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Under Contruction
Wecome to Corky Land. Corky Land is just a site where I've felt the need to put up links to bands I like and other such websites. 
  • ? Yes well, so what if its a bit off season. Its pretty.
  • A sad excuse for a website?: Yes you are quite correct, but as I said this site is one where I've just had that need to put links up. This meaning that I've already warned you this isn't big like HSR.
  • Don't like what I put up on here?: If so, you being a smart lad/lass will realize instead of whinning to me you can easily just not come to this site. ; D
  • Have any good bands you'd like posted up?: Go ahead and email me with the link any any other information including some on yourself if you'd like it so people would know who to thank on finding the great band/s you find.  [EMAIL:]
  • If you see anything on this site that truly offends you, please email me with your concern and I will do my best to remove whatever is bothering you.
Alright, done with that, eventhough I'm almost positive no one will ever come here except the people I yell at to come. Oh well, just incase.
Months Top Bands:

Band: The Movielife
Album: Forty Hour Train Back to Penn
Band site:  TML
Buy: $12.00 TML Merch Shop

Band: The Winning Run
Extra: is from Sharon MA...Something else cool in Sharon besides the cool shop owner that sells lighter to minors. Sigh makes me almost like Sharon...ALMOST