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The Lost Amazon Tribe

By Mavis Applewater

June 2003


Disclaimers: This story and characters are the sole possession of the author and may not be reproduced, posted or sold without the author’s permission.  So there!  If for any reason real or imagined, you are uncomfortable with graphic descriptions of a loving sexual relationship between two consenting adult women, then do not read this story or anything else I have ever written.  If for any reason it is illegal for you to view this material then please leave and don’t come back until it is no longer a crime.  Under the heading of giving credit where credit is due, for a complete list of whose who in the Amazon nation, I got all the information from Julie Ruffell’s, Brave Women Warriors of Greek Myth: An Amazon Roster.


A very special thank you goes out to my beta reader, Mary.


As always this is for Heather.





Bedelia groaned heavily as she turned onto her side.  The pain shot through her as she slowly blinked open her eyes.  The sun blazed down upon her as she felt the wet sand clinging to her body.  “What happened?”  She moaned as she tried to sit up.  The movement instantly assaulted her head.  She looked around the barren beach still uncertain how she ended up lying on the desolate beach with mud covering her ripped clothing.


Her body groaned in protest as she pulled herself up onto her knees.  She felt the nausea rising up from her injuries as the memory of the night before came back to her with painful clarity.  She could still hear the hum of the engines of the tiny airplane that she and her parents were in.  The crash happened before they had time to prepare themselves for the inevitable. 


Bedelia recalled thinking that the ocean waters looked like black glass as it consumed the tiny aircraft.  Her mother screamed.  Everything that followed seemed like a dark nightmare once she had managed to swim to the surface.  She felt positively euphoric when she broke the surface.  Her joy was short lived as she heard her father exclaiming that John Borrows, the pilot, was dead.  She watched in horror as her mother slipped below the surface of the icy water. 


She had grabbed onto a broken part of what she could only assume was once the airplane.  She released her grip so she could go after her mother.  Her father ordered her to hold onto the wreckage.  She watched as his large frame dove beneath the surface in a futile effort to save her mother.  That was the last time she saw him.


In the silent darkness she shivered from the unbelievable cold as she clung to the tiny scrap that was miraculously keeping her afloat.  Her body was numb as she drifted aimlessly in the darkness.  The only warmth she felt was from the tears that were streaming down her face.  Her fingers were so cold and cramped that they were glued to the piece of wreckage that was proving to be her lifeline.  She had no concept of how long she had been adrift.  She only remembered the cold darkness of the moonless night.  She must have fallen asleep only to awaken on a very narrow strip of sand.


Her emerald eyes narrowed as she looked out upon the crystal blue water the thin piece of white metal that had been her salvation teetering half in the water and half in the sand just a few feet from where she was kneeling.


She tried running her fingers through her long auburn locks, as was her habit when she was nervous.  Her fingers instantly became entangled in the snarled mess that had once been her silky crown of glory.  She could feel her fair skin burning from the afternoon sun as she looked at the dense forest that surrounded her.


In a few hours the tide would begin to rise and she would be forced into the thick foliage that revealed nothing of what dangers or treasures the forest yielded.  “Where am I?”  She sobbed as she buried her face in her hands. 


She and her parents had been so excited about the trip.  Finally the tensions of the war were behind them.  At last she and her parents could return to the passion all three shared which was traveling.  At the tender age of twenty-two Bedelia Maloney had seen more of the world than most people would ever read about.  This journey had been one that she and her parents had eagerly anticipated until the war broke out. 


The first leg of their journey would be Africa and Mount Kilimanjaro.  She was eager to see all of Africa from the plains to the Congo.  Then they were off to Egypt.  Seeing the Valley of The Kings, The Sphinx, and the Pyramids had been a life long dream of hers.  She had heard the tales of how her parents met on a trip down the Nile and fell in love the first moment they looked into one another’s eyes.


A dark shadow was cast over her as she wept into her hands.  Her head pounded furiously as she jerked it up to see what was casting a shadow over her.  She swallowed hard as she discovered that she was surrounded.  Bedelia was shocked that she had not heard them approach and that they were all women. Adding to her startled state was that not a one of them wore any clothing above the simple loincloths that covered their hips and private areas.


Once she stopped gaping at their naked breasts she was confused by their appearance.  Most of the women were dark, as she had expected, with ebony skin and soft brown eyes.  Others were lighter skinned almost Asian looking in their skin tone.  One woman who stood in the center of the curious party captured Bedelia’s attention.  Her caramel skin and long curly brown hair was off set by her piercing hazel eyes.  “Din obi?” the woman addressed her in what Bedelia could only assume was a question or a greeting of some sorts.


The women looked at one another and at her as they chatted in a language that was unfamiliar to the young American.   Bedelia was fluent in many languages, but the words and the dialect these women were speaking left her confused.  At times their words sounded almost like Swahili, and at other times there was something distinctively Parisian about their dialogue.


