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Diaper Big Boy (Like I'd really put my real name), but you know who I am

(Note: This is the 2nd one, I have one more, but I have to find it in my room, that one explains why I got into diapers)

(Note2: This is exactly what I said, in my journal. I'll try to type it as best as I can.)

Date: Unknown


After I was potty trained at the age of 1 or 2, (I'm not sure it couldn't be early, but maybe later. not sure.) I REALLY wansn't interested in diapers until I was in 6th grade, when I was going througgh my mom closet, I was looking for something, not sure. But I didn't know. Anyways, by accident I find an ADULT diaper. Okay, here's where I was totally enthralled. When I pick up. I got so hard, it seems I had to cum at the moment, but of couse I was only 12 years old, and I didn't know what I was doing, and what "it" was doing. Anyways. I put the diaper on and smell of the new diaper and the texture of it was so good. I had the urge to use it, but I couldn't I thought it was so disgusting, so I took it off and put it back. and I was just so curious about it. The next day, I went to store and bought some diapers. I was so nervous. I was sweating bullets. the funny thing is that after I bought them, I wet myself. and I hadn't even changed, yet.

Date: Unknown

Journal Entry: #2

In the 7th and 8th grade, and I didn't really think or talk about diapers at all. In the 9th grade I was buying size 5 and 6, baby diapers and I would buy wipes and powder, to clean up and so I wouldn't get a rash. Then in 10th greade I would buy adult diapers, and in the 11th grade I bought a couple of diapers. I didn't really use them, but I thought it was cool. Also in the 11th grade, I would order diapers by mail because I got a job and a credit card. and I started to buy baby food, bottles, nucks, adult diapers and I still do to this day.

Date: Unknown

Journal Entry: #3

I went to bed, with a really think diapers on. and I put powder and on before I wen to bed. It was probably about 8 disposables. (I loves the thickness) So, when I woke up, I had made a big mess in my diaper, well actually I pissed alot then, I got up and decided to go to MickyD's (It was really close, walking distance). but before I left I took a nice dump in my diaper, and boy was it a load. It reacked so much I had to open a window and hold my nose. Then I had an idea to spray air freshren on the outside of my diaper (It made it smell better). Then I got dressed with that stinking diaper on, and we to Mickey'D's and got some breakfast to go. and the ate it, and when home. had another mess, cleanup up really well, and took a shower and got ready and went to work.

Journal Entry: #4

Date: 3/5/99

Today, I went to Giant (A grocery store in my area), in another 8 disposable dipaers on. I was weaing button leg pants and XXL sweatpants over those. So it looked like I had a big bulge. Then I worse a t-shirt and a sweatshirt over that. Wehn I was going to Ginat a who worked in there, noctec me and said to her male co-worker, "look at that guy, he looks kinda weird with that big butt", and he said, maybe he's wearing diapers. "then they both laughed. and then i got my stuff I needed, but they didn't have my size. So, I left, and went next store to the drugstore (CVS), and didn't want to wait in line, so I took my time, and got a few things. (Enemas(x2))packages, Supositories (1 box) and a baby shampoo. Then I checkout and left.

Journal Entry: #5

Date: 6/14/00

Lately, I have been sucking on pacifers, and going to bed in diapers at night. I have even changed myself in a public restroom. I bring a big bag with lots of diapers and If I have a messy accident, I have lots of diapers, powers and wipes to clean up. So times it takes along time, and alot people notice after I'm done.

Journal Entry: #6

Date: 6/16/00

Yesterday, Night I went to Giant to get more diapers since I was running low (this is becoming, quite a thrill for me). but when I got there again, they were out of the Large size (I needed the bigger diapers, because I am a BIG BOY, hehehe). SO, incstead, I bought 2 gallons of bottled water and a movie to watch, (Wild Wild West) even though it was a an okay movie. I stil have to get all of the Will Smith movies. So, when I lfet I was carrying 1 litered and the other one was in my bad, when I was about 4 blocks from y home, I poured onf the gallons of water all over me (I was really HOT, in all those diapers and in plastic pants and sweatclothes.) It was refreshing, except my bag got all wet and my movie was in there, but luckiley nothing happen to it. (but whatever). I finally got home and drank the other one in 15 minutes, then I fell asleep, but I took off my diaper, cuz it was really wet from the water. Hopefully, I won't wet the bed, or maybe I want to. (hehehe).

