watched the rise and fall of Charlies chest as she slowly resumed her movements. Charlies eyes never wavering from her own as she once again plunged in and out of the actress desire.

                  Charlie hips matched the sensual rhythm of the bodyguards hand as Nadine continued to pleasure the actress. Nadine leaned in as they both began to thrust wildly and reclaimed Charlies sweet lips. Their tongues engaged in duel as Charlies thighs trembled against her touch. Nadine filled her lover completely as she felt the walls tightening around her fingers. Charlie screamed into the warmth of Nadines mouth as she climaxed.

                  Nadine cradled the trembling woman in her arms until her breathing returned to normal. Once Charlie was coherent they returned to the set together. True to her word Charlie was on her best behavior for the rest of the day. Nadine watched as the actress performance reached a new high and even the director couldnt fight against the added depth she added to the character. Nadine was proud of the smaller woman and deeply ashamed of herself.


Part Four

                  Nadine remained firm by night spending the night at Charlies home. She still felt the lingering feeling that she had done something wrong. Despite her shame she couldnt resist inhaling the scent of Charlies passion that was still lingering on her fingers. When she returned to her dingy apartment she scrubbed her hand raw in an effort to wash away the evidence.

                  Then she made a telephone call to Rivera and informed him that she would be driving Miss Jones to the set the following morning. She had a certain freelance scumbag she wanted him to follow. Someone had clued Jerry in on Charlies tastes and she wanted to know who and why.

                  The telephone rang an hour later. Normally being awaken at three am would have upset her but since she wasnt able to sleep she welcomed the interruption. It was George the man she had watching Charlies place. Someone was sneaking around trying to peek into the actress windows and nearly scared Evie to death.

                  Nadine was in a foul mood when she arrived at the gate. She read the riot act to every person who was working for the closed community then she went directly to Charlies. When she arrived she found a very upset Evie who was being comforted by Charlie and George who looked like he had just lost his best friend.

                  Talk to me George. She growled as the large man quivered.

Im sorry boss. He apologized. He was lurking around the windows. Miss Evie was in the kitchen and heard him getting caught up in those bushes you had planted.

Well thats why I put those prickly suckers in. Nadine grunted. But he never should have gotten that close without you seeing him. Who was he?

Dont know he got away. George sheepishly confessed.

George. The brunette growled.

                  Nadine. Charlie interrupted in a soft voice. Its the nature of my business. No matter where I live someone is always going to be snooping around.

And its my business to keep that from happening. Nadine flared.

But it does happen Im certain George did everything he should. Charlie reasoned.

Charlie dont want to scare you but this guy might not have been some sleazy reporter. He could have been a stalker. Nadine argued instantly regretting her words when Evie released a frightened yelp.

                  Its all right Sis, Nadine is just being over cautious. Charlie offered in order to comfort her sister as she glared at Nadine. Thats why we hired her.

Im sorry Evie. Nadine quickly apologized. If it makes you feel better George is heading right back outside and Ill be spending the night.

                  She didnt miss the way Charlies eyes lit up. She rolled her eyes at the blondes bright smile. Well no one is going anywhere until I make fresh coffee for you and George and some hot chocolate for Evie. Charlie instructed everyone before she marched into the kitchen.

I want to thank you. Evie offered from her position on the plush sofa.

Im just doing my job. Nadine responded.

Not for tonight for whatever you did for Charlie this afternoon. Evie explained as Nadine fought to hide the blush. You know that you are the only one besides myself who had even tried to be there for her. So thank you for what you did.

Ill just see if Char . . . I mean Miss Jones needs any help. Nadine blurted out quickly before she dashed into the kitchen.

                  Should I ask? Charlie inquired when Nadine burst into the kitchen. Nadine growled as she leaned against the counter.

Your sister was thanking me for what I did for you this afternoon. Nadine explained in a soft hiss.

                  What does she think you did for me? Charlie inquired as she stopped stirring the pot of hot chocolate for a brief second.

Im praying that she is just assuming that we talked. Nadine explained.

Lets hope. Charlie responded with a wry chuckle as she poured the hot chocolate into a mug. Coffee is almost ready. Promise me you wont be to hard on George, he feels terrible.

He should. Nadine fumed.