Two pairs of rough hands lifted her to her feet.  “Where am I?”  She timidly inquired in English only to receive blank looks as a response.  “Where am I?”  She repeated in French hoping that, just perhaps, her well-trained ear had not deceived her.

“Come with us,” the woman in the center, who had captured her undivided attention, gently informed her in a broken, mangled version of French.


Bedelia smoothed out the rumpled crease of her skirt then blushed at the silliness of her action.  “It isn’t as if I’m going to have afternoon tea,” she mumbled as she followed the party of half naked women who were either her savories or captures.


The women surrounded the confused Bedelia as she helplessly followed them into the thick foliage of the forest.  They chatted in a joking manner, most of the words lacking any meaning for Bedelia, although some words did seem familiar.  Their speech was a mangled mess of French and Swahili added with another that Bedelia was completely unacquainted with. 


The words that she could comprehend troubled Bedelia as they descended deeper into the jungle. Most of them seemed harmless enough, ‘Woman, Queen, hunt, beach,’ but then she heard two words that chilled her to the bone, ‘virgin and sacrifice.’   For the first and only time in her life Bedelia wished that she had actually given into Freddie Marlstone’s unwanted advances.


Bedelia’s heart was pounding with fear as the sun disappeared and the jungle encased her and her strange companions.  ‘Surely I must have misinterpreted them,’ she tried to reason as fear filled her.  The fear that was making her tremble slipped when the would be leader looked over at her, and Bedelia once again found herself completely mesmerized by her eyes.


Bedelia felt her fears stirring once again as she was led into a dark cave.  Hands covered her body in an effort to guide her through the dark expanse.  She was gasping for air as her panic grew.  Suddenly she was shielding her eyes as the sunlight was once again shinning down upon her. 


Bedelia’s mouth hung open as she took in her surroundings.  It was small city carved into the side of a small mountain.  The entire city formed a circle stopping only at the waterfall that cascaded down into a small lake.  From the shore and from the air the city was invisible, hidden away from the rest of the civilized world.  Bedelia’s eyes darted around as she followed her escorts. Not a single male face appeared as the residents approached her.  They touched her bright, red hair and pale skin.  Bedelia stifled a laugh at how most of them seemed confused by her attire.  She blushed and gasped as one woman fondled her breasts.  The leader nudged the curious woman away as she led Bedelia deeper into the peaceful village and up a stone staircase.


Bedelia shivered as the woman looked deeply into her eyes.  Hazel eyes that were filled with questioning as she tugged on Bedelia’s blouse seemingly asking why would she wear such a thing?  “Because that is what we do where I come from,” Bedelia responded in French.  She watched as her companion tried to decipher what she had just said.  The woman’s brow creased as she pondered Bedelia’s words then she simply nodded as they reached the top of the staircase.


Bedelia was nervous as she stepped into the chamber.   Her eyes widened at her surroundings.  The furniture was teak; the floor and walls were adorned with the most amazing tapestries Bedelia had ever seen.  What stunned her most was the shimmering gems cast about the room.  “Diamonds as table decorations?” she muttered with disbelief.


Bedelia stumbled as a very tall, ebony woman looked down upon her.  The redhead wasn’t small in stature yet when she found herself suddenly standing in this woman’s shadow she felt almost miniscule.  Her escort placed a gentle hand on Bedelia shoulders and guided her down to her knees.  Bedelia quickly realized that she was in the presence of the tribal queen.  She respectfully bowed her head.


Her companion knelt beside her casting her a reassuring smile.  “Lykopis,” she said as she placed her hand on her bare bosom.

“Bedelia,” she introduced herself feeling a small sense of relief that they were communicating.


Lykopis waved her hand towards the imposing woman who stood above them, “Marpesia,” she introduced her queen.


“I am honored,” Bedelia respectfully responded as the queen grunted with what seemed to be her approval.  Bedelia was surprised by the familiarity of their names.  She had heard them as a young girl sitting by her father’s side as he spun the mythical tale.


The queen’s voice was gentle yet commanding as she spoke to Bedelia.  “You, welcome here if you are one with us,” Was what Bedelia deciphered from the queen’s words.  The only other words Bedelia could understand were innocent and virgin.  Once again she could feel the panic spreading through her body.

“I don’t understand,” Bedelia said as best she could using the fragments of language she hoped the queen could understand.


“Hair the color of fire,” Marpesia responded seemingly ignoring Bedelia’s question. As she gently stroked Bedelia’s head the redhead shrunk back from the pain of her injuries reawakened from this woman’s tender touch.  Marpesia rambled something to Lykopis; the only word Bedelia recognized was the Swahili word for healer.