Journal Entry: #7

Date: Thursday, September

(by this time I was in MA, to visit my grandparents) Today, my grandmom stored my baby bag and I was questioned about it, and some diapers I had. I had denied it. They believed it, I think. Or just don't care not to question me, for the sake of arguing. I've been looking at adult baby sites and about diapers and other stuff related to it, at the libaray, but now I'm not sure if I really want to do this? ALl I know is I want to talk to someone and meed them, so I can be treaded like a baby.

Journal Entry: #8

Date: 9/19/00

Before I went to school. By now I was in College and I had to be driven to school, because I don't have a drivers license. Anyways. I left my Undergarments in the trash can in my room and hid the trash can in my close, and when I my granddad came into to empty it. and hang up my clothes (geeze, how old am I, I can't even hang up own clothes....) So, anyway, he emptied my trash and wehn he came to pick me up, he ask where they came from. I said,"I don't know anytthing about them". And he thought I had a problem going to the bathroom in the middle of the night and he accused my of having Wet Dreams. (I didn't know what they were at the time, but he said they are common in adults my age.)

Journal Entry: #9

Date: 4/21/2001

I know this is late, but I really didn't want to write anything before, because I'm lazy and I don't want to write anything. Anything. it's been the same thing lately. Come home from school wear a siap, then eat, chat, and change, and then chat some more and go to bed in a diaper. My granddad didn't really like me wearing diapers, he thought I couldn't control it and was asking me things like:

Do you need to wear a diaper every night?

Why can't you get up in the middle of the night?

Journal Entry: #10

Date: 8/21/2001

All last week I was wearing diapers 24/7. (by now I was back in Virginia to work for 1 year). I was going to the grocery store new my apartment and was buying baby food, baby shampoo, wipes, basically everything. amd I was wearing 5 disposables and sweatpants, and sweatrshirt and a socks and sneakers. I have even been getting alot of free samples at catalogs too. Sorry about the inconsistancy of information, I'm very lazy and I usuallu have the same routine everyday. Before I go to bed, I put on a diaper (usually 4 to 7 disposables)then I go to bed, wake up and get changed in a fresh diaper, and put my sweat clothes on. and go to McDonalds or somewhere for Breakfast, or make my own breakfast, which ever comes first. Then I go to the grocery store, by then I need a change. I go to a public restroom, change up, get my stuff I need, and then go home and put everything away, and make a couple of bottle of milk, drink them and take a nap. *you see VERY VERY BORING*

Journal Entry: #11

Date: 9/4/2001

Today, is a VERY special day, this is the year. I start to put my life back together. Lately, I have been wearing diapers since my toliet is over flowing and having problems. But what a predictament. I have run out. Hopefully, I'll get more free samples, today.) and I can wear them around the apratment, and in public. Today is also the day, I will start to write more in my journal, and ordering samples and catalogs. I also learned today that ALL dairy products, make you poop and piss alot. (especially, Milk and Cheese).

Journal Entry: #12

Date: 9/5/2001

Nothing happen today, except this was one the first times I had to change in the middle of the night. Man it sucks.

Journal Entry: #13

Date: 9/6/2001

Today, I went to the library in my diapers, it was fun and exciting reading in their with all my diapers on. other then that, nothing really. Except I was in diapers all day. Oh yeah, one little boy saw me, and I was kinda wondering why I had a big butt, he was aksing his mother, and then they left and she said it's not polite to point.

Journal Entry: #14

Date: 9/10/2001

Got up at 7:00am, changed my diaper. Then got dressed, and walked to the grocery store bought some diapers and got some Breakfast at McDonalds. Then came home and went to another grocery store, and exchanged mmy coins for bills. (Still wearing diapers). Then I came home at lunch, and watched TV, and then went to Library for the internet. Since I don't have a computer.

Journal Entry: #15

Date: 9/13/2001

As you can see, I'm not going to write a journal entry every day. And about everything. I'm only going to write if something is exciting happends to me. or something new and interesting, so far nothing yet...........

