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Life at UOW Dubai is both enjoyable and frustrating, but never boring for me.How can it be boring when one has to spend lots of time studying and doing homework! Sure ,when the lessons become tough and one can find no help, one's life becomes miserable. But when one gets things done, and well done, one can feel very satisfied. Life at UOW is a mixture of both for me,especially because this is my first year in an English-medium university. I have to struggle in two fronts: with the English itself and with the subject matter. My teachers are professionals and take the time and have the patience to get the knowledge across to me.
I am grateful to them. And because computer science is my specialization, I like all the courses in that field. Of course, some courses are more interesting than others.
Because UOW is a small-sized university, one would get to know other people quickly. The classes are usually small ,and that allows students to have easier access to the professors. Being a student form out of town living at UOW residence , I feel comfortable with girl students at the dorm with whom I share some times in recreational and social interactions. Of course ,there are some minor problems at the dorm, but they are resolved in friendly manner. we are a small community of friends and classmates having similar problems of being away from home.
In summary , my life at UOW, Dubai is enjoyable most of the time ,and worthwhile. As I progress academically, I hope to get better adjusted and hopefully will find UOW's life fully rewarding.