Lykopis nodded respectfully as she helped Bedelia to her feet. Each of them bowed to Marpesia before Lykopis led the still confused Bedelia out of the Queen’s chambers.  Bedelia’s ability to communicate with these women seemed to be improving.  The only thing troubling her was that she kept staring at their exposed breasts.  It embarrassed the shy American at the way her eyes kept traveling to Lykopis’ firm, full breasts.  She would look away as her stomach knotted in the most peculiar fashion.


The healer’s hut was modest in comparison with the Queen’s, but still Bedelia found it comfortable, and the older, dark skinned woman, named Alcinoe, completely charming.  The conversation between Bedelia and her two companions was limited.  Still they did manage to communicate. 


Bedelia asked just why she hadn’t seen any men in the city.  Alcinoe explained as best she could that the tribe didn’t offer what they desired so they were sent away.  Bedelia could only assume that any man who had stumbled upon their secret city and found it filled with diamonds and half naked women, probably asked for far more than the residents were willing to give.  She also noted that some men might have been welcome even for a brief period of time, which would explain the ethnic diversity of the women.


“How can you send them away?”  Bedelia asked as Lykopis laughed.  “Men can be quite persistent,” she added knowing that many a man simply wouldn’t walk away from the riches housed in the city walls.  Alcinoe laughed as well giving Bedelia a lengthy explanation as she held up a strange looking root.  The only words Bedelia understood were forget and water.


“I understand you drug them so they forget they were ever here and cast them out to sea,” she said as her companions looked at her curiously not understanding what she was saying.  Alcinoe shrugged and continued tending to Bedelia’s wounds as Lykopis watched carefully.


When the older woman began removing her clothing Bedelia resisted embarrassed by being exposed in front of Lykopis.  Alcinoe’s voice was comforting as she brushed Bedelia’s trembling hands aside.  The only words that Bedelia understood were hurt and help.  The frightened redhead couldn’t stop the tears as they escaped.  In less than twenty-four hours she had watched her parents drown, and found herself being held captive by these women.  Despite how well she was being treated the words; virgin sacrifice had been used far too many times for Bedelia’s liking.


Alcinoe wrapped the weeping woman up in her arms and rocked her gently.  Bedelia was stunned at how much she trusted this tiny woman.  After she had shed her last tear Alcinoe gently brushed it away.  Bedelia sniffed, as she looked up she noticed that Lykopis had respectfully turned her gaze away.  “I help,” Alcinoe offered again as she returned to removing Bedelia’s torn clothing.  Bedelia simply allowed the woman to undress her and tend to her aching body.  Her spirit was another matter that she would have to deal with later if she ever found her way home again.


Alcinoe’s touch was gentle as she used oils and strange smelling lotions on Bedelia’s various cuts and wounds.  Bedelia’s winced when Alcinoe’s examination turned to a very sensitive area.  Alcinoe smiled as she moved from Bedelia’s womanhood and cleansed her body.  Alcinoe helped her dress.  Bedelia was mortified as she sat on the bed wearing absolutely nothing but a sheer loincloth.  Both Alcinoe and Lykopis seemed amused by the way she kept her arms covering her breasts.


After several frustrating attempts Bedelia finally conveyed to Lykopis and Alcinoe the one question that had been plaguing her since she first encountered the unusual women.  “What is to become of me?”  Slowly she pieced together the words that Lykopis and Alcinoe offered.  When she finally put the puzzle together she was even more confused than ever.  The only relief she felt was that by virgin sacrifice she wasn’t going to be tossed into a volcano or some cliff like in the cheap dime store novels she read in secret.


“I don’t understand,” Bedelia said out loud as Lykopis blushed.  “I can be sent away.  Which means you drug me, set me adrift in the ocean, and I won’t even remember being here.”  The thought of forgetting Lykopis troubled her for some unknown reason.  “Or I can become one of you, but only if I sacrifice my innocence to someone who requests me to do so.  But how can that be when there aren’t any men here?”


“A man?  Why would you want a man?”  Lykopis asked after she and Alcinoe stopped laughing.   Bedelia tried understanding just what was so funny when the duo erupted into another fit of laughter.

“Why would you need a man?”  Alcinoe asked with utter astonishment.

“How else am I going to . . .” Bedelia blushed as she tried to convey the question without actually saying the words.  “You know.”


Much to her dismay both women just stared at her not understanding what she was trying to say.  “Rest,” Alcinoe finally offered as she guided the frustrated Bedelia down onto the straw mattress.  “Moon rises you will be called upon,” Alcinoe tried to explain.  “Marpesia has first right, then her second.  If either refuse then you offered to tribe.  You pretty someone will offer.”


Bedelia’s head pounded in protest as she bolted up.  “You mean I’ll be asked to make love to a woman?” she squeaked out in horror, as Lykopis and Alcinoe seemed stunned that she would object to the idea.  “What if I don’t want to?”