I think he has a crush on my sister. Charlie added. And if Im not mistaken she feels the same way about him.

Then I should reassign him. Nadine responded.

No. Charlie protested. He would do anything to protect her and that is something I think we all need. I dont care if anything happens to me, but Evie means the world to me.

                  Speaking of mixing business with pleasure. Nadine began in a hesitant tone as Charlie poured the coffee.

Is this when you quit because of our tryst in my dressing room? The blonde inquired in a flat tone.

I should. Nadine responded harshly. I cant do my job if we are involved.

Why not? Charlie argued as she calmly handed the bodyguard a steaming cup of coffee.

Its dangerous. Nadine explained.

I dont agree. Charlie calmly responded. So far Im very pleased with your services.

Is that what today was? All part of the friendly service? Nadine inquired in a hurt tone.

No. Charlie answered her in a warm sincere voice. Giving my past behavior I can understand why you might think that but it wasnt about that. Im attracted to you. Ive enjoyed our late night chats and sharing lunch just as much as I did kissing you today.

Just so we are clear Im on duty tonight. Nadine stressed as Charlie loaded up a tray to bring out to the others.

Spoil sport. Charlie grunted as she brushed past Nadine.


                  Later after George had returned to his rounds and Evie was tucked back into her bed sleeping soundly thank to the Valium Charlie slipped her, the two women sat up on the sofa. You should be getting some sleep. Nadine noted to the blonde curled up in her arms.

Im happy here. Charlie purred as she snuggled closer to the brunette.

I want you to know that despite the fact that you were completely loaded I really enjoyed holding you on those nights when you would visit my room. Nadine reluctantly confessed.

You did? Charlie said in a gleeful tone. I liked waking up in your arms.

This is getting way to complicated. Nadine grumbled as she wrapped her arms around the smaller woman.

You worry too much. Charlie yawned.

You pay me to worry. Nadine pointed out.

Now you sound like Evie. Charlie yawned once again.

                  Charlie who knows you are gay? Nadine asked as she ran her fingers thru the smaller womans long blonde hair.

Why? Charlie murmured.

Because someone is targeting you and if we can find out who it is your life will be a lot easier. Nadine explained.

Well lets see there are a couple of old flames. Charlie explained. Not as many as you think. She reassured the brunette. One ex-girl friend but she wouldnt tell anyone. My parents, my sister and my agent.

                  Nadine mulled over the list of names. What about the ex-girlfriend why are you so certain that she wouldnt tell anyone? Nadine inquired.

Amanda no way. Charlie laughed. First off shes also an actress albeit shes pretty out of the closet the stinker, but I know I can trust Mandy.

Wait not Amanda Hughes? Nadine said in surprise.

Thats my ex. Charlie confirmed. She was the one who recommended you.

I did some work on her set and some parties for her. Nadine said knowing that Amanda Hughes wasnt the one who had betrayed Charlie. I cant believe that Amanda was in a steady relationship.

We lived together for over six years. Charlie supplied with a smile. She was my first lover. We met when we were nineteen and did our undergrad and graduate studies together.

Amanda lived with someone? Nadine blurted out. Im sorry but shes such a . . .

Player. Charlie concluded. But shes a good friend. A lousy girlfriend but a good friend.

Thats what Ive heard. Nadine agreed.

She wasnt always like that. Charlie explained. We were teenagers when we got together and we grew apart. When that happened Mandy started the annoying habit of forgetting her way home at night.

Now that sounds like Amanda. Nadine chuckled. Okay its not her or Evie so what about your parents?

                  Charlie stiffened in her arms. Dont speak to them. Charlie responded flatly. That was the first thing the tabloids found out. We grew up in a white trash neighborhood with equally white trash parents. Daddy drank, probably still does. He and Mom beat us whenever the mood suited them. I had talent and good grades and got out as soon as I could and took Evie with me. They got in touch with me in college. They needed money. When Dad found out I was gay he beat me. I ended up in the hospital. Nadine tensed as she listened to Charlie. Its okay its in the past. Charlie reassured her. Besides Mandy returned the favor. Dad ended up with a broken jaw and several broken ribs and Mandy got a night in jail. Evie explained why she did it and apparently the police agreed with Mandys actions and let her go.

I always liked her. Nadine commented still feeling the anger stirring inside of her.

