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I believe that I am a friendly person. In my home town, Riyadh, I have made many friends, especially at the girl schools I attended. That friendship is still alive even though I have left a couple of years ago, and my school friends have gone to different ways. At Wollongong University, Dubai, my friends are from different cultural backgrounds. Sora is our house mother in the dorm, and she is a friend and a good advisor .Many girls at the university residence are quite friendly even though we may not meet or interact regularly. My main weakness in this personal relationship is that I let my friends have their ways most of the time, though I may have different preference or view points, As a programmer or computer teacher will be my choice for my career,I like to have contol over situations. To me , it is a miserable situation when one has to do a job that one is not convinced of doing it. But in real life that can happen, at least sometimes. One has to compromise in order to get things done.