“No want no stay,” Alcinoe flatly explained as she caught the hurt look dimming Lykopis’ brilliant eyes.


“Great I can either have sex with a woman or be set adrift half naked in the middle of nowhere,” Bedelia grumbled more to herself than to the others.  “I’m already starting to freckle just walking around here. My God I don’t know what to do,” she choked out as she looked over at Lykopis.  Bedelia’s stomach fluttered once again as she drank in the other woman’s body.


“No heart,” Alcinoe tapped her on her chest.  “Refuse.”

“I can say no even to the Queen?”  Bedelia asked in a blind panic.

“No love, refuse,” Alcinoe reassured her.  “Rest,” she repeated as she gave Bedelia a small cup made out of some kind of shell. Reluctantly Bedelia drank the pungent smelling black liquid.  Whatever Alcinoe had given her made her sleepy.  In her groggy state, her mind wandered, as her focus turned to Lykopis’s well-sculpted body.


When Bedelia woke up she was confused at first by her strange surroundings.  Then as the events of the day came back to her so did the rolling waves of sadness.  Alcinoe comforted her as she broke down once again.


Later, after she cried herself out, the older woman sat by the side of her bed working on a tapestry similar to the ones she had seen in the Queen’s hut.  They struggled to engage in conversation. Once Alcinoe’s words fell into place some of Bedelia’s fears were put to rest.  Alcinoe explained that Bedelia would not need to choose whether to stay or go until the moon rose fully in the sky.  The next full moon was almost a month away. 


If Bedelia left she would have no memory of her time on the tiny island that seemed to be hidden away from the rest of the world.  If she chose to stay, and sacrifice her innocence it would only be because she chose to grant some lucky woman this precious gift.


The ceremony sounded very interesting to Bedelia.  Under the light of a full moon, torches would illuminate the center of the village.  She would stand before the tribe and ask to become one with her sisters.  If Marpesia agreed then the Queen could request Bedelia’s gift.  Alcinoe doubted that the Queen would make the request since she was still devoted to her lover who had passed only a few turns of the moon ago.  The princess or the Queen’s second could ask for Bedelia’s hand if she so desired.  Something in the way Alcinoe smirked convinced Bedelia that the Princess might just do this.  If the Princess did not make her request, Bedelia would be offered to the other women of the tribe.


She asked how one goes about publicly requesting someone give up their innocence.   Alcinoe seemed surprised by the question; apparently it was a tradition in the tribe.  Alcinoe explained that if one chooses her they would kneel before her.  If Bedelia accepts the offer she need only to take her lover by the hand and kiss the palm.  If she did not wish to accept the offer all Bedelia had to do was turn away from her would be suitor.


If she accepted Bedelia would be led to her lover’s chamber’s by the Queen’s handmaidens and, as her lover watched,  the handmaidens would bathe her.  Then they would bless her body by massaging it with sacred oils before she is laid out before her lover. The ceremony sounded almost romantic to Bedelia. 


She encouraged Alcinoe to continue, and the older woman did.  She went on to explain the rest of the ceremony of how her hands would be bound and her lover would prepare her for her sacrifice.  Bedelia was confused as to how she would be prepared for such an intimate encounter.  She was far too embarrassed to ask for the details as Alcinoe continued with her tale.  Bedelia blushed as Alcinoe explained that the handmaidens in attendance would watch, as her lover would offer up her innocence to the Goddess Artemis.


“So she will have a  . . .  prop strapped on?”  Bedelia managed to stammer out blushing to her roots unable to look at the older woman.

“Prop?” Alcinoe echoed with confusion.

“You know a phallus?”  Bedelia blushed harder as she used her hands to demonstrate her meaning.

“Yes,” Alcinoe confirmed with a toothy grin that made Bedelia’s blush grow deeper.  “You will be called upon by your lover for thirteen nights in honor of the Goddess Artemis.”


“Thirteen the same number of moons in a year,” Bedelia nodded in understanding.  “I don’t understand how do you know of Artemis and why is it that the roots of your language comes from the continent, but all of your names are from Greek mythology?”


“The continent?” Alcinoe asked in confusion.

“Yes,” Bedelia began.  “Your words come from either Europe or Africa, yet your names are Greek.  How is that possible?  Do you leave this place or do others come here?”


“Others come rarely,” Alcinoe explained.  “We never leave.  Cleite is our home, where the Queen delivered us from our enemies.  She sailed here and made our home here, now we honor her and our ancestors by taking their names.  If you stay for thirteen moons and are welcomed into the tribe you will be given the name of our ancestor.”


“Cleite was sailing to join Penthesilea at Troy when her ship was blown off course,” Bedelia exclaimed with disbelief.  She ended up in Italy and founded the city of Clete.”