Anyhoo. Charlie continued. I thought Id never hear from them again. Then when I made the cover of people all of sudden they were back. I send them a sizable check every month and they leave us alone. Its the best relationship Ive ever had with them.

                  Im sorry. Nadine softly whispered as she placed a tender kiss on the top of Charlies head. She lingered for a moment and drank in the scent of the blondes shampoo.

Me too. Charlie responded sadly. So who does that leave us with a handful of not so steady girlfriends, a couple of flings nothing since Ive hit the big time except my agent Paul Ragsdale.

No friends from college? Nadine inquired recalling her own college days when she marched on Washington for gay rights.

No. Charlie responded honestly. Mandy and I wanted to work back then we were both in the closet. This was way before the days of Ellen or Melissa.

That leaves your agent. Nadine concluded. Im familiar with his reputation. Hes a real shark but he would protect you since you are bringing in money.

I dont think hes ever liked me. Charlie explained as she yawned once again. Evie brokered a hell of a deal.

Wait Evie brokered your deal? Nadine asked.

Yeah shes an entertainment lawyer. Charlie explained. I dont understand why she insists on only handling me but shes great at what she does.

You put her thru law school. Nadine choked in amazement.

How did you know I put Evie thru school? Charlie asked.

She told me. Nadine explained.

She must really like you. Charlie yawned.

                  You need to go to bed. Nadine repeated. Charlie reached up and drew the brunette in for a linger kiss.

Only if you are coming with me. Charlie said in a soft voice.

I cant. Nadine responded with regret.

Then Im staying up with you. Charlie yawned. Besides its almost time for us to leave.

                  Nadine blinked her weary eyes and looked at her watch seeing that it was true. Soon they would need to leave for the studio.


Part Five

                  Nadine butt was dragging all morning from a lack of sleep. Charlie told her to crash in her dressing room since she was more than safe on the closed set. Nadine refused until Evie arrived. I cant believe the two of you let me sleep. She said in a panicked tone.

You needed it. Nadine reassured her.

You look like you could use a good nights sleep yourself. Evie responded with concern.

Im going to catch a nap in Char . . . Miss Jones dressing room later. Nadine explained. First I need to pop across the lot and talk to an old friend. Did George bring you in?

Yes. Hes right over there. Evie answered.

Good I wont be gone long. Nadine supplied.

How is she today? Evie asked as she watched her sister rehearsing a scene with her on screen sister.

A little tired but in good spirits. Nadine offered before making her departure.

                  Nadine watched as the brunette slammed the large man up against the wall. Who sent you? The dark haired woman demanded as she held the man in a chokehold.

Muff. The man blurted out as a burst of laughter broke out.

Cut. The director laughed as the buzzer sounded and the crew continued to laugh.

What did you say? The brunette laughed.

I dont know. The large actor confessed with a shrug.

It sounded like smurfs. The brunette taunted her costar. Gentle prepare yourselves Smurfs are about to attack us. The actress continued to tease him as she smiled and waved to Nadine.

                  The bodyguard returned the gesture thankful for the friends she had on security who let her into the closed. Can I have a moment Frank while Harry goes over his script? The actress inquired. Unless the smurfs are coming.

Take Five. The AD called out.

                  Can you believe that flub? The actress asked as she approached Nadine. Cant fix that in looping.

Oh I seem to recall you making you share of bloopers Amanda. Nadine teased her in return. So how are you?

Better now that Im looking into your baby blues. Amanda teased. So what brings you here finally decided to sub come to my irresistible charm?

I need to talk to you. Nadine explained. You got a second?

About that. Amanda agreed with a smile and a shrug.

                  The brunette led Nadine off to the side of the sound stage where they could talk in private. Whats up? Amanda inquired.

What can you tell me about Paul Ragsdale? Nadine proceeded.

Major jerk. Amanda scoffed. I was signed with him when I first started out. A friend of mine and I had just started to land some nationals and he signed us. As soon as my contract was up I jumped ship and signed with William Morris. Man he was pissed, I had just wrapped my first feature.

What about your friend? Nadine asked.

Well she had just landed a supporting role on a pilot and her sister had just passed the bar in entertain law and brokered her a hell of a deal. Amanda chuckled. I dont know which one of us frosted his cookies more.