Journal Entry: #16

Date: 9/14/2001

Same as usual, I woke up in a wet diaper, then changed, and went to Giant, god food and diapers, then I went to Mickey D's and got breakfast, came home and slept and the got up and changed and went to the libarary, even though it was raining hard all day. (I mean I don't mind get a little wet or wetting my diaper, but when I get it's another story. (I guess I know how a diaper fells now!!!)

Journal Entry: #17

Date: 9/16/2001

Didn't do anything, cuz I had DIREAHHA all day, so I just stayed home and wore diapers all day, man did I have a lot of changes. (Like 2 whole pack of adult diapers for 1 day)

Journal Entry: #18

Date: 10/17/2001

My incontinence is getting worse, I think I'm regressing even more. A couple of times, I wasn't diapered and wet and messed my pants. (good thing nobody noticed) Another time, actually several of times, I would be wearing diapers and not even no I was wetting of messing in pubic, it was so embarassing. and lately, I have been having more messing accidents, so I have ot be careful.(THANK GOD I'M NOT IN SCHOOL, not even sure what I'd do.) When I drink out of cup, I spill it. So i have to drink out of bottle for now. and if I'm not diapered at when I got to bed, I'll wet and mess in the night. While I was diapering myself and drinking out of my bottle. I drooled and urinated while chaging, so I changed again, watched SMALLVILLE on WB, then went to bed, and wet alot again. (AND WHEN I MEAN ALOT, IT CAM OUT OF PLASTIC PANTS). THen I changed in the middle of night and woke up in mess, and stayed in it, cuz I didn't know I had messed and went out again, and then changed in a public restroom.

Journal Entry: #19

Date: Jan 29, 2002

This sucks, I thought I was being careful when I was going out and where I was going out. and having gun at the same time. but now this is bad, someone who is a BLABBER MOUTH (AND I KNOW THEM) said they saw me wearing diapers. (I might have, but not sure if I was.) I thought this place was cool, but everybody in the city is a busy body nobody who has to know about everything. And I think one of my friends from work saw me, but I'm not sure. Plus a little kid I know, saw me and diapers, but didn't know what they were. (thank god he's dumb, and nobody cares what he says.)

Journal Entry: #20

Date: 1/29/2002

Early today, I saw a while Bunch, like 5 or 6 woman changing their babies at once. I was going to ask them to change me, but I didn't have the nerve and I thought they might think I was a pervert. Then the lady who is a blabber mouth gave me a ride to mall, (after I helped her with some arrons) and she was farting all day, and I was telling her she needed to wear diapers, and she joked with me about it.

Journal Entry: #21

Date: 3/27/2002

Okay, this is the best journal entry and the last one, I wrote for a long time. Anyways, this is how daring I was. I got up and put on the bulkiest diaper i could wear, then I put on one of my onezies that i got in the mail. and then put sweatpants over the legs and walked outside like that, so I had the top of the onesie showing, and I also had a diaper with me caring that with diapers wipes and the other onesie I got. and plenty of diapers and a pasifer around my neck, tide with a string and had a bottle out with the diaper bag, it was filled with milk and I was drinking that off and on. So I walked a little farther today, to a drugstore when had some really good diapers, and I walked in like that. nobody said anything to me, while I was walking, so I guess nobody cared, but I walked into the store, and the 2 woman 1 over weight and kind retarded, was in here late thirties and then the older woman who had to be like 60 or 70, anyways, they were asking me all these questoins and I was so nervous, and for some reason I told them the truth, and the 30 year old woman ask if I had any problems wearing them, and if I was treated badly, (well, of course I lied, and told her yes). Well, as time passed, they help me pick out diapers and stuff I needed, and in all the excitement, I had a accident, and they new, they were making jokes about me being a stinky baby, and I ask if I could change in thier bathroom, and they said sure, so they 30 year old showed me where it was, when I was going to back, she ask if she could change me,"Well I was standing their thinking, yeah, I should and it would be great, but then I thought realistically, I don't even know her, justsome clerk, and I really didn't know anything about her. SO I declined, and said no, she was cool with it and I changed prompty and took my dirty diaper with me, but what was strange as I was leaving is she gave me number, and she said, call any time I need a change.


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