“You know of our Queen,” Alcinoe exclaimed with delight.  “What is Italy?”

“I know my mythology,” she argued.  “My father told me every story.  Cleite was an Amazon queen.  And Italy is a country far from here.  Alcinoe all of the women I’ve encountered today have Amazon names, how is that possible?”

“That is who we are,” Alcinoe casually responded.

“That is not possible,” Bedelia argued.  “The Amazons are nothing more than a myth.”  Even as she protested she realized that the ethnic diversity in the tribe fit with the legends she had learned.


“Believe what you will child,” Alcinoe chuckled.  “We learn our traditions before we can speak.  We know who we are.  You need to focus on the sacrifice.”

“Right my big date.” Bedelia sighed thankful that she had been able to forget about what she would have to face in just a few days.  “Not only do I give myself to a stranger, but I must do it in front of others.  How many handmaidens will be watching the show?”


“Twelve,” Alcinoe gently answered her.  “The same as the number of companions who  were with Penthesilea at Troy.  And not a stranger, your heart must follow.”


“Great,” Bedelia huffed.  Wondering how it was that they knew about the legends of Troy and the Amazons, but no one knew how to sew a shirt?   “I can’t wait to meet the rest of the tribe so I can pick out my new girlfriend.  So what is the Princess like?”


“She is like her name,” Alcinoe informed her with a knowing smile.  “But not in her heart.”

“That was very helpful thank you,” Bedelia sarcastically spat back. 

“Never a woman?” Alcinoe pried.

“You looked,” Bedelia blushed. “There hasn’t been anyone.”

“I’m not talking about your body,” Alcinoe scolded her.  She said something else that Bedelia failed to grasp.

“School girl crushes nothing more,” Bedelia tried to dismiss the notion as Alcinoe’s knowing eyes bore into her.  Embarrassed she pulled a blanket over her half naked body and tried to turn away.

“Last time when?” Alcinoe’s motherly tone forced her to turn around.

“Last summer,” Bedelia reluctantly admitted.

“Not a girl,” Alcinoe corrected her as she waved her hand over Bedelia’s lengthy frame.  In her simple words she managed to enlighten Bedelia to the fact that she was beyond the age of a schoolgirl crush.


“After she takes my sacrifice then what happens?” Bedelia inquired in an effort to change the subject.  “After I spend thirteen nights with this woman am I free to go?”


Alcinoe gave her a strange look.  “No,” she began to explain.  “In exchange for your gift she is pledged to you for thirteen moons.  You are becoming an Amazon by bonding with an Amazon.”

“Thirteen my lucky number once again,” Bedelia sighed.  “I have to live with her for a year.”

“What happens during this pledge is no one’s concern,” Alcinoe reassured her.

“Finally some privacy,” Bedelia grumbled.  “Why do I have to lose my innocence with so many people watching?”

“It is a special gift,” Alcinoe reminded her.

“You must really care for someone to be willing to go through all of that,” Bedelia reasoned thinking how much each woman was willing to endure in front of the entire tribe.

“Yes,” Alcinoe agreed.  “It is not about passion.  This sacrifice must come from the heart.  Is it not that way where you are from?”

“I had always hoped it would be,” Bedelia sighed again.  “But no it isn’t always that way.”


Over the next few days Bedelia struggled with her shyness.  It was hard for her to parade around in nothing but a short leather skirt.  The other’s often teased her at the way she kept her arms folded over her breasts.  Adding to her discomfort was the ritual of bathing in the pool on the other side of the waterfall.  The other women seemed to be overly fascinated by the fair color of her pubic hair.


As the weeks passed Bedelia found her shyness ebbing as she focused more on learning to communicate with the other women and learning about them.  The language barrier also began to fade as she learned and taught her new companions.  Almost everything she learned about the tribe matched the mythology she had learned as a child.  The subtle differences seemed more believable than the myths.


As the night of her sacrifice approached Bedelia wondered who among her new friends would try to win her affections.  She thought she knew those that might ask for her hand.  Although she still hadn’t learned whom the Princess was.  She thought about who might be one of her would be suitors.  She had narrowed it down to three women she had become friendly with, Echephyle, Iphito and Kreousa.


She liked each of the three women equally but none of them could erase the pang of disappointment she felt each time Lykopis failed to show any interest in her.  She was drawn to the woman for some inexplicable reason and it hurt each time Lykopis failed to show any interest.  There was a coolness in the woman’s demeanor that surprised Bedelia, since she could only find warmth whenever she looked into her captivating eyes.


The night of her sacrifice arrived and she was pacing around Alcinoe’s hut still uncertain if she should offer her body in exchange for not being set adrift.   “Follow your heart,” Alcinoe reminded her as she led her out of her hut and delivered her to the handmaidens.