                  Do you think hed still hold a grudge against your friend? Nadine carefully inquired. Amandas face grew cold as she grabbed Nadine by the forearm.

What is this about? Amanda demanded with a growl. Is that bastard trying to hurt Charlie?

Easy. Nadine cautioned her as she removed her firm grip. Im not sure what is going on. But someone is trying to get dirt on Charlie.

Ill kill him. Amanda spat out.

Calm down. Nadine cautioned her once again in a hushed tone. I think someone is trying to out Charlie but Im clueless as to who it could be since so few people know.

Son of . . . Amanda muttered. Charlie is an incredible actress but her career couldnt survive this.

Yours does. Nadine pointed out.

Oh please look at the type of character and the show Im on compared to what she is doing. Amanda scoffed. Im freaking sidekick. Charlie is the girl next door. Maybe down the road she can be honest but not with the character shes playing now. You cant be that nave.

Im not but why would her own agent do this to her? Nadine pushed.

Not her the show. Amanda explained. Paulette Dunbar.

The twit who plays Charlies sister? Nadine asked in confusion.

Yeah the same twit whos in the running for the next Spielberg film. Amanda supplied. Which she would be unavailable for if shes still signed onto Ghost Town.

Sink the show and Paulette gets her big break. Nadine surmised. Add to that the grudge he has against you and Charlie.

And Paulettes his niece. Amanda added with a scowl.

Peachy. Nadine groaned. How much do you know about the contract Evie worked out for Charlie?

Just enough to know to make me wish shed expand her client base beyond her sister. Amanda said with a proud smile. Does this help?

I think so. Nadine confirmed. Thanks, Ill let you get back to the bad guys.

Uhm one more thing. Amanda stopped her. Ive never known you to call a client by their first name while you were working for them. Nadines eyes widen with guilt. Dont hurt her. Amanda threatened before Nadine had a chance to respond.

I couldnt. Nadine confessed.

Good. Amanda smiled.

Did you really beat up her Dad? Nadine asked with glee.

How did? Never mind get out of here I need to save the world again. Amanda shooed her away.

Part Six

                  Nadine was exhausted by the time she crossed the lot and returned to the Ghost Town set. On her way back over her cell phone rang and she got the call that confirmed all of her suspicions. Now all she had to was talk to Evie. As she reentered the set and found George watching both women she decided that the evils of Hollywood could wait until she got a quick nap. She shuffled over to Charlies trailer and collapsed onto the sofa.

                  Nadine was awaken by the pleasant sensation of someone fondling her breasts. She blinked opened her eyes to find Charlie laying across her body with her inquisitive hands up under her shirt. What are you doing? Nadine inquired as Charlie teased her nipples.

Well if you dont know. Charlie sighed as her hands retreated from under her top. Actually I was trying to wake you up.

And it didnt occur to you to try and nudge me and say Hey Nadine wake up? The brunette questioned her in an amused tone.

My way is a lot more fun. Charlie explained. Come on Hot Stuff its late.

                  Nadine lifted her body holding Charlie in her arms as she sat up. She looked around and for the first time realized that it was dark out. She looked at her watch and blinked in surprise. Damn Im sorry I didnt need to sleep for this long. Nadine apologized.

I swear if you call me Miss Jones Im going to swat you. Charlie threatened her. You were exhausted. Nadine parted her lips to protest when Charlie pressed her fingers to her lips to silence. And the reason you are so exhausted is because you sat up all night making sure that myself and my sister were safe.

But you stayed awake all night long too. Nadine argued her lips pressing against Charlies fingers. Arent you tired?

Me? Charlie shrugged as she removed her fingers from Nadines lips. No I had sex yesterday.

Is that all it takes? Nadine teased as she tightened her hold around Charlies waist. What am I going to do with you?

I have a few suggestions. Charlie responded playfully as she placed a light kiss on Nadines lips.

I bet you do. Nadine responded with renewed energy. Is the door locked? She purred into Charlies ear.

Yes. The blonde responded with a whimper.

                  Good. Nadine responded in a breathy tone as she lowered the both of them onto the carpeted floor of the trailer. Nadine leaned down and placed a lingering kiss on Charlies full lips savoring the taste of the smaller womans mouth. Charlie moaned deeply as she tightened her legs around Nadines slim waist.

