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To all the fallen soldiers we salute you! Texas Massachusetts

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Where will we land next?

(1-31-03) I know that you all wanted me to keep you updated on what is going on, so here I go. Chris' Father and Stepbrother (Steve) will be coming down here on the 8th of Feb. And the three of us will be driving back up. However if Chris is still here, he will have to move on post till he's called.

I have put some other information about Chris deployment on, the deployment page so check it out.

(1-27-03) Check out the new deployment page

(1-15-03) I know it has been quite some time since I have updated this site, But that is cause I knew I would be up there for Christmas. And now that we have some news I figured that I would put it here were everyone can find it.

Today at around 5:30pm CST, Chris was informed that his company would be getting orders to be deployed. They are expecting to get their orders within 24-48 hours. However that does not mean that he will be leaving in 24-48 hours. What that means is, they will know were they are going. He could be leaving anywhere from a week to a month.

I know some of you are thinking, "But I thought he was being kicked out of the army in May." And the best way that I can think of explaining it is, this is the army were talking about. OK really, yes he "should" have been getting out in May. But since May is more than 60 days away they will be sending him over. The army has something called a "stop loss," which means they can keep him until they are done with him.

Another little fact is that when soldiers get deployed, it is for a minimum of 6 months. So after Chris and his company leave I will be moving back up there. Once we know more I will post it here on the website.

(9-27-02) Well, let me just say that Chris has passed his PT test today. So know he is able to make appointments, to see the people at reup (sign up for more time). (Side note: As of right now he is not sure that he wants to do. It changes from day to day, so once he had decided I will let you all know.)

(9-08-02) Well, I have finally gone and gotten some picture around the house. If you would like to see them go here:Our House Pictures

(9-05-02) Yes, I know it has been a long time since I have updated this page. I had a lot going on down here, but now things are much better. The good news it that those videos that should have been up there by last Christmas, should be on the way by the end of this month the latest. I know almost a year later I should have had them done a lot sooner.

Now let's see what else is going on down here. Ah, yes I am looking for a job still, but things are looking up since it is almost the busy season. Chris is still working hard, and is still in the ration room. As for him changing his MOS forget everything that I have already told you. He does not know what he wants to do, either in or out of the army.

As for him going over seas this is all we known is there is a 50% chance that he may go. Which is nothing new since there is always a 50% chance that you could get sent overseas when you are in the army. However, Christopher has told me that if he goes anywhere overseas that he is "sending me back home." When he says that I feel like a piece of mail, but I do understand why I would have to go home. He does not want me down here by myself, and getting all stressed out over him being gone.

(5-07-02) Well, nothing big is going on down here, just the same old stuff. Chris goes to work every day and I clean. However I am trying to make new things like, bagels and let me just tell you that is a very time consuming process! I am used to baking items that only take about 20 minutes of my time but this takes almost 2 hours.

Letís see what else ah yes Chris is going to get his teeth pulled tomorrow, at 9:00am. I will put a small update on there about how he is doing. Also about this changing his MOS (army word for Job), I am going to tell you everything that I know at this point.

Chris does want to change his MOS to one of the following: Forensic Science / Chemist / Psychiatric / Psychologist / CID. However, from what we know right now he might not be able to change is MOS. Only because they army is very short on cooks, so for him to change his MOS he would have to pick another MOS that is short on people. Or try to get into one of the ones he wants with special permission from a Colonel.

That is all we know right now. The army has put him back to working long days. So he has not had a moment to get over and talk to the person in charge of his reup (sign up for more time). I will keep you all posted on what is going on with this.

(4-18-02) Well today I finally did it! I learned how to record from my video camera to my VCR. So this weekend I should be sending out three copies of, Christopher and my home movie. They will be sent to the Bassett house, Briere house and Schancer house. If you would like to see this video please contact them about it. On this video is our wedding and a tour of this fine town down here in Texas. Also our two little bundles of joy (our cats)! And well, that is the most exciting stuff going on down here right now. Check in again for another update.

(4-14-02) Well I don't think there is too much to tell about what's going on down here, but you might think that this is nice information. So here I go, well Christopher and I are doing fine, and so are the boys. Chris let me quit my job at Best western, 'cause my boss just kept saying that she was going to fire me.

Also, in just a few weeks Chris will be able to change his MOS (Army word for Job) and well he is hopefully going to change. Since we (really) hate his hours as a cook, I can not wait.

Right now since he is in rasions (Dinning Facility {DFac} Stock Room) his hours are nice. He either goes in early and gets out early, or will go in late and get our late. Also it helps since we can get different kinds of foods for free (like A1 Sauce, Chicken patties, and Buffalo wings). And well that is all I can think of for right now.

(4-1-02) Hello Everyone, Yes i know that this is now my third website that i have done. But hey Chris and I have to find a way to keep in touch with all of you at once, and this is it. I am going to try and keep this website fun and full of information. So please check back often to see what is going on. And if there is anything that you would like me to do with this site, just let me know via email. Love,Lynne

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