The twelve women’s faces were hidden beneath large wooden ceremonial masks.  Bedelia’s heart was pounding in a steady rhythm with the drumbeat she could hear off in the distance.  She was still uncertain she could go through with the sacrifice as she was led before the tribe through a row of brightly burning torches. 


As she approached Queen Marpesia, who was cloaked in an ornamental robe, she was certain that this would be her last night amongst these women, until she saw a pair of hazel eyes shimmering in the night.  Lykopis’ gaze never left her as she knelt before the Queen.  Now it was up to the Queen to invite her into the tribe. 


It had taken Bedelia some time to understand why her virginity was important.  She couldn’t be pledged to another.  She was becoming an Amazon by bonding with an Amazon.  In a sense she was marrying into the tribe.  If her love were true Artemis would bless her with a child.  She almost fell over when Alcinoe explained that little piece of information.  Of course Bedelia didn’t believe the healer, but still when she asked why there weren’t any male children around the explanation was given that they were all born from Artemis’ blessing.


Then again there were an awful lot of women and female children in the city and it appeared that they hadn’t had very many male visitors over the years. Bedelia shook off the ridiculous notion as the Queen approached her.


She bowed her head out of respect only glancing up to catch a glimpse of Lykopis’ body shimmering from the flames that surrounded them.  The drum stopped as Marpesia raised her arms.  “Bedelia you have proven yourself as a kindly soul,” she began as Bedelia tried to still her rapidly beating heart.  “I would welcome you as one of our sisters.”


Bedelia lifted her gaze slightly knowing that it was the moment of truth.  The sight of the firelight dancing across Lykopis’ body brought the words to her lips.  “I would be honored,” she offered her gaze never leaving Lykopis’ body as she spoke.


“Since you were not born of our blood there is only one way you can join us,” Marpesia continued.  “If you bond with another.  Stand my child and if in your heart you don’t share the heart being offered to you then simply turn away.  If you wish to bond then kiss your lover’s palm.  Do you understand?”


“Yes my Queen,” Bedelia answered her voice squeaking slightly as she stood before the domineering woman.  She felt a sense of relief wash over her as Marpesia stepped back.  She admired the Queen as a woman and as a ruler but she was thankful that the Queen wasn’t interested in courting her.


“By right of birth and honor I call upon the Princess,” Marpesia announced as she looked across the crowd some of who looked a little nervous.


Bedelia held her breath waiting to see whom the Princess was.  She scanned the crowd her gaze stopping upon Lykopis, their eyes locked for a brief moment before the darker woman stepped forward.  ‘She is like her name,’ she recalled Alcinoe’s words as the Princess approached her.  ‘She wolf,’ she thought with a smile as she was held by the eyes that had captivated her from the first moment they met.


Her heart was pounding harder as she willed the Princess to continue her approach.  Lykopis obeyed her silent plea as she knelt before Bedelia.  Her lips trembled as she was drawn in by the warmth of Lykopis’ eyes.  ‘Follow your heart,’ Alcinoe’s words echoed in her mind as she took Lykopis’ hand and turned it in her own.  She stared at her fair skin against the Princess’ darkness.  She raised Lykopis’ trembling hand to her lips and kissed her palm.


The city was filled with silence as everyone awaited the Queen’s approval.  “A royal marriage,” Marpesia announced with a hint of mirth.  “This pleases me.” Bedelia and Lykopis each released a nervous breath as the city erupted into cheers.  Bedelia had no time to fully digest the situation when, once again, she was surrounded by the handmaidens. 


Alcinoe stepped beside her as she was led towards the falls.  “How can she be Marpesia’s daughter?” Bedelia pondered out loud noting the contrast in their eyes and skin tone.

“Oreithyia was almost as fair as you,” Alcinoe explained.  “She, too, came to us from far away.  Many believe that they were bonded in their hearts the first moment they met.”


Bedelia pondered Alcinoe’s explanation as the handmaidens bathed her.  She could see Lykopis standing on the crest watching as they washed and caressed her skin.  “She is so beautiful,” she confessed as she drank in the vision of Lykopis’ body bathed in the moonlight.


“If both of your hearts are filled with love when Lykopis touches you then she will bless you,” Alcinoe reminded her as she was led through the now deserted city.

Bedelia didn’t want to even think about whether or not Lykopis really could get her pregnant. She was far too nervous thinking about giving her body to the captivating woman.  Her nervousness held her so tightly she was only dimly aware of her surroundings as she entered Lykopis’ chamber.  She saw the soft glow of candlelight as her body was anointed in oil that smelled like Jasmine.


In the dimness she watched Lykopis watching the others caressing her with oil.  She could see her fair skin shimmering in the candlelight as she was laid out onto the bed.  She looked over at Lykopis who was smiling as Bedelia’s hands were guided above her and her wrists secured with leather straps.  She watched as Lykopis’ cupped her own breasts as she approached the bed.