                  Charlie ran her fingers thru Nadines long raven tresses as the brunette cupped her breasts. I shouldnt be doing this. Nadine panted as the kiss came to a reluctant end.

You keep saying that. Charlie moaned as she lifted Nadines shirt up her body. Why do you keep saying that? Charlie complained as she removed Nadines shirt and tossed it across the room.

I should stop huh? Nadine responded as she began to remove Charlies top.

Definitely. Charlie confirmed as she raised her arms so Nadine could completely remove the garment.

                  Okay. Nadine agreed before she reclaimed Charlies lips. Nadines hands traveled down Charlies supple body delighting in curve and dip. Charlies hands busied themselves with undoing the clasp of Nadines bra and sliding it as far down her body as she could without breaking contact with her lover.

                  Nadine undid the actress bra as well and lifted it above her firm full breasts. While their tongues engaged in a sensual duel Nadine began to pinch and tease her lovers nipples. Charlies body arched into Nadines. The brunettes body melted into her lovers as she began to kiss her way down Charlies neck. Nadine. Charlie whimpered as the bodyguard suckled her neck.

                  Nadine lifted her body slightly so she could completely remove her lovers bra while the blonde did the same with hers. You are so beautiful Charlie. Nadine offered in a hushed tone while her lover cupped her breasts. Charlie blushed from the compliment as Nadine caressed her cheek with her fingertips.

                  Nadine lowered her body and began to run her tongue along the gentle swell of Charlies breasts. Charlie whimpered once again as her hands roamed freely up and down Nadines back. The bodyguards tongue circled Charlies nipples without touching the erect buds. Unable to resist temptation any longer Nadine suckled one of Charlies nipples into the warmth of her mouth while her fingers teased its twin.

                  Nadine suckled her nipple eagerly while Charlies hips thrust against her body. Nadine could feel her own desire growing as her lovers body arched urgently against her. She teased the actress nipple with her teeth and her tongue as Charlie reached between their bodies and started to unzip Nadines jeans.

                  Nadine brushed her lovers hands aside as her mouth licked and tasted its way over to her other nipple. She lavished it with the same attention its twin had just received as Charlies hips grinded urgently against her stomach. Nadines mouth began move slowly down Charlies arching body. Are you wet? Nadine whispered against her lovers skin.

Yes. Charlie cried out as Nadines mouth move further down her body.

Do you want me? Nadine teased as she dipped her tongue playfully into and out of her lovers navel.

Yes. Charlie pleaded as Nadine undid the button of her jeans. God yes. Charlie reasserted as Nadine began to lower the zipper of Charlies Levis with her teeth.

                  Nadine clasped her lovers hips and began to lower her jeans while she ran her tongue along the elastic of her panties. She could feel Charlies body quivering from her touch. Nadine raised her body and slowly removed the remainder of her lovers clothing while Charlie watched her every movement desire filling her green eyes.

                  Nadine slowly ran her fingers up along Charlies legs enjoying each moan and whimper her lover released. I want to see you. Charlie whispered. Nadine smiled before standing. Her legs trembled as she removed her clothing. Charlie sat up and began to kiss her abdomen. Nadine ran her fingers thru her lovers silky blonde hair before she knelt before the actress who was stealing her heart bit by bit.

                  Nadine reclaimed her lovers lips and kissed her deeply trying to pour all of her emotions in that one kiss. Nadine lowered their bodies back down onto the floor she moaned as she felt Charlies desire greeting her own. Once again she slowly kissed her way down the actress body.

                  She blew a warm breath across Charlies curls as she nestled herself between the blondes legs. Charlie draped her legs over Nadines broad shoulders as the bodyguard slipped her hands under Charlies body. Nadine could see and smell Charlies desire as she guided her wetness to her mouth. Nadine moaned, as she tasted her lover for the first time. She slowly drank in Charlies passion as she watched her lover cupping her breasts.

                  Nadine suckled Charlies throbbing clit into her mouth as she watched the actress playing with her nipples. Their eyes met as Nadine pressed her fingers against the opening of Charlies center. Yes Nadine please I need you inside of me. Charlie pleaded. Nadine suckled her clit harder as she entered her lover. Charlies body lifted up off of the floor and Nadine held her steadily as she pleasured her.

