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Introduction to the Taxonomy of Dexter Cattle

To Whom It May Concern (i.e. other Dexter lovers):

A number of months ago we read an article in a Bulletin or Newsletter of one of the many worldwide Dexter Cattle associations or Rare Breed societies about grading-up for purebred Dexters by using a foundation cow of the Bos indicus species rather than one of the Bos taurus species. Realizing our ignorance on this matter, but considering our love of science and Dexters, we embarked on a "short" laymanís study of the taxonomic classification of these little Irish Dexter Cattle.

After many "long" weeks, involving reading and more reading with hours and hours of internet searching time, we arrived at the listings in the table that you see on the following pages. These listings may not be totally accurate scientifically, but we did the best we could with the data we found, and we do feel it represents a fair idea of the Taxonomy of Dexter Cattle.

This table does seem to make clear two important points, at least to us, that may also be of some interest to other Dexter owners. First, Dexters are a very special, unique, distinct, individual life form inhabiting the planet Earth along with us Homo sapiens, and secondly, Dexters are a rare surviving species of animal that has avoided extinction, unlike many of their less fortunate relatives of other taxonomy groups of living organisms.

We hope you enjoy these pages and keep on enjoying your Dexters.

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Written by Karen and John Kohut III of BT Farm, Jennings, Oklahoma, USA, members of the worldwide community of Dexter Cattle owners.