She tugged at her restraints quickly realizing that if she wanted to flee she could.  “It is not about holding you captive,” Lykopis reassured her seemingly reading her thoughts.  Bedelia nodded in understanding as Lykopis placed a promising kiss on her lips.  Bedelia’s lips were still burning as the others gathered around the bed.  She swallowed hard as she watched two women removing Lykopis’ skirt.


Bedelia inhaled sharply as her lover turned to her.  The fiery gaze Lykopis’ cast down upon her was filled with trust and desire.  She drank in her lover’s body her eyes lingering on her full breasts and then drifting down her firm stomach.  Her gaze lingered once again as she drank in the dark curls that hid Lykopis’ treasure.


The others formed a circle around the bed as Lykopis removed Bedelia’s skirt and handed it to one of the maidens.  Each of them swallowed nervously as Lykopis’ hands caressed Bedelia’s thighs.  Lykopis’ movements were sleek as she climbed up onto the bed and joined Bedelia.


She could feel her desire flowing from her body as she felt the heat emanating off of Lykopis’ body.  She looked deeply into her lover’s eyes as her rough hands clasped her hips.  “Beautiful,” Bedelia whispered as she felt their nipples brushing lightly against one another.  Her eyes fluttered shut as she felt Lykopis’ skin melding against her own.


The kiss was deep and sensual as their bodies became one.  Bedelia struggled to free herself needing to feel her lover’s body.  Her hips rose up greeting her lover’s desire.  She released a moan into the warmth of Lykopis’ mouth as their tongues greeted one another.  Bedelia’s body shuddered as she felt her lover kissing her face while her hands roamed her body.  She groaned as she felt Lykopis’ thigh slipping between her legs.  Her body took over as she tightened her thighs and pressed herself against the firm thigh nestled against her throbbing nub.


She could feel Lykopis’ body moving in rhythm with her own as the Princess kissed her neck.  Her eyes fluttered open as they swayed against one another.  She could see approval in the eyes of the twelve women watching them as they thrust against one another.  “We are one,” Lykopis promised in a breathy voice as she parted Bedelia.


“I’m yours,” Bedelia cried out as she felt their clits meeting.  She reeled from the feel of their desire blending.  She couldn’t still her body as the wild rhythm of their passion beat in unison.  She could feel their wetness flowing down her body as they danced, the need consuming her as she felt her lover’s tongue teasing her nipple.


Her body was crying out for release as Lykopis’ hands and mouth explored her.  The fire of Lykopis’ touch burned her as she kissed her way down Bedelia’s quivering form.  She felt Lykopis’ breath caressing the patch of red curls.  She looked down her own body mesmerized by the sight of dark hands caressing her skin and a pair of brilliant hazel eyes gleaming up at her.


Bedelia opened herself up as she felt her lover’s tongue gliding along her slick folds.  Lykopis moaned with pleasure as she drank in Bedelia’s essence.  Bedelia couldn’t control herself as she pressed herself deeper against her lover.  She felt the world spinning as her clit was captured between Lykopis’ lips. 


She felt her lover’s hands caressing her ass as she was drawn in deeper.  “Yes,” she cried out as her lover feasted upon her.  She could feel her body erupting with uncontrollable passion. She groaned with disapproval as she felt Lykopis’ touch retreating and her body being lowered back down onto the bed.


She was confused when she saw Lykopis standing at the end of the bed.  She watched as the phallus harnessed by a thick leather strap was tied across her slender hips.  She swallowed hard as she opened herself even further silently pleading for her lover to take all that she had to offer.  “Gentle,” Lykopis promised as she climbed up onto the bed and knelt between Bedelia’s quivering thighs.

“Please,” Bedelia implored her surprised by the harshness of her voice.  Gentleness was not what she was seeking at that moment. She needed to feel her lover completing her as no one else could.


She thrust her hips forward as she felt the shaft of the phallus stroking her.  Lykopis kept her movements gentle as she held the phallus firmly with one hand while she ran the other up along Bedelia’s body.  She watched as Lykopis lowered herself down along her body.  She cried out as her lover teased her pink nipple with her fingers while still gliding the shaft of the phallus along her swollen sex.


Bedelia was ready to chew through her restraints when she felt Lykopis suckling her breast and the tip of the phallus pressing against the opening of her center. Once again Bedelia pushed her hips forward in an effort to impale herself on the phallus.  Lykopis kept a firm grip as she suckled her nipple harder.  The feel of teeth grazing her nipple distracted her as the phallus slipped inside her wetness.


She winced as she felt the tip pressing against her veil.  Lykopis held it still as she suckled her harder.  Distracted by the pleasurable feeling her lover’s mouth was lavishing upon her she accepted the pain as her innocence was torn.  Lykopis looked up with concern as she waited for Bedelia’s body to adjust.