                  Charlies body rocked wildly as Nadine to her deeper and harder. Her fingers plunged in and out of her wetness while she teased the blondes clit. Her mouth and fingers moving in a erotic rhythm as her lovers hips urged her for more. Nadine happily responded to Charlies urgent needs as she feasted upon her wetness burying herself deeper inside of her lover.

                  Charlie screamed out her name as she exploded against Nadines touch. Nadine held her lover steady while she drove her further over the edge. Charlies body tightened around Nadine as she climaxed. Nadine continue to pleasure her lover as Charlies body lifted higher almost escaping from Nadines loving grasp.

                  All too soon Charlie was collapsing against the floor. Nadine rested her head against her lovers trembling stomach while the last waves of passion trembled thru the petite woman. Nadine lifted her own quivering body off of the floor intending on cradling her lover in arms. Before she realized what was happening Charlie spun around and gently guided Nadine onto her back. Charlie kneeled by her head while Nadine parted her thighs eager for her lover to taste her desire.

                  Nadines body arched as she felt Charlies tongue dipping into her wetness. Nadine ran her fingers along Charlies firm backside while the blonde suckled her clit eagerly. She cried out in pleasure as Charlie entered her with her fingers while she continued to pleasure her with her tongue. Nadine cupped her lovers mound and began to tease her clit with the palm of her hand. Charlies body swayed beside her. Charlies mouth and fingers danced in unison driving closer to the brink of in sanity.

                  Nadine body was thrusting urging Charlie to take all that she had to offer while she dipped her fingers back in the warmth of Charlies wetness. They moved in a perfect sensual rhythm until both women were crying out in ecstasy. They collapsed fumbling until they wrapped each other up in a tender embrace. Their hearts beat in unison as they clung to each other. They savor tender kisses drinking in their own passion on the others lips.

                  The kisses grew more insistent as their bodies melted together. A persistent knock on the door to the trailer disrupted their bliss. Charlie? Evie called out from the other side.

Just a moment Evie. Charlie squeaked out as Nadine stifled a laugh.

Come home with me? Charlie asked hopefully.

Yes. Nadine agreed as they began to scramble for their clothing. I need to talk to your sister.

Going to ask for my hand are you? Charlie teased.

Possibly. Nadine responded in a heartfelt tone.

                  Later Nadine explained everything she knew about Charlies soon to be ex-agent. The sisters stared at her in shock as she explained everything. My own agent? Charlie fumed. Im going to end up doing infomercials with Potsie. She wailed.

No you wont. Nadine reassured her. Besides hes a director now.

Fine then Ill be stuck with that squirt from Webster. Charlie snarled.

Charlie relax. Evie cut her off. Your contract states that if he does anything that would be harmful to your career now or in the future you can sever you contract and he owes you every penny he has every made off of you.

He wont just let me go and hand over a check. Charlie protested.

No but my man got Jerry to sign a confession that puts Ragsdale paid him to go after you. Nadine supplied.

How did he do that? Evie questioned in surprise.

Dont ask. Nadine cautioned her. The only way he can hurt you is to try and out you. I think that hell threaten to do just that.

And? Evie pressed.

Outing your own client would be suicide in this town. Charlie concluded. Especially when no can prove it. Except for Amanda who has always sworn that we were nothing more than roommates.

                  Bingo. Nadine confirmed. So Evie youre the lawyer can we make this work.

Yes. Evie confirmed boldly. Ill draw up the severance papers complete with a discloser agreement. Well have to offer him something when he starts to complain. Because if this ever goes to court you are in trouble Charlie. Amanda cant lie under oath.

Sounds good. Charlie agreed as she stood with a yawn. Lets go to bed. She exclaimed as she offered her hand to Nadine.

Uhm is there anything I should know? Evie inquired with a smile.

Yeah. Nadine responded with a wink as she accepted Charlies hand.

                  A week later Charlie was free from Paul Ragsdale. It took a lot of arguing and a big check but she was rid of him for good. Just for spite Amanda had her agent sign Paulette since she never signed a contract with her uncle. Nadine handed Charlie her resignation and moved into the guest room at Charlie and Evies home just so she could keep a watchful eye on the little handful.


The End