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Overnight Boarding & Dog Day Care Services

Send your dog over for a Pet Vacation sometime when you know you will be busy, a day or two later you will pick up your dog happy, clean, exercised and tired! 

Or Send them over for playtime twice a week with our Dog Day Care options.

Remember "A good dog is a tired dog... A great dog is an exhausted dog"

Standard Boarding includes:


Two meals of premium dog food each day

bulletTreats at Siesta and throughout the day
bulletBoarding in a Private Suite
bulletCo-boarding for family members
bulletParticipation in Playgroups
bulletMusic to stimulate the senses 


         Full day of scheduled activities 



K-9 Ranch Daily Schedule

bullet7 am Morning Stretch
bullet8 am Breakfast
bullet9 am to 11 am Morning Playgroup
bullet11 am to 2 pm A/C or heated Siesta
bullet2 pm to 4 pm Afternoon Playgroup
bullet6 pm Dinner
bullet7 pm to 9 pm Evening Romp

Additional Services Available:


Wash & Brush  

Midnight Tuck-in

Afternoon Swim

Socialization Skills Primer

No Charge for Flea & Tick Treatment, Medication & Special Meals

Boarding Care - If you're going out of town our full boarding service includes feeding, play time and rest time along with overnight sleepover.


Over Night Boarding

One Dog in Private Suite

$ 30 Per Day (Noon Check Out)
Over Night Boarding

Two Dogs (from same family)

$ 24 Per Day Per Dog
Pick up / Drop Off Service $ 25 Each Way (Most Areas)
Boarding Swim Sessions 1 to 1 1/2 Hours Each 1 Session $20

2 Sessions $ 35

3 Sessions $50

4 Sessions $60

5 or more $75

Dog Day Care - Send your pet for a day of play at the Ranch. Packages include 2 sessions per week, Pick/Drop off service from Ballantyne in our Air Conditioned Doggie Bus.


1 Week Day Care Package  $60 2 Week Day Care Package  $108
4 Week Day Care Package  $204 8 Week Day Care Package  $384

Located in New Salem Off Route 218 

in Union County

For More information : Contact Us at

(704) 385-8442