Bedelia looked down upon her lover’s breast the dark nipples taunting her.  Lykopis raised her body and pressed one of the brown buds against Bedelia’s trembling lips.  She suckled her lover’s breast as she felt the phallus filling her body.  She moaned as she felt it pressing against the back of her center.


She licked and suckled her lover hard as she felt Lykopis’ hips moving slowly against her.  The pain ebbed as she became lost in her lover’s touch.  She moved her own hips urgently needing to feel more.  Soon their bodies moved as one. She cried out as Lykopis clasped her hips drawing her in harder and closer.  They kissed again and again all the while the others were watching them as Bedelia felt her body burst into flames.


She was lost in a haze of sheer ecstasy completely unaware that her hands had been freed or that her lover was no longer pleasuring her.  She groaned as she felt the phallus slipping from her body.  She felt Lykopis’ arms encircling her body.  “Good?”  The Princess shyly inquired.

“Uh huh,” Bedelia managed to squeak out noticing for the first time that they were alone.  Her lover’s brow furrowed in confusion.  “Yes, good,” she reassured her lover before reclaiming her lips. “Teach me,” she whispered between lingering kisses.

“Touch, taste,” Lykopis encouraged her.


Bedelia’s hands quickly began to explore her lover’s pebbled flesh until she was stroking Lykopis’ throbbing nub with the tips of her fingers.  She stroked her harder as Lykopis released a series of needy moans.  She could feel her own desire returning as her lover trembled against her body.  Lykopis cried out using words that Bedelia had never heard before.  By the way her lover’s body was trembling and her head fell back she could only assume that they were good words.  “Taste,” Lykopis panted as she guided Bedelia’s glistening fingers to her lips.


The musky aroma made her stomach clench with renewed passion.  Her tongue peeked out and tasted her lover’s passion for the first time.  She moaned before plunging the digits deep inside her mouth.  Her lover looked, her eyes hooded by desire as Bedelia swirled her tongue slowly around each digit savoring each drop until there was nothing left.  “More?” She pleaded.  “Taste more?”


Her lover moaned deeply as she guided Bedelia down onto the bed.  Bedelia drank in the musky aroma as she felt her lover’s thighs pressing against her face.  Bedelia reached up and clasped her lover’s backside and drew her down to her.


She could feel Lykopis’ hands on her breasts as she feasted upon her.  She suckled the throbbing nub urgently as her lover teased her nipples.  She pressed her thighs together as she felt the fire blazing and her clit throbbing with need.  Her only desire was to feel her lover’s ecstasy wash over her body.


As she felt Lykopis’ exploding against her she felt her own body quaking in response.  She guided her trembling lover down onto the bed and straddled her backside.  Soon their hips were swaying as she pressed her wetness against her lover’s body.  She brushed her erect nipples across her lover’s back as she rode against her until they screamed out in pleasure.


Once their bodies quieted she rolled off of her lover. They gravitated towards one another and wrapped their arms around each other.  “Twelve more nights of this,” Bedelia sighed contently against her lover’s skin.  “I don’t know if I will survive.” Lykopis released a throaty chuckle in response.


Thirteen moons later


Torches once again illuminated the city as drums beat loudly off in the distance.  She handed her infant daughter to her mate before she knelt before Queen Marpesia.  “Time for you to join us completely,” the Queen addressed her in a serious manner.  “Do you wish to stay?”

“Yes,” Bedelia respectfully responded.

“Good since you’ve already made me a grandmother,” Marpesia teased.  A few chuckles could be heard from the tribe.  Bedelia fought against the smirk that was forming on her face as the Queen cleared her throat.  “Do you wish to remain bonded with the Princess Lykopis?”

“Yes,” Bedelia proudly proclaimed.

“Wise choice,” the Queen teased once again.  “From this day forward you will be forever known as our sister Telepyleia.  She who sails far. Since you sailed very far to find your home. Rise and join your sisters Telepyleia.”


Telepyleia stood before the Queen and Mother in-law as her sisters cheered.  “Silence!” The Queen commanded as Lykopis took her place beside her mate.  “Speaking of names,” the Queen offered warmly as they handed their daughter over to her grandmother.  She lifted the tiny infant up to the moon.  “Artemis bless our sister Princess . . .,”

“Oreithyia,” Telepyleia and Lykopis responded proudly in unison.

“Princess Oreithyia,” The Queen announced as a single tear rolled down her cheek.


She lowered the child and kissed her on her cheek before reluctantly handing her back over to her parents. “Welcome home,” she offered to Telepyleia.

“Thank you Mother,” Telepyleia said as she took her lover by the hand and kissed it tenderly.


The End

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