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Citizen Radio Network

Operations Sheet

CRN's Purpose: 

To aid and assist your community using radio to keep neighbors in contact with each other for purposes of safety and well being during times of distress or emergency.

Equipment Use: 

CB Radio
Emergencies - Channel 9
Information and Calling - Channel 11
Secondary and Overflow - Channel 13

FRS Radio
Emergencies - Channel 1, no privacy tone or tone 00
Information and Calling - Channel 11, privacy tone 01
Secondary and Overflow - Channel 14, privacy one 01

Operating Tips:

  • Always operate in a professional manner. Remember others are listening. Never interfere with the operations of another station.
  • Never use profanity or overuse CB lingo. Be considerate of inexperienced operators.
  • Never transmit false or misleading information. Remember that you will be relied upon supply accurate information to your community.
  • Pause between transmissions so that others can break in if desired.
  • Never monopolize the channel, share it among all users. Keep transmissions short.
  • Press the microphone button before you start speaking so your words are not cut off.
  • Speak into the radio in normal voice. Speak clearly and distinctly.
  • Maintain your equipment in good operating condition. Have spare batteries if necessary.
  • Overmodulated equipment or "noise toys" should never be used.
  • Relay transmissions from stations with weak signals to others if necessary.


Never interfere with existing emergency services or groups. If another group is handling an emergency let them handle it.! Only participate if you are invited to do so.

Assist anyone in your neighborhood to the best of your ability whether they participate in CRN or not.

Never put yourself in a situation where you endanger yourself or others. Never make the situation worse by your presence or operations.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is simply monitor the channel for someone in need. Being there when someone needs assistance is more important than constantly broadcasting the fact that you are waiting to help them.

Encourage others to join in your CRN. The more neighbors that participate the more the neighborhood will benefit. Help set up and maintain equipment for other people.